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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
How Much of water you consume in a day?

How does the fatty (oily)food agree or disagree with you?

Which is the time in 24 hours that you feel worse?

Please be very brief & to the point.
Thank you for the feedback
daktersaab 8 years ago
Hello Daktersaab,

My water consumption was around 5-6 glasses before the kidney stones and now it is 8-12 glasses.

I am not too sure how fatty / oily food affects me never noticed it even if it did.

Now I feel worse almost the whole day.


I have body itch in the night suddenly from the last few days.

I have forgot to mention that I get these bruise or clot in the palm especially the fingers when tying shoe laces or like something hurts them and it hurts bad , i hope you what i mean. This was there since a long time.

I never had that ache in the liver region , don't know why it is there.

poora body hill gaya hai.

zibban 8 years ago
Take three doses of PULSATILLA 200 (4 pills each time)with a gap of six hours just for ONE day & report after a week.
Report only after a week.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Aye aye sir,

Pulsatilla 200 3 doses at a gap of six hours.

Will procure it mostly today else tomorrow.

Report back after a week

zibban 8 years ago

Feeling better.

Though I still have the constipated stool with manual evacuation and abdomen heaviness. Today the stool was pencil thin and very less.
Hmm the pain the liver region has gone.

Spine / SI feels better. Chest is better but the cough is still there especially mornings and evenings.

Feel better.

zibban 8 years ago
Dear zibban,

Thanks for your brief & to the point feedback.

Your feeling good is a matter for both of us to rejoice & thank God.

Now you take CHELIDONIUM Maj.Q mother tincture Ten drops in half a cup of warm water three times a day (6-8 hourly gap) for ten days.

Drink lots of water & enjoy life.
Kindly let us know after 10 days how much better you are feeling.
Good luck.
daktersaab 8 years ago

Yes feeling good is a matter for both us and I thank god first and than you for helping.

Sir, I will not be able to procure Chelidonium before Tues-Wednesday as I am not in my home town.

Should I be concerned about the PENCIL THIN STOOL ?

zibban 8 years ago
Nothing to worry about it. Start CHELI. as & when you are able to get it.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Hi Daktersaab,

Now a problem. As could not be back for many days due to work hence i have not taken Chelidonium. So i am back today. So I am sorry about not being able to take the medicine.

So I will start Chelidonium from tomorrow / day after.

But my health had improved till last night. Almost similar issue.

Ok here goes.

I don't feel a motion most of the time, and passing is not satifactory and still manual evacution and little which seemed hard. The sharp / needle like pain in the body has returned and also in the chest. Urine again burning and incomplete. The lower abodmen does still feel tight / hard . The ache in the right under ribs has come back.

The lower back is a little bad again, i think they are nerve pains. I also feel the body pain is are nerve but i am not sure.

My apologizes for not being able to take the medicine on time.

Should I wait a couple of days and see if the symptoms go away ?

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zibban 8 years ago
Start taking chelidonium as suggested earlier.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Hi Daktersaab,

Finished taking Cheli.

Three days back there was a continous ache the whole day below the right ribs. Now the ache has gone. Lower back is better. But my motion is still same not satifying manual evacuation in fact don't get the urge for a motion usually when I am sitting I may need to walk around for sometime.

I keep getting cold during weather change, the whole body is cold and lethargic hence my head remains foggy.

Dark circles still persits.
Acne still there

Again have lost some weight. appetite is good.

Hmm I have male pattern baldness can you help with that too ?

Need more info please let me know.

zibban 8 years ago
Hi Daktersaab,

Sir , that pain left of navel is there since yesterday and it is sharp and almost continous.

zibban 8 years ago
Hi zibban,

Just take ONLY one single dose of LYCOPODIUM 1000c (1M) and forget for 15 days. no other any medicine duringthis period.

report only after 2 week.
daktersaab 8 years ago
Hi Daktersaab,

I will go ahead with Lyco 1M.

Now the thing is that pain next to left of navel has gone. There a few other things too.

But I will only report after the duration of Lyco 1m.

zibban 8 years ago
Hi Daktersaab,

There was a little delay in taking Lyco 1M but I have taken it around a week back.

Now the problem is my left abodmen is feeling full and tight , even below the navel the belt area feels tight.

The upper abdomen also feels heavy.

Sometimes fullness on the right.

If I bend I can feel the heaviness tightness.

zibban 8 years ago
Hi Daktersaab,

I am still bloated up. When sitting or sleeping don't feel the bloat but standing walking the bloating is there. My hunger is ok but not like before.

The bloating more on the lower abdomen and left sided more.

I am not in town hence any recommended remedy can be only be purchased once I come back home after a week.

Let me know if you need more details and what remedy should I use now.

BTW cold weather really hurts my body and the whole is heavy with nose blockage. Feel drowsy.

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zibban 8 years ago

Are you there ?

zibban 8 years ago

Are you there ?

This is after Lyco 1M.

Got some other issues.

Firstly I rode a bike and on my left ankle there are two glands or something which has formed and they do hurt when pressed and it hurts the left feet. There is also some pain in the right feet.

I have this abdomen pain like it is hmm pulling or something and its uncomfortable gas gives little relief and motion is not clear , in fact if I don't move around then there is no feeling of a motion.

Feels like food or water comes back up into the throat and something in the throat.

Bloating is there most of the day.

The lower back issue is back.

BTW sir I have this facial pain on the left side of the left eye. Its like the muscles or nerves. It's lasts for a few seconds and uncomfortable.

Have lost weight.

Hope you read this sir.

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zibban 8 years ago
Tring tring Daktersaab
zibban 8 years ago

Last few days bloating seems to have gone. But I don't feel like a motion on holidays because of not much movement.

I have this reflux or something. It's like water in the throat and also feel something in the throat, I can contribute this reflux to my coffee because I started drinking too much coffee because of my constipation but I have quit it again. It is not a burning sensation. Along with this I had some throat issues like poking irritation since almost 10 days. But the throat is better.

Hope you are able to read the posts.

Need more info please let me know.

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zibban 8 years ago

Please help me with this reflux or whatever it is. It is also causing some pressure on the chest.

Today the sensation in the throat is there almost the whole day.

I shouldn't have touched tea / coffee again. I am just going to avoid anything acidic from now.

zibban 8 years ago

I am wondering what to do now ?

I feel I should take Nux Vomica but I will only take if you recommend.

Anything acidic also causes that reflux / chest pain / the sensation in the throat. There is acid just below the ribs. The food backs up into the throat. Though it is not burning but with a watery feeling. Its there right now while typing this.

BTW I don't think I can eat anything too acidic. The lower abdomen tightness does occur.

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zibban 8 years ago

There is some weird issue in my digestive system.

I am awake typing this down at 5 a.m. . There is some weird pain all over the abdomen and also feels like acid in the chest and stomach, I am not able to sleep , this has been happening since almost ten days. I am not getting enough sleep because the moment i lie down to sleep after 15-20 mins there is cough / spit which is stuck in the throat and I have to constantly clear it.

BTW the abdominal pain starts after a few hours of eating usually dinner.

Nose gets stuffed up.

The body feels weird just can't explain like burning or stabbing pains damn. Some other issues too.

I got some throat issues which seem to have resolved but since last 4-5 days i get cold feet and feverish with a headache and body ache.

I am at a loss as to why is all this happening.

Please help sir.

I know it was a mistake by going back to tea / coffee but that was triggered due to my constipation, I needed some stimulant. But I have quit it now.

I somehow feels this is a reaction of Lyco 1M as all this started only after that.


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zibban 8 years ago
It does seem like Daktersaab has not posted on the forum since November last year.

I can try to help until he returns. However if he does reply to any post I will withdraw immediately.

Can you please list all your current symptoms in one post in as much detail as you can. Also please describe your current general, mental, and emotional state.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

Thanks for the reply, yes Daktersaab is unavailable currently.

I used to be a heavy drinker alcohol (which I have quit since almost 4-5 years ) a heavy tea drinker and smoker both again which I have quit too since last 9 months except I started tea/ coffee again due to my constipation which was a trigger. But I quit it again.

My current problems.

Abdomen / Stomach : I think there is reflux but the reflux does not burn. There is acid feeling under the ribs and stomach.The throat feels full at times.

Last 10-15 days I have this abdomen pain and some relief with gas but not much. The pain tends to go away after 30 mins or so. I usually notice it a few hours after eating. Right now the pain is there and I feel that gas can relive it but not passing much gas.

My motion has never been clear since many years and everyday is a manual evacution.

I was treated for stomach infection a few years ago and after that I get a max of two motions. Before that was just too horrible.

Motion is not satisfactory and not completely formed. Even manual evacuation hurts the abdomen.

There is sharp pain at times on the left of the abdomen.

Feeling the acid coming up from the intestines too.

Now I get heaviness in the abdomen which is again a few hours after eating.

Throat - Got some kinda throat infection which was like needles and raw.
But the throat problem has gone.

Though if I get acidic then I have a weird sensation in the throat.

Since last 4-5 days I tend to get cold feet and feverish with a headache and body ache and tiredness.

Respiratory - There is a pressure and acid pain on both sides of the chest which usually comes on when there is acid in the stomach. Stuffy nose in the night while sleeping. Cold weather causes me problems. But I like cold weather.

Mind - Mental symptoms are like depression / frustration at God because of the health issues. And I could never do anything in my life. Always messed up. Always pray to him for forgiveness and to give my health back.
My sleep habit is not good. I tend to sleep very very late and do get up early or late depending.

When I feel well I am in a good mood.

Body - There is some weird burning / stabbing pain like in the body which is difficult to explain.

Back - have shifted SI joint which causes me a lot of lower back issues like walking bending. The muscles / nerves of the lower back just become stiff and it's horrible.


BTW I was a Brochial asthma patient during childhood and was cured by Dr. Batra.

Forgot to mention that I have dark circles since years.

Have some weight loss too which since almost 4-5 years. Tend to put some but loose again.

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zibban 8 years ago

Please check the previous post.

I will have to visit the doctor because this pain is weird. Could be stomach infection or an ulcer . Its more in the intestine.

Also getting myself Nux Vomica 200 but will not take it. Only keep it with me.

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zibban 8 years ago

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