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Antidote Nux vom

My very first homeopathic remedy was Nux Vom in 2009, since then my memory has never been the same, I kept ignoring it, seen another homeopath a few month ago, she gave me Nux again 200c, now I am the worst ever, cannot remember or concentrate, my head feels like a cloud, and I have no enthusiasm to do anything. Also mixing up people from appearance
  sunflower99 on 2014-07-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Apologies, that should have said Nat Mur, not Nux
sunflower99 7 years ago
That doesn't require antidoting. Remedies only last a few days to a few weeks at most. No remedy lasts 4-5 years, it is impossible.

The remedy has triggered something within you that was already there, just like a traumatic event or a disease can. This means it needs to be cured, just like another other problem you might have needs to be cured. Whatever has come about from that remedy is yours now, part of you, and the whole case needs to be taken properly and a remedy given on that basis.

The right remedy for you will fix all of it.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Hi sunflower,

I don't agree with what Evocationer said on the Nat Mur.

Look up Shiatsu massage. You wear your clothes, they work on
the spine and get energy moving and it de-toxes you. You have
to get one from someone that has real training in this type of
massage, not someone who learned it for two days in massage
school. If you cannot find Shiatsu, then get someone well
trained in Acupressure.

If you need help finding the right people, let me know.
Don't go back to that homeopath again.

The Shiatsu works well on re- anchoring you into the body and I have
had two people do this after weeks of feeling like you do - after they
took Nat Mur 1M. 'Feeling like their head was a cloud and not able
to get into themselves right- therefore no enthusiasm'

They were back to normal within 2 hours after the massage.

You can also try 3 doses of Nux Vomica 200c. Take one at night, one
the next morning and one the next night. Mix 3 pills into a quarter cup of
water and take a tsp for a dose.

If that has no effect order Camphor Mother Tincture which is called Q/Take Camphor Q 5 drops with a tea spoon of Sugar 3 times a day for 3 days before 30 min from meal. It the the medicine which can neutralize 90% homeopathic medicines effects immediately.

I would try the Shiatsu first bc it works very fast.
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simone717 7 years ago
Thank you both for your replies,
Simone I thank you for your reply, I have never been the same, be it years, I will try find Shiatsu massage therapist asap. Interesting you mention Camphor, I actually took 2 today 30c whic I had and a small improvement. Can I order the 200c from this website
sunflower99 7 years ago
If Camphor worked, continue on with that. It is a strong antidote.
I would take the 30c 3 times a day 30 minutes before a meal
for 3 days. See how far the improvement goes. Fyi, you can
click any posters name and see their profile and email address if
they list it and contact them if you wish to.

The practical part of this is I helped two people get rid of this
state by having them get one massage. They both felt like you do,
and it was not changing or lessening and they had never had
this 'state' before. It is an out of body state. They had already
spent a good sum of money on the homeopath and were
not about to go back and be told their case had to be re-taken
or just 'wait'- they were actually in danger of losing their

One of those people was on this forum and being given same
advice, you can't antidote, etc, and they were back to normal
within 2 hours of the massage.


Simone 717
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you Simone 717, I will definitely do the massage, I feel like I am on the outside looking in, my career is in jeopardy at this stage, so grateful to you. I will continue with the camphor 30c also.
sunflower99 7 years ago
Antidoting is clearly defined in homoeopathy. So is Duration of Action.

I do not think it is in the best interests of patients to let them think homoeopathic medicines continue to act for years - this is false. We know it is false. The artificial disease that is created by a medicine is short-acting (primary action). The response by the vital force is what is the problem here (secondary action). The vital force maintains symptoms, not remedies taken 5 years ago. And just as we would do in any case when the vital force is out of balance, we take the symptoms and prescribe a similar remedy.

Shiatsu won't be a similar but it works differently, and I am a great believer in the healing power of massage, especially that particular therapy. I often refer patients to well trained Shiatsu practitioners.

You cannot compare what that does to what a remedy does however, while they both work with energy, shiatsu massage does not work via the law of similars.

I have seen many cases of suppression and complication over the years caused by people using something that does not suit the whole case, including massage. In fact I give strict advice to patients who have complaints where they might be using massage to palliate the symptoms to stop, and to avoid it if there is an aggravation. I used to see students palliate and suppress aggravations and provings with acupuncture too, which I also respect on its own as a medical therapy. And obviously the people picking antidotes at random out of the materia medicas - that complicates things sometimes immediately, sometimes further down the track.

I can remember quite a few cases where symptoms that were palliated with an antidotal remedy reappeared during cure with the simillimum - so I know doing this can actually push the symptoms back into the body rather than genuinely resolving them.

The Organon of Medicine is clear about this - use the new symptoms alongside the old ones to find the correct remedy. It also says not to suppress or hide some of those symptoms with something that does not suit the whole case. It is possible then to lose a symptom which could be vital to unlocking the chronic remedy.

Any reaction by the patient is an OPPORTUNITY to heal them, and we should not be trying to 'silence' those symptoms. Our first and most important goal should be to cure the patient, which we know leads to a reduction in their suffering.

Antidoting is primarily to reduce the danger to patients suffering through the primary reaction. We may also need to Palliate when the physical pathology aggravates too much (and an known antidote might be indicated although one has to keep an open mind).
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Evocationer 7 years ago
Thank you Evocationer, When I took the Nat Mur initially I felt great, self esteem improved,however, about 10 days afterwards I had this loud bang in my head, and I had an important exam the following day. I could not put 2 sentences together. I was just staring into space. I thought things would improve and recently was given another dose of Nat Mur and I am in a state of not knowing whats going on around me. I just want to get back to old self.
sunflower99 7 years ago
Hi Sunflower,

How are you doing today?

On the loud bang in your head-

1.Did you go to the MD about this and get checked out? brain scan?
2.Have you heard this noise since then?
3.Have you had any head injuries in the past or accidents?

This 'loud bang' has been called the 'Exploding head syndrome' It is usually part of
a sleep disorder and can happen when starting to fall asleep. But it can also happen
fully awake. People describe it as if literally a gun went off that loud in their head.

It is linked to Stress, extreme fatigue, inner ear problems, minor seizure in
the temporal lobe. This is found mostly in women over 50 with pre-existing sleep issues.
simone717 7 years ago
I am much better, thanks Simone 717, and I actually look so much better physically, eyes are brighter etc
I did not go to MD as it was a once off, I never heard it since. I did have a head injury when I was 8, banged my forehead on concrete and was physically sick afterwards.
sunflower99 7 years ago
Hi-Good! Let me know how you are
after You finish the 3 days and we
can evaluate.
simone717 7 years ago
Thanks Simone 717, appreciate your help
sunflower99 7 years ago
Hi Simone 717, I do not have enough Camphor to do 3 days, only have 2 left for today, should I take nux vom or just leave it?
I doubt I can source camphor today, have appointment for shiatsu massage on wednesday.
sunflower99 7 years ago

Just make up a water dose bottle. Get a dropper bottle. Put the 2 pills in
there and some alcohol- 5 parts water to one part alcohol.

Hit the bottle hard against your hand 5 times and then put a couple drops
into two tablespoons of water and take that as a dose. This will last you
a long time. Do not get the nux vomica right now.

How is your state- What percentage are you better from the recent Nat Mur?

What percentage are you better from the overall?
simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone 717, too late, hav taken the 2 already in pill form. last night, I had long term memories flashing constantly, say 10/15 years ago, the images just kept coming which was amazing. These were memories I have not thought of in a while. I am, however, very tired today and anxious, also dull in mind as before
sunflower99 7 years ago
Hi- I suggest that you wait for the Shiatsu and see how you do with that.

Don't take anymore remedies right now. I think it is good to have
camphor Q mother tincture on hand, so if me, I would order it and then
keep it in the house away from other remedies and away from things
you use everyday.

You can order Q off this site-If you want to let me know where you are
to help with finding remedies or other homeopaths etc , I am happy to
do so-if you don't want certain info on here, it is ok to email me.

I think right now you are having some effects of the Camphor, so just
wait it out and see what the massage does. I also think at some point
you should have some remedies for the childhood head injury.


simone717 7 years ago
I will email you Simone 717
sunflower99 7 years ago
I now have pains all over, chest, back, head and arms
sunflower99 7 years ago
Look up Camphor on this site under Homeopathic Remedies.

See the symptoms under chest, back, extremities. If those are what
you have you have, you had a bit too much camphor. This will wear off.
simone717 7 years ago
Simone 717 you advised take for 3 days, its good I ran out of it then, now what do you advise?
sunflower99 7 years ago
It is impossible to tell what anything is going to do unless you
try a few doses. When there is a reaction to a remedy you stop and
see what the reaction is doing. That is why I said after you
reported on the vivid dreams to stop and don't take anything for now-

wait and let it wear off.
simone717 7 years ago
Just an update, Today is the worst I have been, hoping the Shiatsu does something for me, if not I do not know what to do
sunflower99 7 years ago

What are your symptoms today?
simone717 7 years ago
simone 717, I dont know where or who I am, totally in another dimension
sunflower99 7 years ago

Well this sounds like more of the Nat mur again and the camphor
is not having any effect on it. Your case needs to be taken here if you want bc all the info is needed on you.

Or you can wait and see what Shiatsu does and if no relief contact the homeopath I suggested.

Or you can start filling out the basic form on here and I will have a lot more questions after the
basic info . If the Shiatsu does not help then at least the information is ready to prescribe.

I would not take anything now before Shiatsu bc the massage does a detox of your system, so if
you take something before, the new remedy could also be eliminated and results will not be clear.

What is going on with the camphor effects-vivid dreams and body pains?

Here is the form, if you want to fill it out.

http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/188925 ( please put
your age, height and weight along with it.)
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simone717 7 years ago

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