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Chronic Fatigue and depression pls..

Please could someone guide me towards my next remedy??
I posted on here 3rd May, 'lingering infection ENT' but had no response..

I followed recently with my usual constitutional remedy which is currently a combo rem of sepia/puls. my homeo pract. gave this to me for the hormonal ups and downs. I thought it might pick me up following the ENT infection and all that happened that week (pls. see post as above for details).

Basically I'm chronically fatigued, awake depressed but also with palpitations, feel hopeless, ugly, inferior, craving alcohol and stimulants, although drinking lots green tea and eating high protein and fruits and nuts. Have remained depressed throughout day and intensly irritable at times with my kids because no energy. I feel my adrenal glands are worn out, I'm hypothyroid, take thyroxine 125mcg daily, had test recently, ok. I also get overwhelmed in my head about things of little importance.

I am wondering if taking combo sepia/puls is making me worse and whether to simply take sepia?? My homeopathic doc is away right now and I'm desperate for guidance. I have a 200c of sepia and 30c also.. I find this rem. usually quite good but not very long lasting. Should I antidote myself now incase I'm aggravated? I took quite a few rems during and after ENT infection.. now the sepia/puls 30c twice today, no better.. just thumping headache depression worse.

Any help out there much much appreciated. I will give more details if required. I live in Dubai and cannot get camphor rem. here to antidote is there another way to equalise things like nux vom.?? Also finding it hard to fall asleep at night.. once asleep I'm dead asleep and then feel cannot get up in morning.

  desertrose on 2008-05-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Combo is cool word for absolute mis-use of homeopathy !

Two medicines are never taken together, and such a process will invariably make you worse in the long run.

Tell me how did these problems start ? Can you correlate any life event to the start of these anxieties ?

Tell me how do you respond to consolation ?

Your temeprature preferences ?

How sympathetic are you towards other's feelings ?

What time of the day do you feel worst ? What time do you feel best ?

Your food preferences ?

How do you respond to consolation ?

Any fears ?

sameervermani last decade
have you tried SANA PHARMACY in karama.

most of the approved remedies are available in this pharmacy.
rishimba last decade
Hi Sameer,
thanks glad I got you ! You have helped me before with my daughter.
My naturopath physician gave me the sepia/puls rem. so I just took it thinking she knew her stuff?!?
OK I'm willing to try anything to get better however.

Insecure as young girl, tall and was bullied at school, then sent away to boarding school huge trauma of seperation anxiety may have been a layer to kick off.

I drank alcohol from 17 to 'subdue' insecurity and inferiority. Used alcohol as a 'medicine' until I ended up in AA age 27. Still crave alcohol when in bad way but abstain.

Consolation.. don't like to put people out, feel guilty but need to air my problems cannot keep them bottled up as I used to, so I must air feelings.. and need consolotation from my mum more than anyone, also seek her permission still (age 36 now!) She was ultra critical and angry in home growing up and I was like a sponge, felt everything was my fault or I had to fix it. Still carry these feelings, have been through lot of therapy/counselling.

I like open air, actual air so I can breath, have trouble catching breath, oppression in my chest. I prefer warmth of bed but windows open. I am generally a chilly person however.

I am also hypersensitive to my surroundings (a 'sponge') I am prescribed benzodiazepines and I am addicted to them now,been on them for over 2 yrs. although controlled by my doc. I'm working with naturopath phys. to come off them because I really want off them, although she doesn't use enough homeopathy and it's been slow progress thus far.

I am sympathetic towards others because I can empathise well, but people who don't want to help themselves annoy me intensly!

On waking I feel worse, overwhelmed for day ahead. Better early evening once day over! Awful way to live.

Food.. currently I crave nuts .. almonds, brazils, pecans. I prefer things like oatmeal with honey, bread and honey etc. but I've cut out wheat and currently eating high protein and veggies and lotsa fruits and nuts (too many.. I have binged on almonds today).

Fears.. spiders, creepy bugs that move fast, death (strong christian faith but still fear condemnation). My kids are little, 2 and a half yrs - girl, 10 months -boy. They also scare me, I guess I mean I feel overwhelmed by motherhood, especially lately.

I'm finding it hard to breath now, I have to try not to think about it, that makes the chest constriction worse, thinking about breathing.

Anything else let me know, sorry it's a ramble.

Thanks rose.

PS Thanks rishimba, I will try this pharmacy in Satwa, unfortunately so many great remedies are yet unavailable in dubai, like tarentual hisp. for my daughter, I have to order this but it seems to fit her well.. thanks though.
desertrose last decade
Also suffer with low back (lumbar area) pain have done since teen years, have to see chiropractor. It's been very painful lately, hard to keep bending over and picking kids up.

Please if you require more info pls ask questions, I really need some guidance with the right remedy currently. I've just taken rhus tox twice this evening for back pain which has helped back pain but palpitations and depression and anticipatory anxiety still very bad. My mind gets overwhelmed by 'everything at once'.. from taking the trash out before bed to my daughter not yet being potty trained to next christmas!!

The anxiety probably kicked off before boarding school around my mother, then I had a traumatic first year at boarding school, I couldn't eat for sobbing and I still get 'homesick' feelings. Also feelings of disappointed love.

Thanks rm
desertrose last decade
Take a single dose of Pulsatilla 200C, and let me know in 5 days after this dose.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Before I take Puls 200c could I just clarify, (I'm scared of getting wrong rem...),

I can see the need for open air and consolation in Puls picture but not the real fear and self loathing that I've suffered so long.. (anxiety attacks daily hence benzodiazepines). Also compulsion for alcohol?? I am tall, not thin but athlectic build, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, olive skin.. Also the anxiety/depression/anger outbursts (losing it at various times in my cycle, due to hormone imbalance).. I guess that would also put 'changeable' in there from Puls.

My doc. I might be more typical of sepia than Puls. However I trust your leading on this. Should I go ahead and take this evening? Should I take in water so as not to aggravate?? (I aggravate easily.. hypersensitivity in nature I believe).. Or simply on tongue, 3 pillules? Leaving 30 mins between food, drink etc.?

Many many thanks, Rose
desertrose last decade
If you have been taking a lot of remedies, wait for 1 week to give your body a cooling off period, and then take just a single dose .

2 pills of Puls 200C in 500 ml spring water, just 1 spoon from there as dose.

sameervermani last decade
OK.. I have been feeling alot of snappy anger today and definitely predominantly overwhelmed, feeling like I'm going to 'blow up' or just run away!.. more than morose and tearful.. are we still looking at Puls. as correct remedy for my makeup? Are you suggesting this may be a constitutional or more of an acute remedy? I'm not sure how it works exactly.. would perhaps Puls lift a couple of layers and then you move on to the next remedy ??

I've given my daughter Puls before and she responds well immediately then snappy and demanding and tantrums, then ok again.. is this normal reaction?? She definitely seems Pulsatilla child to me so should I just wait for 2 weeks after dosing her with puls 30c .. I think my mistake before has been to give her another remedy for what may just have been aggravation of pulsatilla.. I would give her puls then chamomilla 2-3 days later if she was having a tantrum, but she would be extremely changeable.. so would this just perhaps be a good sign and a pulsatilla reaction? Therefore I should have waited a couple of weeks before even thinking of another remedy for her.?? Oh deary me, I've really mucked things up!

Sorry for all questions, anyway I'll give myself a week to cool off, my daughter also!
Thanks, rose
desertrose last decade
It will be confusing if you bring in your daughter's case into this thread.

But, any remedy you administer, you should give your body time to react to it before jumping onto the next remedy.

I am torn between Pulsatilla and Lycopodium for you, but something here is making me lean towards Pulsatilla. Just wait for a week, and take the above mentioned dose and then we will see.

sameervermani last decade
Thanks Sameer,

I will wait a week from now, take the dose of Pulsatilla, unless you change your mind and let me know otherwise on this thread. Could I be so bold as to ask what is making you lean to Pulsatilla? I have taken a Puls 200 before, used for late menstruation, it worked the following day I got my menses, but I think I took something else within days after that so I haven't really seen it through I guess.

The naturopathic phys. I see does a mix of everything and I'd really like her to focus more on classical homeopathy thus I may have to search out a new doc.

OK be in touch on a new thread, I hope you catch it! Many thanks. Rose
desertrose last decade
Hi Sameer

I feel I must tell you I have just taken a Puls 30c. this evening because I'm wide awake (although very little sleep lately and I know I am tired).. I have terrible lower lumbar pain and chest pains, palpitations, finding it hard to breath and weapy, irritable, depressed, resentful (that my husband can just fall asleep and I'm tired but I cannot!) and I've been up and down all day, my mind never switches off and I find it hard to just sit and relax with a book or something that might actually help me.. As if I can't snap out of the 'state of mind' I'm in and help myself. So I'm taking Pulsatilla 30c now just straight on tongue, 3 pillules. I will wait your further instructions.. as to whether or not I should follow this up tomorrow morning with a second dose of 30c.

I'm sorry but I was desperate and since this is the remedy you are thinking on I will go with that. I cannot stay like this for a week, I realise things may be murky right now but I want to try and hit on a remedy closer to home.

Please advise further.
Thanks much, Rose
desertrose last decade

On taking after 10 mins immediate response, breathing easier, wow. I can breath without trying hard to catch a breath. I am tired now, could fall asleep I think. Two changes very quickly.

I am however a very thirsty person, whereas puls picture is 'thirstless'..I get through at least 3 litres of water a day plus green tea. I still have compulsion for alcohol, wine especially, as if I can taste it.. wierd. I have always been thirsty for cold drinks, it refreshes, as does the open air.. although you don't get much fresh air in Dubai!

OK be in touch. thanks. rose
desertrose last decade
Hmm.. now that you have taken the Pulsatilla 30C , wait for 4-5 days and then post back your status here.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer

Please could you help me with follow up from my last post as I've just gone through a couple of real bad days feeling I'm going to crack up.

My last post was regarding depression and anxiety and you said Puls 200c after a week. That post was on 5th May after I had taken a 30c Pulsatilla dose. I guess I was slightly better in some areas although I over indulged in coffee (which I craved and crave in the mornings only) and ate lots of carb foods. I was awake late at night then I'd fall asleep well until morning. I felt I needed consolation and also felt slightly more in control of my temperament but wanted company.

Things have changed in the last couple of days.. I'm a week away from my cycle, I've always suffered with extremely bad PMS and I'm in the process of taking saliva testing every 3 days throughout my cycle to have a closer look.

So, last couple of days I will give you a quick outline and then please could you ask any other relevant questions as I'm really desperate to feel more balanced.. I've two children, so small and it's tiring and I need not only energy but some restored peace of mind (something I've never known for long except with alcohol and this isn't an option)

Irritable, Fastidious, aversion to husband, touchy, critical (of husband only!),my husband is helpful but I find him annoying right now and yet I want him close by so I also feel annoyed when he goes away on trips.. I shun him yet need him and it is a paradox, I can only admit I'm sorry for critical nature in the evening, I'm tense, cannot relax, anxious, fretting, worried about future (tomorrow morning into next year etc), this is up and down throughout the day, huge craving for alcohol, in evening I become less guarded and more emotional although mind racing still, I am still irritable and eat chocolate after a healthy salad, I could binge eat if left alone in evening at this time of month, biscuits etc. I have a history of bullimia (18-24 yrs old). When everyone is in bed and I am still up and awake and 'thinking' I feel condemnation about the day and character assaniation takes place, then I pray and ask God to forgive me and cleanse me and help me, I cry and find peace and finally get to bed. Only to wake jumpy, another day. This is general mindset of PMS week (starts 10 days before menses).

Low Back pain (lumbar)
Worse - right side
Feels heavy like lead
worse: sharp movement
better: heat application, rest - lying down
Neck pain - stiffness, rigid
worse: moving side to side
knee pain - right knee (new)
Headache.. morning 'hangover, toxic type of headache, heavy, temples, better for fresh air, drinking cold water, eating alleviate.

Any questions to further above or require more information pls do ask. Sorry for long post. I don't know if you will recall me from my other posts? Started with a post re. 'ENT infection lingering', followed up with chronic fatigue/depression post on 5th May I think.

I still take benzodiazepine for ongoing long term anxiety disorder - especially social phobia (parties, gatherings, etc). And often palpitations first thing in morning and late night before bed (finding it hard to relax, switch head off). I'm really battling these drugs, I'm currently tapering down every so gradually as I've tried 'cold turkey' before and this put me in shock.

Also, in the evening when I admit I am sorry to my husband I do actually feel sorry, although at these times of the month I can feel spiteful and indifferent and resentful towards him during the daytime which is awful feeling. I can also sometimes (very changeable during this pms week) feel slight indifference to my kids as if I want to just run away. Feel run down and exhausted.

I think I told you before my practitioner gave me a 'combo' remedy (misuse of homeopathy I know!) of Puls/sepia 30c to be taken in water daily until relieved during this week.. it helped somewhat last month now I'm just confused what to do.

Thanks, in anticipation.. Rose

P.S. About my children.. I love them sacrifically but find it hard going (they're still babies!) and sometimes during this week before menses feel I want to run away from motherhood.. then if I do get a break away I feel guilty and feel I should be with them and that I'm a bad mother (in fact deep down I know I'm as good a mother as I possibly can be for them, under the circumstances!).

I understand you're busy with other postings here so I don't mind waiting for response!

Best wishes, Rose
desertrose last decade
Things that make me feel better..

Time out.. only if guilt free (allowed - i.e. permission given, or told to go out to the gym for eg.)

Exercise.. quite intense for 30 mins - 1 hour, feel like I've vented and de-stressed, also sleep better.

Sunshine, open air, cool bathing refreshes

Peace and quiet.. able to do whatever I want without having to seek approval from.. (mother especially)

Consolation from mum/husband.. someone telling me to 'rest, don't worry about anything, the kids will be fine with me for a couple of hours, just rest'

Eating.. but only if healthy fresh foods.. I 'want' to eat junk at this time.. carbs, cheese, noodles, biscuits sweet/sour.. but if I do I feel worse.
much more constipated during this week also so have to be careful with diet and water. I'm very very thirsty.

That's all I can think of for now going to 'try' and sleep!!
Bless u Rm.
desertrose last decade
Hmm... take 1 dose of Sepia 200C.

2 pellets dissolved in a spring water bottle, and 1 spoon from there.

Report status 3 days after this.
sameervermani last decade
Will do just waiting to dissolve.. will report back in 3 days on this thread.

Thanks Sameer.
desertrose last decade
Uh dear..
I have just drank it all in last half hour but I then realised that it was dissolved in 500ml bottle of spring water not 250ml.. doh! Will that matter?

I noted that sepia is 'inimical' to pulsatilla.. could you tell me what inimical means.. I guess it's a very similar remedy??

Is there a way to go for full cure with continual use of homeopathy? For eg. could the sepia perhaps 'lift' some layers and then move on to another remedy to 'lift' other layers.. or is it just a case of looking at the picture of the person from time to time to re-check symptoms? I would love to get off the benzos but my doc says I have to go on Cymbalta (an SNRI) to get off the benzo meds. which I won't do as I don't want any more chemicals. I've been on the benzos for anxiety for 3 years now and I'm just starting to reduce by half a tablet .. I take 3mg of lexotonil 3x a day.. although I've just dropped down to 3mg, 1.5mg, 3mg.. I'm going to start a further 1.5mg reduction next week. That's another thread right??!!

Sorry! Are you homeopath by profession Sameer or is it just something you have become learned in over years??
Thanks, Blessu Rose.
desertrose last decade
Sepia is not inimical to Pulsatilla. The remedy relationships are best given in Kent's repertory at the end.

500 ml or 250 ml should not matter much.

And, yes, homeopathy is the only system of medicine which offers full cure.

' For eg. could the sepia perhaps 'lift' some layers and then move on to another remedy to 'lift' other layers'

Your understanding is correct here.

I am not a homeopath by profession.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks for the info.

I think I may have aggravation have just thrown something accross room then burst out crying! If aggravation continues how long should I see it through? I drank the whole remedy.. not just a teaspoon. I wasn't really with it this morning.

OK at present but weepy and changeable and stuff.. aggravation is a good sign though isn't it??

Be in touch later.. thanks so much, you certainly come accross as homeopathic proffessional, knowledge is great and I like your approach.

Tanku rose.
desertrose last decade
Okay, you could have avoided the aggravation had you taken just 1 spoon.

Anyways it should subside within 2 days.

Good luck !

sameervermani last decade
Aggravation pretty much all day, on looking at the picture rem. I am feeling no better, even had to take extra benzodiazepine today just to get through without going crazy at the kids.

Symptoms worse are: anxiety first thing in morning, insommnia (although tired) didn't sleep last night, very wakeful and then very irritable because of lack of sleep, total lack of regard for family (usually more loving nature), huge craving for alcohol (much worse), stressed out, worn out etc, dull, depressed,.. Should I just see this through?? I'm so puzzled what to do, need to get through the night and day.. my husband away at moment! Need some rest and some peace of mind but what to do without taking more benzo meds??

Sorry for bad report!
desertrose last decade
P.s. If you think just aggravation and that is a 'good' sign then I'm willing to continue, is there any way I can now dilute the remedy?! i.e. coffee in morning??

Thanks. Rm
desertrose last decade
Hmm.. I want to give this a 2-3 more days..This should pass over. Hang on in there.
sameervermani last decade
OK Sameer, thanks.

Will the allopathic meds interfere with remedy??

desertrose last decade

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