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Forum homeopaths Please help me

Age : 43 yrs male.

Height : 6.1”

Body Type : thin

Weight : not checked. But have lost weight.

Had Bronchial Asthma in childhood and was treated with homeopathy. Have a history of smoking / drinking (both I have quit though). Was a heavy tea drinker but have reduced it now. Work area IT self Employed. Very late sleeper, or thoughts or anxiety may keep me awake till morning and then i will sleep.

Good in sports.

Mind : Irritable. Cannot tolerate jokes on self . Confused. Currently i feel i have a bad disease (Could be because of the stomach issue)..

Face : Dark circles under eyes. Lot of Acne.

Head : Feel drowsy every morning. Head cold.

Nose : Always stuffed in the night, especially the left nostril. Lot of sneezing which makes the head heavy.

Mouth : Tongue white coated. Tip of the tongue burns with anything spicy.

Stomach : Acidic and cutting pains at times. Appetite had gone down but it is better. Nausea and feel like Vomiting but has stopped now. Anything acidic causes me nausea

Abdomen : Always had a bad digestion since i can remember. Used get cramps and urgency, if i eat anything spicy than problem and i always loved spicy food. Even soft stools are difficult to evacuate and manual evacuation. Unsatisfied . Was treated with anti biotics and Pantodac DSR 3-4 yrs back and was better.

Rectum : May have pilesas sometimes it swollen. Anal itching at times.

Stool : Depends. Sometimes sour unformed soft or sometimes a little ok. But never satisfied. Manual evacuation.

Respiratory : Asthmatic.

Back : lower back stiffness and crackling. Pain. Maybe due to lifting of weights.

Left shoulder crackling since a few days. Knees crackling.

Cannot bear Air conditions. I feel in cold environment I become thin.

Current Problems :

These problems started two months back, I was getting throbbing pains on both the kidneys and feeling sick. Wanted to urinate but could not urinate.

Urine test showed Pus and Sonography confirmed two stones in the left kidney with Cystitis and a prostrate size of 34 cms no treatment given for Prostrate.. Was given Anti biotic for Cystitis and seems like its clear as no burning during urination.

Sharp pains during urination but resolved.

Pain between the scrotum and Anus. Like a pressure. Throbbing pain in the penis. Need to urinate at least 4-5 times at night and sometimes not satisfied.

Don’t know if the kidney stones have passed as I have no pain. On Ayurveda medicine for it.

My issue resolves around the digestion.

Around 15 days back i started getting hard stools like small balls and very difficult to pass. This remained for a few days then it became better. Now there is a heaviness and swelling left of the Navel It pains sometimes. It always feels heavy like something is there. Even after a bowel movement feels like something is left behind like heaviness . I think the left colon pains and there is heat . Getting some pains even a little below and left of the navel , lower abdomen is always heavy. Get a cramp and may get diarrhea, I don’t like the medical tests as they give more tensions. The stool in not actually formed and may smell sour. The left side of the abdomen feels more tougher than the right side.

Feels like something is still left after a bowel movement, pressure in the rectum. Manual evacuation and soft stool. There is heaviness left of the navel which looks slightly bulged.
There is tightness of the lower abdomen. Sometimes unable to expel gas.

I do have weight loss and my appetite had not been good since a month but its better now. Had a lot of nausea and vomiting due to reflux which was probably killing my appetite. Doctor prescribed Pantodac DSR.

Now I don’t have nausea and i am not on Pantodac. Appetite is good.

Sometimes there is burning and cutting in the stomach. Get weird chest pains and also chills but no fever. Feel sick with chill and the weird chest pains.

Weight loss.

Sexual desire has decreased.

I would like to cure myself completely and get back in life.

Because of the above issue i don't feel like living. As I think i know what the problem is.

My complains are mostly left sided.


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  zibban on 2014-08-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have made your life too much complicated.
first thing that you need to do is make your routine set properly. Timely eating healthy food & have a sleep of at least 6-7 hours and also make it at regular time daily.( may be 10-00pm to 6-00AM

The Medicine that you need now is taking NUX VOMICA 200c six pills at bedtime only once daily for six days & watch the improvement.
No other allopathy or Homeo medicines during these days come what may be.

Tell us how you feel after six days & then we shall discuss further.

Worrying about bad health is worse than bad health itself.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Thanks for the reply Daktersaab.

I am worried is because my symptoms are similar to of the colon C or stomach C and i do not want to go the allopathy way for it.

Should I take Nux V 200 once at night everyday ? or just take it tonight ?
zibban 8 years ago
Apologize for the repost.

Thanks for the reply Daktersaab.

I am worried is because my symptoms are similar to of the colon C or stomach C and i do not want to go the allopathy way for it.

Should I take Nux V 200 once at night everyday ? or just take it tonight ?

BTW i do have weight loss and today feeling sick. like nauseated and weak.

Another thing i want to ask his that lump or full /swelling of the left of navel will that go away ? as that is the reason i feel as if something is left behind and last I cramps around the navel and just could not pass or expel gas.
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zibban 8 years ago
you need to take nux vomica 200c six pills at bedtime only once daily for six days & watch the improvement.

please read my post very carefully. it is very clear.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Roger Daktersaab.

Will start today.

Thank you.
zibban 8 years ago

I did take six pills of Nux Vomica 200 last night after dinner.

But before taking it I had go for a bowel movement and i noticed that my stool is little brown it has some dark patches (but not black more like dark chocolate color) like constipated. Same stool n the morning.

Also today my appetite is bad and feeling a nauseated.

And I have this tickling in the throat with some cough and breathing problem.

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zibban 8 years ago
continue the medicines as suggested.Just forget as to what is all happening for a few days.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Ok Daktersaab.

Is ginger ok to eat with homeopathy ?
zibban 8 years ago
Yes with a gap of at least one hour before or after the medicine.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Thank you for your reply. But there a few things which I had forgotten to mention in my 1st post.

Daktersaab the following is only for Info.

Before all this I had lower back stiffness and my legs were heavy and tiring, the left leg used to be more heavy. The lower back becomes stiff and hurts sometimes. But now the leg heaviness is not there. The spine crackles. Feel weak in the spine and get worried.

1 ) There is a smell of feces in mouth / nose.

2 ) My Appetite seems weird. Have weight loss.

3 ) Feel tired after a bowel movement.

4 ) I had self prescribed Ars Alb 3c and Nitric Acidum 3c for 3-4 days and after that my appetite was amazing and nausea had gone even my stool was not dark but the feeling of something left never went away.

Today the stool is again constipated and kind of pasty and still the dark orange / brown and also needed manually evacuation of the soft / pasty stool but still heaviness, sometimes i feel the heaviness is more after a bowel movement. The rectum feels full / tight.

Urine becomes foamy.

The bloating is left of navel hmmm around an inch or two.

I did/do have some pains at times to the left of the navel.

It could obstruction or as I said earlier CC.

Daktersaab please do not mind my post as I trying to get myself cured completely and i am anxious / nervous as to the thought of 'C'.

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zibban 8 years ago

please read my previous post.

Today again i had kind of a hard stool.

Feel my life is over and i am ready for it.
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zibban 8 years ago
Just keep quiet for few days let medicine work.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Ok sir,

BTW the Nux Vomica 200 pills I had bought them around 15 days back and i think the alcohol in it has dried up. so should I get a new one ?

zibban 8 years ago
NO. Use same
daktersaab 8 years ago
ok sir.

zibban 8 years ago

Today the stool was hard but not much. Had pain in the Anus.

The amount of stool is not much. The left of abdomen feels better, but if i press left and a little below the left of navel i find a firmness, the left still feels swollen . Throbbing and pain is there sometimes.

Feeling of sickness is still there and don't have refreshed sleep.

I get this pain between the anus and scrotum and also in the penis usually in the night and feel the lower abdomen is pressing down. And the area between the anus and scrotum feels tight along with the tightness of buttocks and Anus. There is sharp pain around 2 inches left of belly button. But it comes only at times. After eating the whole abdomen is heavy and very uncomfortable.


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zibban 8 years ago
Dear zibban.

I have read some of your past posts & also after thinking about this one, I think you like to be in the focus through talking a lot about yourself (ESPECIALLY THE ILLNESSES)

Let me tell you that there is a unquestionable principle, that when our thoughts are negative our body also receives negative energy and we go sick both mentally & physically.

There are better ways to live life with positive thoughts & with less of self-centered attitude.

An attitude of gratitude for all the blessings that are bestowed upon us, which millions of people in this world do not have.
Compassion, love & concern for others is the best antidote to self-negating approach to life.

Medicines are only the crutches that help to gain health, only when one wants to get well.
I hope you will introspect and ask yourself a few real hard questions about your own self.
God also helps those who help themselves.

With my sincere & warm regards to you!!!
[message edited by daktersaab on Mon, 18 Aug 2014 07:56:38 BST]
daktersaab 8 years ago

Thank you for the reply. No I am not trying to get attention to myself.

If i ask why i am like this is because of my own doing.Yes I have been very negative in life and i am trying to change that.

And the post was just a progress of day to day during medication and some info which i probably missed to put it in the original post.

Yes god helps one who helps himself i agree to that sir. and for that i pray to him everyday and ask him to forgive me and get me back on my feet.

[message edited by zibban on Mon, 18 Aug 2014 11:46:59 BST]
zibban 8 years ago
I appreciate your intentions & shall certainly I too will pray for your well being.
daktersaab 8 years ago

Thank you for your kind words. May god / Allah bless you.

Today will be the 6th does of Nux 200.

zibban 8 years ago
Dear Zibban,

Having finished the course of Nux Vom for six days now please do not take any other medicine for clear 7 days and give yourself a strong message day in & day out that you are getting better & better.

Let us know how are you feeling after about a week's time.

daktersaab 8 years ago
Roger Daktersaab,

I will try and report day to day progress.

zibban 8 years ago
Good day Daktersaab,


Last night at around 4-5 a.m. i felt the bloating just go away and was so happy but in the morning it was back and again full tightness and feeling sick. Bowel movement was there but constipated type and sticky so manual evacuation as always but still felt the tightness on the sides of the navel and still incomplete evacuation. The abdomen feels sore / bruise and like its going to open up.

Weight loss and don't have the strength or stamina.

I do have a very cold with tremendous sneezing and was going to take nat mur 6x as that clears it up but as you said no medication hence I did not take it.

I still have the thought of something serious with my health and i am trying to get over it.

[message edited by zibban on Wed, 20 Aug 2014 11:43:09 BST]
zibban 8 years ago

What to do about my spine ? It feels bad and the lower back is stiff and crackles and there is heaviness in the legs , the neck also crackles, if i press a certain place on the spine it hurts, the left leg also looses some circulation in a particular sitting position. I am scared that it will break.

Now this spine issue happened prior to my sonography for the kidney stones.
zibban 8 years ago


Today morning 4-5 a.m. I again had the dull / throbbing pain in the right kidney. My stones are in the left kidney.This pain had disappeared but don't know why it came. There was also a fluttering feeling in the left kidney area which i had even earlier but had disappeared.

About my stomach again manual evacuation and not complete.Heavy feeling /tightness in left and right of the navel area, Manual evacuation hurts and even soft stool needs manual evacuation. and again pasty. color looks normal. The whole abdomen feels bruised and sore and uncomfortable , tight. Especially the navel area and the muscles (or what ever that is ) around it going up to the ribs.

There is sometimes pain in the sternum or pain to the left or right of it.

BTW I used to have these horrible pains below the left and right rib cage but again like the kidney pain they had disappeared. But I do have the pain at times under the right rib.

These all started only after the kidney thing.

zibban 8 years ago

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