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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please list (and describe) all your symptoms as they are now.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Bima,
I'll be more available now-and hopefully more reasonable- you don't like to think of your symptoms and I should have respected that-the point is that your account is the only way for me, and others reading this thread, to know if the remedy works.

Meanwhile I read about cataract in "healing without medications" by Robert Ricker (I might have misspelled the t name) ana he praises vit C and E, and the herb BILBERRY-however he says you shouuld avoid BUTTER, sugar, salt. Also supplementing with vit D is not good!

"Believe and you shall receive"
Astra2012 last decade
Astra2012 last decade
Had to deal with problem, will post symptoms this evening if I can.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Astra,
Not true that I don't like to think about my symptoms.

I had this uneasy feelings and questioned the "jump" to Magnesia Carbonate as you were rushing to leave on your trip Friday. I felt stunned and didn't understand your motivation in asking me to post all my symptoms again RIGHT THEN - it felt like a blow - since I just completed giving my symptoms AND I MIGHT ADD with great (emotional and mental) struggles for days and days (40+) since my short term memory is impaired and sequencing ability is practically non-existant. I have to do a tast over and over to get it to clear my mind and in the correct order. (Maybe there is an expert here who undersands short term memory and can explain how it works or doesn't work.) Anyway, I tried really hard on Friday and for half a day Saturday to post but could not get my mind to focus or bring anything together again. (I thought you were probably off the computer on weekends). Lost hope, fell into defeat, cried uncontrollably off and on all weekend and could only come near computer now. I haven't experienced crying like this in a long time. Too much defeat and isolation in my life...only hope of getting help is here as there are no homeopathic doctors or practitioners anywhere near enough to me. (Yes I checked all the directories). I have shared my symptoms openly and given my sacred trust to you to stand as witness and homeopathic case taker for me...I being part of the team and needing to feel what is right for my body and being, and I have extended that trust to those reading as well because although we are not in the same physical location, there is no distance in the spiritual world.

I have tried (for about two years) the nutritional basics listed by many alternative health care professionals concerning cataracts: multiple vitamns, minerals, herbs, and food supplements, Bilberry, Flax seed oil,cod liver oil, Vit A, C, E, silinium, Michael's and other eye formulas, alfalfa, spiralina, corella, green tea, etc. have maintained a low sodium diet with NO butter for years and low sugar intake for over a year. I have fasted from many things in order to do this. Have tried since last May to find and START homeopathic constitutional remedy because I believe it is my only hope...I believe that even more now but feel I am running out of time.

Didn't get Magnesia Carbonica on Friday... if it is my constitutional...I know you are the homeopath but my body doesn't tell me yes yet.

I'm to tired to try to post symptoms tonight. I'll try again tomorrow if what I have already given isn't adequate.

Forgive me where I am amiss.

Thanks again.
Bima1 last decade
Note: I desided to get Magnesia Carbonica locally, but person who promised me a ride, didn't return my phone call for five days.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Bima,
Thanks for your post.
Sorry I completely do not understand memory loss-short or long, any.The reason I asked about symptoms as thewy are NOW was to be able to somehow see what (if anything) mag.-c. does.


if you think that (after a week from taking it)you can tell me any changes (first changes are usually in mood, sleep, energy) YOU DON'T NEED TO LIST THEM .

vit C and E act preventively-they can't cure it.
Bilberry't cure it either but can stop it.

when you cholesterol went up after flaxseed oil-did you take it with cottage cheese or by itself?

mag.c. might have come to you as shock-but to me it wasn't a sudden decision at all.

Be sure that everyone with homeopathic knowledge reads this - and will offer advice when needed.

"Believe and you shall receive."
Astra2012 last decade
In an earlier post last week I said the earliest I could get Magnesia Carbonica was Friday (last). Perhaps you missed this Friday when you posted write all your sympton NOW. That is why I though you were asking me to rewrite my exhisting symptoms.

I still don't have that remedy (transportation failure) so have no new symptoms to post.

Re-Read at Bringhealth.com, What to avoid when taking homeopathic remedies. Undestand this may be the commercial view.

No vinegar with Sepia but no mention of other remedies.
No cell salts.
(I've read this before, but don't remember source. WHAT is YOUR source, for suggesting concurrent use of biochemic cell salts and homeopathic remedies.
Took BioPlasma since November 2nd, 4 times daily and it helped general feeling of fatigue, eye strain, skin on hands less dry, thin dry skin looks and feels thicker and more moist, but gums are worse and skin all over body more wrinkled, dry and uncomfortable. (could it be propane heat only source and it is very cold now). Or this works for me like a combination remedy and don't need all 12 salts, if ever I did.

Finally found something on Norton at Google The Homeopathic Treatment of Incipient Senile Cataract, with Tabulated Results of One Hundred Cases by A. B. Norton, MD published in the North American Journal of Homeopathy 1891 and it was linked from Dr. Krondrot's site which I visited last year. These case studies give me renewed hope.
Bima1 last decade
Mood swings: directly related to lack of accomplishment moving forward and having or not having anyone in my life. I have no on going support system here...when I am in contact with someone or have a small accomplishment, I have energy and can function again. I can't bare the isolation at times, lack of human communicatin, not feeling loved by family, do feel God's love if only I can focus in that direction. I had the chemical damage, but this CRISIS (of emotinal childhood issues re-appearing) was brought on by moving here after a flood and being rejected AGAIN and AGAIN. I (spirit) knows unconditional human love is rare. And God's love is everywhere, but I am lonely for the power of God in humans. The only place this is coming through right now is on this forum and I am thankful for all the help.

major COMPLAINT: Short term memory impairment and difficulty with sequencing. Example: Downloaded case thread by page, tried to number thread page one as page l-5, etc. etc. got confused, mind started going backward, became disorganized, couldn't make mind work. Had to stop, frustrated, panic, defeat, down, crying. (I used to work with up to 45 page contracts!) Agent Orange, Dioxin (combinations chemicals), does weird things to mind, muscles, body, nerves, cells, heart, eyes? It stays stored in the fat cells for years I am told.

Memory loss came in 1992 after chemicals, then came 5 year panic attacks, then cataract came in 2002.

Eyes: MAJOR COMPLAINT IS STILL CATARACT because that is so physically limiting and I need skill and acuracy in almost everything I need to do.

Look like I'll have no transportation to get new rememdies for more days. All I have on hand is Silica 30x, Sulphur 30x which I can trade in for new remedies, I also have Nux Vomica 6x, Rus Tox 30x, Ignatia Amara 30x, Chamomilla 30c, Arnica 200.
Bima1 last decade
What does it mean "which I can trade in for new remedies"?

You have ever tried these remedies?

I didn't mean that you write the symptoms now (immediately) but that you write them as they are now (at this moment).
The reason is that your symptoms have been changing-like you had temporary blindness in the morning and black spots floating when tired and it isn't there now (right?)

what about toothache, itchy area?

symptoms are all that I can use for remedy selection.The more I have the better are chances for the selection of the right remedy.
Astra2012 last decade
I went to bringhealth.com and asked them for their source on avoiding tissue salts during homeopathic treatment-I was taught that they can be used together unless anything ANTIDOTES.

Also-if you were to use one of its components in higher potency-then you do not use it in cell salts.

I wonder if/what they reply.
Astra2012 last decade
You asked what does it mean "which I can trade in for new remedies"? I bought Silica and Sulphur when I was trying to treat myself before this forum...never used either - bottles have not been opened and can be traded for the ones we will use. I have used no homeopathic remedies since you said to wait.

I read Chamomille is acute remedy for toothache and got it on sale to add to first aide before I got this tooth pain to cold. Want to stock in some acute remedies since I am isolated, hopefully a kit but I can't do it yet.

No temporary blindness in morning, no black spots floating when tired.

I am less stressed in general.

Sharp shooting pain up through tooth when I drink or eat something cold. The pain
subsides as soon as cold water or food is gone. The pain is 40% better. I almost lost this tooth three years ago but the dentist was able to fill with a very deep amalgam filling which was very sensative to cold for several months, then okay. It may be wearing out. I hope not...I have no dentist here.

Itchy patch, is less itchy at the moment.

Bima1 last decade
You wrote: to be able to see what (if anything) mag.-c does. This troubled me and still does! If it isn't really the constitutional I would feel better waiting until it is clear. I've had a lot of minor little symptoms that may or may not be in the provings, but aren't my major symptoms: memory loss, depression/anxiety, cataract, varicose veins?

(Hope this isn't another miscommunication).
Bima1 last decade
no, it isn't.

If any "homeopath" esp. online, will tell you that she/he is completely sure the remedy is right, she or he is lying. Nobody has 100% acuracy in selecting remedies-the chances to get it right grow with the involvement of patient!
I can only do my best to select it--I can't do any better than that. I can only hope my best is good enough.

Your major symptoms, however annoying they might be to you, are very general- there is nothing RARE -STRANGE-PECULIAR about these symptoms which would make the selection of the right remedy more certain. (like peculiar for silica is a sensation of hair on the tongue).

SILICA is one of the remedies worth considering. If silica slows its action a dose of sulphur may speed it up. Please leave both remedies as you might need them.

silica is long deep and slow actg- it's acute is often PULSATILLA-read about it.
Astra2012 last decade
Dear Astra. Thank you for your best! I understand that even Hahnemann and Kent didn't always do it perfectly. I am trying my best too, however limited my experience and current ability to organized well my thoughts and feelings and use my left brain functions: logical, analytical, seguencial (feel moments of slight improvement!) I mostly rely on Right brain: spacial relationships, intuition, visual, etc. and ultimately spiritual.

Will keep SILICA and SULPHUR on hand. As for Peculiar Symptom of SILICA - I have no symptom of feeling of hair on tongue. Will re-read Pulsatilla. Also reading George Vitoulkas Homeoeopathy Medicine of the New Man a complete introduction to the natural system of medicine...hoping to retain a little more this read.

Will at last have ride to health store tomorrow so can pick up Mag.-c. Is there anything else I need to get now? It may be a while before I get back.

Is there an online Murphy MM anywhere?

I do deeply apprecaite your willingness to help.
Bima1 last decade
12/18/04 mercola.com newsletter article on Magnesium. As many as half of all Americans do not consume the recommended daiy amount of magnesium (400mg). This deficit poses a major health risk, as magnesium helps build strong bones, make proteins, release energy that is stored in muscles and regulate body temperature. In addition, researchers found that helping maintain memory function in middle age and beyond may be antoher of magnesium's roles. (My multiple vitamins have 135 mg., plus I eat some green leafy vegetables.) Magnesium can be associated with: Allergies, Asthma, Attention deficit disorder (ADD) Anxiety, Heart disease, Muscle cramps.

Will action of Magnesia Carbonica substitute or surplant the need for vitamins?
Bima1 last decade
Health stores visited did not have Mag-c.
Bima1 last decade
Can the store order it for you?

Homeopathic mag-c will not supplement it in any way-it acts on another plane than vitamins, herbs and other
if you decide to supplement your diet with magnesium take it with calcium as they both, when taken together, are better absorbed.

Sorry, I don't know Murphy online.(I have 2nd ed, so 1st maybe cheap and there aren't many changes.
Astra2012 last decade
Dear Astra, A friend tried to pick up Mag.-c but that store was out too. Today we drove 70 miles round trip but could not get any. I think I'll be forced to go ahead and order the kit which has it and probably all the other remedies I might need. I think the flax seed mill, BioPlasma,water, etc., has helped my eye even more, although I have felt to cut back to one or two doses of the BioPlasma per day to see if that will stop my skin from drying out so much. Today I was told by a visitor who has not seen me in two weeks that my eye looked clearer. Praise be to Almighty God. I will be away for a few days, it is too cold to stay here. May not have computer access so I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Love and God Bless to all.
Bima1 last decade

Do you think bioplasma is causing your skin to dryy more? I never heard (nor experienced) about such side-effect. The air must be more dry there (it is here in Pa)

Great that you keep drinking your water and continue with flaxseeds!
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Astra. Hope you had a good holiday. Comfortable surroundings made mine most enjoyable! The heating was different and my skin was not as dry so I think the propane gas and cold winter weather definitely contributed to the extreme dryness, although it is generally on the dry side. I still take 1-4 doses daily of BioPlasm as needed.

Unbelieveable, four more attempts did not produce Mag-c. Locals have quota ordering which takes weeks...I know no economical site with short delivery.
Bima1 last decade
Hello Bima,
What happened in Asia makes one really apreciate everythinhing and everyone around.

Too bad about mag-c as I believe it might be the perfect remedy for you.

It's always your decision (remember that!) what you want to do now. You may decide to try what you have on hand (silica) although mag-c would probably be better first.

If you decide to try silica first you will have to stop bioplasm as it is there too.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra,
So happy to hear from you and to know you are back here safe. One can only wonder about such acts of nature and if earth heats up from all the "hot feelings" around the world. It seems to me there are more natural disasters occuring as more humans wage war instead of love. If only we lived in a world where differences were respected without resorting to killing.

As for Mag-c I finally found it at a site where it was out of stock before, with luck the post will only take 3 days. I'll re-read your earlier instruction and start taking it then. What a relief it will be to start my constitutional, although I can report that my seeing has again improved slightly.

Also ordered (on sale) the other remedies we considered: Calcarea Carbonica, Phosphorus, Calcarea Flourica in 30c to have on hand if needed because there are very few remedies available within a fifty mile radius.

Bima1 last decade
Great news about your sight.
As long as it is improving please do not take ANY homeopathic remedies.
just what you are taking now (bioplasm). Because magnesia is in tissue salts too-you will have to stop them then.

Do you have many tablets left?
Astra2012 last decade
Astra, The perceived "slight" improvement of my eye sight is a combination of many factors including this forum, your help, Bioplasm, flax seed meal and cottage cheese, water,(not much sun lately)diet, making contact with three decent people in the area where I live, feeling less isolated, feeling someone cares whether I live or die.

I've done everything suggested leading up to finding my constitutional homeopathic remedy, although frusted with the amount of time it has taken. As for Mag-c, I only recently begin to feel Mag-c was right for me, perhaps it was the timing and it wasn't right then but is now, because before I never got that indication. My premier goal has been and IS to make the step to a constitutional homeopathic remedy.
As some of my emotional problems have clearned out, the most pronounced symptom I have is still the feeling of not being loved, being excluded by my family. Still struggling with the feeling of being rejected by even small events and getting overwhealmed. I try to control my emotions, have positive thoughts, pray, but it happens anyway. It seems the more stable the emotions I've described are, the clearer my cataract seems to be. Example of seeing: I worked thru some upset feelings just before I posted you, cried, released anger, cried a lot, and later checked my seeing in the cataract eye. I seemed to see at about three feet in front of me, instead of one foot. I could definitely see some difference although of course I couldn't walk and see with the right cataract eye while the left (good) eye was closed or I would walk into something. Still I know for certain there is improvement and I am excited about that.Gotta go...it is about 35 degrees in this room where I am writing you.
Bima1 last decade
Bioplasma: Used up two small bottles and have part of a 1000 tablet bottle left.
Bima1 last decade

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