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persistant chalazion cyst

i emailled a few weeks ago about a two year chalazion cyst. it was suggested that i take staphasygria 200ck for one month. I have been taking it for two weeks with daily hot water soaks (once a day is all i can fit in) and the cyst is swelling - i'm not sure if it's from soaking or from the homoepathic remedy. How will i know if the pills are working? should i try something else or keep going for the next two weeks?

thanks for your help
  Lboogy78 on 2006-01-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am also new to homeopathy, infact I also have chalazion r8 now (check my thread)

but during my search in the forum, for persistant chalazion, i had found this-

(Thread: This for That
author: Nisha-India)

Pleaase confirm it before you try the medicines

itsmenirav last decade
I had a similiar problem to you, and I found some helpful info on the board.

To get rid of pus in your body, take silicea 30C pellets (5 a day) for about a week. Then, take Hepar Sulph Calcarrum 30C (5 a day) for 2 days. The Hepar Sulph heals the pus wound. In addition, on a daily basis, take the Staphysagria 200 C (5 a day), usually in the morning on an empty stomach.

I had chalazions on top and bottom of eyelids - very embarassing. So, I followed this regimen, and I have to say that after a month, my eyes have improved dramatically. In addition, try to put on hot compresses on the eyelid twice a day if you can. (at least 5 minute sessions each time). I know it's an inconvenience, but I usually wake up a little bit earlier in the morning, and at night it's easy since you're going to go to bed anyway.

One more thing that I learned about this condition - I have read this, and been consulted by another physician that the chalazions are brought on by extra fat content within your body. That means, any fatty fried foods can collect deposits in your eyes. Cut out the McDonald's greasy fatty foods, try to eat healthier, and see what happens. . . .

Hope this helps,

clariteyes last decade
thank you so much, i will try these out and see how they work. From what i have been reading it seems that homeopathy really cures these, and i know that everyone is different so all remedies might not work for everyone. But i am patient enough to try other peoples suggestion to see if it will work for me.

As for the fried food, i haven't had mc.d (or anything comparable) for over fifteen years, and my intake of fried foods is very minimal, so hopefully i will mend quickly once i have found a remedy that works for me.

thanks so much
Lboogy78 last decade
I am passing on some stuff that has helped me just recently and amazing result..I have had a chalazoin for over 3 months started to go away I put my contact lens back in and it came back double...so now I took them out and determined to heal it without surgery, I looked up everything I could find..I asked the pharmacist about Stye eye which had worked before and she said everyone is asking about the stye eye they changed the ingredients it used to have a drawing effect but now it is just a lubricant but she did not know what the ingredient was that they took out..so I looked up on the internet for something with a drawing effect and what came up is magnesium sulfate which is plain old Epson salts, it is used by people to drain boils and carbuncles it has a drawing out effect..So that is what I decided to try first and it has worked incredibly in like 4-5 days almost completely gone...I first read about someone using antibacterial soap to help so I bought some dial and have been using that soap to wash with...then I boil water and add the epson salts just mix whatever you like box says 50/50 and then dip wash cloth in wring out in big towel helps so you don't burn your hands let it cool enough to not burn eye and do compresses until it cools which is pretty quick and then dip in water again and I usually get 2-3 times before water cools quickly..I save the rest for later and heat it up again..I have only had time to do twice a day but more often may work faster..every other day I have put neosporin antibacerial ointment at night before bed being careful to use very little rub in real good and do not get in eye...This regimen has taken all the red out completely and shrunk it to hardly nothing more than half gone...I have only been using this less than a week myself but it is working like a charm...Other stuff I found but did not try because this first attempt has produced incredible results...but the other stuff for drawing infection out I found was castor oil applied to cotton ball and tape on overnight (said to work on boil in two days), pure tea tree oil a drop applied after shower, turmeric capsule 450 mg a day which was higly recommended not sure where to get it suppose to be natural, and some people use potatoe slice in a cloth applied for 30 minutes to help draw out infection...However, the epson salts, antibacterial soap and neosporin ointment has worked amazingly for me at this point so I have not tried the other things but found them on sites for getting rid of boils which is similar to chalazion as they are blocked oil ducts..so hope information helps you as it has done amazing for myself and I am very happy to pass it on to help others since these things are so noticable and we want to get rid of them as fast as possible, I know I do and I am definitely not having surgery as it seems everyone I read that had surgery has gotten even more of them afterwards...so all my searching has paid off and mine is now practically gone in just 4-5 days..I will keep you posted on my progess I will be keeping this up for as long at it takes to completely get rid it since I need to put my contact back in, I am nearsighted and can't see far away and I am wearing only on contact now..he he..but you will be amazed at the result as I have in less than a week, epson salts are very cheap small one like $1.50 big one $2.75 at any drug store..I recommend big one because small one only lasts a couple days...I hope you give it a try you will be glad you did as I am so happy I could not wait to share with others...Best Regards...
Redhotrx7 last decade
word!!! many thanks for the epsom salts remedy for chalazion. i had a pea sized chalazion in right eyelid for weeks. painful and worrysome. ' wow, whats that on your eye?' i had been using MANY hot compresses daily with no results. after reading your post i started washing it with baby shampoo and using a 50/50 mixture of water and epsom salts compress. began treatment on saturday night. did about 4 or 5 10-20 minute treatments on sunday. woke up with fully expressed cyst-goo in my eye MONDAY MORNING. still have some ever-so-slight swelling and redness, but i am confident that i have won this battle. i will still continue compresses for the next week just to be sure. i would recommend drinking lots of water in addition to this treatment, as dehydration probably has alot to do with cyst/congestion issues. many thanks. did i say many? i mean MANY.
noimad last decade
Hi: I bought the epsom salts last week, but haven't tried it. With all the problems I'm having at the moment, wanted a chance to ask you first, when doing the compresses, doesn't the salty water go into your eyes? Or are you maybe bending over from the waist?? Sorry to be so specific, but I'm worried I'll cause a different problem. Thanks.
Linda100 last decade
Hi...never received a reply here so I went ahead and tried the epsom salts. I've had recurring chalazions now for 13 months, 1 operation, steroid shots, etc.

I'm amazed. With only 1 treatment with epsom salt I saw a major difference. I'm applying 2x a day, washing eyelashes with Johnson's baby shampoo and have so happy at the change.
Linda100 last decade
I bought Epsom salts in a dry form. Is it ok?

Do I just have to solve it in water.. if so how much?

Anyone had success with silicea and hepar sulf?
carorules last decade
Hi carorules...I'm not an expert like many here...so can only tell my experience.

I did buy dry epsom salts and mixed it 50% salt to 50% water. Then I microwaved it and applied it to my eye (careful to test first). At the same time I was taking 3 doses (4 pills each dose) of silicea. I tried after 4 days to switch to the hepar like it was recommended, but after about a week my eye started filling up again so I switched back to the silicea.

I suppose it could have just not been finished draining. All swelling is gone except I will have one surgery on the 24th of May to take out 2 hard nodules in my eye that won't go away. I plan on using Arnica tho very soon and from what I've read I can continue that for as long as I want.
Linda100 last decade
Now this is the right time to take staphasygria-200c one dose at mroning and the other at night. Arnica is not needed.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Thank you Dr. Mahfooz. For how many days should I take the staphasygria??
Linda100 last decade
one dose daily at night for a week please.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Thank you so much...will give it a try.
Linda100 last decade
Good Day Dr. Marhfooz,

I have the same situation where the Chalazion has been present for 6 months now. It is no longer swelling and is quite hard. I have clean it daily with a eye-lid care solution and it seems to have worked in combatting the swelling, however, the hard pea sized nodule is still present. Should I take STAPH daily 200C. Or should I merely take it once a week. I have heard that high dosages daily could be dangerous.

spiech08 last decade
Just writing back after all this time to tell everyone my chalazion never came back after the Epson Salt warm compressions, give it a try you will definitely be so happy you did as others have already attested...It works and is cheap and effective...read above my post from Redhotrx7...just mix the epson salts with hot water and soak a wash cloth in it and rinse it out there is no salt as it desolves in the hot water and hold on the cyst until cool and do as many times as you can a day, I did twice a day for about a week...I also used a tiny dab of neosporin for any infection but be sure not to get in eye and rub in real good...every other day I did that...mine has never come back and I am wearing my contact lens again with no problems...Hope you try it...it works and so glad others found it works also...Sincerely, Bonnie...
Redhotrx7 last decade

I will give it a shot
spiech08 last decade
Thanks for the info on the antibacterial soap wash. I have had problems off and on over the years with dry eye. I use Restasis pretty much daily which has helped improved eye dryness. I got my first stubborn case of chalazions about 3 years ago in my right upper lid, I did the warm compresses etc. recommended by my opthamologist - nothing happened. They left 3 little stubborn nodules and 3 years later, just recently had them removed, they've healed fine - nothing else has developed on that eye. Meanwhile, I developed another chalazion last November in my left eye, directly on the rim of my upper eyelid. This time I drained the chalazion myself, and that didn't help, I did this several times as it kept subbornly filling up, I was using an antibacterial eyelid wash, but don't think it helped any. I ended up having my Opthamologist remove the capsule that was causing the swelling on the rim of the eyelid, I looked like Frankenstein for about 2 weeks, it was bad. The area is still healing, but I noticed another chalazion forming higher up in my eyelid. I read about somewhere in this site about somebody using an Ajax antibacterial soap, so I used the only antibacterial soap I had in the house last night, actually an antibacterial liquid soap and used it on that eye, used hot compresses immediately after, and this morning noticed considerable reduction in swelling in the eye. Will continue with the antibacterial soap washese along with the 'Epsom salt' compresses and let you know what results I get. Thanks, anyway - I never imagined as an adult I'd have to deal with these. Thanks for all the info you provide in this site.
sanapu last decade
hello i have a chalazion since last 7 months. my friend suggested me argent nit and pulst which did not work t all. I dont want to go for a surgery. it doesnt pain, no itchiness, no pain at all. plz can u help me .
ysunita_2004 last decade
Hi guys...
I've been having a bump on my upper eyelid for about 5 months now.. trust me.. I tried pretty much everything.. Hot compresses, garlic, ointments, anti-biotics, and now im taking homeopathic medecine, silicea 30 and washing my eyelid with an anti-bacterial SOAP, tried AJAX soap too.. nothing have worked so far for me...
Any suggestion for a case like this? I am really getting tired of this... :/
I'd really appreciate any response from any one that could be helpful.
Thank you very much in advance.. God bless you
Yaya091 last decade
Hi Yaya...your post says you tried hot compresses...but did you try them with the epsom salt? If so...sorry, if not...you absolutely need to do this. My eyes have been free of problems for almost 2 years. Good luck.
Linda100 last decade
Hey Linda, Thanks a lot for taking time to respond to my post.
Well, unfortunately, I have tried with Epsom salt.. is it the yellow box or the purple one?? I've tried the yellow box.. which one of em did you use???
Thanks again
Yaya091 last decade
Gosh...I've used whatever is handy actually. But I do make it as hot as I can (twice a day) and do hot compresses 4 times a day. Its difficult...because I work in an office setting, but they know what it means when I have my bag to my eye...lol. By the way, I use the gel pack that you put in the microwave for the heat compress...wonder if that makes a difference?
Linda100 last decade
I don't know.. I used just a towel or anything I can get... I totally burned my eyelid and the skin under it.. :/
I just don't know what do lol
Yaya091 last decade
My daughter had a chalazion on one of her eyelids as well as one starting on the other. Her eyelid was swollen and red and very painful. Her vision was blurry. I gave her the remedies mentioned but no change. I tried eyebright and chamomile tea bags on her eyelids - but no relief. Then I read about using Epson salts on this forum. I mixed 1 cup of Epsom salt with 1 cup of hot water and soaked a washcloth in it and put it over her eyes. By the next day the change was remarkable. We continued with this regimen 2 -3x a day and by the third day both eyes look totally normal! No chalazion! We will be continuing the Epson Salt compress for a few more days just to make sure it's healed. Thank you!
samantha315 last decade
Hi samantha...so glad the epson salts worked for your daughter. I have been chalazion free now for a little over 2 years. When I even 'think' I'm getting something on my eye...I start with the soaks and they either go away...or they only last a day or 2.
Linda100 last decade

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