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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I know Vinton McCabe's book "Practical homeopathy" (can't say though that I agree with him "on all counts").
I thought that he limits his interests to homeopathy.

Anyway, phos-ac does not come up inmy analysis (first of all it doesn't have cataract in its picture!)

After new symptoms - it is still phosphorus (followed by causticum close behind). These two remedies are inimical, not-compatible-which means that if one dooes something good then it's better not to give the other one, or all the good work will be wasted.
Astra2012 last decade

Memontary Blindness upon awakening seems only to be in the left (seeing) eye. Yes, I do see light and blurred images in the right eye with the cataract and seem to have some slight improvement in the peripheral vision in that eye.

It seems Dr. Bates and Dr. Hahnemann had a "view" from above the crowd! Brave indeed! I am so thankful for their contribution to humanity.
Bima1 last decade
Throbing: is behind the right eye with the cataract but the sensation feels toward the middle of my head. If I press on the middle of my forehead, on the third eye area, that is the spot straight back in my head. Sorry, I don't understand it. Maybe it is muscle strain.

LET LIKE CURE LIKE (1997$24.95US paid $8.95) by Vinton McCabe was recommended as a introductory book. I couldn't find it anywhere until I searched Alibris and also found the paperback Homeopathy, Healing AND YOU (1997 $14.95US paid $2.99, and Greater Vision (2001 $16.95 paid $3.98). Great discounts. These first books contain a lot of the same things I read on the internet about Hahnemann and constitutional remedies, etc. I have not read Practical Homeopathy, nor have I read Norton's book yet. Course I have the disadvantage of having to read many times to remember. But that is going to change. Right!

McCabe was at the Rye Learning Center for Seven Years and thanks Grossman for literally teaching him to see.

Thanks for letting me know about Phos-ac. I was momentarily confused by other suggestions here. Of Course it has to have cataract in the picture and memory loss since it is the mental and the metal has to be found first. Is that correct?

Do you recommend Boericke's Matera Medica and Repertory? Or Kent's or both?

I will keep studying Phosphorus and Causticum even thought it does not follow Phosphorus well.
Thank you.
Bima1 last decade
you have some real bargains there!

McCabe has very good credentials and long experience BUT in teaching and writing books-and I like rather reading about someone's clinical experience.
There is a lot of such stories on the Internet!

I'm buying most of my hom books in New Delhi at Aggarwals Book Centre.,

he is very reliable, quite cheap, accepts personal checks from usa and has MANY books on homeopathy. The only bad thing is:
the waiting tiime
you don't really see these books before you buy them!Some are not that good-some are great-now I usually go by the authors.
But a lot of homeopathy you can learn from the Internet!

I read these books many times, and still find something new.Homeopathy is a never-ending learning experience-that's a beauty of it!
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Bima,
Are you comfortable with phosphorus? You will start homeopathic treatment on Mon or Tue with phos.30c.
Astra2012 last decade
Dear Astra,

Thanks for the guidance about Phos-ac. I see by the following:

REPERTORY by Oscar E. BOERICKE, M.D. presented by Medi-T
CATARACT--Am.c., Arg. oid., CALC. FL., Can. s., CAUST., Chimaph., CINER>, Cochlear., Colch., CON., PHOS., Plantan., Puls., Quass., Santon., Sec., Senegal, Sep., SIL., SUL., tellur., THIOSIN., Zinc. (Caps were blue.)

Sorry the computer lost your reply about the first homeopathic remedy in 10M potency (one dose of 7 or more little pellets) the M.D. Homeopath gave me April 29th 04 resulting in severe aggravations and symptoms I never had before, therefore, I believe it was the wrong remedy for me. He did say we will work on your emotions first and this will also help your cataract.

Does 10M potency last longer than 6x, or 30c potency, understanding that each remedy has a approximate life span? I've read that some of these remedies last 50 to 60 days or longer and some homeopaths say the first remedy if wrong or repeated doses CAN do permanent damage and the patient is never cured, while some say to take combinations and the right one will work, but what on earth will the others do but cloud the picture or possibly do harm? My instincts tell me they are not harmless if incorrect and I fear them. Since I have a "big" memory and sequencing impairment, I am just trying to stay with the clear pure classical homeopathy of Hahnemann which my "sixth sense" tells me is correct. ...I prefer to err on the safe side and use the low dose according to what is appropriate with each remedy as you have suggested. Thanks for corrections when I am confused. Sometimes I feel like the adult and the child in me bump into each other and I am just standing there stunned and can't think clearly! It's like my mind is blank or goes in reverse.

Please post why Phosphorus follows my symptoms: Starting with mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. I can't put the sequences together although I have read about phosphorus several times.

BioPlasm: Beautiful! After taking this cell salts for two days - which I had never taken - my upper right molar (filled with mercury in 2000) is not AS sensative to cold and I have been getting to sleep earlier, around 12 P.M. to 1 A.M. instead of 2 P. M. or later. Wish I could have that filling removed. Should I continue taking BioPlasm while taking the homeopathic constitutional remedy since you say it does not interfer?

Phosphorus 30c by Boericke & Taffel okay? If not let me know. I haven't got it yet.

Thanks you and Blessings.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Bima:
tissue salts will not interfere with homeopathic remedy-you may always take them!

as to posology ((doses and potencies) it differs depending on the person who is not well, the kind of disease and... the homeopath! everyone prescribes in different way - and as it is based on "feeling"(sixth sense) it is impossible to explain.

With time (reading+ experience) you get that "feeling".
Astra2012 last decade
Phosphorus is antidoted by coffee- if you feel like drinking it (I hope not) you better do it now. Later it would be better not to.
Astra2012 last decade
Higher potencies are supposed to last longer - but I personally think that how long a remedy lasts depends only on the remedy like Aconite-briefly, Lachesis-medium, phosphorus-long lasting (and deeply acting)-
pulsatilla did not act long-the potency was too high and caused aggravation-still there are basically 2 kinds of aggravations: similar (remedy is right) and dissimilar (remedy is wrong)-you decide in individual cases which one it is.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra:

After 20 years of abstainence from coffee, I won't drink it NOW even if the URGE comes back after I take the constitutional remedy on Tuesday.

I read that some doctors ROUTINELY give pulsatilla 10M or sulphur 10M so that symptoms will boil up and they can find the correct remedy because they are not skilled enough OR do not want to take the time to find the correct constitutional remedy from the beginning. I know from other's that the dr. I saw gives high potencies that have upset some other people and they did not come back. I did not say the remedy the dr. gave me only that the potency was 10M. I saw him write it.

When I found out the dr. won't tell the remedy he gives, I tried to discover the remedy based on my symptoms and tonight I looked at my first work sheets and phosphorus is there several times. I kept going back to it. Odd coincidence.

Bima1 last decade
great!(about coffee)

Each homeopath seems to have his/her method.
The best way (I think) is to learn it from the source:Hahnemann himself and other old masters-and then build up on it with experience.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra:
I read (paraphrasing) that Kent said he cured so many cataracts but didn't give all the cases because it wouldn't be believed! Wish he had as I can't find that much about cataracts. Did find his repertory and was surprised to see so many remedies used for cataracts (if they are a match for the symptoms). Right!

KENT's Repertory:
Am-c.(blue), am-m.(blue), ant-t., apis.(blue), arn., bar-c.(blue),bell., Calc-f.(red), calc-p.(blue), calc-s., Calc.(red), cann-s.(blue), carb-an. (blue), Caust.(red), chel. (blue)., chim., chin., colch.(blue),
con.(blue), dig., eupho. (blue), euphr., hep., hyos., jab.(blue), kali-c. (blue), kalis-s., lac-c., lyc. (blue),Mag-c.(red), merc., nat-m., nit-ac.(blue),op., phos.(blue), plb., psor., puls.(blue), rhus-t., ruta., sec.(blue), seneg., sep. (blue), Sil.(Red), spig., Sulph.(red), tell., zinc (blue).
right eye: Am-c., kali-c., nit-ac., sil.(all blue)
left: Sulph. (blue)
can see better on a dark day: Eupho.
capsular: Am-m. (blue), colch.
contusion, from: Arn., con. (blue)
cortical: Sulph. (Red)
foot-sweet suppressed, after: Sil. (red)
incipient: Caust., puls. (blue), sec., sep.
operation, after: Arn., seneg.(blue)
perpendicular high-sight, with: Caust.
reticularis: Caust., plb.
senile: Carb-an.(blue), sec.(blue)
soft: Colch.(blue), merc., sec.
viridis: Colch., phos. (blue), puls.
women, in: Sep.
Bima1 last decade
Here is one I downloaded last May from: THE PRESCRIBER by John Henry Clarke Presented by Medi-T (I have no access now.)

Soft, Colch. 1, 4h.
From injury, Con. 3x,4h.:lotion of Euphras. O (ten drops to the ounce) three times a day.
Hard, cataract in the early stage, concentric opaque laminae, Calc.c. 6, 4h.
Afterwards, if necessary, Phos, 3, 4h.
Later stages, Silic. 6, 4h.
Calc. fluor. 30 - 200.
One dose per week for 4 weeks followed by Sulph. 30 -200- one dose per week for 2 weeks followed by Calc. Fluor. again for 4 weeks then Sulph. again for 2 weeks - repeat etc. etc.
Many cataracts will recede under this treatment.
Calc. iod. 30 -200 is also useful.
For diabetic cataract, see treatment for Diabetes.
Bima1 last decade
How many pellets of Phosphorus 30c for the first dose? Two stores were out so remedy will arrive by mail end of week.
Bima1 last decade
based upon symptomology --particularly--falling to left and cataract development--- remedies to consider ---nat-c;nat-m;sil;sulphur
John Stanton last decade
Bima: sorry about the remedy coming that late but you'll have more time to get your body stronger--it does the who.le healing after all.
Vital force acts even without hom. remedy of course! So when phosphorus comes it will get a push (3-5 pellets for the first dose, take one dose only siince you might be sensitive and it's better to avoid aggravations. next week-if you feel happy with phos. you will take it in water: a dose of phos. 30c dissolved in water (about half glass but in a bottle with a cap it is better than in a glass) and it will be good for 3 doses-3 days, sip is a dose). then few days off-and we'll decide what's next.
I like giving remedies in water in chronic dis. because in case of any reaction you just stop taking it and accidental antidoting is also reduced to minimum.
and accord to Hahnemann our vital force doesn't like when remedy is unchanged (I mean potency) and by mixing the solution before each sip=dose you slightly change the potency.
Astra2012 last decade
meanwhile take your tissue salts! you see 3 of them in cataract treatment (calc-f -calc-p - silica)-- although phoshorus is the homeopathic rem. they might help too!
Astra2012 last decade
What you pasted e.g. cataract +remedies for it is called rubric and the book which contains such rubrics is called repertory (you later pasted from Kent's repertory)

when you have few remedies chosen on the basis of symptoms you read about them in Materia Medica and here the science part of homeopathy ends and the art part begins (and the sixth sense helps here!)- you have to chose ONLY ONE that fits the best.

I write that just in case you wondered.

When you are taking the remedy is good not to eat at least one hour before and one hour after - the idea is to have all your body energy for healing (not taking care of digestion).
Astra2012 last decade
Hello John,
Will read about nat-c; nat-m. I read silica and sulphur- recognized some matches. Is this from your experience curing a cataract or from a certain repetory? Thank you.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Astra, Thank you for the explanations. Still waiting for mail delivery of Phosphorus 30c. Continuing Biochemic Salts BioPlasm and ground flax seed and cottage cheese or yogurt. Since four days feeling little pains and stinging sensation in varicose and other veins occasionally, like something breaking loose...something IS changing. I wonder what happens to the trapped blood when the veins get stronger?
Sleep pattern changing: sleep at 11:00 P.M. last two night and slept through night. Had energy and felt safe enough for first time in a year to use chain saw yesterday to cut fallen tree over drive. Physical and emotional life improving. No longer feel isolated... loving kindness cures a lot. Spiritual life always there if I remember to tune in.

Ophthalmologist Surgeon's Exam unobtainable till miraculously faxed yesterday!Sorry I gave you INCORRECT information earlier about the cataract being in the Cornea as well as the lens. The cornea is clear and the cataract is in the lens. The pupil appeared to be white originaly (as it is in cases of severe cataract). Can still see white in pupil but it appeared to have receded over last seven months. Also did not remember dr. said conjunctiva of (both) eyes was dry. Which brings the question will eyes and skin(skin tends to be dry) be dryer with phosphorus? He also said there is Exfoliation of surface of both eyes and Presbyopia (deterioration of elasticity of lens).

CATARACT EXAM: (partial reprint)
Confirm Family doctor acessment of cataract in Right Eye. Exposed to Agent Orange, (Notated high cholesterol, mother chol.)
Cornea: Clear
Lens: Dense Mature White Cataract (OD) Cstz? (OC)Exfoliation (OD)
Conjunctiva: Dry
Unable to visualize Retina (in right eye)

Left Eye: Old Choriod retinal Scar-Temprol (Os) No tears, no detachment, no hemoragge. Exfoliation on surface (both eyes)

Cataract OD}OS e Exfoliation
Old Choris retinal Scar (os)
Dry Eyes
Hyperopia -Astigmatism-(unevenness of cornea) Presbyopia (deterioration in the elasticity of the lens)

Rec: Cataract removal and lens replacemnt realizing possible limitations of retina and Exfoliation complications.

Hope this furthur confirms phosphorus or clarifies picture more. Thanks.
Bima1 last decade
phosphor in its picture has dry eyes and dry skin-should help.
meanwhile do not let your eyes (hom. eyedrops or just eye wash) or skin (lotions+drink a lot of pure water) get dry.

We will never have two things in our house:
gun and chainsaw-some people call it cowardice-others: common sense.
Speaking of common sense- it's most useful when choosing rubrics for the selection of the right remedy. If you have vision obstructed in one eye it's common that the body will occasionally sway in another direction: (brain adjust body position having faulty reception of surroundings)-- therefore you do not consider that rubric.
Astra2012 last decade
Dear Astra,
It isn't clear whether Phosphorus also works for the Presbyopia (deterioration of the elasticity of the lens?
I could better understand knowing the Materia Medica and Repertory you use??? If you are allowed to say so.

Still waiting for Phosphorus 30c ordered 11/10 from the site you gave me for biochemic cell salts. Checked health store again today and no phos. yet.

My renewed energy spoke to the cell salts and flax seeds and your help, not to the chain saw. I believe God created everything below human being to serve their needs when used in the right way, including trees. How would you cut a large tree that had fallen over your drive way in a storm if you didn't have the strength to move it or cut it with a bow saw or ax....and had not the means to hire someone to do it for you? In my experience God gave us tools as well as common sense.
There would have been no driveway without the chainsaw so if you judge me or do not respect me for owing or using it, I trust it won't influence your sacred ability as a homeopath. I myself cannot see that a dead tree has a preference to choice of saw. All the best.
Bima1 last decade
Bima- total misunderstanding! I do not think less of you because you use a chainsaw-I think more oof you! We do not use it (and will never have it ) not because we think it is wrong to cut trees (anbd sometimes it isnecessary!) but because we are scared to use it.
I cut two small trees here using jagged kitchen knife! It took me some time but was safe.

I also understand that many poeple feel more secure having gun in the house-and I do not think less of them either (hunters however...).

Anyway- I use Kent, Boericke and Murphy repertories. Many more materia medicas.
of course I'm allowed to say---who would forbid me?

When you take phosphorus make sure you don't have strong scents around-not only camphor. Merisel ("adrenal drained" thread) just found that air freshener completely antidoted his arsenicum.Mint toothpaste? (baking soda with salt are not bad!)
Astra2012 last decade
I will be away until Monday but if you have any questions I'm sure someone will answer.

Meanwhile you may want to increase the amount of flaxseed to 5-6 tbsp in a cup of lowfat cot.ch. or yogurt.

Astra2012 last decade
Thanks Astra. Please forgive my misunderstanding.
Happy Thanksgiving to you also.
Bima1 last decade
Dear Astra, Hope you had a nice holiday.

Eye strain improved reading or using computer. Feel Bioplasma has helped as well as organic flax seed with lowfat cottage cheese and skin is less dry. Feeling of reaking loose and stinging in veins has stopped, spasms in neck stopped. Thanks again for body prep.

Twenty days since internet order of Phosphorus, even after two phone calls, order hasn't arrived. Trying to be patient. Wonder if this is a negative on Phosphorus...or just a slow down while body catches up. Things like this happen in my life...I ask is Phosphorus right, Silicea comes to me as a deeper need. I also think of Cal. Fluer. Why? Can't say for certain. not doubting, just unclear. I read Phosphorus stops hemmoraging. How will it act on blood? Allopathic M.D. had me take asperin Nov 03 to Aug 04 to keep blood thin due to high cholesterol and history of mini stroke. I switched to vitamin E 800 mg.about August. Now take 500 mg daily. How will varicose veins be with Phosphorus? Appreciate your patience as I try to coprehend everything.

Got food poisioning Saturday night at 7:30 P.M., nausea, taste of smoked turkey I ate, chills; couldn't think what to do, panicked and took Pepto Bismal tab (which worked in foreign country once when I had severe gastrointeritis-old name tomane poison) took lots of water. Vomiting didn't start up, but rumblings in stomach and large loose bowl movement. Correct biochemic remedies not on hand, so took Bioplasma - 4 tabs. Then remembered that Sabre told me homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica is good for poisoning, saw it lsited among acute remedies, only had Nux Vomica 6x on hand, took 3 tabs, prayed, took 4 more Bioplasma tabs, slept three hours and felt better. Up two hours, took bioplasma 4 tabs, then Nux 6x 3 tabs and slept through night. Still feel a little weak after three days and am so thankful that remedy forshortened illness... it is friegntening to be marroned in that condition.

Thanks again Astra for your case taking for constitutional remedy, to Sabre for Nux Vomica and to everyone else. Blessings
Bima1 last decade

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