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OK Sameer, thanks.

Will the allopathic meds interfere with remedy??

desertrose last decade
Feel free to take some allopathic medicines in case the situation is troubling you.

But homeopathically, we will not interfere before a few more days.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

You're probably not going to like this, I know it may annoy you but I have to own up I have taken another remedy. Thursday 15th May, PM I took a dose of Lachesis 30c in dilution. I was actually (when I look back, on reflection), probably starting to get better on the sepia by wednesday so lord only knows why I did this, almost a 'I must take something else.. to feel better' mind thinking attitude. So having looked many times at lachesis I decided to 'try' it. Well, last couple of days I've just hit rock bottom .. not quite but pretty much in a pit. I am on day 28 of cycle today and still no sign of menses, feel 'stuck' or blocked. Have been unpredictable in moods moreover anger and irritability snapping at husband and overwhelmed by all going on around me, exhausted, dizzy, manic, fastidious 'perfectionist' all samey stuff.. So there I was beginning to do a bit better on sepia when I took Lach 30c Thursday 15th May.

I know this is a mess I've created but if you would be so kind please as to give guidance now I'd really appreicate it. I usually feel better once menses begin but as I said, body feels stuck?!

Just want to be left alone but at same time want comforting. Hectic responsibility with children right now driving me nuts, grating on my nervous system. They both have colds so need extra attendance, I feel like on edge of nervous breakdown.!

Pls can you give any guidance?

Many thanks Rm.
desertrose last decade
Just to update.. I took a dose of Lachesis 30c on Thursday night .. I think this has made things worse and I should have stuck with sepia 200c.. do you think i have now antidoted sepia??

I may have been starting to do slightly better on the sepia .. as you had said.. then I took the Lachesis 30c in dilution. I have almost hit rock bottom over past couple of days and I know it's my own studid fault.. I felt I 'needed' to take something else although obviously I didnt it was far too early days since taking the sepia. However I have done it and would like to know if you could be kind enough to guide me now.

Lachesis is another very closefit remedy for me.. but I think I may have been doing better on sepia.. now I don't know where I am at!!

I've felt very aggravated again as I did before taking the sepia 200 dose but alot worse.. alot worse. Nervous breakdown tendancies.. husband really drives me nuts even though he is nice, kids grating on my nerves big time. Yesterday actually 'ran away' and left husband with kids in mall for about 3 hours before meeting them again, although I felt dazed, confused and simply didn't care. Extremely exhausted, waiting for menses (day 29 cycle now) and body feels stuck.. as if flow will not come.?!

Perfectionist ideals also.. mind overwhelmed with all going on around me and anxious to point of difficult to breath. Fastidious.. cleaning etc. No real apetite during day, only evening.. cravings for junk food basically. All fairly normal hormonal stuff for me this time, feel hopeless and anxious about future.. tomorrow etc...

Feel want to be left alone, but then also want comfort but touch aggravates (husband)..

Any ideas.. so so sorry, know I may have screwed up.

thanks Rm
desertrose last decade
Sameer I'm really sorry but have possible screwed up. Thursday 15th May, PM, took a dose of Lachesis 30c in 250ml spring water.. Lord alone knows why, I'd been looking at Lach for some time thinking it was a very close fit for me in some areas.. eg:
Anxiety of conscience.
Delusions of great guilt; admits to 'any crime but murder.'
Depressed and anxious, worse morning on waking. Suicidal.
Fantasies of his own funeral.
Great anxiety and deep phobic conditions.
Complaints from grief or disappointed love.
Manic states with pressured speech, aggressiveness, sleeplessness.
Inferiority and inhibition (see 'introverted type' above).
or drug addiction.

Plus migraine headaches.

After taking it.. Friday morning (14th May) had migraine!! Then got worse where I had been getting slightly better with the sepia 200c by Wednesday/Thursday. I had similar symptoms to above post - irritable/fastidious/angry/rage outbreaks (husband)/children getting on my nerves.. irritaing/wanting to be left alone/overwhelming thoughts-anxious from here to christmas and beyond/
Basically by yesterday afternoon felt was about to have a nervous breakdown, felt like adrenal glands were completely shot for all wrong, irrational reasons.. These are not new symtpoms for this time of month (day 28 of my cycle today).. especially just before I get my menses.. often feel like I 'need to get my period' to feel alleviated.. it does alleviate although I get dreadful cramping first day.. puts me out of action.

I feel very changeable today.. perfectionist in head. Fastidious.. cleaning, exhausted, cannot 'calm down' shout at husband if he tells me to calm down. Children both sick today so need more of me and feel I don't have it to give.. feel all just about run out of everything.. end of tether almost, not 'wanting to die' but just to run away or do something stupid like dress up and party all night long to block all feelings.. Wouldn't do this but used to before kids! Really confused what to do now.. I know I should have seen the sepia 200c through but had strong desire/felt need to take another remedy.. just in case that one wasn't working. Of course I know this isn't what I should have done at all. But I have had huge aggravation with the lachesis makes me wonder if it may even be a closer fit to my profile than that of sepia??

Any thoughts much appreciated. Ugh. Thanks.

desertrose last decade

please note.. did not realise had posted same info. 3 times!! sorry! i couldn't see the postings on this thread hence typed up again, was annoyed, thought i'd lost post each time,until i noted there was a page 2. whoops.
desertrose last decade
'Irritable, Fastidious, aversion to husband, touchy, critical (of husband only!),my husband is helpful but I find him annoying right now and yet I want him close by so I also feel annoyed when he goes away on trips.. I shun him yet need him and it is a paradox, I can only admit I'm sorry for critical nature in the evening, I'm tense, cannot relax, anxious, fretting, worried about future (tomorrow morning into next year etc), this is up and down throughout the day, huge craving for alcohol, in evening I become less guarded and more emotional although mind racing still, I am still irritable and eat chocolate after a healthy salad, I could binge eat if left alone in evening at this time of month, biscuits etc. I have a history of bullimia (18-24 yrs old). When everyone is in bed and I am still up and awake and 'thinking' I feel condemnation about the day and character assaniation takes place, then I pray and ask God to forgive me and cleanse me and help me, I cry and find peace and finally get to bed. Only to wake jumpy, another day. This is general mindset of PMS week (starts 10 days before menses).'

The above sounds just like me!!!!! If you want to talk or email just let me know. My kids are also about same age too.

Qtsyia last decade
Dear Rose,

First of all , let me tell you, Lachesis is highly INIMICAL to Sepia and that is the reason for the bad reaction you are experiencing.

If you are going to jump remedies so quickly just because you 'have to take something else' to feel better, then how are we going to make any progress. I am very disappointed and seriously hope you do not indulge in such impulsive self-prescribing again.

Lachesis and for that matter atleast 10 remedies you read will seem like you and that happens with every layman who reads about remedies . It takes experience to get a hold of remedy personality types.

Now we must anti-dote the Lachesis. Take a single dose of Arsenic Album 30C in water .

Report status in 48 hours.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,
Thank you for advice on Ars Alb.

I had realised I had made a mistake and had actually said sorry for doing so (out of a childish whim of guilt that I carry around in my character which actually sickens me). Thus why the telling off I wonder?? 'I am very dissapointed ..' may I ask why? How have I let you down personally?? It is I who has gone through the mill on this one, I'm rather flipping dissapointed in myself, I live and breath being dissapointed in myself I do NOT need someone else pointing it out from a pedastool to me, thank you.

I've been suffering with major anxiety and depression which is heightened to the point of overkill during PMS week, since age 15+ and then having suffered alcoholism, gone through rehab etc. would have possibly given you some insight (had you known that?) as to the why I felt 'I have to take something' ?? Perhaps not, but it makes sense to me, my current habitual nature.. which obviously needs to change.

I would love to make progress and change!!, faith is the substance of things hoped for and faith in God and his enduring love and the gift of homeopathy is hope I have that all is not lost, but I believe people are works in progress if they are willing, I am willing, have been for a long time and it's been a difficult road to trudge since rehab thus far, but trudge I will until one day I pray it all becomes a little lighter and perhaps I can reflect back and see that good came from the bad, every time.

Yes I can see why even 100 plus other remedies would seem like they fit the profile to a layman. I need to find myself a good professional homeopathic doctor here in UAE, currently I don't have one so am using the forum for help.

You've been helpful thus far and I hadn't realised that the 2 rems. were highly inimical, obviously. Thanks for your time once again.

desertrose last decade
'How have I let you down personally?? It is I who has gone through the mill on this one, I'm rather flipping dissapointed in myself, I live and breath being dissapointed in myself I do NOT need someone else pointing it out from a pedastool to me, thank you. '

You are taking my concern for you very negatively. When I start following a case I do so with complete sincerity, and have the patient's good as paramount in my mind. And, while doing so, I might have sounded as a bit harsh, but it's as if you would have reprimanded your daughter if she did something harmful impulsively.

I care about your well being and that was reason for the disappointment. And, yes, I am entitiled to being disappointed if I am putting my effort into a case and the patient starts self prescribing .

Good luck and get well soon.

sameervermani last decade
rose, if you need to see a professional homeopath, tell me.

i have a friend homeopath who is a MD and practices in dubai.

we discuss homeopathy with each other whenever i happen to visit her place.
rishimba last decade
Pls forgive me Sameer. I could only see black in everything yesterday. Today not much better. You are right I didn't see it as concern, only criticism, I am very hypersensitive to any perceived criticisms.. coming through from negative influence in childhood, alot of verbal abuse/anger etcevery day so when I'm at my worst I see everyone 'getting at me' so to speak.. I know it is self centred and I loath that part of myself also. I guess there is alot of junk inside to work through. But I've been for counselling, seen doctors over the years etc.. but this time is worse than last month even, it seems to be getting worse. I'm on the edge here.

Thanks for taking the time and putting your effort in to my case so far, if you'd like to drop out now since I have disappointed you etc I totally understand.

Otherwise to update, took Ars Alb 30c dilution last night.. this morning exhausted, angry feeling I could do something nasty, don't have feelings towards my kids (of course I know I must do but do not 'feel'). I feel rather hopeless. I can't go on like this. I have had to take more of the benzodiazepine to subdue anger outbreaks, it's unpredictable, loving one moment and angry the next.

The 'good' part of my nature that I want to see more of she is (when not anxious and tied up in knots and mind overwhelmed etc).. she is kind, affectionate, reliable, funny, good listener, good friend, loyal, hold strong in faith and tough times for others, helps others see through tough times etc.. great with the kids (when I'm in good stable health).. But I haven't seen this woman for a long time and that makes me very sad, I now feel hopeless I will end up bitter and angry and fastidious!!

Thanks sameer, sincerely.
desertrose last decade
Dear Rishimba,
Thanks, I would appreciate the details of the homeopath you know in Dubai. You say she or he is an MD .. you mean a qualified medical doctor who then qualified as homeopathic practitioner??

How do I get the details?

Thanks Rishimba, it is good to go on 'someone who knows someone'. I've seen a couple of naturopaths already and although very good I'd like to go totally with homeopathy, not just using a bit here and there. But building up a picture with someone who sees it through so to speak. I wonder if this person could .. eventually help me with tapering off benzodiazepines using homeopathy??

I am in the meantime hugely grateful to this forum, especially sameer for taking the time.

Blessu, Rose
desertrose last decade
Dear Sameer,

By noon today am feeling much more vulnerable, less anger outbreaks.. so that good but anxious and vulnerable, cannot cry 'dry eyed'. Feel very blocked.. as if I could cut people off when really I do want their help.. i.e. my sister just called and asked if I wanted help and I said 'know am fine, thanks I will see you later' and I cut the call. I cannot cry even to 'let it out' have headache. No menses yet.. body feels stuck, bloated abdomen, feel want flow to alleviate but also feel may be late.. not today (day 30). Usually between day 29-36! The later the menses the worse I get. I am usually more tearful and feel a good cry would alleviate but can't! More vulnerable and foolish and feel I need consolation from my mummy.

Have been having alot of memories too, good and bad, mostly want the good days back.. way back.. 8 yrs old was good time before sent to boarding school been having lots of memories feel very nostalgic and sad, but no relief, breathing uneasy.

Thanks much. Looking back on my post of yesterday I can see how dangerous it is to just go ahead and take some remedy because 'feel need to' ! It was real stupid, made me much much much worse and hell for my husband over the weekend, now I'm just
So sorry..

desertrose last decade
P.S. Just to add to nostalgia, really feel regret in almost every area of my life .. big disappointment all round (even though parents wouldn't actually agree with that).. I wanted to be so much more, make parents proud, marry the right guy (disappointed love), not just marry for sake of marriage.. Kids beautiful of course, but suddenly am here with two small children ( a baby, and a toddler) and feel unequipped, not ready, for it all ! Want to rewind, go back, try again! Obviously stupid but real feelings. Homesickness!!

Don't know if any of this helps.

desertrose last decade
she sits in karama medical centre ( sony showroom building ) near the fish market.

please ask for dr. aqueela.
rishimba last decade
Now tell me , Rose, have you taken on Natrum Muriaticum or Carcinosin ?

How do you feel now with the Arsenic dose. Can you summarize the changes in a sort of bulleted list after Arsenic ?

I think we are very close to hitting the similimum in your case. However, you will have to give me 2-3 weeks and promise me that you will not intervene homeopathically . You are free to take any allopathic medicines on a need be basis.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
Phew, so glad you got back to me.

OK .. I was prescribed Nat Mur many years ago, it was my first ever homeopathic rem. when I was 25. I think recall having a good response to that but then I began to drink again (was going through a divorce at time).. and didn't return to homeopathy until I was 32 (36 now), so I didn't receive follow up. No, have never take Carcinosin.

Since taking the Ars Alb last night..
anger initially worsened,
felt like I wanted to strangle my child when he woke up was so irritable and 'insane' so handed him over to husband was awful feeling.

Then felt palpitations, breathing was difficult.

Fell asleep finally after great restlesnss, awoke and had bursting headache, had some help with kids thank God and went back into deep sleep until 10am!!

After this I was up and down, anger initially once again, felt almost evil (wierd anger.. possessed feeling).

After green tea and eating and after medication (benzo.. take every day for past 3 years 3 times a day) began to feel better.. calmer, but wanted to cry and couldn't.. felt stuck.. have felt stuck all day.. bad choice of word... Um wanted consolation specifically from mum, wanted to attend to children both sick, but also felt depressed. Hopeless.

Quite changeable but not as bad as before, irritability, really wanting my period to come, knowing will begin to feel better once I have it. Physically bloated.

Much brighter outdoors this afternoon, love open air.

Have been eating more than usual.. feel could 'binge' eat junk but haven't.. had too many fruits and almonds instead. Very very constipated, always have been, very thirsty for cold water, always have been.

Want my husband to know how bad I feel.. am annoyed if he doesn't ask me or paradoxically if he does ask me I may say 'fine' when I am certainly not, he knows am not fine but won't push any further, then I feel even more annoyed..

Have gone from anger .. throwing things around, slamming doors to peaceful and loving and hugging and holding my kids this evening, always better evening, cannot sleep until late, worse morning, on waking until fully alert and awake, mornings feel more anxious, more depressed, another loooooong day to get through. etc.

Feelings of worthlessness and guilt and condemnation set in this after, crying out to God again, after being angry at Him.

Don't know if any of this is helping, along with other posts earlier today?? I will be up another hour or so???

Yes, I definitely promise not to intervene with anything you suggest until you tell me to switch. I've learnt a valuable lesson the hard way!

Thanks. Rose
desertrose last decade
Okay then, take a dose of Natrum Muriaticum 200C , 2 pellets in 250 ml water and JUST 1 spoon from there.

And, then wait for 3 days and then post back status here.
sameervermani last decade
P.S. There is a history of abuse in my family.. my mother was abused by her father hence she became an abusive mother.. I think my anxiety comes from this and also being sent away to school so young, I was traumatically homesick for a whole year (literally sick). Have always been hypersensitive, likened to a 'sponge' or a 'radar'.. even if nothing relates to me I think it is my fault.. if I hear a door slam etc. My husband and I live with my parents currently, in large house, we have apartment in the house.. So even though much healing has gone on between my mum and me I still get the same anxieties and overwhelming mindsets being here.. my husband and I are moving out in July, very soon! So this will be a huge relief and also a little sad.

At the moment I am frustrated that I cannot sleep, I can't recall a time when I could just leave everything and go to bed when tired.. I must clean up and organise everything for the morning and check on kids continuously until I know they are okay, even if they are asleep! I sleep lightly and guess it is a kind of insommnia.. late falling asleep, sometimes after midnight, then I awake early because of baby and feel irritable or depressed, but always irritability and anger outbursts during PMS.. which usually begins 10 days before beginning of menses.

Just feel I really need to get my period, breathing is tight.. tight chested.

Wish I could learn to switch off head and see some good in myself, that I was worth things like a bit of time or diet and exercise etc.. find myself feeling guilty taking time out for a haircut once a month.

Just extra stuff, any questions?? Sorry you may not need any of this informaiton.. not sure how confidential this site is either.. I don't like confessing stuff about family issues really, it's like almost going against them when I truly love my parents, I feel I have let them down tremendously. Really resent the alcohol addiction I fell into when I was actually intelligent enough to get a degree and do something worthwhile in life.
Ah well.. maybe one day, right now I just want to get well and balanced enough for my own little ones so they don't have to grow up in fear.

desertrose last decade
Just picked up the Nat Mur dose post. After additional information shall I still go ahead with that. Just want to make absolutely sure!

Thanks Sameer.
desertrose last decade
There are three medicines coming out. Since, I have not met you, I am finding it tough to narrow down. I think we can try them one by one.

So, go ahead with the Nat-m dose.
sameervermani last decade
Will get from pharmacy tomorrow and take as suggested, just one spoonful. Will report back 3 days following this, I'll try to keep notes.

Thanks ever so much for attention.

desertrose last decade
Hi Sameer,.

I am going to take notes of any changes since taking the nat.mur. dose this evening so will update in couple of days as you requested.

I just wanted to ask.. having read much about not consuming coffee, alcohol or peppermint while taking remedies.. how vital is this?? I don't drink alcohol anyhow so this isn't a problem but I do drink coffee in the morning before moving on to green tea, usually 1-2 cups filter coffee. Plus ofcourse I brush my teeth using peppermint oil toothpaste, so what should I do?? Will this interfere, if so I will have to find another toothpaste.. baking soda? Most of them have peppermint in them. What about Eucalyptus in a humidifier?? I currently have that running in my bedroom right now because my baby boy has congestion and sleeps in the same room as us still.??

Thanks, Rose.
desertrose last decade
1 cup coffee per day is okay provided it is not in the vicinity of the dose.

Brushing teeth is also okay as long as it is not near the dose.
sameervermani last decade
Eucalyptus in a humidifier is a problem because that qualifies as a continuous strong odour around you.
sameervermani last decade

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