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Head; Sensation of air or wind

Head; Bangs head

Head; sensation of board or bar in front of head; acon., aesc., calc., 2carb-an., cocc., 2dulc., eug., helon., kreos., lyc., olnd., op., plat., plb., 2rhus-t., 2sulph., zinc.

Head; sensation of board or bar in front of head; 11 a.m.; zinc.

Head; bores head in pillow; 1apis., 2arn., 1bell., 2bry., camph., crot-t., dig., 2hell., hyper., 2med., 2stram., sulph., tarent., 1tub.

Head; bores head in pillow; during sleep; hyper.

Head; Brain

Head; Sensation of head bubbling

Head; cerebral haemorrhage; 1acon., 2arn., 2aur., 2bar-c., 1bell., 2camph., carb-v., 2chin., 2coff., 1colch., con., 2crot-h., 2cupr., 2ferr., 1gels., 2hyos., 1ip., 1lach., laur., 2lyc., merc., 2nat-m., nit-ac., 2nux-m., 2nux-v., 1op., 2phos., plb., 2puls., stram.

Head; clucking noise in head; sulph.

Head; Coldness

Head; painless in commotion; caust.

Head; Congestion (see pulsation)

Head; Constriction, tension (see also pulling, pressing)

Head; convulsions; convulsions of the right side of head; mygal.

Head; convulsions; turned to left in convulsions; mygal., plb.

Head; Crackling sensation

Head; dragging sensation; ant-t., calc., canth., crot-h., gels., laur., merl., nat-m., rhus-t.

Head; dragging sensation; better sitting and leaning against high pillow; gels.

Head; dragging sensation; extending to shoulders; gels.

Head; pulled; Backward

Head; pulled; forwards; bar-m., hydr-ac., merc., mur-ac., par., plb., sang.

Head; pulled; Sideways

Head; elongated sensation; 2hyper.

Head; Empty, hollow sensation

Head; Expanded sensation (see swollen)

Head; flattened sensation in forehead; cor-r.

Head; flattened sensation in forehead; as if pressed flat; verat.

Head; Hair

Head; aversion to wearing a hat; carb-an., 2iod., 2led., 2lyc.

Head; Hot

Head; Heaviness (see pain; pressing)

Head; hydrocephalus; acon., am-c., 1apis., apoc., 2ars., 2aur., bell., 2bry., 2calc-p., 1calc., carb-ac., 2con., 2dig., ferr-i., 2ferr., 2hell., 2hyos., indg., 2iod., 2kali-i., kali-p., lach., 2lyc., mag-m., 2merc., 2nat-m., 2op., ph-ac., 2phos., plat., 2puls., samb., 1sil., 2stram., 2sulph., tub., zinc.

Head; hydrocephalus; lies with head low; apis., merc., sulph., zinc.

Head; hydrocephalus; with sweat; merc.

Head; after injuries of the head; 1arn., 2cic., hyper., 2nat-m., 1nat-s.

Head; desire to lean head on something; 2bell., gymn.

Head; lightness, in back of head; sec.

Head; as if lying down uncomfortably; as if lying on something hard; 2manc., ph-ac.

Head; as if lying down uncomfortably; as if lying in uncomfortable position; cimx., clem., lyc.

Head; as if lying down uncomfortably; as if lying with head to low; phos.

Head; Movements in head

Head; Movements of head

Head; Sensation of numbness

Head; Skull

Head; Pain, headache

Head; Skin and scalp

Head; Prickling

Head; Pulsating

Head; restlessness; ambr., bell., caust., jab., merc., phos., pip-m., ruta., sec., sil.

Head; restlessness; late morning; phos., sil.

Head; restlessness; when too weak to move body, will roll head side to side; 2ars.

Head; rigid feeling; 2caust., phos., rheum.

Head; rubs head; camph., con., hyos., tarent.

Head; rubs head; against something; tarent.

Head; Sensitive

Head; Sense of separation

Head; Shocks, blows, jerks, etc. (see jerking pain, pulsation, plug, nail)

Head; sinking sensation; glon.

Head; sinking sensation; on stooping, as if something were sinking from back of head; kali-c.

Head; head feels small; acon., coff., 2grat., pic-ac.

Head; splashing; asaf., bell., 2carb-an., hep., hyos., nux-v., rhus-t., spig., squil.

Head; splashing; while walking rapidly; carb-an.

Head; Sensation of stiffness

Head; sunstroke; arg-n., 2bell., camph., 1glon., stram., 2ther., verat-v.

Head; sunstroke; from having slept in sun; acon., 2bell.

Head; Surging sensation, while lying down

Head; Swollen, and feeling swollen

Head; tickling; ferr., phos.

Head; tickling; brain; laur., phos.

Head; tickling; brain; night; hyper.

Head; tickling; forehead; brom., ferr.

Head; Tingling

Head; tired feeling; apis., con., iris., lach., nat-m., nux-m., 1phos., 2psor.

Head; sensation of turning and twisting; aeth., bell., bry., calc., indg., iris., 1kali-c., petr., rhus-t., sabad., sil.

Head; Twitching of muscles

Head; worse uncovering head; acon., agar., ant-c., arg-m., arn., 2ars., 2aur., 2bar-c., 1bell., benz-ac., bor., 2calc., camph., canth., 2carb-v., cham., chin-a., chin., cic., clem., cocc., coff., 2colch., 2con., 2graph., 1hep., 2hyos., ign., kali-ar., 2kali-c., kali-p., kreos., 2lach., led., mag-c., mag-m., 2merc., 2mez., naja., nat-c., 2nat-m., nat-p., 2nit-ac., 2nux-m., 1nux-v., ph-ac., 2phos., 2psor., puls., rhod., 1rhus-t., 2rumx., sabad., samb., 2sep., 1sil., 2squil., staph., stram., 2stront., 2thuj., til.

Head; unsteady feeling; bell., clem., phos., rhus-t., sep., 2sulph.

Head; unsteady feeling; worse after study; cupr-ar.

Head; worse warm coverings on head; 2acon., 2apis., asar., aur., 2bor., bry., 2calc., carb-an., 2carb-v., cham., chin., 2ferr., ign., 1iod., lach., 2led., 1lyc., merc., mur-ac., nit-ac., op., 1phos., plat., 1puls., 2sec., seneg., sep., 2spig., staph., sulph., thuj., 2verat.

Head; worse washing head; 2am-c., 2ant-c., 2bar-c., 2bell., bry., 2calc-p., 2calc-s., 2calc., canth., carb-v., cham., 2glon., led., lyc., merc., nit-ac., 2nux-m., phos., 2puls., 2rhus-t., 2sep., spig., stront., sulph.

Head; Sensation of water

Head; Weakness