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Amygdalus Persica

Amygdalus, Peach Tree Amy-p.

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HPUS indication of Amygdalus Persica: Morning sickness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Amygdalus Persica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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A most valuable remedy in vomiting of various kinds; Morning sickness. Irritation of eyes. Ischuria and haematuria.

Hemorrhage from the bladder.

Gastric irritation of children; no form of food tolerated. Loss of smell and taste. Gastric and intestinal irritation when the tongue is elongated and pointed, tip and edges red. Constant nausea and vomiting.



Compare: Amygd. Amara - Bitter Almond ( Pains through tonsils, throat dark, difficult swallowing, vomiting, cough with sore chest.)

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Amygdalus Persica

Amyg > general
Amygdalus communis, L. (includes A. amara and A. dulcis). Nat. order, Rosaceae. Common names, Bitter almond, Mandelbaum, Amandier. Preparation, An ounce of alcohol is added to a pound of bitter almonds, then add six pounds of water, and distil down to three pounds (Joerg).

Per > general
Amygdalus (Prunus) Persica.

Amyg > general
Amygdalus communis. Bitter Almond. N. O. Rosaceae. An ounce of alcohol is added to a pound of bitter almonds; then add six pounds of water-and distil down to three pounds. (Hydrocyanic acid is formed by the action of water oil the amygdaloids.)

Per > general
Amygdalus persica. Peach. N. O. Rosaceae. Tincture of the flowers. Infusion of the bark. Infusion of the leaves.