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Hello Bima
As healing STARTS in the spirit (body only follows) I'm very optimistic about your healing - come here when you have some time: your body need to make some adjustments to flaxseed and biochemics anyway.
I will ask some more questions whenever I have any. You may reply to all of them much much later.
1. your sister is the only sibling, right? Younger or older?
2. do you like animals?
Astra2012 last decade
Because very low potencies are broad acting iy is possible to use the symptom.
Because of the widespread use of antibiotics over some 50 yrs Medorrhinum is almost a miasmatic "catch all' but if there is a history of cancer in the family this will act well.
passkey last decade
But it is one of the principles in homeopathy:only one remedy at a time.
(selected accord. to the totality of symptoms).

Not one symptom (whatever the potency).
Also, I do not think cataract is hereditary.
Astra2012 last decade
More answers:

Left eye: floating black spots mostly in evening when I am tired.

Skin: Started to sag a little
about one year ago, as though elasticity gave out.

Neck: Skin ripples in front since one year.

Vitamins: Since January took Calcium 600mg with 200IU of Vitamin D twice daily. Last week cut back to one tab per day.

Sister: younger.
Animals: Love animals, but not in the house.

Mini Strokes: In 2000 I got dizzy in store and started falling sideways. Held onto rack and squatted. Sat against wall and breathed slowly and prayed. Okay after 15 minutes. Drove home, but decided to go to Emergency anyway. Emergency doctor checked heart and okay. Said could be tiny particle of blood vessel that broke loose, but not enough to have a real stroke which does major damage. I was Dazzed, weak and mentally dull for two or three days. Confirmed by regular doctor.
2002: At 2 A.M. severe pains in chest and back, if I breathed so my chest wall moved a severe pain. At first I though I might be having a heart attack. Called Friend acupuncturist gave me treatment and Nux Vomica for stomach? My stomach wasn't bothered! Later I went to emergency. Had ekg and heart was okay. Doctor diagnosed it as probably a panic attack and gave me a prescription for LORAZEPAM. Afraid to take after reading "side effects". Like natural way. This was not like the panic attacks I had for five years, except the VERY FIRST ONE AFFECTED THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BODY AND I THOUGHT I WAS HAVING A STROKE. No inner downward spiral of the forces in my body. And that is what happened for five years.
Odd the first episode happened on the day I got a new pair of glasses and wore them. My eyes felt strained. I don't know if it was the glasses or what was happening in my body. I remember feeling pressured without anything pressuring me.

Falling Sideways: Since ten days I have been falling sideways (to the left) just a little when I am tired, but never completely loose my balance. Happens in chair and when standing. It happened occasionally prior to this.

Vision: Since ten days bumpted right elbow on door frame, it is bruised and sore.
Worse each time I hit it.

Hope this helps!
Bima1 last decade
I need to make a correction here.
Chemicals: Agent Orange 1991
Sprayed with crop drusting chemicals in 1966 (NOT l996).

Cancer: None in immediate family or any known ancestors.

Gonorrhea or Syphilis: None in immediate family or ancestors as far as I know.

Cataracts: None in Mother at 86. Father had cataract late in life BUT COULD STILL SEE WITH HIS GALSSES. He died at 89.

Strokes: Father had two strokes from caroid artery narrowing over a ten year period prior to dying. Too many medications made him worse. No other strokes in family as far as I know.
Bima1 last decade
And you thought I will not have more questions...
1.how do you react to consolation?
2. do you like thunderstorms?
3. do you bruise and bleed easily?
Always write as much as you please-I really like to read your posts!
Astra2012 last decade
Bima: I just read about your elbow-after hits like that the remedy is ARNICA-since you are sensitive take one dose of 12c (it's a low,non-material=has no molecule of original substance, potency)
It ia brief-acting remedy, can be repeated if needed.
Astra2012 last decade
cont questions
4.Tell me more about your thirst.I know you drink tea and milk. hot warm or cold?
Any water?
Astra2012 last decade
The only hereditary "cataract" is congenital-the one you develop later, even if your parent had it, is not in the genes.
Astra2012 last decade
And more...
5. you ssaid that during real panic attacks you felt:
Inner downward spiral of the forces in my body

right? That's a very interesting sensation-could you write more about it?

6. you said that lately you are slightly falling sideways –to the left-
always to the left or mostly?

just a little when tired(in chair and when standing)

when you are siting on a chair, when you are rising from the chair, when you are standing? not when you are walking?

7. most of all: how are you?
Astra2012 last decade
to passkey

& 273
In no case under treatment is it necessary and therefore not
permissible to administer to a patient more than
one single, simple medicinal substance at one time. It is
inconceivable how the slightest doubt could exist as to
whether it was more consistent with nature and more rational to
prescribe a single, simple medicine at one
time in a disease or a mixture of several differently acting drugs. It is
absolutely not allowed in homoeopathy,
the one true, simple and natural art of healing, to give the patient at
one time two different medicinal substance.
Astra2012 last decade
Bima1 - please reply to the questions anyway but I think I know your homeopathic remedy- it is PHOSPHORUS (the second place belongs to CAUSTICUM --PULSATILLA is third, but rather far behind) I'm writing all this not to confuse you (since I definitely think that phosphorus is your remedy and should be tried first) but to let you know it.
Anyway-if the healing process proceeds now we shouldn't interfere with any remedy -if it stops/slows down we will decide on dosage/potency.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra,
Just read all the post to catch up here.

Mother passed on Thursday morning and was Buried on Saturday. We were at peace, and now my sister and I are at peace too. I am eternally grateful. It was a healing time for many in my extended family. Strange how nearing death one can do what could not be done before.
I am very thankful.

Took the flax seed and cottage cheese every day. Today was seventh day. Start Biochemic tomorrow (Tuesday).
My little health store did not have Hilands or Heloix in the BioPlasm, but NuAge. I don't know it. Hope that is a good one. I have used Hylands cell salts for 30 years. In fact started taking Calc. Flur. several months ago because the enamel on my teeth was sensitive. Dental check in January had no new cavities. Glad to hear it is good for cataracts too. Minor miracles! Teeth sensative again. Upper right molar very sensative to cold since ten days.

Had two difficult nights where I could not sleep until after 3 A.M. due to grieving process and had to be up the next morning, so I ended up taking Ignatia Amara 30C two tablets (only one the health store had.) It did help me and I went to sleep in about 15 minutes. I read that it was a short acting remedy of 5-7 days. Hope that is okay.

Am too exhausted to answer more...will try tomorrow. Blessing.
Bima1 last decade
Thank you for the e-mail. Of course it is very ok to take Ignatia or any other acute remedy when the situation calls for it: your body rules here and all the therapies must adjust.

You had quite draining time besides.
Astra2012 last decade
Astra here are more answers:

Family Health: Mother died of osteoporosis and fractures of the spine. Had hysterectomy in the 60's, took estrogen but stopped after her Dr of the time got uterine cancer!Mother was active, split her own wood til illness. Too many drugs? Hblood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, hernia, no calcium. a tum a day doesn't do it. I recommended natural rememdies 1200 mg's of calcium and cell salts, gave research for doctor, but sister had mother give it all back/ part of altercation. I believe homeopathy would have extended her life without pain. Even Pro-Gest by Transitions for Health, Nature's Parmacy by Walker and Brown.

Skin: Have itchy patch at right waistline (below rib). Has appeared and reappeared for abt. 5 years. (not poison oak)

Skin: Pronounced brown spots on hands since one year. I had a few flat moles? on hands and arms. Twice as many have developed since one year. In Jan. M.D. said not pre cancerous. Used casteroil on them as per Dr. Jarvis, Vermont Folk Medicine. Got distracted by mother's passing and forgot to continue. They did seem lighter after a few days. Will wait for constitutional remedy and see if that helps brown spots and flat moles.

Siblings: Five including me. I lived away in other states for last 45 years, until two years ago.

11-03 Questions:
1. How do you react to consolation? Please define consolation. I am confused after seeing it interchanged with anger in homeopathic writing? I though it was not getting what you wanted, but getting something and accepting it. Is this fractured?

2. Yes I like thunderstorms. They clean the air and I feel energized.

3. I bruise fairly easily, have big black bruise on my thigh now. Elbow is better, thanks for first aide remedy/ Arnica. Had none. Need economical way to purchase GOOD quality remedies. Small local health food store is expensive.

4.Thirst: Sipping water all day long and eating 5 small meals or snacking between meals until May 04. M.D. Homeopath prescribed three modest meals, no snacking or sweets, only protein and green salad at evening meal.
AFTER THAT I took to drinking tea with 1 or 2% milk in it to curb appetite. After tea not as thirsty, but will increase water and cut back on tea after breakfast.

5. 5 year panic attacks: felt inner downward spiral of the forces in my body. I am aware of different energy forces in my body at times when I am in a more 'exalted' spiritual state like bliss with a feeling of well being as though this is the true reality of a human beings life on earth, not, stress, anguish, grief, fears, anger, pain. Everything about my life was painful then: marriage had ended, the business where I worked closed, my teenager was acting out, my friends had moved, next came the chemical exposure. The panic started with shaking and I would feel the forces whirling out of control, I was no longer centered but in extreme panic and fear. Felt completely alone, cut off from everyone,prayed but could not feel the power of God as I can when not in a panic attack. Maybe St John of the Cross described this place as the dark night of the soul. I always prayed all the way through these attacks, but couldn't sleep, the longest atack was 12 days. I took whatever I had learned to take at that time (valerian, vitamins, minerals, cell salts.

6. Falling to the left. ALWAYS a little to the left when tired of standing or sitting. (Could this be connected to the overuse of my left eye?) NO FALLING TO LEFT when getting up from chair. Feel Dizzy ocassionally when I get up and first start to walk, but it is a different sensation to falling to left. I loose my balance with the Dizziness and slightly fall to the left.

7. How am I? I am. Past few days experienced waves of grief and crying outlowd among family who mostly held it inside, then peace, old hurts floating into memory, crying/healing, forgiving my mother. Asking for forgiveness. Yesterday at her graveside: feeling sadness that mother is gone forever and I will never have a mother that can love me in the places where I was never loved. Childhood issues I haven't outgrown. Do we ever? Spiritually I have let go, but this is emotional.

EMOTIONAL LIFE BIGGIES: Spent life working for love, never got as a child. Low self esteem issues covered by attitude: I am good enough, I will show you I am just as good as you are, but didn't feel that way inside. I used my looks for success because I didn't feel I had anything else for years, although I knew when I was 7 that art was my talent from God but didn't get to it until 1989, although I always painted as a hobby. Painting was like the phoenix of my talent rising out of the ashes of the chemical exposure experience. In theraphy in 68' diagnosed as anxiety neurosis/acceptor over rejector. Years of theraphy, trying to get to my authentic self. Some success! Still a work in process. Began active spiritual life in 1970.

Anger: in 2000 when i had bronchitis/pneumonia and took antibiotics, I was in the midst of a three year spiritual war and was very ANGRY, hurt? grieved? I have never been the same nor trust the individuals involved, because this struck at the core of my spiritual life which helped me to get centered in my true nature and connect heaven and earth in my existance. Out of the adversity, the blessing: I moved cross country and began purification of ancestral issues I though I had worked out! Maybe the end is in sight!

Bima1 last decade
Thank you for your e-mail.

by consolation I meant e.g. when someone offers you sympathy, says he/she feels sorry for you.

I see nothing wrong with your meal schedule before May. It was not a homeopathy-homeopathy doesn't impose any eating plans.
Flaxseeds with cottage cheese deliver best oils to human body, according to dr J.Budwig (six times nominee to Nobel). We should drink 10 glasses of water every day according to dr. Loraine Day, who cured herself of large tumor using only natural ways-after medicine had given up on her. These were not homeopaths-but MDs, I like what they say and relate/advise it in your case.

I hope you like it too-natural ways are definitely best-but we can't meke everybody to think so too.

Since you are rather sensitive to energy you should stay in the low potencies: LM potencies are gentle but I don't think they are budget-friendly. Best are c-potencies in plussing method where you need to watch your reaction a lot.
(but I believe you can do it).
Do you know what was the potency that aggravated you so much?
What is the potency that you can get easiest/cheapest?
Astra2012 last decade
Consolation: I can't say I like people feeling sorry for me, but I do like compassion, caring, touch, tenderness, back rubs.

Diet: Homeopath M.D. said we could treat cholesterol by changing diet.

Natural Healing: There was a sign on the door of a health food store which read: closed due to death of owner at age 103. Smile.

Aggravations: M.D.Homeopath gave me 10 M potency. I think this Homeopath always gives the big bang dose. I think he probably adheres to pusatilla 10M and Sulphur 10M to try and discover the constitutional because he doesn't have the patience to find the correct one in the first place. I read that if you don't get the first one right, then you won't the second remedy and may never cure the patient. That was what I fear could happen with an impatient homeopath because my case is chronic and complicated.

I can order any remedy you prescribe if I know where to get it. But to stock up on some acute remedies, I am hoping for a starter kit later on.

I do appreciate your patience thus far. Thank you for all your time, energy and faith.
Bima1 last decade
I keep remembering a few last things.

Symptoms now: Stiff neck, stiff right shoulder muscles, stiff muscles in right side of neck (sometimes accompanied by spasm over last ten days.) No spasms now.

Eyes: momentary blindness upon first waking (this occurred a few times within last month). I close my eyes tightly in an effort to adjust them and can then see. I don't feel alarmed about this...think it isjust what my eyes do at times when i sleep. My head does throb behind my eyes at times like it is the optic nerve straining. This sensation is differnet to the strain caused by binocular vision due to using just the left eye to read and see.

Panic Attacks: forgot to say during five years diagnosed as clinically depressed.

Depression: I think I was at times over the last two years also just sat around and couldn't do anything, no energy, felt defeated. I felt okay when I first woke up, until I started thinking about work which overwhelmed me, and situation with family.
Had to pray to get out of it, but kept being pulled down.

This morning I felt really good when I woke up, and although I lost my mother here, we made peace, and my sister and I are at peace, so I feel I can now handle the work here and face the winter and get well.

Coffee and Sodas: Stopped drinking coffee over 20 years ago because I would begin to shake and stomach felt ooo acidic. Never have other stomach problems. Drank sodas occasionally. Stopped last November when I learned how bad aspertame is.

Crave fat: on beef sometimes, but don't usually eat any because I know it isn't good for me. Glad for good oils from dr. J. Budwig.

That is all I know thank the good Lord and you and everyone who contributed.

Just read Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica by James Tyler Kent, A.M., M.D. Late professor of Materia Medica in Hering College, Chicago. Presented by Dr. Rober Seror at homeoint
downloaded phosphorus, phosphoricum Acidum, silicea, calcarea flourica. I don't know anything about repertorizing yet, but I see some of my symptoms in all of these.

I don't know how well I can monitor my own symptoms when I take the constitutional , but I am willing to try.
I still forget a lot of things or have memory lapses.

I have faith in homeopathy.

Bima1 last decade
I just lost a long post here -that computer is trying my patience!

just a question: when your head throbs is it behind both eyes? when does it throb?
Astra2012 last decade
I read this on-line about cataract:

Sunlight - invisible ultraviolet light (UV light) which is one of the light frequencies of sunlight promotes free-radical damage to the lens. The effects of UV light are cumulative over time.

No wonder people are afraid of the sun!
I think it is a myth=not true. Eyes need some sun -it is true that too bright light may damage retina, that's why e.g. skiers wear sunglasses - but "sunbathing" eyes in a setting (or rising) sun is good for eyes! (again it's not my idea but dr William Bates, ophthalmologist with a private preactice in NYC in 1920s)
Animals (I know some) get cataract when NOT exposed to sunlight.
Astra2012 last decade
Head Throbs: inside middle where optic nerve is I think.

Eye Strain: right eye with cataract starts feeling strained after I read or work on computer too much. Opthomologist & Surgeon said binocular vision is disturbed by cataract and probably affecting the muscles.

Bima1 last decade
Eye Exercises: Heard about Dr. Bates for years and finally found his out of print? book thru inner library loan. Also found a copy of Greater Vision by Marc Grossman, O.D.,L.Ac. and Vinton McCabe N.V.E.(also M.D. and Homeopath) at Alibris, a kind of publisher discount place. Has good exercises too.

It seems correct that an appropriate amount of sun would be healthy for the eyes.
As soon as I see it again, I sit in it with CLOSED EYES.
Bima1 last decade
Eye Throbs cont'd: eye throbs when I read or use computer too much.
Bima1 last decade
Thanks-and more questions:
this temporary blindness on awakening-is it in both eyes (you do see light and/or blurred images in the right one, right?

so you know dr Bates! And Marc Grossman! I have book and tapes and admire them both-it wasn't easy to contradict his collegues for dr Bates. The same was for Hahnemann in homeopathy-he also met with a lot of ridicule. These people were very brave.
Astra2012 last decade
There are 2 optic nerves-one for each eye. Do you feel throbing behind both eyes?
Astra2012 last decade
I know Vinton McCabe's book "Practical homeopathy" (can't say though that I agree with him "on all counts").
I thought that he limits his interests to homeopathy.

Anyway, phos-ac does not come up inmy analysis (first of all it doesn't have cataract in its picture!)

After new symptoms - it is still phosphorus (followed by causticum close behind). These two remedies are inimical, not-compatible-which means that if one dooes something good then it's better not to give the other one, or all the good work will be wasted.
Astra2012 last decade

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