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I was wondering if you had any success. I am experiencing a similar condition.

Penster last decade
Hey Penny,

I stopped using all of my steroid creams and didn't have sex for a month and it finally healed. I dont think my tear was as bad as some of the women's on here but it was 9 months of frustration finally over.
NettiePair last decade
I have a small tear that constantly opens. My doctor has advised that I massage the area gently once a day with vitamin E oil. The area he explained to me had formed scar tissue that needs to be broken down in order for better elasticity of the skin. I keep massaging hoping one day I will not tear. I have been going through this discomfort now for over a year. I understand now that at the first sign of the tear I should of let it heal completely before having intercouse. I have not used any other treatment method. My doctor also advises against sitz baths, he said it promotes healing too quickly and aids in the formation of the scar tissue.
Penster last decade

Glad to hear you are HEALED!
Penster last decade
I am ordering now...I will post my results. I hope it heals me.
Penster last decade
unbelievable! i truly can't believe so many women are going through the same thing i am.

i just read all of the posts to get as much information as i could because this is the ONLY place i have found any useful (hopefully) information. I also just ordered the nitric acid, fingers crossed.

my history:
i'm 25
started getting chronic yeast infections always with skin tears at least three years ago. i have had several sexual partners and assume this is how i brought it upon myself.

i generally get them once a month, but have had some long stretches, 4 or 5 months yeast free.

i am allergic to monostat and i don't have health insurance and have moved several times so i have to go to a clinic every time to get presciption meds.

i've also had a few random allergic reactions to unknown things so i've been given antibiotics for those as well. possibly this is creating a viscious cycle.

the latest: i just went to the clinic two days ago with yet another 'yeast infection' after feeling the painful burning sensation i get from sex when i have it not knowing i'm getting another one...

they didn't find yeast! i bugged out a little...they're doing a test to see if it is vaginal strep. i won't get the results for a week. who knows. all i've found on that refers to pregnant women protecting their babies from possible side effects. well i'm not pregnant and none of the information seemed to apply to me so it was completely unhelpful.

i'm a little worried, but mainly FED UP!

thank you for all of your advice, i'll let you know my results from my test and the nitric acid when i get it.
ouchy last decade
I have never had a yeast infection! I got a tear last year after having sex with my boyfriend and I can only imagine that I did not give it enough time to heal and the area has developed scar tissue that tears everytime I have intercourse. I have only massaged the area with vit E oil. It has gotten better, it tears less (but does still tear). I have frustrated and it is all I think about leading up to sex, during and after. Needless to say my sex-drive has decreased....It is all so annoying and defeating. I hope the Nitric Acid works. Anyone that has used it please post your results as I will, thank you!
Penster last decade
Okay... so I split again. But it doesn't hurt. My previous partner and I stopped having sex a while ago and my new partner and I had sex for the first time the other night. I was shocked because I actually bled all over my sheets! I thought I was healed, especially since I had stopped having sex altogether.

When my former partner and I were still having sex, I seldomly split. So I stopped taking the medicine 'cause I figured I was healed. And whenever I did split afterwards, it didn't hurt. I would just go to the bathroom and see blood when I wiped. The reason I split this time is because the guy was rough upon penetration. He apologized and I hadn't told him of my issue. But I told him that I am very sensitive down there. It still doesn't hurt, but I just couldn't believe there was blood all on my sheets!

Anyway, I will have to start taking it again 'cause when I took it before, it seemed to really help me and my tear. Being a woman is so hard and unfair sometimes... Why in the world do we have to get tears in the most sensitive area imaginable??? Well, at least there is hope...
ajd22 last decade
'When my former partner and I were still having sex, I seldomly split.'

What I mean is that I stopped splitting as much. He was the partner I originally got my split with back in November 2006. He was very large and split me the third time we ever had sex and it just never was the same after that... I just wanted to clarify that statement.
ajd22 last decade
YAY! so i still haven't gotten the nitric acid, but my tears have healed.

i did some other research in the mean time and started taking beta glucan (in low concentration because it's very expensive otherwise) and coconut oil.

along with these i started taking vitamins that i should be taking anyway:
multi vitamin

i've also been drinking detox tea made by yogi.

AND...what i actually think helped my tears most of all was cleaning them with tea tree oil, which hurt like a mother!!! then putting neosporin over the entire general area.

i was literally all better in two days, i've even had sex three times in two days! i haven't been able to do that comfortably in years! the boyfriend has been a bit chipper :)

since i started everthing at once i can't be sure what did it, but all of these things are good for you so it doesn't matter...i recommend most of it to anyone. everyone probably doesn't need iron or vitamin d supplements, i'm vegetarian so i take a lot of this to stay balanced.

i'll give y'all the update in a week or so.

best of luck, don't lose hope
ouchy last decade
Well I received my nitric acid over the weekend, but got a tear agian today :(( I hope this stuff works. It seems to heal, then it splits. I am almost at my wits end. I will take the nc startign today and pray..lol
Penster last decade
well it wasn't vaginal strep, i just got the results, it actually was a yeast infection...thanks for the extra strep test fee when i KNEW it was a yeast infection! grrr.

anyway i'm still feeling pretty good. yesterday my bf and i had sex and it was slightly rough, i was soo sore afterwards...so i guess we'll have to get some lubrication and hopefully that will help.

i'm surprised i was able to treat my y.i. i've never been able to. hopefully it was all the vitamins and positive thoughts, which i am keeping up.

still haven't gotten the nitric acid yet. i'm about to head home and see if it's arrived.

take care everyone
ouchy last decade
Well I am healing up with the nitric acid! The true test will be having intercourse ofcourse lol to see if I tear again.....
Penster last decade
WOW, I did not tear! I am sore and a little red but no tear...it is AMAZING!!! I will continue to use the Nitric Acid and massage with vit E oil, it seems to be working :)
Penster last decade
well i did tear again from intercourse. this time it wouldn't go away. i'm having to abstaing which is very difficult and generally puts a damper on my relationship.

i'm trying not to eat sugar, which i've realized i eat much more often than i had thought. this sucks, grrr.

oh and i did get the nitric acid, no signs of any changes. i bought it from this site...where did y'all get your's?
ouchy last decade
I purchased it from this site. I take 4 under the tongue every 4-6hrs. As I started to heal I took 4/twice a day then once a day. I had intercourse yesterday, very slow, and very lubricated. I did not tear for the first time in months. I was a little sore but not cut. I am now taking the nitric twice a day, and massaging with the vit E oil. I find that helps alot, that is all I was doing befofe I tried the nitric acid at my doctors advice. I don't eat that much sugar, and have never had a yeast infection. I believe that I had a tear and continued to have intercourse instead of letting it heal. Now it has become chronic. My relationship is fine, but more intimacy would be better. He has been great and we find many ways to enjoy eachother, but regular intercouse without the fear of tearing would be awesome. Do the massage, and give the Nitric Acid a chance, it took a good 4-5 days for me to notice a difference.
Penster last decade
thanks penster, i totally wasn't taking enough. i'll try the vit e oil too.

man this site is sooo great, i don't know what i'd do without it!
ouchy last decade
Hi Penster! Great news for you!!!

Question: what exact type of Vitamin E Oil are you using? Do you just massage it twice daily or something? I find that Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps soothe my tears. But I'd like to try the Vitamin E Oil, too.

And good luck to all of you!!!
ajd22 last decade
Before I started taking the nic cic, I massaged with Vit E oil. I purchased it from the drug store (4,000 IU Vit E Skin Oil). As my doctor instructed, I get comfortable, wash my hands, and in a sitting /lying position I take my middle and pointer finger (/) and make a V. I put some vit E oil on my fingers (not too much)and on the perinium area with my fingers first closed I begin to massage in a continuous open close of the fingers motion for 10 minutes. I usually massage in the morning and when I go to bed (2X). Do it gently, I was massaging too hard at one point and kept splitting. The idea is to break down any scar tissue that may have formed. My doctor tells me this is why I keep tearing. I have noticed that the nic cic has helped me heal deeper. After the massage I am sore, so now I take the nic cic twice a day, in the morning and when I go to bed. I will taper off as it gets better. Well, this technique is working for now. I hope it is a solution forever. Good Luck.
Penster last decade
Sepia is also a very good and dependable medicine for vaginal tear.

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dr. Deoshlok,

How do you buy and administer Sepia?
Penster last decade
Well, once again I DID NOT TEAR! I am taking the nic cic less regularly. I am sore and red after intercouse, but the skin has not broken (YIPPEE). I really hope this is the end of this dilema for me, it has been hell. I want to thank everyone on here that contributes such beneficial information.
Penster last decade
penster, are you sore on the inside after intercourse? i am, especially if i don't use a lot of lubrication, and super especially if he ejaculates inside of me. do we just have thin skin (literally) or something?

i currently don't have any external tears or a y.i. yay!
ouchy last decade
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this site but found it as a result of searching on vaginal tears - which I've been plagued with (in the 6 o'clock location) for the past year or so. I can't wait to try some of these remedies and I'm also going back to my OB/GYN this week - so if I find any relief I will be sure to log back on. I do have lichen schlerosis which doesn't help my situation at all since the topical corticosteroid is necessary, and probably led to thinning of my skin (along with the condition itself). I'm worried I will never be able to have sex comfortably again, so if anyone else has found relief I hope you'll continue to log back on with your solutions.
sd_twin last decade

No, I am sore on the outside for a day or two after intercourse. After that I feel fine! I do still massage, I find that in addition to the nic cic it has really help me. I am using lubrication with intercouse even though I become lubricated enough myself. I do not want to take any chances. It is my finding that the nic cic has really healed the skin on a deeper level than before. I once abstained from intercourse for six weeks and teared immediately on the first try. I am now having intercourse twice a week and have not torn again. I am now not takign the nic cic and just massaging. I am hoping this is gone for good!
Penster last decade
Tore again :(

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Had intercourse, a little rougher than the last two times...and tore in the same location. Maybe, we should continue to have very gentle intercourse for a longer stretch of time. I really thought I was healed properly and for good....
Penster last decade

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