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Anisum Stellatum

Anise, Anis.
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anisum Stellatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Should be remembered in the treatment of flatulent conditions. So-called three-months’ colic, especially if it recurs at regular hours; much rumbling in abdomen. One symptom is worthy of special remembrance - Pain in region of third rib, about an inch or two from the sternum, generally on right side, but occasionally on left. Frequent cough with this pain. Purulent tracheal and gastric catarrh of old drunkards. Old asthmatics. Vomiting, epileptiform convulsions with biting of tongue.



Sharp stitches beneath lip

Acute catarrh

Burning and numbness of inner lower lip.




Pain near third intercostal cartilage

Cough, with pus-like phlegm

Palpitation, with aphthae


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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Anisum Stellatum

Ill > general
Star Anise. Chinese Anise. N. O. Magnoliaceae. Tincture of seeds.

Ill > appendix
Natural order, Magnoliaceae. Common names, Anise, Star Anise (seeds).

Asim > relationships
Compare Caps., Bell., Illic. anis (colic). SYMPTOMS. 8, 9. Mouth and Throat.

Mag-g > relationships
Compare Mgl. gl., Illic. anis. (botan). In rheumatism, K. bi.., Kalm. Inter-menstrual haemorrhage, Ham., Bovist., Bell., Cham., Elaps.

Ther > chest
Pain in upper left chest ( Myrt.; Pix.; Anis.) Pain in left floating ribs

Ther > genitals etc
During the nap after dinner, a seminal emission so inordinately violent and profuse as to penetrate three feet upward beneath the clothing (eighth day); had been obliged to take some tincture of anise during the day.

Ther > genitals etc
Violent and profuse emission during nap after dinner (had taken Anise during the day).