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Tore again :(

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Had intercourse, a little rougher than the last two times...and tore in the same location. Maybe, we should continue to have very gentle intercourse for a longer stretch of time. I really thought I was healed properly and for good....
Penster last decade
well i'm still having some problems with tearing. i hadn't for a few weeks, but it's back. i feel like it might have something to do with my hormones as it seems to happen right before menstration.
ouchy last decade
Mine comes and goes too! I feel all healed, then it comes back. I just lubricate well and hope for the best! Nothing seems to be able to cure this condition. I have just about given up. I believe the best treatment is the massage with vit E oil. So I keep that up! Best of luck!
Penster last decade

Apply Arnica ointment two/three times a day and specially at bed time.

Also take Arnica 200 (2 drops in one of spoon of water once a week)

Report back after use for two weeks.
Rajendra last decade
Has anyone tried using any aloe vera products for this problem?
amanda28 last decade
It seems to me as though many good homeopathic suggestions have been made on this board for this particular condition, and I can not add to the homeopathic suggestions that have been given already. However, as a midwife, I am quite accustomed to using herbs and massage to prevent perineal tears in my clients. I tell expectant mothers that healthy, supple, stretchy tissue will resist tearing. There are several things we do to make sure that the perineal area is healthy. The first is perineal massage. It will increase blood flow to the area, relax tension and make skin soft and flexible. Google it... Prenatal perineal massage. There should be diagrams online to describe how to do it. Use a good quality herbal oil like wishgarden perineal massage oil. Make sure it has comfery in it as comfery is superior for preparing the vaginal tissues to be supple. Tearing in the same spot more than once suggests that you may also have scar tissue (which is not supple and thus tears frequently). Evening Primrose oil is often used to prepare previous episiotomy/tear scars as it is known to erase scars and make them more supple. It is far more effective than vitamin E for the perineal area. Consider massaging it into the area where you experience the most tearing 3-4 times a day for 1 month. Also, google pelvic floor exercise (kegel). Performing this exercise several times a day will strengthen your perineal area as it increases tone and blood flow to the tissues. During birth, we use warm herbal compresses and herbal baths to prevent tearing during crowning. The same could be done before intercourse. Wishgarden herbs makes a nice sitz bath (a birth tea if you will) that is good for making tissues limber (soak in warm birth tea or comfery tea or use warm steamy compresses of comfrey tea or birth tea for at least 15 minutes prior to intercourse). Refrain from using any petro-based products on your vaginal area (anything with petrolatum, vaseline, mineral oil, even some calendual ointments contain petrolatum so be careful!) as petro-based products leach the natural oils out of your skin causing the area to become fragile and prone to tearing (its why most hospitals no longer use mineral oil during crowning). Consider using a medical grade lubricant like astroglide during intercourse(you can request free samples from the company). Latex (or vinyl) allergies can cause problems if you are using condoms during intercourse. Finally, check with your care provider and make sure that you don't have a hidden fungal condition (some women experience asymptomatic yeast or other fungal conditions that make their vaginal tissues paper thin and prone to tearing). Ask your care provider to check your hormonal levels (low estrogen or progesterone can also cause tissue thinning in the vaginal area). Comfrey tea and comfrey compresses can be used to encourage healing of tears. I suggest keeping a squirt bottle of comfrey tea (made fresh daily ) by the toliet to use after urination. This will promote quick healing of the area and help prevent infections.
gentlemother last decade
Wow! It's been a looooooong time since I logged on here. The Nic. Acid healed me. I just wanted to come back on and tell everyone that I no longer have the fissure after all this time. I do, however, bleed a little after sex. But I did that before and it's normal to split a little down there (at least for me). But it doesn't hurt or cause discomfort and it always goes away. My last boyfriend was not big in size, but the 1st time we had sex, I split and bled all over the place! It was so embarrassing. I told him of my previous partner whom I hadn't slept with in months. But after that, I never split again (in a way that hurt or that wasn't normal). And that was in April of 2007. Now it's almost a year later and my current partner (my ex and I broke up in August) is HUGE (ouch). However, he has not split me and we've been together since December. I still have some of my Nic. Acid and I take it if I feel the need, but I rarely need to. Just wanted to give you an update!
ajd22 last decade
How long were you taking the nitric acid before you stopped tearing? And have you experienced any side effects from it?
amanda28 last decade

should I use wishgarden prineal massage oil to massage that area and take evening primrose oil softgels orally? Or is it better to use boh types of oil for masaaging?

I've been tearing everytime I have sex for a couple of months after having warts removed.
amanda28 last decade

I used it from late December 06 to about February 07. I use it every so often as well. But during that time, I used it daily. I experience no side effects whatsoever. I also massaged it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and was prescribed some sort of cream by my doc, but the cream didn't work and the oil made it feel much better. Again, I still uses it maybe once every two months. Basically when I think I may have split, even tho it always goes back to normal now-a-days. I bought mine from two different places (one from this website). The only issue I had is that one of the dilutions was too strong and I HAD to water it down. I think it's the one from the other site. And that's the one I still have some of it cuz I bought 2 bottles and one from here (I think). Anyway, hope this helps!
ajd22 last decade
Thank you for the info, ajd22. I just received my nitric acid yesterday and started them today, on the bottle(boiron) it says to take a dose 3 times a day...in a post by someone who suggested this remedy said 4 times a day, so im a little confused. I have the 30x pellets. What was your schedule like?
amanda28 last decade
Hi, I recently had a client that asked me the same question about what she could do about a vaginal tear. This is the response I posted on my blog:

For the physical body, try the following – Increase Vitamin C!
If it’s possible for you to increase your Vitamin C levels in your diet then this would be ideal, there are high amounts of Vitamin C in fruits such as strawberries, oranges, kiwi fruits, tomatoes, papayas, broccoli, green and red peppers. If you prefer to supplement then try taking 3000mg of Vitamin C powder (calcium ascorbate) in the mornings. There are various forms of Vitamin C sold in Health shops and it can be overwhelming once you start getting educated on the pro’s and con’s of all the different forms that it is sold in. I personally choose Calcium Ascorbate because it is low acid, already most peoples diet are high in acid and taking a Vitamin C supplement that is in an acidic form can cause heart burn in some people. I choose a powder form because it is more readily absorbed into the body.

Vitamin C has strong skin repairing qualities and taken internally should help to support the body in speeding up the healing process. Vitamin C has numerous other benefits in the body and I have never come across any side effects at this dosage.

You could also try exploring your relationship to sex – How do you feel about it? What do you enjoy about sex? Or do you not enjoy it? If not, why?
These questions may be really difficult to answer but it is quite possible that answering these questions will provide a wealth of knowledge to you. The pain that we feel in our bodies is our body trying to communicate something important to us.

Our feelings are the most validating thing we have. When we acknowledge these feelings and understand where they are coming from often we are able to solve our own problems.
Manimala last decade
I've been suffering from vaginal tears for months now. I noticed there are different brands of this nitricum acid that one can buy on this website, as well as various potencies. What is the best effective dose of this medicine to cure the tears? Does it matter which nic acid I choose from on this site? I don't want to take too much or too little, or anything that might produce negative effects. Should I consult with my doctor before ordering this medicine myself? I've been to the doctor before and he's just suggested more lubrication, which hasn't worked. I'm desperate and I can't afford to keep visiting the doctor. Also, does the nitricum acid interfere with any kinds of birth control? Thanks to all who started this!
xavia28 last decade
Okay guys I'll try to make this short. First I got on BC pills caused me yeast infections like constant yeast infections. Yeast infections cause tears inside the vaginal walls so that's how I got my first tear which came andstayed at the bottom of my vagina and would heal then reopen during sex. This went on for a few months. I researched and healed myself by switching to the shot which helped with yeast I was told. Cured my infections by garlic cloves Nd yogurt with live cultures. So yeast was gone but tear rained. THEN since I had gotten the shot I needed to use condoms for first 6weeks. So I took nitric acid til it was gone and used decitine. My tear was cured! BUT come caused me to tear a little deeper inside my vagina and now I'm having the same problem. I've only waited like week and a half before intercourse which as I'm reading, a month sounds more like what I should be doing. I need advice. Should I do same remedy? Is nitric acid safe to use for long periods? What about colloidal silver? What type of coconut oil should I try? Help :/
missy1232 last decade

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