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Suggestions for 7 year-old boy with possible add

My son is 7. He had a very poor start in kindergarten when a novice teacher used him as the class scapegoat. In effect, he was bullied by the teacher. Last year he was in Grade 1 and his teacher repeatedly commented that he was often out of his seat and could not focus or stay focused. Now in Grade 2, we have a teacher who says he can't get started on his work, keep focused, and accordingly finish on time. He is an excellent reader and scary smart at math He is a very bright boy (the teachers always start by saying that) and is left-handed. He has had trouble with printing but through tutoring can now print quite well but it takes time. He lacks confidence because of this. He is very anxious about school. He has spoken to us about his worries abouprius writing. At home, he is very disruptive when he is not the center of attention. He interrupts and asks repeated questions to which he already knows the answers. He is also defiant about things big or small. He is the eldest of three kids. He has identical twin sisters who are 4 and who were born 3 months prematurely. He changed when the sisters came home from a sweet boy into one who is hellbent on getting attention and his own way no matter what. He can be aggressive when he is told no and growls at us or yells that he is 'so angry'. He hurts his sisters periodically for no reason. Just because they are there. We are lost and exhausted. The whole family is in chaos. I'm sorry if this is long.
  H&Hmom on 2011-10-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Ok let me pose some questions which I can use to make suggestions of a remedy. It is possible your answers might provoke further questions until I feel confident about a remedy choice.

What was his reaction to being bullied? What did he say about it?

Describe him when his is unfoccussed.

How does he lack confidence?

What does he say about writing? What are his worries?

Describe him when he is defiant.

What are his fears?

How does he interact with other adults or children other than his sisters?

What foods does he crave or does he hate? Same with drinks?

How does the weather and temperature affect him?

Is there anything in the evironment he seems particularly sensitive to?

Anything else strange or unusual about his behaviour, that seems to be different to other children his age?

Does he talk about his dreams at all?

What was the pregnancy like for you? Any odd symptoms or feelings you remember that passed off once he was born?

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you for your response I'll try to go in order. 1). Bullying by the teacher. He hated being singled out and she did it in front of kids and parents alike. He was 4 and spent a lot of time with the principal! The teacher was a mess. He kept loving going to school though and wanted to read - so I taught him. Finally it got too much and he just was exhausted and didn't want to go. He did but it was heartbreaking. He walked on pins and needles. He still sort of does. 2). He is distracted by anything in the room. Looks up at people, noises, tv, draws attention away from the task at hand and asks questions. Just won't start a task and needs repeated redirection to stay on task. But if he LOVES the task - little to no issues. He's in the zone then. 3). Lacks confidence if he thinks he can't do something well; or if he will get in trouble. If a crowd is crazy, he will hold onto me - we've swum for years at the same pool and at lessons a few weeks ago - it was packed with people. He knew the details of his lessons ( he is way beyond his age group BTW) but was holding onto my arm so much he left a mark. 4) He says his writing is 'horrible'. He worries it doesn't look right and it takes too long to make it right. He's made such strides. His writing is really good but he sees other kids' work and compares it. 5) defiant: he screams no and sometimes spits or pretends to spit. People back off if you spit at the, right?? Or he just ignores you and wastes time. Has to be told three or ten times to put on shoes. Wastes all our time then. 6) nervous in new situations but covers it up with jokes. Repeatedly asks 'are you mad?' 'I was good there, wasnt I?'. He thinks he's bad and we've told him he's not bad it's his behaviors that make things hard not thtat he's bad. 7). He is super polite and charming around adults. He love him. He is gorgeous (recessive genes?) and has these wildly striking gray-blue eyes. Other kids love him because he is fun and generous. He has lots of friends and adults repeatedly defend him when I tell them about his behavior. 8). Loves chocolate milk, he's a veggie and fruit freak. He eats very healthy and loves fish, seafood, chicken. Drinks lots of water. Not a big fan of red meat or potatoes. We don't eat much processed food - lots of homemade. Does crave sugar. 9) loves heat. Hates clothes. But we live in Canada and doesn't shy away from the cold. Loves being outside. 10). Environmentally - nothing. He does like to sleep and good sleep equals a good day usually. 10). He loves electronics. He rewired our av system in our basement. Has to know who everything works. He is obsessed. And he just gets it. His mind is built for it. 11) no real talk about dreams. 12). Perfect pregnancy up until he was breech, wedged and stuck! Scheduled c-section was three days earlier than scheduled. He was born on a major Canadian holiday! Had to be, right? He had perefct apgar scores. Trouble breastfeeding but ate like a wolf from a bottle. Great eater and sleeper. He was born with a hypospadia and an undescended testicle. Fixed at 17 months. No complications. He was happy and just easy going. We had the twins only because he was so darn easy and adorable!!! Thanks again. I hope this helps.
H&Hmom last decade
He spits when he is angry? Can you describe exactly how he does that, where he spits?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
He spits towards the person who has told him he can't do what he wants to so. Sometimes it is play spitting - he makes the sound but no saliva. Other times there is real spit. He actually has run up the stairs and spat at someone below. He knows better to actually spit on someone but he wants the effect nonetheless.
H&Hmom last decade
The spitting is interesting - it is unusual. It makes me think of Naja.

But I don't think the rest of the case agrees with that remedy. In the repertory Spitting out of anger is Calc carb, but that doesn't seem to fit the case either. Because of the prescription I am making, Bufo could also be a possibility since Bufo and Lycopodium can appear quite similar.

I think I will put that behaviour aside for the moment and prescribe on the basic problem, which appears to be fear or anxiety in new situations, and a lack of confidence in his own ability to do things.

This would suggest Lycopodium. Get 200c and follow these instructions.


Firstly, you need to create a separate dosing bottle. Get a bottle with a dropper, 15-30mls in size, and fill it with a mixture of water and alcohol (5 parts to 1 part). Dissolve 2 granules or 2 drops of the medicine you bought from the pharmacy into this mixture. Your doses will be made from this bottle.

Hit the bottle firmly against the palm of your hand, or another elastic surface like a book. It should be a firm hit not a tap. 2 hits is enough to begin with, and should not be increased unless it is clear that it is needed. The water in this bottle will 'remember' the number of times you have hit it, so that subsequent doses will be stronger (necessary to overcoming the resistance of your disease).

Place 1 drop into an amount of water - I may start with anything from 1/4-1 full cup (62ml-250ml) depending on the sensitivity of the patient. I would suggest 1/2 cup to begin with. Stir thoroughly and take 1 teaspoon into the mouth. Throw the rest of the cup away.

This is one dose. Repeat doses would be started from the 2 hits on the bottle.

Each step of this process can be adjusted to reduced aggravation or to increase the effect of the medicine. In order to be able to do this, it is important to measure each step (count the hits, the drops, measure the water etc).

Only give him one dose to begin with until we assess his response.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I will get it tomorrow and follow your instructions. I'll let you know how he responds. Thank you so much.
H&Hmom last decade
I spent today tracking down the 200c with no luck. I could only find 6ch and 30ch. I bought a bottle of the 30ch and am going to order the 200ch in the meantime. If you have any suggestion for the 30ch, please let me know. On top of it all, he's now home sick with a fever and a sore throat. It has to be the stress of this because all three of my kids are amazingly healthy and I can count on one hand the actual sick days each has had. I'm still looking for the 200c. Thank you again.
H&Hmom last decade
30c is fine to start with. It should tell us if the remedy is going to help him, even if the potency is not right.

Give him one dose, every 2 days, until you reach 3 doses (so over 4 days). Stop the moment you see any kind of worsening of his current symptoms or state (this means the remedy has started working). It is not necessary to do all 3 doses.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well, he was completely out of control today. Defiant, spitting, screaming at me, etc. I kept him home from school to ensure his fever was gone. He refused to do any of his schoolwork. He told me he's not going to school tomorrow and then screamed at me about giving him his dinner. I refused and made him wait for his dad to come home. He eventually did go to his room and did something at his desk - not real schoolwork just something of his own design. I left him alone in there the entire time I read to his sisters and I prolonged this activity so his dad could get home. Not once did he bother the girls and me. This is so extraordinary, I can't tell you. He usually disrupts their story time and cries and pleads to be part of it despite the fact he has his own reading time. I'm not sure if this means the remedy is working or if he was just wild because he was wild. He did exhaust himself at noon with his fighting and screaming and slept for about 90 minutes. To be completely honest, I am so worn out that I told my husband I give up. I've done this for three years and I'm accomplishing nothing for myself, or my girls, our home, etc. All I do is deal with this child. I know that sounds awful but I can't sugar-coat this anymore.
H&Hmom last decade

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