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Dear Astra, Hope you had a nice holiday.

Eye strain improved reading or using computer. Feel Bioplasma has helped as well as organic flax seed with lowfat cottage cheese and skin is less dry. Feeling of reaking loose and stinging in veins has stopped, spasms in neck stopped. Thanks again for body prep.

Twenty days since internet order of Phosphorus, even after two phone calls, order hasn't arrived. Trying to be patient. Wonder if this is a negative on Phosphorus...or just a slow down while body catches up. Things like this happen in my life...I ask is Phosphorus right, Silicea comes to me as a deeper need. I also think of Cal. Fluer. Why? Can't say for certain. not doubting, just unclear. I read Phosphorus stops hemmoraging. How will it act on blood? Allopathic M.D. had me take asperin Nov 03 to Aug 04 to keep blood thin due to high cholesterol and history of mini stroke. I switched to vitamin E 800 mg.about August. Now take 500 mg daily. How will varicose veins be with Phosphorus? Appreciate your patience as I try to coprehend everything.

Got food poisioning Saturday night at 7:30 P.M., nausea, taste of smoked turkey I ate, chills; couldn't think what to do, panicked and took Pepto Bismal tab (which worked in foreign country once when I had severe gastrointeritis-old name tomane poison) took lots of water. Vomiting didn't start up, but rumblings in stomach and large loose bowl movement. Correct biochemic remedies not on hand, so took Bioplasma - 4 tabs. Then remembered that Sabre told me homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica is good for poisoning, saw it lsited among acute remedies, only had Nux Vomica 6x on hand, took 3 tabs, prayed, took 4 more Bioplasma tabs, slept three hours and felt better. Up two hours, took bioplasma 4 tabs, then Nux 6x 3 tabs and slept through night. Still feel a little weak after three days and am so thankful that remedy forshortened illness... it is friegntening to be marroned in that condition.

Thanks again Astra for your case taking for constitutional remedy, to Sabre for Nux Vomica and to everyone else. Blessings
Bima1 last decade
Forgot: upper right molar, improved for a few days, then got worse. Anything cool to cold, causes a sharp pain. Tooth not affected by warm or hot (black or green) tea. Got some relief by holding tab of echinacea and goldenseal on tooth. Gums are puffy and irritated. Will herb interfer with constitutinal?
Bima1 last decade
No more temporary morning blindness in left eye since first wrote about it.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Bima-vacations were great, I came back this morning -and leave again Fri eve. Such is my life this time of the year...

Temporary blindness (amaurosis) was one of the indications for phosphorus-I'm glad that it is gone but seems that your picture (i.e. your symptoms) has changed - phosphorus may or may not be still indicated! We need to go through your symptoms again before you take it -please tell me if anything else changed: like you had black floaters when your eyes were tired. Still there?How is your thirst now?

Both silica and calc.fluor. are in the bioplasma salts.Maybe that's why it is helping so much.

phosph. doesn't thin blood. But it has hemorrhages in its picture-your bruises were indicators too. Were your small strokes causes by hemorrhages or blood clots?
Astra2012 last decade
Could you please tell me more about your toothache? What kind of pain (chronic, periodic, pulsating etc) what causes it , relieved by warmth or cold? what else?
Astra2012 last decade
toothache causes by cold (from KKent's repertory) lists caust phos nux-v among others! So more info is necessary.

air, cold : Agar., all-c., alum., anan., ant-c., bell., bor., bry., bufo., Calc., camph., Caust., Cham., chin., cina., fl-ac., hep., hyos., mag-c., mag-p., Merc., nat-m., nux-m., nux-v., phos., plan., plat., puls., rhus-t., sabad., sars., seneg., sep., sil., spig., staph., sul-ac., Sulph., ther., thuj., trom.
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Astra. Glad you had a nice vacation and another one coming. Enjoy!

Just wrote a long e-mail which this computer ate! I will write about other symptoms again tomorrow when my mind is clear.

Toothache: when I drink cool or cold water a sharp pain shoots up my tooth. As soon as the cold is gone, the pain is gone. Actually the pain seems a little milder since I took Nux Vomica for the food poisoning. The Ech. & Goldenseal seemed to help the gums around the tooth. My tooth is generally sensative.

Thanks...and for adding info from Kent.
Bima1 last decade
My computer does that too- I just hope everything is for the reason.

Not much was added: all remedies are there-it is really hard to differentiate when you have such a group left.
Astra2012 last decade
mini strokes: in 2000 dr. said probably a very small piece of blood vessel broke loose - not enough to do any serious damage. He did not mention hemorrage.

temporary blindness: hasn't occurred in left eye recently.

floating black spot: I had one floating black spot in my left (seeing) eye. At first I thought a misquito kept flying around in front of my eyes. It seems to have disappeared.

thirst: I have little thirst for water, but have made an effort to drink more at your suggestion. I prefer sipping water to drinking a glass at a time. I don't like iced drinks unless in hot weather over 90 degrees. (Can't sleep under air conditioning even in the hottest weather.)

Grief: floats up - sound of child crying mommy, mommy, mommy. I cry and am then back to normal.

Sleep: Much improved.

Generals: energy is better, eye strain is better.

Concerns: Mental focus, fears about future, being alone although relationship with sister is better.

Hope this helps. Thanks & Blessings.
Bima1 last decade
Bruising: gone.

Cataract: Still blind in right eye. Can faintly see hand in lap but cannot see how many fingers move.

Memory Loss: I am remembering things a little better, but still do not seem to be able to use my left forebrain, for logical, analitical, sequential, etc. Left side of forebrain still feels dazed or asleep.
Bima1 last decade
please continue with biochemicals, water (10 glasses!) and flaxseeds but... if phosphorus arrives do not take it yet.We have to go through your symptoms as they are now.

(seems that blood clots, not hemorrhages, caused your mini strokes.Also, read about Arsenicum in case of food poisoning)

Your symptoms:
Still there is:
right eye cataract, dry eyes, varicose veins (both legs?)swollen gums, toothache caused by cold

The eyestrain and throbbing behind the right eye?

Anything changed about you:
how is your sleep/appetite/thirst?
Do you crave anything/have aversion to anything?
is there any weather/season/time of the day which you like best or worst?
What angers you most now?
DDo you still have this:

Skin: Have itchy patch at right waistline (below rib). Has appeared and reappeared for abt. 5 years. (not poison oak)
Symptoms now: Stiff neck, stiff right shoulder muscles, stiff muscles in right side of neck (sometimes accompanied by spasm over last ten days.) No spasms now.
Head Throbs: inside middle where optic nerve is I think.

Eye Strain: right eye with cataract starts feeling strained after I read or work on computer too much.

I also tend to believe thatt the right way is the way of the least resistance- that phosph. is not arriving is

1. either negative on it-meaning it is not your remedy after all and we better look for another one (even though it looked like your remedy-but now many of itts symptoms are gone)

2.or giving your body time and a chance to get better.

It was very interesting to me to read this:

I ask is Phosphorus right, Silicea comes to me as a deeper need. I also think of Cal. Fluer. Why? Can't say for certain. not doubting, just unclear.

(did you read that phosphorus person is clairvoyant?)
Astra2012 last decade
Sorry this is so disorganized. I do try to sort it out but memory and sequencing are what I have difficulty with. I have to re-expereince events, I can't seem to just remember them quickly. I get certain things in order and then they just seem to slip out of my mind.

panic attacks: none recently and veins seem normal.

Varicose veins: mostly in calf and fewer in thigh are a little less swollen and tender now. The bioplasma seems to be helping a little.
Bima1 last decade
Everything gets better with practice. Write here as much as you like (you may consider it a kind of exercise!)
Astra2012 last decade
Arsenicum Album good acute remedy for food poisioning-matched anxiety, nausea and diarrhea symptoms and many old symptoms.
Bima1 last decade
Astra I will try to list all symptoms as they are now.

1. Mental state of mind: fear the future, fear of dying alone, worried about work, avoid physical work, still slip back into trying to be accepted by family. Feel defeated. Grieved. Angry and frusted that I can't do things,due to memory and sequencing impairment, vision limitations. Angry at extended family who shunn me since chemical accident, illness and financial ruin. Human being to be greater than material objects or funds
I refocus daily on present,beauty of life,Blessings from God, Creator, Great Life Force, but those emotions keep pulling me back.
Bima1 last decade
go on... i'm waiting for more...
Astra2012 last decade
If you have a chance read thread "fatty liver-permanent cure??" - there is a discussion about flaxseeds and cottage cheese.
Chstian there knows a lot about it-if you have any questions he would know the answers.
Astra2012 last decade
Symptoms as they are now continued...

2.Panic Attacks: five years from 1992 after chemical accident (Agent Orange) to 1997 or 98. Treated with theraphy, vitamins, minerals, valarian, prayer, NO pharmacuticals-if only I had know about homeopathy- arsinicum, etc my life would be completely different. I am still thankful now to know about Homeopathy. Thank the good Lord.

3. Brain: Left forebrain feels asleep, dazed. Short term memory loss, sequencing disorder developed with Chemical accident in l992. Much improved since ability to read and comprehend even a complete sentence. To comprehend or write now I have to kind of experience to understand and do and re-do everything. Am reminded that left brain is connected to right eye and right side of body. I am right handed. Have had mostly right sided symptoms over life time. Is this significant? Reading to much causes strain or headache on occasion. Not now. Nothing else make it better or worse.

4. Eye/Vision: Left eye 20/20 with prescription glasses. Right eye cataract developed in 2003 after move here, stress, fumes from machinery, overheating, difficulty with famiy, rejection and exclusion from family events.Remember wanting to eat eggs twice a day when eye was getting worse. Left eye focus varies with fatigue: sometimes blurred when I first get up or am too stressed. Improved with bioplasma and flax seed. No eye strain now even with much use. Right eye with cataract is not strained, has no throbbing, no throbbing pain recently in optic nerve area I think. Peripheral vision slightly improved in right cataract eye. Never feel dryness on outside of eyes, although dr. diagnosed eyes dry. Conjunctiva diagnosed dry by dr. also. (backwards sentence structure and this happens freguently) Some say its dsylexia. I sear I think I read and think from right to left at times unlike in English language, but ancient languages written and read right to left. I am told that has a spiritual significance. No wonder I get confused. There are so many mysteries not YET understand.
Gently rubbing my eyes rests them, abstention from reading better, palming better. Too much reading or watching TV makes worse. Nothing else seems to make them better or worse.

5. Throat: skin ripples on outside since one year. No other problems. Take one kelp tab daily to keep iodine level and it is good for the heat as well. according to dr. Jarvis, Vermont Folk Medicine. Diagnosed with low thyroid in 1966, given pharmacutical drug for rest of life. Took it a few months and threw it away. Never refilled.

Neck: Stiffness improved, but still a little stiff. Strained neck framing lumber 2003, shoulder is chronically stiff since 1957 when thrown from horse and had compound fracture of right humerus. Arm doesn't reach as far back as left arm and tends to stiffen up. (Emotionally Defensive shoulder also)

6. Respiratory system: Broncitis in 2000 which turned into pneumonia after spiritual war against me, anger, pain, grief. Took one round of pharmacutical antibiotics.

7. Circulatory: Mini Strokes 2000 2001- small piece of blood vessel broke loose, no permanent damage, only exhausted and weak and mentally dull for about three days of rest. Took no pharmacuticals only natural remedies.

Cholesterol: High in Feb. of 2003. dr. prescribed Niacin 2000mg (built up gradually) and 350 mg. of asperin. NO aspirin, no niacin since august. Changed nutrition to reduce cholesterol. No recent blood test.

Varicose Veins: On both calves and thighs. (worse on calves.) First developed in 1989 after use of Midol for many years for very painful menstrual cramps, sleeping on water bed and under electric blanket for over two years, long flight to Australia, arrived and had five day constipation and emotional catharsis after connecting with pain of always being loved for looks and not for authentic self.

Older massive smaller broken veins under skin of right leg near knee bend since l961 when had right bartholin gland removed-due to cyst. (if only I had known about homeopathy then.)

Enlarged viens: on top of both hands since about age 19. Puffiness, but no other symptoms. I don't like the way they look. I just raise my hands above my head and shake them periodicaly-to redistribute the build up of blood and the veins reduce in size and the puffiness goes away.

8. Changes: Feel more optomistic, more energy when focused on positive. Sleep better. Am calmer. Not so discouraged and defeated. Some hope with family. Worried about future, finances, ability to do all the work here.

9. Likes and dislikes: Love temperate weather, Love Spring and early summer or warm fall. Dislike cold weather,fog, get cold feet in winter, hard to stay warm, chill easily, have to keep bundled up, especially head and throat(sensative areas).
Dislike iced drinks and water, like warm drinks, especially a good cup of tea, and like warm food. Dislike mackeral fish and repulsed by port, tongue stings when I taste it and I want to throw up. Used to crave fat on meat at times, but not now that I am taking flax seed.

Love nature, animals, children and some adults! In moments of exhaultation I love all of creation. I've a long way to go.

10.Other Illnesses/Right Sided: Polyp removed from recturm in l965. (office proceedure with local).
Right Ovarian ruptured cyst, endometriosis on right fallopian tube in l966, Coinization of servex 1966. I refused hysterectomy at the protestation of dr., husband, inlaws because I wanted children. Took birth control pills for six months. Read negative research and threw them away. Stopped using tampax because of negative research. Had painful menses for years, until had child and took morning primrose capsules and they stopped. No female problems since 1990 when menopause finished.

Injury: Slipped and fell back on ground in Mar. 2003, hit head on ground, right back side behind kidney punched with cut off tree branch about 5" across. Sore, worked next day. Mistake, got worse and couldn't turn over in bed for weeks without yelling in agony. Treatment, rest and recuperation. This was before the cataract dimished my vision in my right eye.

E-mail delivery confirmation just arrived yesterday, Dec. l and order just shipped without phosphorus. Local store has it now.

Phosphorus: Yes on clairvoyant (occasionally) when defined as second vision or sight.

Hope I did not leave anything significant out.

All Blessings.
Bima1 last decade
Itchy Skin: patch on right front side at waist still there at rib end. Less itchy than last week.

Upper Right Molar: Sharp shooting tooth pain from cold is not as sharp today. Was better yesterday, even better today. Is the Nox Vomica still working?
Bima1 last decade
Gums/Teeth: Have a little low grade gingivitis (palque) and teeth need deep cleaning. Dentist goofed last winter and insurance wouldn't pay for deep cleaning. Toothbrush Pink. One small gum boil on gum by right lower incisor. Some slight erosion (sensitive) of enamel at gum line on left lower incisor. teeth (very sensative at last cleaning) Have several fillings, some mercury amalgam.

Left ear: Never told you my pulse starts beating really loud in my left ear when I get overtired and need to lay down and nap or go to bed and sleep. (sounds just like the sound of the heartbeat of an unborn baby on ultrasound machine.) The sound is not the same as in any discription I read in Materia Medica or Repertory. It stops as soon as I rest or sleep. I don't like it when it starts, but the up side is it is a reminder to rest or sleep.
Bima1 last decade
forgot to say pulse sound in ear is happening less frequently in the last two weeks.
Bima1 last decade
please continue taking biochemicals, flaxseeds and water.
They seem to help.
Now phosphorus doesn't look that attractive-although it still is. (but do not take it yet)

ARNICA can help even if some accident (like with your shoulder) happened some time ago. For that you'll need to take high doses-but since you are quite sensitive you may consider 1M-one dose and watch for a week --but do you have ARNICA available?

You are right-it is very important that your symptoms are on the right-like causticum --unlike calc.fluorica whose symptoms are on the left.
Phos. has one sided symptoms too, more often on left-but can be on right too.
Astra2012 last decade
we posted at the same time!

do your gums bleed easily when you floss?
Astra2012 last decade
Gums: bleed easily when flossing...around some teeth more than others. History of pockets and bleeding gums when brushing, and ANEMIA until menopause in l990. Have to take at least 3000 mgs of vitamin C to clear it and amount gives me dirrahea. Deep scaling in upper and lower jaw in 1999 and again in lower jaw in 2001.

Arnica: Got 30C and 200C yesterday to have on hand!
Bima1 last decade
Correction: # 5. Throat - kelp good for HEART (not heat) according to dr. Jarvis.
Bima1 last decade
I keep remembering symptoms:

Vaccanations: 1974 had to have Typhoid and Paratyphoid shots to go to Far East. Taken off plane in London with golf ball size swelling under arms and in groin on both sides. If I remember correctly I also had a fever. Sick-bay would not release me to fly until I was better next day. Had small pox vaccanation age 8 to 10, still have scar on left arm.
I hope I never have to take Thuja-after reading it can cause many strong aggravations for days.

Burns: 1999 Second degree burns with big blisters (for weeks) on left side of neck, face and ear caused by rubbing ben-gay on neck for pain, putting hot water bottle wrapped with towel and falling asleep. No warning not to use with heat on tube.
dr. treated with bactatracin and fosahex to wash. Chiropractor treated with Causticum but it didn't seem to help much. i was in intense pain. (I totally forgot about using this homeopathic remedy.) Anyway I still have the scar on my face and my ear itches and is sensative. I rub and pull it to stop the discomfort.

I know you leave Friday evening on vacation. And am concerned that this is all coming out kind of at the last moment.

I have patience. Thanks again.
Bima1 last decade

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