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Today morning 4-5 a.m. I again had the dull / throbbing pain in the right kidney. My stones are in the left kidney.This pain had disappeared but don't know why it came. There was also a fluttering feeling in the left kidney area which i had even earlier but had disappeared.

About my stomach again manual evacuation and not complete.Heavy feeling /tightness in left and right of the navel area, Manual evacuation hurts and even soft stool needs manual evacuation. and again pasty. color looks normal. The whole abdomen feels bruised and sore and uncomfortable , tight. Especially the navel area and the muscles (or what ever that is ) around it going up to the ribs.

There is sometimes pain in the sternum or pain to the left or right of it.

BTW I used to have these horrible pains below the left and right rib cage but again like the kidney pain they had disappeared. But I do have the pain at times under the right rib.

These all started only after the kidney thing.

zibban 8 years ago
Take ALUMINA 30c 5 Pills twice a day morning & evening for 4 daays & stop & report after 8-9 days.
Drink lots of water & do some light exercise.Also add fruits to your diet.
daktersaab 8 years ago

Thank you for the reply, i will get Alumina tomorrow and start and will report any changes.

zibban 8 years ago

I have a few questions. If you don't mind then please let me know.

zibban 8 years ago
No questions mow please.

Kindly follow the instructions given in my last post & contact after some time.

I do not want to get confused.
daktersaab 8 years ago

I am not able to urinate properly right now (same like it had happened 3 months back, it comes out little and bladder feels full. My back / spine is horrible too.

I hope this is not spine compression because it has same things and as I mention my back/spine is horrible. Though my sonography did show an enlarged prostrate as I have mentioned in the 1st post. But now I am worried. Don't have any burning.

So i just took Citro Soda.

I know I should not confuse you and put up my own diagnoses but i am getting worried.

Why am I getting nerve pain next to my penis ? It's the nerve is getting some pressure from my abdomen.

I do have R25 from Reckwegg but i have not taken it.

One more thing i have is there is a sharp pain on both the sides of the tail bone. My whole body feels broken.

Apologize for this post sir but i had to write it down.

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zibban 8 years ago
Hi Zibbon,

Have you taken Alumina as suggested earlier?
If you have taken it then
As for your present symptoms you must take one doses of BRYONIA 200 (5 Pills) in a day for three days. i.e., total 3 doses.

Watch for another 5 days & let us know. Do not take any other medicine. Not even R 25.Drink lots of water.It will detox your system.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Hello Daktersaab,

Yes I have taken Alumina 30 but as I had gone out of town and could not acquire it so today is the third for Alumina 30 and today i had a very good bowel movement.

My bladder is not emptying completely.

So should I take Bryonia 200 from today or after finishing the Alumina 30 treatment.

BTW sir even my neck is bad.

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zibban 8 years ago
No do not take Bryo wait for alumina to work for at least a week.
Report after a week. We will decide then.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Ok sir, My left abdomen feels better and that heaviness is almost gone today and the bloated feeling is not there today. But there is some pain below the right ribs.

I do have nausea and not much of an appetite.

zibban 8 years ago

I had to go my doctor today due to the cough and have been prescribed Cepodem 200 for 5 days and also some other mediciine from the doctor.

Today I had a bowel movement but the whole abdomen feels tight and hard if i press in the abdomen it feels like the intestines are hardened up. Sometimes i feel it hardens up or tightness up after a bowel movement or after consuming food but i am not sure.

I will post more details again in a day or two.

zibban 8 years ago
Sorry dear I dont think I can do naything more as you are very very fluctuating in your mind.

You better carry on with the new doctor & hopefully give him a fair chance to help you.
Good luck!
daktersaab 8 years ago

You mean you won't help me ? there is nothing fluctuating here as that cough was bad hence i had to go to the doctor.

But anyway if you are not willing to help me further than I would like to thank you for all your help and appreciate the time given by you.

zibban 8 years ago
Hello Zibban,

You must have certainly heard the proverb ' Too many cooks spoil the broth'

With Homoeopathy it is most applicable.It is not like allopathy that they have standard methods.In homoeopathy it is different in each case.

Another uniqueness about homoeopathy is that all medicines are very deep & long acting therefore we have to have lots of patiences.

Now coming back to you. How are you feeling now. I expect a very brief post from you & the medicines you took last.What & when?
I do not promise but I shall try to guide you if I can.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Hello Daktersaab,

Thank you again for the reply.

Sir, today the bowel was good, but there is pain sometimes around the navel and also on the sides of the navel, some tightness and heaviness / tightness is still there but that feeling of something in the left abdomen is much much less , though i do notice the swelling on the left of the navel. Could be colon inflammation, there is some weird chest pain with a bad cough like asthmatic which causes me breathing problems. I feel sick and feel there is cold in the body as the nose gets blocked / stuff in the night and feel like mucous in the chest. Sometimes the heaviness is there on the right side of the navel.

Appetite feels better. I get nausea while sleeping at times and something in the throat. watery/ metallic taste in the mouth.

But i do feel sick. sir the abdomen pain which i get is not like what i have got before. It feels like bruised / sore very uncomfortable. the left of the abdomen from the navel to the waist it is feels sore. Sometimes pain under the right and left ribs.

BTW sir, I always feel the bowel movement in the anus and this was there since years.

Lower back stiffness and weakness with weakness of the legs on walking.

That cough still remains but to a lesser extent. The whole body aches just don't have that life force. There is pain in the chest (don't know how to explain that pain). sometimes some slight pain on the right and left of the sternum. Nausea.

Hope i am putting it down correctly.

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zibban 8 years ago
Bhaiya, aakhri davai kya aur kab li woh to likho takey may kuch batla sakun.
daktersaab 8 years ago
LOL daktersaab,

I had taken Alumina 30c and the last dose was two days ago.

Dark circles under eyes (had these since years) and weight loss is still there. I look old for 43 yrs.

There is a little stitching pain above the left waist

[message edited by zibban on Wed, 03 Sep 2014 10:48:22 BST]
zibban 8 years ago
OK fine just wait for another 3 days & let me know how much better you are feeling then we will decide the next step.

In homoeopathy wait & watch is another guru mantra.No med is better than wrong med.So have patience.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Aye aye sir,

Will get back to you after 3 days.

zibban 8 years ago
Mind : Still feeling of having a grave illness and fear it and prefer death. May use wrong words while talking. Sadness because of my health and how i have lived my life. Getting frustrated maybe at god or is it myself again how i have lived my life and the health problems which i have now.

Now i feel i am cursed ( just my imagination ? ?/??? )

Eyes : Dark circles, little puffy ness below the eyes.

Ears : Itching especially at night.

Head : Drowsiness in the morning.

Face : looking older for my age.. Lot of acne.

Mouth : There is blackness near the gums on certain teeth, coated tongue.

Throat : Cough without mucous specially morning and nights. The cough gives asthmatic feeling as i need an inhaler. Cough may hurt the abdomen and lower back. Cough is very bad and makes breathing difficult.
   (The cough and chest problem has not been resolved with the allopathy doctors medicine Cepodem 200)

   Please note I was a bronchial asthmatic patient during childhood and had been cured with Homeopathy (Dr Batra). I have been a smoker since 1991 and just quit smoking 3 months back. No alcohol anymore.

Nose : Feels like cold.

Stomach : Appetite may wary. My feel full after eating a little. Or eat properly.

Abdomen : The left of navel tightness / heaviness is almost gone but the swelling / bloated of the left abdomen still remains. There is heaviness on the right of the abdomen at times.

Some pain in the right abdomen like an ache.

There is stinging / sharp pain around the navel but mostly the left..Pain extending to from the left of the navel till above the waist. These pains are not continuous.

  Slight swelling below the left rib.
  If the abdomen is not clear I will feel sick and get nausea. The abdomen feels tight and heavy and very uncomfortable.
  I have noticed a throb or pulsing in the left abdomen but i am not sure.
   (Daktersaab I will have to get back to you with more about my abdomen as certain things are a bit confusing or if you could ask me)
Stool : Unformed and smelly. Incomplete , ineffectual. Manual evacuation needed after first motion (same time bowel movement ) and the rest may be sticky.

Urine : Urine is foamy. Sometimes incomplete.

Male : Sexual desire is less. Enlarged prostrate. (I used to masterbate till 3-4 months back since a very early age but i have quit as my religion / faith does not permit that, but it may be difficult to control).

Respiration : Bad dry cough. Though have some mucous in the chest. The cough is horrible.

Chest pains which cannot be explained at least by me. But they feel like pressure points.

Back : Backache affecting sacrum (lower back) and hips; worse walking or stooping. The muscles of the buttocks and hips get tight.

The lower back has suddenly worsened since last night. It is causing pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen and the back muscles / veins since last night if i bend or turn or certain movements. I am very scared about this. The pain is horrible. But the pain comes only on certain movements. Bending for a few seconds stiffens the back.

The spine feels bad. Neck cracks and stiffness too.

I may have back injury due to lifting weights and walking with heavy stuff.

The lower back feels broken or may just break. There is heaviness in the left leg on walking at times.

Modalities : Cold / damp weather is aggravating. I become sick. The whole body is becomes bad. The fingers will hurt. May get a runny nose and sneezing .
I love the rains / cold but this time it has made me worse and I feel better in warm areas
   OOPS SIR MY ONE MISTAKE I HAD TAKEN NAT MUR 1M does a month and a half back , i took this because of the weight loss. I think my weight has improved in the last few days.
   Apologize that i did not inform you about the Natrum Mur does as I thought it may not affect or it is not doing anything.
  Sir, now about this sick feeling i am not sure if its from the stomach / abdomen / chest or the spine.

Please do ask me questions as the above posted information may not be exact / correct from a layman.

zibban 8 years ago
Hi Zibbon,

Thanks for the update. Before I tell you about medicine let me tell you a few things that I feel you need to understand & follow, if you want medicine to work.

1. You need to change your mindset about youself.This being a mortal body small ups & downs will always be there, which is a part of our life.
To be too sensitive about each & every symptoms will make you a pessimist and will make you more sick.

2. There is too much of focus on your own self & not towards others in the world.Self centeredness & always worrying about your own self also makes a man sick.
Think about what you can do for others rather than what others can do for you.

3. Do not try to seek approval for yourself from others. Instead, count your own blessings that God has been kind enough to bless upon you.


Now for medicine.Take three doses (5 Pills each)of LYCOPODIUM 200, in one day with a gap of six hours, ONLY FOR ONE DAY & NOTHING ELSE.
Report after 7 days.

Good luck to you!
daktersaab 8 years ago
really like this sir.

meri lambi taqrir achi na lagi ho to koi baat nahi, do char gaali de dena lekin meri baat per gaor zaroor karna.kabhi kabhi budhe bhi kaam ki baat kar jate haye.:=))zindagi may maksad dhundo ge to zindagi ki pechidgiyan khatam ho jaye gi.

sir before i get lyco 200 i would like to put more symptoms.

zibban 8 years ago
no please not required.

take lyco or leave it. choice is yours.maye pareshan nahi hona chahta.

aap ki marzi
daktersaab 8 years ago

I am not trying to make you pareshan or trying to confuse you. I have a tendency of forgetting a few things and that's the reason i have mentioned in my post that i may get back about more symptoms.

This also happens when i ever i used to see my family doctor.

NP sir i will go ahead with Lyco 200 but I will only procure it tomorrow.

And BTW sir Lycopodium was already on mind even before you prescribed it LOL. Don't know why. Thanks.

[message edited by zibban on Mon, 08 Sep 2014 14:40:08 BST]
zibban 8 years ago
Hello Daktersaab,

Update after Lyco 200 3 doses :

The abdomen problem has returned but to a lesser extent though the heaviness is not always there but there is pain at times left of navel. I do get this ache a few times in the liver area. Motion again looks constipated and the motion is not satisfactory, lower abdomen tightness does come on.also the chest pain (I cannot describe the chest pain its weird ) and cough and my spine is again horrible. The waist gets tight and the hips. Get pains in the lower spine. Left leg heaviness. got burning sensation in the left foot and hand. sometimes burning in the right foot. Lower abdomen still has some tightness.

Weight looks better but dark circles still persist. Hunger is ok.

The lower back is scaring me. Because i feel it is messing up the nerves and honestly i just don't how to describe it. There is pain and stiffness. Neck problems too. I still feel sick at times and sometimes i am better.

My doctor told me that the spine has shifted, possible due to weights. (I am not taking any allopathy medication now).

Need anymore info please do let me know.

zibban 8 years ago
How Much of water you consume in a day?

How does the fatty (oily)food agree or disagree with you?

Which is the time in 24 hours that you feel worse?

Please be very brief & to the point.
Thank you for the feedback
daktersaab 8 years ago

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