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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Bioplasma: Used up two small bottles and have part of a 1000 tablet bottle left.
Bima1 last decade
of course our health is ALWAYS a combination of many factors! one factor is rarely (if at all) enough.

I hope though that your primary goal is not as much as selection of the remedy but regaining full health. Homeopathy is only one of these factors (however important).

Please make sure you are safe (nothing's cooking or in the oven, hot water not running etc) when you cover your left eye. Listen to the radio (if praying or meditating-keep your right eye open). don't walk like that yet. Safety above all!

And keep doing what you are doing!
Astra2012 last decade
Did I misunderstand that we were doing a constitutional here.

Are you now suggesting Mag-c is no longer in the picture?
Bima1 last decade
In an earlier post I stated that I no longer felt to take the Bioplasma four times a day. My body doesn't want it as often. Some days I only take it once, sometimes twice.
Bima1 last decade
I hope though that your primary goal is not as much as selection of the remedy but regaining full health. Homeopathy is only one of these factors (however important).

This is so upsetting that I can't sleep. I don't understand stand why you would write this after I've followed every natureopathyic and nutritional suggestion you made for two months while waiting to hear my constitutional remedy.
Bima1 last decade
I do not understand why you find this upseting. I really don't. Never mind.

Take bioplasma ONLY as you fit right. If once a day -it is ok. Flaxseed and water also make you feel better (even before starting homeopathic treatment! Why do you find this upsetting? I don't understand...).

Anyway, before the weekend you posted a new thing -that crying makes you cataract better. This is not in mag-c picture - and so I believe it is better for you to start your treatment with another remedy: PULSATILLA (30c is preferrable)- fortunately it is quite popular and probably available in your health store.
(I never thought of calc-f though)
Astra2012 last decade
Sorry if I seem unconsiderate etc-I'm not.
Astra2012 last decade
When you have a chance - like when you have your right eye covered-could you try alternate nostril breathing? like: cover your left nostril, inhale through right, cover right and exhale through left -then inhale through left, cover it and exhale through right---etc. About 20-30 times.

it's always easier on one side-normally it changes about every 2-3 hrs-- see if it happens for you too as breathing through one nostril is correlated with stimulating one brain hemisphere.
Astra2012 last decade
I got upset because I came to this forum for classical homeopathic help and I understood you to be a classical homeopath, practicing or in training. Is that correct? I'll continue your alternative healing suggestions, but I am putting my total focus on Classical Homeopathic Single Remedies now. I've already invested two years with alt. healing for my cataract and another two months here while trying to learn my constitutional remedy. When at last you say Mag-c is probably my "perfect" remedy after weeks of frustrating effort, (I can't even figure out how to order on most of the few internet sites I could find), unavailable, sold outs, no transportation, I locate mag-c and pay extra for 3 day delivery by giving up other things I need, you post that Mag-c is no longer my remedy, but PULSATILLA because I got angry and cried ONCE and it probably relieve some tension and I could see the shadowy movement of my hand three feet in front of me instead of one foot. Earlier you said PULSATILLA wouldn't come till later in the treatment. So are you suggesting Pulsatilla now because the correct remedy is still unclear? Many of my symptoms don't match it. I feel confused and uncertain. Please tell me.

MAGNESIA CARBONICA was delivered today and I can't return it.

Anyway I forgot about PULSATILLA and CAUSTICUM when I made my "sale" order (to try and stay ahead because I don't want to loose more precious time now with no transportation and difficulty in getting remedies in a timely, affordable way).

CALCAREA FLUORICA: I read about it in Kent's lectures and at Borecke's Materia Medica. I read at Hpathy.com under First Aide-Eyes, Affections much information and that Calcarea fluorica has a noticeable influence in DIMINISHING opacities of the lens, partial blindness from cataract: it is worthy of extensive expermentation in cataract (providing the symptoms match) Maybe you know the source. I also read there that CASTICUM has a well-established reputation of CHECKING acute cataract and Dr. A. B. Norton found it most useful.

I'm letting you know it took about two hours to write this as a reminder that doing anything on a computer is very difficult with short term memory and sequencing disorder.
Bima1 last decade
Where did I say that I would not try to select the right remedy?
I don't think I ever said that.


1. was it only once? (I mean cataract better by crying)
Pulsatilla has it, mag-c does not. They both are used against cateract.
The complementary remedy (meaning they work in team) for PULSATILLA is SILICA- a remedy I considered for you.
That's why I thought we might try it first.

Classical homeopathy chooses remedies on the basis of symptoms. I can't see you-I only know what you will tell me. Based on your words I AM TRYING to choose the best remedy for you -- that's why when you told me that modality (symptom better after crying) I thought that maybe I'm wrong with mag-c and Pulsatilla would be better to start.

Only because what you told me before Christmas did I make that change--BUT I forgot how difficult for you is to get the remedies (your posts do not show any difficulty in communicating). I still think that you need mag-c -- it is not that mag-c is replaced!

It will not mean any big diifference: you will jut start with mag-c instead to use it later. Are you saying your symptoms aren't at all like Pulsatilla"s?

If you already have mag-c by all means start with it.
Take one dose under clean tongue (eating at least 1/2 hour before and after taking it). Do not use anything with camphor, eucalyptus or mint.
No strong odors-especially when you open the vial with remedies.

2.Also --could you tell me time of the day when you feel most like crying? circumstances??

Do you like sunsets?open air?
Astra2012 last decade
Why do you write about returning mag-c? I never said it was wrong!

Anyway: it is a very rare chronic case which can be cured with only one remedy. I'm glad you are studying homeopathy so you probably know that.

I also want you to know that another homeopath is also working on your case-we "talk" in separate thread.
Astra2012 last decade
I am looking to you homeopath(s) to bring everything into the correct order because I am not capable of doing this.

I can read though, understand and copy, even if not retain long. I don't seem to be the only one who is having difficulty following the thread or meaning. No harm intended, I am just trying to focus.

I re-read PULSATILLA as soon as it came up again.

Kent: Pulsatilla is an acute remedy for incipient cataracts. My cataract is (not in the early stages) but is a mature dense cataract.

Remedies related to Pathological Tissue Changes By Dr. J. T. Kent, M.D.

In arterio-sclerosis, in cataract, in induration of liver or other glandular structures, the same principle holds, Ars., Bry., Puls. and other short and mediumly-short acting remedies are insufficient because they have not power to take hold of this condition, while Silica, Calcarea Fluorica, Sulphur and such deep-acting remedies have been known to remove the tissue change by their deeper action, hence, more similar, and from them one may be slected which will prove curative.

...and the physician should select a remedy for the patient similar to the condition of the ultimated disorder. (and I understand this.)
Bima1 last decade
ok. Does that mean you don't want Pulsatilla?

(dense cataract is not the only of your symptoms. As I said before pulsatilla and Silica are complementary=work as a team; Pulsatilla "prepares" the body for Silica, which complements its cure, with dense cataract among other symptoms).
Astra2012 last decade
i have been under homeopathy for the last 25 yrs. If you can see my earlier post you will know that i have not been well for these years. My late doctor used to give me medicines only for 2 weeks. thereafter i had to consult him again. But nowhere did he give only 1 remedy. It all depends on yr symptoms where the dr will find out which remedy you need. Constitutional remedy keeps on changing. If you are not happy with this forum, you should go to a Doctor you can be happy about. It is not simple for Astra to give you medicines only after reading yr symptoms. You may be unknowingly missing out on a vital point. It is best you go to a professional Doctor and get yr treatment from them. Do not insult people who are trying to help you free and freely.
maya_hari last decade
Homeopath(s)meaning you Astra and the homeopath you "talk" with, confer with, in another thread!

I will try to work on answering the rest of your questions tomorrow.
Bima1 last decade
Dear Bima

I can understand your feelings.Astra was requesting me to follow your threads also,and offer any suggestions,if I can.

So far,I was only following your thread,and didn't offer any suggestions,as yet.

Coming to internet prescribing,pl.understand that the prescribers here are doing the best they can,and sometimes,it becomes inevitable to change prescriptions quickly,depending on the new feedback.

All of us have only one thing in our hearts.That is to help you as best as we can.

Astra is a bit 'talkative' and expresses freely whatever comes to her mind.Pl.don't take her amiss.She has taken lot of trouble,in trying to help you,and many times she talks about you,'in private' also with me.

Any chronic problem needs a series of medicines,and it is impossible to suggest what medicine is to be used next.I understand your difficulty in getting medicines,but,you have to take the trouble.

Hope you will understand.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thank you Murthy for coming in at Astra's request. I've been reading your thread too. I appreciate your contribution here.

Astra expresses herself freely and I express myself freely (although out of "sequence" at times and of course it takes me hours to sort out and write what it might take a person without a short term memory impairment and sequencing disorder only a few minutes). Many people do not understand "unseen" disabilities. I am sure that makes it more difficult for others to understand me at times, and it certainly makes it difficult for me, but I stick with it and eventually with lots of hard work succeed to some degree in composing my thoughts and feelings however imperfect. TRUE I loose the thread at times especially when we do not stick to homeopathy. I HAVE TO COMPLETE ONE TASK AT A TIME. NO MULTI-TASKING YET! I apologize for that imperfection. Astra and I have been expressing ourselves freely from the beginning of this thread on 10-29-04 and that is why I got frustrated and begin to feel I am running out of time with finding my first constitutional remedy, UNDERSTANDING MORE WILL FOLLOW UNLESS THE FIRST IS EXACT (simillium?). One can always hope for it. Right! Astra even encouraged "open" expression. Isn't everything a clu for the homeopath? I read that in a renouned homeopath's book.
Maybe there is a remedy for too much expression! Smile.

I feel as "patient" I am PART of the healing team, after all it is my body. Point= I do not have an incipient cataract. I though Astra being the professional would just fill in the blanks, instead of react. So far you homeopaths do not seem CHALLENGED when a "patient" doesn't agree with you, or questions you, as is the case with many allopathic doctors. I refused historectomy and was Blessed with a child and grandchild, I refused five years of supressive drugs, etc., etc., managed my own health and overcame much of it myself, so I have good practice in refusing what I do not feel is right for my body. So far it has been correct.

I appreciate ALL of Astras help, yours, everyones. I have told her often. I am only sorry she feels she has to bring you in to calm me down. I think Astra and I are a great team, albiet working out the "rough" edges is part of the communication process. However, it has been hard to follow all her questions that do not relate to homeopathy.

In closing I leave this thought...help is not one-sided but circular, if I or others here didn't exist, listen, contribute, then you homeopaths would have no one to practice on here or validate your ability. When I truly volunteer my time, it is for myself, not for others.

Now I have questions to answer for Astra which will take more hours.

Bima1 last decade
It has been too cold (25 degrees) to use the computer. I was getting sick from cold. Maybe I can post answers tomorrow.
Bima1 last decade
Hi Astra,

Here are some answers to your questions at last.

Open Air: I like open air if it is temperate, with a gentle breeze. I don't like cold wind, or cold weather. I like to stay inside if I don't feel well.

Sunsets: I like sunsets.

Pulsatilla: I cry at times from grief, that one time made my eye better because the experience was very cathartic... but I think underneath the tears I have been angry for four years...even depression, resentment, bitterness too at times anxiety. Hope this helps.

I have no openion about any remedy at the moment. I don't have the strenth to try and sort it out. I am emotionally and mentally drained from a family crisis on Saturday.

Right now I have a cold soar coming on top lip in the middle, my lips are parched, a little clear watery liquid running from my nose with some blood in it, am very thirsty and feel dehydrated.(I am drinking lot of water) Had a sour stomach like I used to get when I drank coffee many years ago. (Have had no coffee). I took Ech. and Golden Seal... my old faithful and feel better now.

After the crisis on Saturday I ended having to take Ignatia Amara 30c, one dose. Still only slept 5 or 6 hours for two nights, but did not take another remedy. I am still working it through and am in a lot of grief? I hope taking Ignatia doesn't cause a problem if Pulsatilla is desided now. I read Ignatia lasts 5-7 days.

I haven't had enough heat so I've been very cold, sleeping in a 25 degrees room bundled up without heat at night. The heat I have during the day is propane gas and it dries my skin.

Hope I didn't forget something.
Bima1 last decade
The Arctic Front moved out. I survived it but pioneer life doesn't seem to suit me. My skin is scaly and flaking off!
Another front is moving in tomorrow and I won't be able to go online if the temperate drops too low again.
Bima1 last decade
Astra, I forgot your question #2:
Also could u tell me the time of day when u feel most like crying? Circumstances?

Answer: There is no particular time of day. It happens when I feel grieved because I have been rejected, abandoned, or betrayed. When I cry I feel anger and pain mixed together.
Bima1 last decade
Astra: I muscle tested Pulsatilla and it is definitely INCORRECT for emotions or cataract at this time.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Bima,
Seems that you have found yourself the definite way to select the right remedy.
Good luck on your healing journey.

Now that you have learned so much I hope you will still come to this forum but now to educate and help others.

Wishing you the best,
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra. When you respond and started getting the feeling that you were coming back here, the door to muscle testing opened for me -thank the good Lord for there is no other way open to me now, unless there is another Homeopath here who is experienced with I will now re-read the thread and complete the selection of my constitutional remedy based on all the remedies you suggested here and post the results if you are Opting OUT!

I came to this forum to find my constitutional remedy understanding many homeopaths won't treat and deeply appreciate all the work you did here toward helping me find that remedy. While I deeply appreciate your kindness in contributing your holisitic healing knowledge in the area of: yoga, palming, biochemic cell salts, flax meal and low-fat cottage cheese, water, sun, etc., etc. I thought Homeopaths only worked with Homeopathic remedies. There in lies the mis-communication.

I will now go back through this thread and muscle testall the remedies you suggested and finalize this. Thank you for all the work that brough me to this place. For those reading I will post the results of my test
Bima1 last decade
correction: (when you did not respond and I started getting the feeling that you were not coming back here,)
Bima1 last decade
Altra, I would also like to ask your forgiveness for anything I did that was wrong whether intentional or unintentional. Please forgive me.
Bima1 last decade

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