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dense cataract

64 yr female with diagnosed subcapsular dense cataract in right eye (vision 200). Left eye okay. Formation 1 year, had for one year. Good diet, vitamins & minerals. Under stress from flood, move cross country, working in heat, fumes from machines, grief from loss of family member.
Saw Homeopath once but he does not reveal name of remedies. Can anyone expereinced with cataracts help, or refer research by Kent or Clarke, etc. Thanks.
  Bima1 on 2004-10-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sorry, I do not know any reasearch paper by well-known homeopath-however I have books on ophthalamic disases and their homeopathic treatment by NORTON. (I don't know though if you liked it as he writes about all eye diseases and mostly their anatomy and physiology. J.Ellis Barker, homeopath from 1930s, devoted full chapter to cataract in his book "Miracles of healing and how they are done" - not much details though-mostly the praise of homeopathy.

Did the remedy selected by homeopath affected you at all?
When was it?

I copied this from another post on cataract as it is important:

Although we will do our best here eye problems are serious because of the place affected -please consider this forum only as a second or even third opinion and seek help of experienced homeopath.

now, please answer the questions (and there will be more to come)

1. your main complain i.e. this right eye cataract
It started developing 2 years ago?All that stess was at that time?
Do you feel anything about that eye?(any sensation,pain?)
Halos around light? Do you use just left eye for reading and loooking at smth far?

Are your pupils the same in both eyes? If not is the right eye pupil contracted?Dilated?
Is there anything that makes your right eye better or worse?Warmth/cold?

Do you have any other complains?

About you:
how is your sleep/appetite/thirst?
Do you crave anything/have aversion to anything?
is there any weather/season/time of the day which you like best or worst? Are you generallly a chilly or warm person?
What angers you most?

Did you ever have any skin problem-was anything used?
That's it for now.
Astra2012 last decade
Thanks for your reply. I've read the articles I could find on internet by Hannhemann, Kent, and Clarke. Can't diagnose my own constitutional as I am very new to this.

I thought I would go crazy for several days after Homeopathic Doctor gave me the remedy. Did not know what extremme aggravations were.
Remedy helped light sensativity in rt. eye a little.

Answers to your questions:
1. May 02 Vision check no cataract in either eye.
Oct 03 Vision check-dense cataract in left eye. Rt eye okay.
Stress History:
Oct 01 work place flooded and was evacuated.
April 02 work closed permanently.
July 02 Moved cross country to family to reire. Got over heated several times clearing land in August. Vision like black and white negative, dizzy had to bend over, and stop work. Fumes from machinery irritated eyes.
Problems with sister & mother resulting in being excluded from family home, anger, grief, rejection. Delays with work and in getting own shelter, electricity, still no water.
Took Cross Country break to see daughter- ended up being very stressful without privacy, quiet or enough rest & sleep for six months.
No sensation or pain in eye, just a little tenderness on occasion from strain perhaps.
No halos around light. Use just left eye for reading and looking at something far. At first I felt pressure in rt. eye, now I get a slight headache if I read too much.
Pupils seem the same. Nothing seems to make right eye better or worse.

Other complaints.
Extreme Memory loss after exposure to chemicals in l991, could not remember beginning of sentence by time got to end. Mental, nerves, muscles, fatigue also. Three years later could actually read a book.
Self treatment with vitamins, minerals,food supplement, herbal formula, lot of prayer and fresh food as budget allowed.
Also began experiencing sever Panic attack- for five years.
Some thearpy and finally they stopped. I have a mild form of reaction now which I do not recognize as a real panic attack, just a kind of build up of pressure, and relief by crying.
No prescription drugs by choice for about 20 years, only Antibiotics prescribed for Broncitis turning into Pneumonis in 2000.
No tobacco, alcohol, drug history. Weight normal for height.
Complaints about me:
Have varicose veins on legs, and enlaraged viens on hands.
Difficulty getting to sleep until 1:30 or 2 P.M. or later.
Can't stop thinking exclusion from mother by sister who has control over her and mother is going along with this.
Crave fresh fruit, pickles occasionally, ice cream, but know the sugar in it isn't good for me so don't eat very often.
Like moderate weather. Used to feel cold a lot, but that seems to have changed with my move.
I like spring, warmth, gentle breezes.
Right now rejection. Also injustice where people are treated unfairly.

Skin: Had freckles as a child, have brown spots (liver) now.
Bima1 last decade
had three outbreaks of poison oak since move here. took Rus Tox 30 x for several days toward end of outbreak and stopped because I didn't know enough.

Have taken Ignatia Amara 6x for sleepness and grief several times since July and it helped me.
Bima1 last decade
Continued...Classical Homeopathic M.D. gave remedy in May.

Complaints continued...
Nov 03 HYPERLIPIDEMIA,COL test. Cholesterol 212, Triglceride 80, HDL 40, LDL CALC 159. Nothing to indicate diabetes no problem with colon.
March 04 Cholesterol up to 277 Triglceride 143, HDL 43, LDL CALC. 205. I refused Zocor and the M.D. willingly prescribed a natural alternative: viatmin B3 niacin starting with 250 mg per week until I reached 2000mg per week. He also prescribed 350 mgs of asperin per day, 1200 mgs of calcium and 400IU of Vitamin D. I took it from March to July and felt to stop. I ocassionally take an asperin if I have a headache.
Feb. 04 Opthamologist recommened lens implant surgery. I opted to learn more about homeopathy and give it a try first. He said, do not wait too long or more problems will develope."
Bima1 last decade
Thank you for your questions. I was told my case is complicated because cataract is a chronic disease and that takes time to work out the constitutional. Forgot to say it is my short term memory that is inpaired and sequencing ability, although it has improved since the accident in 91. My left forebrain feels like it is dazed, the right forbrain is active and alert, my feelings and spirit are very alive and I am aware and sensative. I can't see through the cataract in the right eye so it is a very odd sensation. I feel I see spiritually, but not physically. I'm not sure I am in any of the provings. I mostly do one task at a time, no multi-tasking. Did manage to go back to college for three years by starting with drawing from the right side of the brain, then drawing and painting classes, but no art history classes at that time. Hope this helps.
Thank you.
Bima1 last decade
I believe Sepia is one of the main remedies for cataracts.
saltOftheEarth last decade
Thank you.
Is Sepia a deep acting remedy? I am at the beginning of learning the concept of Classical Homeopathy, so that I can participate in the management of my health. Want to give a more informed response as we go along after my experience with the the Classical Homeopath, M.D. I went to who does not tell remedy, potency, answer my questions. He just said I would feel better and told me to come back in six weeks.
I wasn't prepared and didn't know what an aggravation (extreme in my case) was, I think I even had new symptoms. I also had vivid dreams, one where this physician made a shelf deprecating sound and said, "on no, I gave her the wrong remedy". I dream and easily remember some dreams, other are vision dreams where I actually go somewhere spiritually. This doctor did not want to answer my question; did the remedy cause me to have the dream and do you feel you gave me the wrong remedy? No response came to my frantic email, so eventually I called in frustration. Still no answer and I was referred to Dream Analysis in what I consider to be a "power play" by the doctor, then released from the doctor's practice. I do not feel comfortable giving others "power" over me, but seek human relationships of sharing, team effort, mutural respect.

Hoping to find more internet sites if anyone knows another good one for long acting remedies. Can anyone tell me where to look in Hahnemanns 4th or 6th edition of the Organon? Did download Remedies Related to Pathological Tissue Changes By Dr. J. T. Kent, M.D.,
"In arterio sclerosis, in cataract, in induration of liver or other glandular structures, the same principle holds, Ars., Bry., Puls. and other short and mediumly-short-acting remedies are insufficient because they have not power to take hold of this condition, while Silica, Calcarea Fluorica, Sulphur and such deep-acting remedies have been known to remove the tissue change by their deeper action, hence more similar, and from them one may be selected which will prove curative."

Excited to see what the first remedy for mental condition will be. Thanks again Astra and everyone for reading or contributing.
Bima1 last decade
Dear Bima, it seems that you have been poisoned by chemicals and perhaps they have affected your eye. Other symptoms seem to follow chemicals also. If I am not reading this right, let me know.

When one has repeated "poison Oak" breakouts, it may be something else. The body has a habit of throwing off unwanted chemicals to the outer skin. LEDUM would have been a better choice as it also treats tetanus. You may have a full body condition due to the chemicals.

Sometimes we do not realize the seriousness of what we perceive as a "passing-temporary" chemical exposure. This exposure may take a very long time to recover from. Hope you made out a report of the exposure to the company? Get Legal aid to advise you.

The eye may be affected by the chemicals. I have a feeling that it will not go back to normal as one would wish.

NUX VOMICA is the remedy used in cases of poisons of any type.

Get a second opinion from another eye surgeon without telling him all the facts. See what he/she says. Treatment with Homeopathy AFTER eye surgery is very effective.

EUPHRASIA is very good for eyes in general. SYPHILINUM is also good to study.

GELSIMIUM is also very good for serious eye problems.

ECHINACEA will cleanse the blood and has many atributes to cancel various poisons. Homeopathic Echinacea.

Even though I realize you feel so rejected by your family, I seriously suggest that you think only of yourself and make that your only goal.

Forget everything else except getting well. Get emergency disability. (Unless you have some sort of income to provide). Another client of mine was homeless for several years because she was unable to work and not old enough for enough help.

Sepia is not a "deep acting" remedy and it is safe. Actually I am appalled by all the hysterics about over- medication and anidoting if there is a strong response. BOSH! I am older than you and have never had to do this in 40 years of practice.

The actual problem lies with the inability for the public to ALLOW any discomfort to come into their lives.

Homeopathy works by clearing the (whatever) in the body and sometimes it is uncomfortable. An underlying problem may come up that now needs treating. Our society, as it stands, is full of fear and inability to use common sense.

When you feel spiritual, ASK that it be revealed to you. Be quiet and listen. If you are not trapped in a fundemental religion, it will be successful. Believe your heart. Sabra
sabra last decade
Bima-I'm sorry for coming late-but I was REALLY thinking about cataract remedies-there are quite a few!
Since only one will work (actually it will only make your own body work!) our goal is to find it.
I am a bit confused about your eyes:
LEFT has cataract, right>?
RIGHT had sensitivity to light?
Astra2012 last decade
Dear Astra, so sorry for the confusion. I see my dyslexia reversed info about my eyes.
Opthomologist said both retinas have slight scaring. Scars are old.
Only explanation I have is that I used to work under bright hot lights.

Thanks again.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Bima
It is wonderful that you decided to learn homeopathy. I think homeopathy is what medicine should be-offer gentle rapid and permanent cure! Well, surgery may be rapid but certainly it is not gentle and quite often it is not permanent.
You should never feel
pressured into doing anything with your body- it is yours after all! What changes does he say the little delay can bring??Surgery is the ONLY way the medicine have been "treating" cataract and they even waited for it to "ripe" before surgery-so what is his rush for? What does he mean by this:

He said, do not wait too long or more problems will develope."
Is he trying to scare you into doing a surgery?

Change ophthalmologist.

some more questions:

1.Do you still feel pressure in right eye after reading or just headaches-where?? how do they feel?

2.describe you panic attacks as now

3you wrote:
Extreme Memory loss after exposure to chemicals in l991, could not remember beginning of sentence by time got to end. Mental, nerves, muscles, fatigue also. Three years later could actually read a book.

Are you still experiencing all these effects?What are they exactly? Anything makes these effects better/worse?

4. Dreams are very important. Do you remember them? (if the dr was not interested... well, some drs are just not that good)
Do you have any fears (like of heights, dark death etc)

5.So do you like sunny weather or rainy too (providing it is warm)?

6. well, do you have a problems with bloating/constipation/ or diarrhea?

you wrote:
Self treatment with vitamins, minerals,food supplement, herbal formula, lot of prayer and fresh food as budget allowed.

Are you still taking any of these?

I noticed you were taking calcium and vit.D-does th doctor think that you have osteoporosis?
vitamin D is the only vitamin that humans can make-they need sun for that.can you devote 1/2-1 hrs a day-within 2-3 hrs from the sunset, to "bathe" yourself (esp your CLOSED eyes, your face-at different angles so you have to move your head side to side and up and down)

Oat bran is a soluble fiber said to lower cholesterol-but I can't say this works. I just heard it.

for your brain troubles: once a day eat :FRESHLY ground flax seeds (2-3 tsp) mixed (fast)with a cup of low-fat cottage cheese (or yogurt)

(the idea is to "fix" linoleic acid in flax seeds with sulphur-rich protein in dairy so your body gets a very good fat-and the brain is mostly fat and water: the way it is a good idea to drink even 10 glasses of pure water a day!
Astra2012 last decade
Are you sure the scars are on retina and not on the cornea? in both eyes?Do you have blind spots in good-left-eye?

Do you have any illusions,see images?
Astra2012 last decade
Dear Sabra,
Thank you for your support.

Yes to chemical poisoning in 1991.

Had severe poison oak as a child, 3 times July to August. Used Rus Tox from first aide remedy list. Now understand there is first aide, theraputic and classical homeopathy using a single constitutional remedy.
My "guidance" for now is to stay with the case taking for a constitutional with the dense cataract and the short term memory loss and take no remedies till then.

The cholesterol was treated with Vitamin B3 Niacin and diet.

Note: I read recently that the flush from Niacin is heavy mettles coming to the surface of the skin.

I want to stay open to the Creater and trust that I am being brought together with the homeopath(s) who will stand in service and be guided to finding the correct single remedy for my constitution. Now it time for me to focus on the process of "treating the person, not the disease or pathology".

I suffered thru five years of
severe panic "attacks" without surcuming to dangerous perscription drugs - had some theraphy - I believe that is why I am basically through it.

I have spent months trying to find homeopathic health with the correct constitutional remedy so I will be patient and if I have to suffer for that, will WILLINGLY.

As I learn more about my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual symptoms,thru the case taking process, I will definitely submit any contitutional rememdy I am given for guidance. I always try to do my homework first and am sudying as we go through this process. Praise God and thank you all homeopaths!
Bima1 last decade
Hello Astra,
Thank you for your encouragement. I see homeopathy, correctly applied, as a gift from God, Creator, Great Life Force and I am thankful for all of you great homeopaths we are willing to stand in service.

I felt the healing process begin as you asked me the first questions. Felt anxiety when I didn't hear from you and went off on a little tangent. Am focused on the case taking again!

I saw three ophthalmologists, one iridologist and two optitions, I was referred around by them. The angels guided me to the one I quoted...a true Christian, leading surgeon who even does surgery for those who cannot afford it! Thats a miracle! He said they don't have to wait until the cataract ripens now, that is the old way. This surgeon wasn't trying to scare me, although I know it is often true, and if all else fails I will go back to him. I believe that homeopathy will not fail, it is my guidance from with in to open myself to this healing process.

Now to your questions I will try to answer in sequence as I have now looked at the Classical Homeopathic case taking process in Homeopathy, Health & You, by Vinton McCabe and know a "little" more.

1. Felt pressure in rt. eye after reading too much when first lost vision a year ago.
Since that time I have slight headache behind rt. eye when I read too much so I stop reading if I feel it beginning. (I asked the doctor and he said since my binucolar vision is affect by the dense cataract it is probably caused by muscle strain in the eye.)

2. The real "panic attacks" subsided several years ago.
Now I start feeling strange and tense - no panic inside myself - and notice my veins are coming to the surface of my thighs in particular where I can't usually see them, the veins in my arms, chest, abdomen seem closer to the surface of the skin than normal. ( I have varicose veins but they don't seem better or worse during this). Once I realize what is happening...I focus and connect with my surpressed feelings... usually cry and it is all over. My veins looks normal again.I feel relieved.

3. Short term memory is impaired. Can't remember dates, times, directions, technical info, instrucions very along if at all. This qreatly affects my sequenicng ability. I have notes everywhere and it take a LONG TIME for me to get on paper what I am trying to say. The sentence structure and sequence gets lost, words, spelling! I can write from my feelings better when I don't have to compose. I lose the thread of something and my mind seem to run backwards at times. (have to rely on right brain functions, spacial relationship, intuition, etc. ??? Never saw anyone who understands short term memory functions very well.
Nerves, muscles, fatigue severity after accident with chemicals: for three years could not walk around the block without stopping many times to breath and rest. NOW I am about 80% better, but still have weak muscles, tire easily and have to nap every day. Exhaustions comes around 4 P.M. to 5 P.M. and I can't stay awake. Exception on days when I am outside or in town...then I have to nap after that. Probably why I can't go to sleep until 2 A.M. or later sometimes.
Nerves: seem to be okay.

4.Yes I remember dreams vividly. First dream came
after Homeopath broke our healing contact during case taking to " go on a little defensive tyrade concering allopatic medicine which he actually directed at me in a scolding way because my answer was what the ophthalmologist said about the surface of my eyes) I felt attacked and rejected like a force hit me in the chest. Said so because I was so stunned I couldn't go on for a moment, he wasn't interested and only got more defensive, so I ended up consoling him so HE could get back to the case taking.
I was Standing on back varanda of childhood home (more tropical in dream than reality) A man in kaikis was standing beside me, I think he was a doctor who had come to help me. (odd thing my dad always wore kakais and I love them.) i saw the legs of a rex dynasaur in the back yard coming toward me, and I grabbed the hand of my 7 year old grandson to protect him and ran into the iron stairwell of the old stone building next door.) I could see the mouth and sharp teeth of the dynasaur trying to bite us and the upper "limbs" thrashing around to try and get at us. We manged to move to a protected place in the covered stairwell where the dynasaur could not see us and it looked distracted and continued down the street and we were safe. I don't know what happened to the man.

THE SECOND DREAM: I saw the doctor standing by my mailbox, I was standing across my driveway, I could see him but he did not see me. He extorted some self deprecating sound, then said, "oh no, I gave her the wrong remedy." This dream came a few days after major aggravations, isolation, no communication when I began to feel that I had not been given the correct remedy. I FEEL IT WAS A TRUE DREAM.

MY FEARS: I will never make it" a low self esteem issues from childhood. Right now all these material objects are broken, and i can't repair them, have no water, work to be done and i can't do it all, so sometimes that old fear comes out and i have to work on it.
ANOTHER FEAR: When i am sick, i am afraid that i will die all alone with no one...unloved. I have worked on these issues for years in therapy and out, prayed but that pop up at times.

5. I like sunny or rainy weather providing it is warm.

6. No bloating, constipation or diarrhea. My stomach pooches out a little toward the end of the day after eating sometimes, but I think that is from some fat on the abdomen, although I am not overweight for my size and height.
I take vitamin and mineral supplemts and extra antioxidants, A, E,
C, and the mineral silinium, recommended for cataracts. I also take 2tsp of organic apple cider vinergar in an 8 0z. glass of water with my evening meal to try and help my potassium to sodium ratio.
No osteoporosis. Have wondered about so much vitamin D lately, it is also in my multivatim, added to the organic milk I drink, etc. as well as the sunlight. I will follow your instructions. Eat rolled oats at breadfast most days. Will follow instructions about flax seeds and cottage cheese.
I will start sipping more water. Lately I have about 2 mugs of black tea in the morning. Two of blueberry leaves at lunch, and maybe a green tea in the afternoon.
Should I stop the herb teas?
CATARACT: The ophthologist said the cataract was dense and from the cornea right back into the lens. I can see that the white cataract in my eye has deminished since Feb 04. Praise God. Some of the many things I've tried: diet including many fresh spinach salads, acupuncture and Chineese hurbs for three months, antioxidants, vitamins, eye formulas, eye exercises, lots of prayer.
Years ago when under extreme stress, I had a few halucinations if that is the same as illusions which manifest of the person. I dohave spiritual experiences at times, and know the difference. In dreams, at times they are simply a clearing from the day, or of an emotinal nature, or true spiritual dreams which guide me or warm me like a premanition.

Blessings and thanks.
Bima1 last decade
Wow! I have some reading to do! Thanks (I haven't read it yet so I can't say much-just came here to say that I am not really fond of dairy, and I do not recommend eating "the normal" stuff the feed us (in us-maybe it's not that bad in other countries BUT flax seeds require sulphur-rich protein such as is in dairy... try get the organic cheese or yogurt, not from cows who got drugs.

What kind of toxins were you exposed to?
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Astra,
I tried to answer all your questions. Hope it is not too long.
I was exposed to "agent orange" in 91. Some say I should be dead. In 1996, while sleeping in a summer cabin, I was exposed to a spray used in crop dusting in l966. I was very ill when I awoke and throughout the day, but it passed.

I love milk and can't give it up. Know some say adults don't need it. Last year I switched to ultra pasturized Organic Milk without hormones or antibiotics from the cows. Milk and crackers or bread is the only thing that helps me calm down at times, when I can't sleep.

Bima1 last decade
I LOVE reading any posts from you-that's how I know you after all!
I'm sure you have some rights (where do you live? I'm in Pa/usa)-but have no idea about hows/whats etc. It wasn't the best experience...)

maybe they have some organic yogurt or cottage cheese where you are getting organic milk? Would be perfect for (well, also organic is best)flax seeds.

What eye exercises are you doing? (I know Bates)

It's great that you like your doctor - very important for healing! So they do not wait for cataract to ripen any more like they used to (e.g. in 1930s when dr Barker wrote his books).Medical progress is overwhelming.

Bima-I wrote it yesterday but was interrupted and post it now-please write as much as you feel like-I really love to read your posts!
Astra2012 last decade
It should be tbsp (2-3 tablespoons) not tsp of flax seeds to one cup of cottage cheese! BUT if you add just teaspoons it will be ok too-less fat.
I belive you can make it for next day (-s?) too- also if you skip it it is not the reason to feel bad.But I strongly recommend it even every day.
(I didn't think of it myself but dr. Johanna Budwig).

Do not be afraid of sun. Before sunset it is not strong and eyes really need it! Suning is one of dr Bates exercises.
Strong hot light which scarred your retina made you wary but here eyes are closed (and you do not look at the sun-although others and I looked at the setting sun without problems).

Because it seems that you are quite sensitive to remedies it is great that you get to know homeopathy - also it is better not to add everything together.
About a week after adding flaxseeds I recommend that you take Schuessler tissue salts (all 12 in 1 bottle, in usa HYLAND makes it and calls them bioplasm- which sounds to me amoeba-like; in uk HELIOS) maybe they will order it for you at the health store.
This salts are all the basic components of the body-some have strong affinity to eye, one of them, calcarea fluorica, has been actually reported as curing cataract (it is not a homeopathic treatment as such, kind of supplements -we will add homeopathic remedy after your body gets used to new supplements).
take them (3-4 pellets) 3-4 times per day.
this is the site with it:

Astra2012 last decade
Cateract is a Psoric phenomena in the miasmic book, but I think you have some hereditary problems to deal with , these being brought on by your exposure to Agent Orange.
For the scarring the best thing is Fluor Acid 3x or 6x , 3 times a week for a month rest for a month and then resume.
To stop a cataract 'ripening' use Calc Fluor 3x-6x. But I think this is not your problem.
The loss of short term memory suggests Medorrhinum 1m , single dose and wait. Unless there is a family background of cancer .
passkey last decade
Hello passkey,
But you are prescribing for particular symptoms not for the totality of symptoms as it should be in homeopathy!

Hereditary? How could you possibly know this?
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Bima,
If I understood right you are not taking anymore calccium or vit D --you are still taking selenium, vit A, vit C and vit E right? Any other supplements?
You have a very natural lifestyle- that's probably why you are doing so well after the AO.
Drinking a lot of plain water (even 10 glasses a day) will help you wash away the rest of toxins. Flaxseeds.Definitely prayer.
12 tissue salts starting next week. And then homeopathic remedy (meanwhile you keep learning it, right?).
And your body has already started the healing! (because all these are only here to help it). Please ask if you have any questions.
Astra2012 last decade
Actually I have the question:if it is warm do you prefer "foggy" cloudy weather or sunny and clear?
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra, just a quick note to say as the healing process began with the asking of the first case questions, I was given the energy by the Grace Of God and the help here from you, Sabre, others, cases I read, to face my mother who is in process of "passing". I had not only enery but hope! My sister guaranteed she would not interfer and I went to mother's bedside Saturday night and we were able to speak honestly and finally ask each other's forgiveness and part in peace. So the lesson in this experience is just as I read somewhere in Samuel Hahnemann's words ( thanks to him and may he rest in peace) that the healing takes place in the spirit too.
Surely this is true in my experience in life and on this part of my journey along the homeopathic path. After all there is no distance in the spiritual world. I see why that "connection" that is made between homeopath and patient is so important. Bless you all.

I may not be able to write for a few days, but got the flax seed, cottage cheese (will start today) and got the biochemic so I will have it on hand. Will follow all your instrucions for now and get back to other questions as soon as I can.
Thank you.
Bima1 last decade
If it is warm, I prefer sunny and clear!
Bima1 last decade
Hello Bima
As healing STARTS in the spirit (body only follows) I'm very optimistic about your healing - come here when you have some time: your body need to make some adjustments to flaxseed and biochemics anyway.
I will ask some more questions whenever I have any. You may reply to all of them much much later.
1. your sister is the only sibling, right? Younger or older?
2. do you like animals?
Astra2012 last decade

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