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Facial Tics and ADD

[message deleted by jennifer0427 on Sat, 07 Apr 2012 14:45:20 BST]
  jennifer0427 on 2012-03-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi,just noticing no one is picking
up this thread-
Did you go back to your homeopath
for a second look at your child?

There is a book called The homeopathic
Treatment of ADD/ADHD by Dana Ullman, he does not see patients
but there is an interview with him
on Hpathy.com-if you order any of
his books 510 649 0294 they will
send you a list of all homeopaths
in your state.

Don't know where you are or
if your particular homeopath
has a specialty in children??
Even if you don't have some specialist
in your area many times you can
do a skype or phone consult etc
with people who are 'seasoned
in this area' Don't give up - I don't
think you have the right homeopath.

this requires some expertise and
close follow up- and there are
only a few on this forum qualified
to give real homeopathic advice,
and the one homeo who did
have a clinic and child experience
is ill at this time.
simone717 last decade
HI Simone

thank you so much for answering! I will have to continue to look for a Homeopathic Dr with more expierence in this subject.
jennifer0427 last decade
Hi-would also suggest you
go look at wwwhealinghomeopathydot
com site, click on the patient info
part- good overview of everything and
cases etc- books by this person -
and she does phone consults.

My best wishes for your son
and your family.
simone717 last decade
I can take this up if you are interested.

Sameer Vermani
Certified Homeopath.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Jennifer- I would take Sameer's
offer- he is a very good homeopath
and in big demand on this site.

You would be in good hands.

Regards, simone
simone717 last decade
Yes pls help me. And thank u so much for picking up my thread

Kindest regards to both of u
jennifer0427 last decade
Hi don't think Sameer is on
the forum everyday- so what you
do is just write- bump on a post and
then your post goes to top of forum
and stays on the page for a day
so he does not forget about it. me
writing is going to bump it up
for today. fyi- simone
simone717 last decade
Thank u so much Simone, u are too sweet!
Thanks for the heads up
minnie1973 last decade
My username changed for some reason to the old one which I had forgotten about lol
minnie1973 last decade
So, we need to know a lot more about the child than what you have told.

Tell in detail about 'he just spaces out during school' ..

What other symptoms have led to the diagnosis of ADD ?

What else is bothering him ?

What are the diseases he has suffered from since childhood ?

Is there any thing which has an impact on him in general ? (e.g. weather, music, seashore, open air, sunlight, touch, massage, seasons, moon cycle etc..)

Any other symptoms in any other body part ?

What are the diseases that run in the family ?

Any fears or anxieties that he has ?

When was he born ?
sameervermani last decade

[message deleted by jennifer0427 on Sat, 07 Apr 2012 14:49:34 BST]
jennifer0427 last decade
Bumping up
jennifer0427 last decade
Explain more on

1)He is a very anxious child, stems from my overprotectiveness

2)First was rolling of the eyes, now he blinks his right eye and shifts his head left. --> What do you mean by rolling of the eyes ? This blinking and shifting his head left happen together ? Also, what do you mean by 'shifts his head left' ?

3) What is the 'twitching of nose' like ?

4) What other 'bad habits' has he picked up ?

5) On Dec 25th, he got a relapse through excitement ? or was it happiness ?

6) What else can you tell me about him ?

7) How about his diet ? What does he crave or is there anything he is averse to ?
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer

Ok, this was told to me by his therapist, who said that my fears of him being kidnapped or getting ill etc. (mothers fears) has made him anxious. I am going to therapy now. I am afraid of him getting lost somewhere or getting hurt etc. so he is anxious and fidgety she says. I must say that my husband has 2 tics. He clears his throat and he moves his arm when he speaks.

His eyes was first like imagine when a child rolls his eyes to his mother followed by a blink in both eyes. It was always towards the left the eye rolling.
Now he blinks his right eye as winking it and his head does the movement of looking down and towards the left as if when u dont want to see something and u look away. that he does when he is most excited happy.. if not it is just the wink. I took him to an ophtalmologist who said there was nothing wrong with his eyes, just maybe dryness so I put in drops.

His nose is like when it itches that u twitch it from side to side. Its quick and only twice one side to the next, thats it. None of his tics are accompanied by a noise. An EEG test revelead all was fine by the way.

One of his bad habits that is gone was a shaking of the hand. he would run, walk or just stand and that. Its something like when u hurt your hand and you shake it as in pain or when you were little and kids would say 'ohhh youre going to get in trouble' and shake the hands but it was softer than that.That stopped when he was out of Prek so I imagine a friend used to do that.
He fixes his underwear a lot and I have changed, brands and size many times.
now the smelling of his hands.
his relapse I assume was both excitement and happiness becuase he did it as he was opening his x mas gifts.
His diet is good, he eats healthy and little to none Junk food. He loves pasta just like I do. He loves coke but I limit it to weekends when he is with his friends who drink, If not I make him drink water. He loves chocolate I also limit. He loves seafood and sushi. averse, I cant really say....I cant think of anything.

I have to add that last month I was told that there is a Dr in New York that practises Quantum Medicine, he is excellente, so I took him there. It is NES system which is a hand scanner, when he placed his hand it gave him a reading and he gave me some drops for him. It doesnt seem to be working. but I still give it to him just in case.
He is a very sweet, caring child, who trives on making friends. He does not give me a hard time at all. he is very talkative and asks questions and wants to know about everything. I asked his teacher how he behaves and she said he is very good, just lazy for some school work. He understands things very fast. He does not like to write, he says it is boring his handwriting is messy. His teacher and therapist say that his lack of concentration and focus for some things is his problem. He is good in math and does it fast loves it. Just hates to write.
He can play quietly, watch an entire movie, sit still, play with other kids. that is it pretty much.
His issues are his tics and ADD which they said will not be diagnosed until he is at least seven. But I am afraid that once he gets to first grade it will make an imapact on his grades. Till now he has not failed anything.

thank you very much for your time and dedication to my case. Feel free to let me know what else you need.
God Bless
jennifer0427 last decade
You still did not answer what is he anxious about ? When does he get anxious ? What makes it better or worse ?
sameervermani last decade
Anxious is a word the therapist used. I do not see it. I just see that he is fidgety and does not stay still. I'm sorry I can't elaborate...
minnie1973 last decade
Any fears ?

What else, something which differentiates him from other children ?
sameervermani last decade
fears of getting hurt. a little scrap even. Fear of the dark, sleeping alone. he sometimes says there are ghosts in his room.
for example he does Jiu Jitsu and he is the only one, jumping, excited, laughing... although he does pay attention and does do what his profersor tells him. he is the most energetic one. While the teacher is talking he is distracted just by another parent talking.
jennifer0427 last decade
the theapist said that tics are from anxious children. I will ask her next time to please give me the exact explanation of it so I can refer back to you.
jennifer0427 last decade

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