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Makers of Homeoapthic medicines
From the late 18th century to the 1840s, in the early days of homeopathy, the homeopathic
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-12-01
1   last decade

bacteria around anal area, dark, what can i use for hygiene and mild anal burning?
alwaysongame 2006-12-01
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Help with depression - Jim/Erika/Keypass - anyone
I am trying to wean myself off anti depressants (Erika - sorry I never mentioned this in m

waterfall 2005-06-20
81   last decade

No energy
For the past couple months i feel like i have no energy and always feel so tired. I do dri
shana8986 2006-12-01
1   last decade

Is there a difference between ipomia and ipomea jalata I have several times asked for ipom
vankelst 2006-12-01
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Infant hair loss
Hi , My 2 month old son started losing all of his hair about 15 days ago. He was born wit
nuti_s 2006-11-30
2   last decade

Please, please, please HELP: - Scars
Hi, Age: 18 Gender: Male Skin colour: Asian Indian - Fair Skin Family Hitory of ACNE: Ye
SCORPIAN_KING80 2006-12-01
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Perpetual Blocked Nose
I used to drink very liquid with ice (water, Coke, miranda, etc.) upto nearly a year ago.
devsun 2006-12-01
4   last decade

13 month old hives
After my breastfeed daughter turned 1 year, I tried yogurt for lunch. She develpoed facia
mbb220 2006-12-01
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some 5 years back pain out side near anal opeing started and eventually a opening develop
Doors 2006-12-01
4   last decade

Is lycopodium 30 helps high BP and diabities
I am using lyco.30 for BPH and some other problems. I want to know whether lyco. is bene
bughi 2006-12-01
1   last decade

Remedy please for following ACUTE symptoms
I caught a cold over weekend from chill i believe as was not wearing enough warm clothing.
carlotta 2006-11-30
6   last decade

cyst on spine
I have been diagnosed with a cyst on my spine (not outside on my back), but directly on sp
BBStan 2006-11-30
2   last decade

Organon 6, Aphorism 273. 'In no case under treatment is it necessary and therefore no
JCS2006 2006-11-30
2   last decade

What are your concerns?
Hi there, I am looking to put together a resource to help people with kidney problems. Wh
satchit 2006-01-07
3   last decade

cure for diabeties
sir, I am 46 yrs old, recently i had blood sugar check up which reported 170 for fast
deeraj 2006-11-29
7   last decade

Kidney stone.
I'd like to ask for advice. My 7y old daughter used to touch her vagina since she wa
sany-t 2006-11-30
6   last decade

carc c, 200c, 6 year old
I have a 6 year old daughter, down syndrome. I recently found a 'master homeopath'
freenmaddie 2006-08-17
8   last decade

Allergy affecting sinuses.
I'm a 37yr old female and have always been in good health, in Feb this year I develop

titch 2005-05-24
21   last decade

Heart Attacks..signs
Another mail I got today. Has some useful information. Pankaj Varma _____________________
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-11-29
4   last decade

Emsam..anyone taking it?
Hello! I have posted on the effexor withdrawl postings, but wanted to get feed back from a
masha70 2006-07-06
8   last decade

Extreme Fatigue, Lack of Libido and Mental Sharpness
The last three months I have been suffering from some major problems. I believe that these
johnyquest 2006-08-20
2   last decade

Higher potencies ...
Please all homeopath in this forum reply to my questions regarding higher potencies. How f
Dipika 2006-11-30
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Family problem - burning tongue
My husband and I have recently moved back to the Uk from Germany and are now both sufferin

hollyimo 2005-09-01
26   last decade

schizo affective delluisonal disorder
sir, iam mrs.ragini suffering from schizo affective dellusional disorder for the past 7
dominic 2006-11-30
2   last decade

Indian homeopath expert in pilondial sinus treatment needed....
Hi, I am looking for a homeopath specializing in treatment of pilondial sinus, I am will
deepesh83 2006-11-28
8   last decade

My wife developed Haemorrhoids after delievery. Thee are two nos. 12 o clock and 6 o clock
coolguy1234 2006-11-28
3   last decade

11 yr old autistic son urinating in public
My son recently started to urinate on the school bus, he doesn't wet his pants he jus

sherryb 2006-11-06
20   last decade

fluid dripping from ears
Yellowish fluid dripping from ears
kganeshkumar76 2006-11-28
1   last decade

Graying of hair
32 year old,I am,my hair started growing much earlier at the age of 28,also my 20%beard ha
Ciaoluv 2006-09-15
10   last decade

swelled red uvula
one of my friend has this problem aroud 3 year ago he eat little extra nuts-walnuts after
cure-like-cure 2006-11-30
1   last decade

The views on Joe's prescriptions
Unhomeopathic procedure ----------------------------------------------------------------
gavinimurthy 2006-11-27
5   last decade

someone please help me fast ...me trying to get maried .my looks disturb me
please respond to my troubles please............my sweating is normal..........oh yes i wa
sekir 2006-11-29
2   last decade

Pilonidal Cyst
I just had a pilonidal cyst drained three days ago. The cyst is still draining, but the su
zwubbie 2006-11-27
2   last decade

Unda Treatments?
I'm just wondering whether anyone here takes any of the unda treatments. I just start
jawsb 2006-02-12
4   last decade

My son with autism-please help
I have a autistic son who is three years old. There is no history of autism in both of my
Nitish 2006-11-22
10   last decade

how often to take remedy
I have recently been advised to take sepia to alleviate symptoms of panic and anxiety and
claire edwards 2006-11-29
1   last decade

Bio Chemic Medicines - Timing
Dear All When is the best time to take Bio Chemic medicine, and does it work for all the
sazim 2006-11-29
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any cure?
i have developed male breast,its little enlarged.i am now thirty years old.i started getti
shany003 2006-11-29
1   last decade

Flu-like symptoms with sore knees
Hi, I've had mild flu-like symptoms--fatique, a little fever--for a week or so and a
TreeFrog 2006-11-28
2   last decade

receeding forehead
i am 24 years old indian woman.My foehead is receeding very badly due to acute hair fall.I
sekir 2006-11-29
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3 month old with bad congestion
With the weather change and forcedair heating in our apartment my 3 month old has bad nasa
DARIAJ 2006-11-27
3   last decade

sinusitis? allergy? (long)
I just found this forum, interested to get an opinion. For the last couple of years, i hav
dolysods 2006-11-28
5   last decade

Caulophyllum and sepia during breastfeeding
Hi I have brown uneven patches on my face, nose and forehead since last 2 yrs.It became
nuti_s 2006-11-21
5   last decade

help needed....
My grandmother has been admitted to the hospital she was told that she must have a blood c
jose07 2006-11-28
3   last decade

severe arthritis problem
hai, my sister is suffering form rhumetoid arthritis for past 5 years and i have put her
krishna_repakula 2006-11-25
5   last decade

Middle Ear Effusion 8 year Old Please Advise
My Son has had fluid in his left middle ear for almost a year. Used to have tubes which c
kimcd 2006-11-29
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Red inflamed sore tongue
Please help - my tongue has developed small red blisters (sensitive taste buds) and also a
sam747 2006-11-28
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HiI have a swollen gland at the moment which has been swollen for over a week.I also suffe
Merioneth 2005-11-03
5   last decade

Phosphorus 6c to 200c
I used phosphorus 6c with 10 storkes each for 3 months which almost made me normal and cha
krishnamohan 2006-11-26
2   last decade

I gave Nat Mur 1M to my son
Dear Jacob and Rishimba, I gave Nat Mur 1 M on wednesday. As usual his symtoms aggravted
Dipika 2006-11-24
6   last decade

Recurrent bronchitis in children - please help!
My two children (3 and 5 years old)have 3 to 4 episodes of bronchitis each year due to whi
Tanny 2006-11-28
1   last decade

Need Help with Sulphur for Skin Condition
Hello, I have skin condition(lower body acne) that my homeopath initially tried to cure wi
kam729 2006-11-28
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premature birth with oxygen dependency
My daughter was born in seventh month of pregnency in August 2006. She is still oxygen dep

Paresh 2006-11-16
21   last decade

strep b during delivery
I am pregnant and this is my second child. With my first, I had very good health insuranc
tisiphonic 2006-11-28
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Food poisioning - Loose motions
Hi, Can someone please suggest remedy for loose motions. I have been to party last night a
Daas13 2006-11-27
6   last decade

I have been experiencing stomach bloating (fullness)a hour after lunch followed by burping

mangesh 2005-08-23
17   last decade

ethmoid haematoma
Hi i have just been informed that my horse has a ethmoid haematoma does anybody know anyt
lexypie 2006-11-28
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split dose
No medicine should be taken in the same potency, continuously, for weeks together. If you

gavinimurthy 2006-11-26
31   last decade

drooping eyelid
i have drooping eyelid problem in right eye and i am taking gelsium medicine.is this medic
annu85 2006-11-27
2   last decade

Hayfever/asthma treatment?
I'm somewhat new to the world of homeopathy, and became interested during my last pre

aquamama 2004-09-01
23   last decade

HI! People who can't watch other people embarrass themselves, for instance on televi
ellenbee 2006-11-26
5   last decade

Melancholy = Mis-managed Nostalgic thinking
Nesha-India, REQUESTS and invite all forum members ( including college qualified, non-col
Nesha-India 2006-11-23
4   last decade

Gerd & night belching
For years I have awakened around 1-3 am with a burning sensation under my breastbone and I

Anniee 2006-11-15
14   last decade

Bartonella - Feline Help
I have browsed the archives here and have found little on Bartonella...any help would be g
leesali 2006-11-27
1   last decade

Costochondritis & Cracking joints
Hi I am male, 19 yrs old, 5'5, 145 lbs, normal physical shape, no heart conditions, n
needmedicalhelp 2006-11-27
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Please a 6 month baby for the STRUGE-WEBER Syndrome
6 month baby, red spots of blood on the right side of face, in one eye and on the neck. On
thezahoor 2006-11-27
2   last decade

Attention Joe De Livera --- Eczema
Hi Joe, I have been reading a lot about you and your Arnica cure for Eczema on the abc ho
cdresko 2006-11-27
6   last decade

Dr.P.I.Tarkas Biography
Dear friends, I had posted this biography earlier too but inadvertently had forgotten to
rajivprasad 2006-11-27
1   last decade

diet for kidney patients
i would like to know if anyone knows of a useful diet that can help kidney patients.Which
ad765 2006-11-18
6   last decade

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