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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kerosenum in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.



Authority. H. Allen, M.D., Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., 1862 (1), p. 92, effects on a workman in a kerosene oil manufactory.

The eruption first presented itself upon the hands and forearms.

but at the time of his admittance it had extended to the chest, back, and inner surfaces of the thighs and legs, the face and scalp being entirely free. It commenced by the appearance of a number of small papules of a reddish color which, in the course of one or two days, became marked phlyzacious pustules. Each of them bore upon its summit a black spot closely resembling the discolored surface of sebaceous secretion. The pustule in about the same time as was required for its maturation desquamated, and left behind a small deep pock somewhat resembling that which succeeds the small-pox pustule, but much less significant. The time ensuing from the appearance of the papule to the formation of the pock varied, but most generally five days were sufficient for the completion. In a comparatively few instances the process of maturation appeared checked, and the papule would change to pock without any pus having made its appearance. Occasionally one of the pustules, after having desquamated, would again go through the same conditions before the skin would resume its natural color and sensation. The eruption was most plentiful upon the anterior and posterior parts of the chest, where the papules, pustules, black spots, and minute depressions were all intermingled. The pain was very trifling.

a sensation of soreness was complained of, which became worse at night when the patient was warm in bed.

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