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Concentration problems

1. Poor concentration, very poor performance at school despite being intelligent, incapacity to trust and recognize authority. Questions even the most obvious rules.
2. No physical suffering except for enuresis
3. the mental symptoms are many. The most important are: lack of concentration, opposition, uncooperative, irrational fears.
4. At his worst my son is verballly rude, talks nonsense, blames others for what he has done or finds faults that are not there in others, gets malicious towards siblings.
5. He was adopted at the age of 2 and half. From the beginning there was something strange. He was uncooperative and could not distinguish between relatives and perfect strangers. Showed attachment to everybody he met, so we presume it all started because the mother neglected him and abandoned him at the age of 1 year. He could not speak until the age of 5 or six and made proper sentences even later.
6. He is possibly worst at night, when he is tired
7. I have not noticed anything that worsens him or ameliorates him in any significant way. He certainly likes sympathy and being at the center of attention
8. No, no apparent relation
9.No difference
10. Extremely or patologically lazy. Has to be served by everybody or he will not even eat. Says he is not hungry if that means to get up from the sofa and get his food. He prefers often to lie down. Needs to eat in front of tv and computer. One thing is not enough, he always needs two or more things switched on. The more inputs, the better. He is very disagreeable when faced with his lack of responsibility. He is not arrogant, though he thinks of himself as special. But only as a defense from the very low self-esteem he has. He is easily offended and must have his way, cannot take no for an answer. Selfish, cannot see other people's needs. Lack of respect for parents. Argues when asked to do things. He is hilarious, mischievous, full of jockes. Sings and dances often.
. I am not sure about thunderstorms
. I don't think he is ameliorated by consolation when very angry, but as I said he likes sympathy. He likes to lean physically on you, and needs to embrace and kiss me, the mother, all the time, only to be reassured of my love. But does not particularly like it if you lean on him or take the initiative. In general he doesn't like to be touched, but also likes to play physically with his little siblings where he lets them climb all over him and punch and kick and he feigns to be helpless. In other moments if they dare show disrespect, he is very stern and retaliates. He is an introvert when it comes to revealing his fears and preoccupations
. I don't know about habits. Nothing very peculiar, except maybe for an obsession for shoes which is the only thing he keeps spotless and has many pairs. As a child he had this habit of playing with two toys for hours, repeating always the same single noise and gestures whilst he was lost in a very vivid imagination of gigantic battles. The noise he made was always the same and made him sound stupid.
. I think his feelings are always marred by his lack of confidence that was determined by his deficient primary caretaker, so they are ambivalent. He has and needs millions of friends, always chatting on facebook and boasts childishly of having all these friends, but, in fact, he has no really close friend, no one he could open his heart to, because he cannot handle it. He has a fear of intimacy, though he says he has many girlfriends (he is almost 15 now), and in fact he is a charmer with everybody, but he could not get close spiritually or physically to anybody yet. He is very warm with people, but not in a sexual way. Whilst as a child, he wanted sexual intimacy with everybody. He cannot trust anybody and this shows in his rejection of authority, in his reluctance to lend a helping hand especially to the family, unless he has ulterior motives like impressing somebody or asking for somethnig. Even carrying a bag to help his mother is not natural for him, but something that he must force himself to do, if he overcomes an internal conflict with the bad part of him that tells him to not do it. He has two sides, almost all the time . Generally wins the bad side. I don't even think he is generally aware of the conflict. He is very manipulative. His feelings, potentially good, were spoilt by his negative experience with his natural mother or whomever should have taken care of him. With his siblings, he is also ambivalent, you can see he adores them, but at the same time, he must make sure they suffer as much as he has suffered. And then he consoles them. He tells tales and enjoys to see them punished, though at the same time is startled by it. He feels generally guilty about everything and this makes him deny the existence of God firmly, whilst he says he believes in the devil and all its manifestations. Even with me as a child, he seemed to enjoy hurting me physically. There is a hard core in him which is related to his early deprivation. I don't remember him being cruel to animals, in fact, he is very moved by the babies of every species, even the ugliest, like a bat, or whatever, this things move him a lot. He will not share his sweets or food with his siblings. He could not even share his sweets with me, his mother, as a child. Never happy about giving his toys away, or he gave them and then wanted them back. If his siblings want some food, even if he doesn't like it and has refused it before, he will claim he wants it. He does not like to be touched, but touches a lot and needs to embrace.
11. He has many fears which have got worst with the years. He could never be alone as a child, not even playing in the garden or on the balcony or in his room. He had to be watched all the time and asked us to look at him as if he was performing for us. When we adopted him, he was very withdrawn in the very beginning of our contact. Also the caretakers in the orphanage said he was a child who never smiled. But, when finally he came home, he started to laugh and make us laugh and never stopped. It was as if he wanted to conquer us with his hilarity, he is actullay very funny, a performer and behaves as if the world was a stage and has to clap him all the time for his beauty and performance. At the same time the world is a frightfull place full of presences. He is vane, but with a very low self-esteem. Recently, a year ago, when I asked him why he would never play in the garden or alone, he said that he saw people in the trees, people watching him, likewise in a room alone. I think he might be scared of becoming crazy or of being thought as crazy. This is why he needs the television on all the time and the computer and more if possible, all together at the same time. to be distracted from his fears. I can't imagine him thinking seriously about himself and his future, in fact, even when I try to make him think about his lack of projects and his lack of engagement, he closes up completely. He sleeps in the bed with his father, because he gets too scared during the night, and even so he has to cover his head completely, maybe because he sees things in the dark. Sometime ago there were zoombies, (from films he watched) now he is ashamed of telling me what makes him sleep like this, but I think it must be some vivid horrible scenes. He has to have all lights on just to go from the lounge to the toilet. He is afraid to flush the toilet. Very afraid of dark.
12. He craves chewey sweets. Loves chocolate cakes. Loves sprite especially and second, coke. Cannot take hot drinks. Cannot eat vegetables which are green and loaths spinach and sour broccoli.
13. the thirst seems normal
14. The hunger seems normal, except for the things he craves. Likes also wurstel, sausages, hamburgers and pasta and pizza.
15. He can't stand spinach and sour broccoli, those called mustard greens very used in Italy
16. His sweat was a lot and terribly smelly before we gave him the gallicum acidum, now is not smelly anymore and also his mood has improved a lot. He sweats under the armpit and on the face
17. Normal i think
18. He says he wakes up at night. He gets up late generally and not very refreshed, but since the gallicum he seems more refreshed, but fears are still there. He has slept for many years on his side with both hands under his cheeck, just like an angel, if you can picture it. He still does sometimes.
19.I don't think he is sexually active, not even masturbation, if i am not mistaken
20. I think I have answered this question
21. He was diagnosed with Adhd, 4 years ago, and only last year we were persuaded to try ritalin and strattera, with catastrophic results becasue these two drugs made all his symptoms worst and only made him talk incessantly and very depressed and belligerant when the effect was over. Recently the diagnosis was invalidated by some psychologists who did a brain scan and saw that he has a very active amygdala which takes most of his mental energies. It is as if he spends all his mental energy to control the world and himself to keep his fears at bay, and thus has no much space for any other purposeful interaction with reality, unless it happens to be very pleasurable like playing. You can see that in a way he is anesthetized in order to not feel pain and that he has a coinner conflict, though it doesn't generally surface.
Certainly he does not like school or cooperation at home which he finds exahusting.
He has tried few homeopathic remedies: Tuberculinum, hyoscyamus, lycopodium, tarentula. lachesis and recently also sulphur. None of them worked except for the Gallicum acidum which has improved the situation in the way i described. He has no aim in life except for amusements: does not go to school and does not do sport. He was good at basket. he is not engaged in any serious project
22 We don;t know the family history, we cannot exclude the mother might have taken drugs. She was described by the father as someone who could not stand still.
23. Very lean, quite tall, narrow chest, very slim limbs and long legs. Black african. Skin is very dry on legs and has always been.
24. No major diseases
  albapapa on 2010-12-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I only want to comment that I was appreciating brisbanehomeopath's approach elsewhere and here I see the same good attitude.
(I mean in the previous topic of same case.)
sci_spi last decade
Legs are also itchy, sometime. Hands also feel dry.
albapapa last decade
Wow. There is a ton of information in this case.

I think that you are getting good results from the Gallicum acidum, a remedy that I have not used before. I consider LM10 to be a high dose.

I would recommend that you give the Gallicum acidum once by putting 10 drops in 10oz of water, and seeing the effect. When you feel the effect has worn off, succuss the container against your hand 5 times, and then repeat the dose. Establish a regular schedule as you are doing with your husband and Mez. The routine could be every 10 days, once per month or so. That is my recommendation.

I will say that these kinds of cases are very curable and many of us have many stories of cases like this that the correct remedies have cured, and the patients become healthy and well-functioning members of society.


These are my notes from the case and the other thread.

I would also be open to the idea that Gallicum Acidum might help this case tremendously, and that within the next year or so other remedies could also be used.

'2010-12-10 Yesterday was the seconf day and there was a marked improvement. Like the first time I gave him the gallicum a bit more than a month ago, his face changed expression, there is obviously some depression of some sort that the remedy ameliorates.'

'Gallicum acidum 10LM in the liquid form (5 drops in water for two days) after these two days our son seems to be a different person.'

'two doses of 10 LM at the beginning of november, and the response was immediate and striking: his skin cleared, his terrible body odour disappeared completely and his mood improved dramatically, his tendency to use rude language also disappeared as his mood improved. He also became very, very affectionate and demonstrative towards me, the adoptive mother and more aware of the reality'

'He prescribed, instead Sulphur 30Lm, one dose and sulphur 35k for everyday, for another 25 days or so. So last friday we gave him this remedy. I don't understand why he would not repeat the gallicum instead, '

'The first time I gave him 5 drops 10Lm for two days.
As I said, I gave my son the sulphur 30 Lm that the homeopath prescribed last wendsday and I am giving him 35k every day for 20 days; could the two remedies be given together?'

'The most amazing thing was the smell, it really was unbearable and didn't go away not even with a shower or deodorant. He also had a fungus on the back which has gone.'

Brisbanehomeopath, are you aware of this remedy being anti-psoric?

Gallicum Acidum isn't included on many miasmatic grade lists. However, the miasms are fairly obvious in this case.

I can see a history of many miasms in this case.

Skin conditions.

Imagines people seeing him in the trees/garden, craving for sodas and acidic beverages, terrible smelling sweat. Extremely intuitive. forgets names, or says one name instaead of another.

Likes to watch gruesome stuff, injured animals, abnormal people and so on.

Love of animals and music in children. Craving for chocolate.

There are plenty of vaccinosis related symptoms in this case too.

Do you know what his history of vaccinations was?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
You may also want to keep a record of the dates that you give the remedy on, so one can look at an overview of the whole case.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Unless you have repeated the remedy several times and gotten no effect, I wouldn't increase the potency.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I'm inclined to continue with the Gallicum acidum as long as it is improving the case. However, I'm thinking of a different remedy that might be useful at this stage.

Can you talk about his behavior at different times of the day? How is his behavior at night? Does he wake at night? How is his behavior with others after dark? Does he go out to play at after dark?

Is he more well behaved in the daytime or nighttime?

You said that he likes soda. Please elaborate more on what he drinks? How much and how often?

How is his ability to read and write?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I agree to keep using it while it is improving the case - going up in potency is only necessary once the improvement stops.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I have an adult patient with ADD (not ADHD). Poor mental focus and task application and completion; sluggishness; very sensitive to criticism and to supposed 'sins.'

Intellectual type,a profes-sional..mostly retired now, likes to write scientific and political articles. Some-times he can't seem to get anything done/tasks seem overwhelming, then he goes into feelings of guilt and into depression. When he can push himself to get outside and walk, this helps a lot.. but this takes discipline, which he does not always have. Involvement in other outside activities, such as college courses helps too.

People see him as somewhat nervous, but much of this stems from muscle tightness, especially of the spine (and chiropractic is of great benefit). Very shy historically, but he has broken through much of this, and is now pretty out-going. For some reason, being bothered by management (and maybe some other authority figures too) where he lives bothers him tremendously (which is only partly reality-based). I.e., these people are somewhat Gestapo-like, but his 'buttons' are easily pushed. Sometimes, he is still agoraphobic...like in a crowd. Most of his fear of heights seems to have abated.

He is at his best late at night, but this can be tricky, as he has experienced insomnia lately, if he does not retire around midnight.

From some preliminary examination, seems to me these might help:
Silica; Gelsemium; Kali phosphoricum. Any thoughts, please?

Oh, stimulants like Ritalin work marvelously (dramatic change in mental focus and task completion..and self-confidence!), but side- effects, viz., visual floaters and bone/teeth mineral loss, so he is loath to return to these. Tea helps a bit in the morning, but more caffeine..tea or coffee just makes him hyper..no solution. Years ago, we had him on a homeopathic remedy for some condition, and I seem to remember that the higher dosages worked much better than the lower ones. THANKS. ; )
DrTCH last decade
A little more info, as I understand that homeopaths welcome lots of information in the way of trying to identify the patient's type.

This individual, as a child was frequently cold.. especially hands and feet.. but not not so much today. In a bus, e.g., he frequently has to remove clothing, as he perspires readily. History of enuresis as child and lots of colds, lots of muscle tension and nervousness, sometimes tics and stuttering. Sometimes these last two appear today, when he is tired or stressed out. Lately frequent very foul-smelling feces, as well as flatulence..and digestive enzymes, simethicone and 'Beano' only help a little (a few years ago,they worked great).

Oh, early in life, very insecure, obsessive-compulsive and codependent personality. History of clinical depression and bipolar disorder. Loves sweets and salty foods, but eats little of these today (though does have weakness for potato chips and fries). Does significantly better with regular ingestion of meat/fish protein, and supplements like fish oil and CoEnQ10 (and lots of veggies) seem to help too. Being in a 'safe space' is key for him, and he much values his privacy.
DrTCH last decade

Please create a new discussion for a new patient. This helps us keep the patients organized.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
He says he wakes during the night and stays awake for a long time, always with his head under the cover. He can have nightmares, but I am not sure. You see lately it is difficult to get answers on this from him , because he is ashamed of his fears.

He tends to be very slow in the morning, it is difficult to get him out of bed and sometime impossible. It is like waking a dead person. If he has an engagement that he cherishes a lot, he might be more cooperative. But he stays indoors, he does not go to school and does not get organized in the house. He lives in the computer and in the tv. I presume that if he was not forced, he would go out without a shower. Somettimes he does. But he si very smart dresser and his shoes have to be spotless. It has always been a battle to have him brush his teeth and a lost one. As for apathy to chores and responsibility hi behaviour is constant during the day. The difference is that at night, when he is tired, his problems certainly worsten. So he is even more lazy, more quarrelsom and irrational if he should argue.

Another typical behaviour of my son is that he sleeps in the car, almost as soon as he sits down, for hours. And he is very cold, despite the fact that he may go out without a coat. I think it is a special type of cold, because even in summer he can sit very close to the gas heater, I mean 5 cm away and be like this for hours, fall asleep and don't feel hot. You would think he has no sensibility in his body because I would burn.

He could drink sprite all the time. If he had money to buy it, he would buy it all the time. He also loves M&Ms and cheweey sweets which he buys when he has some money.

His ability to read and write is poor. He finds reading tiring and I can see why. Two days ago I asked him to read something for me because I had no glasses, and I could see he struggled, did not say all the words and letters right. The same about writing. He writes a lot on facebook and reads a lot on it, but that is probably a different mechanism.

I don't know the story of vaccinosis before I adopted him. I ggave him the normal vaccinations. But he was already peculiar, nothing changed after the vaccinations.

He had for several years a fungus on his head, which was eventually eradicated.
albapapa last decade
It is difficult to say, because the gallicum brought on a dramatic improvement and he is still taking it everyday, but I am not sure the situation is now in progress still. Do you think we should continue with it? Now he takes 5 drops of 10LM in water succussed ten times, every day. He is stable.
albapapa last decade
Please, could you tell me what is the other remedy you had in mind? I personally have been thinking for a while about anacardium. Do you think there is any ground for my intuition, or do you think is completely irrelevant?
albapapa last decade
Unless the patient is in danger, changing a medicine that is helping them is inadvisable. You should try higher potencies before abandoning it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Could I make it more potent with more succussions? It is not easy to get it from abroad. Last time took more than a month. Are you sure, though, that is still helping? He is stable, as I said, now he has been taking it every day for two weeks. I would like to observe it a bit longer, but if there is no further improvement, shouldn't we think of another remedy?
albapapa last decade
HI1, you said you had in mind another remedy which at this satge could help. I am not saying, I want to leave gallicum immediately, but could you please tell me what remedy you were thinking about?
albapapa last decade
Hi. First, you can increase the succussions. Give the container 15 succussions each time. Lets move to 10 drops into 5oz of water, and drink one tablespoon each day.

The important thing is to see if there is any improvement with that.

I would recommend that you buy the LM 11 of the remedy and get it shipped in case you need it.

If possible, do you have any idea what time he wake in the night? Is it midnight? 2am? Does he wake up at 4am and then sometimes just get up for the day?

How much sprite would you say that he has per day? Or other soda? Do you think he craves this the way some people crave coffee or ciggarrettes?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Does he behave differently between daytime and nighttime? Please explain as much as you can.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
The other remedy that I am thinking about in this case is Medorrhinum.

Medorrhinum Symptoms

Unable to do any work at all. Can't be productive inany situation.
Children who are mentally dull.
irrational fears and personal rituals
scared of becoming crazy
Problems caused by bad news and emotional abandonment.
he sees things in the dark. Sometime ago there were zoombies
Waking in the middle of the night. (Only if 3-4am.)
Worse being touched, even sleight.
intense nervousness and profound exhaustion.
Craving for acidic drinks such as sodas.
Sometimes very loving, sometimes cruel.
Thinks there is someone behind them. (Won't play in the garden alone.)
Intuitive. Knows things before they happen.
Anxiety of salvation. did not care if he went to heaven or hell. Feeling damned.
Love of animals, and cruelty to animals.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Anacardium is definitely wrong, but I can understand why you looked at it.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Background info on this case is here.

Homeopathy International 1 last decade
In the other thread you wrote:

'he also forgets names, or says one name instaead of another. He is confused about relationships, will call someone the daughter when she is the mother, and also with me or the father. He is also unable to read the watch'

This seems very much like the dyslexia of the sycotic miasm, and Medorrhinum in general.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Another thing I will say about this case is that if you continue with homeopathy correctly, I think this case is very curable.

In some ways, these kinds of cases are the easiest, in the sense that when a kid is cured of the miasm that caused the problem, their behavior improves for good.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
HI did you want me to have a look at this as well? I agree their seems to be a strong sycotic element to this case.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Brisbanehomoeopath, I welcome your opinion on any case. Whatever is in the best interest of the patient.

I want to get as much good as possible from the Gallicum Acidum, but if it stops working, I think that Med. is extremely well indicated in this case.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade

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