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, Mat.

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Cub > relationships
Compare Copaiva (with which it is compatible). Piper methyst. Piper nigrum and Matico (botanical). Capsic; Canth. (irritable bladder in females); Tereb.; Cannab. sat.; Iod. (membranous croup).

Pip-m > relationships
Compare Cubeba, Piper nig., Matico (botan.). In amel. by diverting mind, Ox. ac. amel. By motion, Rhus. Feeling of buoyancy, Coff. (but with Coff. the reverse condition of brain-fag does not quickly follow). Neurasthenia, Pic. ac., Arg. n., Avena. Unbearable pains, Coff., Aco., Cham.

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