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Eucalyptus in a humidifier is a problem because that qualifies as a continuous strong odour around you.
sameervermani last decade
OK, thanks, what about lavendar in humidifier??

desertrose last decade
I would say avoid it.
sameervermani last decade
Sorry to bother you earlier than afore mentioned (i.e. follow up after 3 days) but today has been hellish.

Nook Nat Mur 200c in dilution 250ml 19th May at 6pm. Since then...

Mentals brighter almost immediately;
Headache worsened bursting, temples;
breathing shallow, difficult;
Tired, bed 10.30pm after taking panadol for headache;
slept but restless, woke with sick daughter (bronchial cough) at 12am, 2am and 4am, then got out of bed.. angry and 'wild' anger at that. Everyone asleep, but felt wide awake and very angry.
Went back to bed 8am husband home to help with kids today as really not good.. migraine. I didn't ask him to stay so I felt annoyed that he 'had' to stay and help.
Took more panadols for migraine, cold compress, rested but couldn't sleep.
Throughout day rested but couldn't sleep, breathing difficult, wanting to have some kind of release but very 'stuck', cannot really feel anything, cannot cry.
No period still.
Hopeless. Deeply depressed.
Suicidal thoughts. Thinking everyone better off without me anyway. (not a new concept of mind when things bad at this time of month, if period late).
Have not eaten.. scared to eat, no apetite wanting to punish myself, not eating, need to lose weight anyway see no point in food.
Weak, don't care, unfeeling.
Still have migraine, need to sleep but cannot.

Should I antidote??

desertrose last decade
Could you pls indicate why you chose nat. mur. was it to relieve a few layers of grief/hidden or forgotten memories?

Could this just be aggrav. am experiencing? Wish I could cry or breakdown all I can do is get angry, slam things, bang head against cupboards, all normal stuff I go through premenstrually and then always alleviates when get period. Do you think black cohosh would help bring on menses? Am so stuck, that's only word can think to use. Staring into space stuck, don't know what to do next. this is not me all the time just worst time of month.

I am hypothyroid btw, I think forgot to mention, don't know if relevant?. Also usually feel alot of relief for excercise, jogging outdoors eg. but haven't exercised for almost a month due to chronic fatigue and headaches/migraines, and insommnia!

Do you think nat. mur may help me?

Sorry to keep posting rather desperate.
desertrose last decade
I would advise waiting for atleast 5 days, and do not take any other homeopathic remedies.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Another 5 days have passed and am not feeling any real changes.

Got menses so that has relieved PMS .. for now!

Depression and anxiety continue(especially on meeting someone/social anxiety/anticipatory anxiety/fear of people .. what they think of me etc.)

Apathy towards husband is bad. Dissappointed love is worsened.

General apathy in life, towards motherhood etc.

Anger has worsened, sometimes snap when under pressure. Feel useless mother.

Regrets.. big time, non achiever that sort of thing, when could have achieved alot more. I know there is plenty of time and am mum of two small kids but I want to .. just for once start to feel good about myself or just feel good in general!

Headaches worsened, migraines all through the week, better today.

Don't know if may have antidoted, have had to have humidifier on every night with lavendar or tea tree oil for my 10 mnth old son with croup.

Any suggestions on how to go forward??

Also feel hopeless with benzodiazepines, taking more of them when anxiety worsened.

Have taken no other rems. to date.

Many thanks Rm
desertrose last decade
P.S. Went to chiropractor today as had awful knee pain, he did adjustments, all right sided.. neck, lower lumbar (right) and knee (right knee). Better following adjustments.

He said I get tension in neck from anxiety or stress (yup!) and things degenerate from there, I need adjustments for neck and lower back (either side.. but right often worse)every fortnight.

I'm still thirsty for long cold drinks and eating better, although have to watch I don't go on a binge (emotional eating). Generally healthy eater but I have not exercised for a while due to obvious complaints, would love to have energy to do so again, always so tired.

Thanks again sameer.
desertrose last decade
Carcinosin 200C , just 2 doses in the morning at half hour gap. 1 teaspoon = 1 dose.

Tell me in 5 days from this.
sameervermani last decade
So, just to confirm.. you mean carcinosin 200c dilution in 250mls.. thereon 1tsp, half hour, another 1 tsp??

Many thanks!!!
desertrose last decade
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer

Can't get Carcinonsin out here and ordering can take weeks to get through customs apparently, not yet approved.

You mentioned Lycopodium before, I have a 200c of this but have never taken it, what do you think???

desertrose last decade
Just to add.. I understand when you said before that there are many remedies that one can pick out as a remedy that suits them. However I have looked into Lycopodium Clav. quite deeply lately and do see alot of my symptoms, recovering alcoholic, fearful, especially of people 'performing', what others think of me, and pretty much all the mind symptoms. I also have suffered with liver disorder in the past due to alcohol and have very slugglish digestive system,constipation for as long as I can remember, apetite either extreme, up or none existent, the back pain has been a long time thing.. as have all these things.. years, going back to early teenage years.

I will leave it with you for your expertise to advise further.

Many thanks.
desertrose last decade
Try ordering Carcinosin from Helios UK. You might be able to get it.

For now, take JUST 1 dose of Lycopodium 200C.

2 pills in 250 ml water , and 1 spoon from there.

Let me know in 3 days from this.

sameervermani last decade
OK. Thanks much. Will try order Carcinosin.

Will report bback in 3 days after dose lycopodium 200c.. 1 tspn.
Thanks. Rm
desertrose last decade
Hi Sameer,

I posted another thread re. my daughter, no apetite. I didn't specifically ask for you unfortunately as I don't like to be too much hassle for you. I wish I had now because your guidance is clear and concise and I trust also in your experience.

Dr. J Mohla responded to my post re. toddler.. lack of apetite.. and gave prescription of China Off. 30c 3 times a day for 7 days. China seems a good enough remedy, for the apetite and generals, this I can understand, but the dosing seems to be high. However this is a homeopathic doctor so there must be good reasoning! My daughter is quite sensitive to remedies also and will turn 3 years in June.

My question to you is please, what dosing would you suggest? How many doses of this remedy for her? I don't want her to overdose the remedy!

Sorry, I know it is another thread but I really appreciate your wisdom.

desertrose last decade
I will suggest a maximum of 3 doses, where 1 dose = 1 tsp from the 250 ml or 500 ml bottle
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
Sorry didn't get back to you earlier just been real busy.

I'm at that time again.. PMS week. Seems worse than ever. Think Lycopodium worked quite well for a bit but probably just kind of 'tickled' me, or perhaps another layer of the onion?? I don't know.

Right now am desperate again. Been very depressed, very .. suicidal thoughts but lacking guts to do it, tried so many times before with pills, wrists etc and now I have my two tiny children to raise so that ends the thoughts but am then left feeling hopeless. Chronic fatigue set in again, 10 days before period due, again. Feel cannot cope with simplest tasks, everything feels physically and emotionally draining. Can't even put a plastic smile on my face. Feel loss of all desires in life. Drained. Underlying twisting and tormenting anxiety remains. Being a mummy to two tinies at this time of the month is seemingly impossible I just seem to watch the clock, then at bed time I am even staring into space, I can't switch my head off from condemning hopeless thoughts and I daren't face another day. I cannot recall the last time I felt any joy or stimulation in life.

Also bullimia has reared itself once again .. I've been bingeing on food I wouldn't usually eat and have then purged this has happened 3 nights in a row now. I am also going to gym 3 times a week to try and get stronger but usually would enjoy this and haven't lately, feel adrenal glands are busted up completely.

I am seeing my naturpathic physician tomorrow since she came back from her travels so will update her but I wanted to hear again from you because already you have quite some information.

Btw. I took Sepia 30c 3x 3 days ago as soon as pms symptoms kicked off, immediate relief but bad again soon after.

Cravings for all wrong foods,feel guilty if I eat anything that is sugar or bad, have felt self hatred, violent mind, sad, indifferent, feel totally misunderstood by my husband even though he tries to help in his own way, he annoys me. Feel if I am on my own too long I may do something stupid or something I'll regret.

Thanks rm
desertrose last decade
Follow up. Went to see my naturopathic physician and got results of my Adrenal/Cortisol gland saliva tests and hormone saliva tests which I did for one month, last cycle. Very low on progresterone so I have to take some herbs (Vitex) plus bio identical progesterone cream. My adrenal glands are almost malfunctioned as I suspected and worse in the morning til noon, then again bad in the evening (complete burn out). Reveals a reason for chronic fatigue to say the least.

So rather unbalanced in these areas, some light shed but I was wondering if homeopathy could help, my naturopath only prescribes supplements and herbs.

I started taking DHEA in small dose 15mg twice per day. My current problem is insomnia.. I cannot get to sleep until 1am or so.. then I'm sleeping very light and wake exhausted with usual panick and palpitations, irritability which can get out of hand, just really depressed also.. almost flatline emotionally and physically.

Please could you give some help on remedy. I have taken nothing since sepia dose. I don't think sepia dose alot for me, I don't feel better since sepia and yet it's one my naturopath keeps pointing me to at this time in my cycle I'm currently day 25.

I contact you hoping you will take this profile further, yet no response I think you must be tired of hearing this stuff!!

Thanks in advance..
desertrose last decade
I advised this earlier too, Carcinosin 200C seems to the best match according to what you write.

Take 2 doses at 1 hour gap.

1 dose = 1 teaspoon.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I had forgotten to order this one, I will try again. I'm also a little scared of taking this remedy since my grandmother had lung cancer and my brother had testicular cancer. I wonder, if cancer were in me somewhere would it bring it out.. I know it's a wierd thing to say! but i'm just scared I saw my brother through 2 years of chemo and surgery, he is still left without nerve endings due to all chemo, it was caught very late.

Sorry.. I'm just real hesitant on that one, I guess I don't know enough. Cancer remedy, woh.!

Is there no other progressive remedy I could take now do you think??

thanks for come back!
desertrose last decade
Your concerns about getting cancer through Carcinosin are totally unfounded.

It is just like any other remedy, and no remedy in homeopathy has the ability to cause Cancer.

You can take it without any hesitation.

sameervermani last decade
All I was saying was I am scared and have read elsewhere, from other 'doctors' of homeopathy debating the topic that if cancer is in the family and there may be an inherent disease it could possibly 'bring it out'.

Thanks for response. So if this is only remedy you are suggesting, and I am not saying it's not the right one have done much reading and can see where you are coming from. I guess I need an 'acute' remedy for here and now until I get the order of the carcinosin through, it would take a week at least. Any suggestions there?

Thanks Sameer.
desertrose last decade
Labneh (Middle Eastern Yogurt) as anti-depressant

labneh seems to be helping me...so labneh is like conventional yogurt but it is still different as the whey is removed from the yogurt

the one I buy also has salt in it so I don't know if it would make a difference chemically...you can find it in most Middleeastern grocery stores or even make it at home using conventional yogurt, its very easy to make...just google how to mke labneh
(btw some sites mention to let it drain in refrigerater if you are making it at home)
pyroo last decade

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