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Also this morning she tried to jump onto the table and misjudged it, landing back on the floor on one hip. I think she hadn't noticed I had put some magazines on the table right where she was trying to jump up to from the chair. This is unlike her.
bunbun last decade
phos 200c is next step--but need have other remedies mentioned on hand -so as to manage case without a wait--
the bladder tumor is indicative of calc or calc -phos coming into treatment--as well as nux-v intercurrently
John Stanton last decade
i haven't ordered the phos 200c as you told me about the phos water, I assumed that was same strength. Should I use this for next dose you tell me to give?
I am certain I can buy the others as 30c tabs in my town, I'll check tomorrow morning UK time. I could use them as waters for 200c too, couldn't I?
bunbun last decade
NO! not the same--i apologize for not clarifying..

order/obtain following remedies now.

phos 200c
calc 30c ,200c
calc-phos 30c, 200c
nux-vomica 200c
pulsatilla 30c,200c

this best i can speculate at this moment....

give single dose phos 30c water solution after shaking/thumping-now!

keep in touch--
John Stanton last decade
I'm off to bed now, but I will give her a dose before I sleep.
I'll order the others first thing in the morning (it is almost 1am now). I'm a little worried about owning too many remedies that won't be needed. Will check back in the morning before I order, 8am my time.
bunbun last decade
i understand the money being used seemingly uselessly---but weigh it out --you need decide this aspect...but if store close by then but if store near by then by as need...my only concern really is cat's well being...you need work out the rest..
John Stanton last decade
Yes you are right, (and I was tired and feeling that this was impossible last night - my main concern is her comfort and wellbeing and I'm hoping to keep her well and happy for many years yet) I worked out to order the five 200c remedies would cost less than £20 which compared to vet treatments (and the ultrasound scan and anaesthetic she could have been subjected to) is not much money. I can buy the 30c remedies as needed locally. I'll go ahead and order the 200c's from helios, they say they despatch same day.

This morning she seems brighter, her urine in the night has been of reasonable quantity, a little dark but no sign of bleeding. In herself she seems happy, is purring and rubbing her head around chairs and things - nothing at all like yesterday. I'll make sure she has plenty of fluids today and keep an eye on the colour of the urine in the litter box.
thanks John
bunbun last decade
ok...keep me informed
John Stanton last decade
On the 7th she slept for much of the day, she is quite a sociable sleeper, preferring to be on my desk. She didn't move for most of the day except to acknowledge the person using the PC. She then went outside for the evening, out of sight but returned for her dinner quite late.
Having emptied the litter tray last night I noticed that although her urine had been clear she has passed a couple of small lumps of some kind of deep red/black tissue again, smaller than before and seem like 'tissue' rather than jellyish blobs.
This morning (8th) she has had clear urine. She stayed in the house till about 9am when she went outside up until about 10am, I called her in so I can keep an eye on her which is when I noticed her starting to squat frequently, and have the urge to urinate. Suddenly I've noticed her urine is red stained again, like blood mixed with urine rather than just blood. She has no desire to drink the milk mixed with water that I just gave her. I have had to watch her for half an hour as she keeps on wanting to 'squat' at places other than the litter box. because of this I have had to shut her in a tile-floored room (the kitchen) with the litter box and plenty to drink as I cannot risk my carpets. some of the other cats are in there too for now. I'm in and out of the kitchen all day so she won't feel too strange.
I've ordered the other items, the only two I can buy locally are nux. vom. 30c and pulsatilla 30c, and I live in town so I can pick them up either later today or as needed. I've ordered the others.
Should I give her some more phos water or is something else indicated? I'm sorry this is a bit rambling.
bunbun last decade
Please note that when I describe 'clear urine' I have no idea whether it is in any way cloudy. I mean it isn't blood-tinged or dark urine that has soaked into the litter (pine wood pulp pellets).
bunbun last decade
She passed another lump - this time it seemed more clot-like, and her urges to urinate seem to have passed - she's been sleeping since 12pm, on my bed.

The 200c items arrived - that's 24 hours, very good service from helios.co.uk for they ship 5 items or less the same day - bigger orders apparently take longer.
bunbun last decade
single dose "only' phosphorous 200c
John Stanton last decade
OK I will do that now.
bunbun last decade
she is still off milk. She wouldn't take the 200c crushed into a teaspoon of milk like usual, so I had to get her to swallow it.

She has gone out and not returned for her dinner so I cannot make any observations, I'll report back in the morning.
bunbun last decade
John Stanton last decade
Urine seems clear, she was home when I got up this morning and ate last night's meal in short sittings. She's slept most of the morning (on desk) and has gone out now. I've not really seen enough of her to know what her behavious is like other than that she seemed happy enough but wanted to sleep.
bunbun last decade
that should read 'behaviour'.
bunbun last decade
John Stanton last decade
Her urine was a little dark this morning. No sign of blood. She seemed a little warm last night, not perspiring or feverish but warmer than usual when she sat on my lap. She is sitting on laps a lot this past 24 hours. She seemed a little confused just now, unsure which room she wanted to go in, just standing still in the hallway - my husband remarked that she seemed like a person with 'alzheimers'.
Have I mentioned that she has a twitch sometimes? She gives a nod of the head when she is listening to us speak to her and sometimes a slight involuntary spasm or jerk. I always put it down to her age. Just thought I ought to mention it in case it is relevant and I might not have said before, as to me it is just one of her traits that I am familiar with. It hasn't worsened or diminished either way since the illness or the treatments.
bunbun last decade
how is her appetite?

how long she spending outside (night and otherwise)?
John Stanton last decade
I believe she is spending four or five hours outside in 24 hours, but obviously can only guess the part of the night she spends outside. In the daytime it is about 1½ to 2 hours a day.

Her appetite is good, but she needs a break between visits to her bowl and I try to put her food away till she wants it or the others will eat it.
bunbun last decade
Thinking about it, she could be spending up to seven hours at night outside on some nights. She always seems to be home in the morning when I get up. Some nights she has returned by 3am when my husband is preparing for his work shift.
bunbun last decade
She seemed ok this morning, but was a lot more 'twitchy' after eating last night's dinner. She then slept. I have just returned from shopping to find she has been around the house squatting and leaving droplets of bright red blood (no sign of urine, although there may be a little mixed in of course).
bunbun last decade
just wanted to add - should I give her 200c phos or is another remedy indicated? I have now aquired all of the recommended remedies.
bunbun last decade
yes--single dose "ONLY" phosphorous 200c
John Stanton last decade
Thank you, I read your message and gave her the dose at about 7:30pm (my time).

I don't know whether it was coincidental, but she passed a small clot within half an hour of taking it. She has continued to have blood stained urine and an urge to squat albeit a diminishing urge as she has only done it a couple of times on carpet whereas earlier she was squatting repeatedly all over the place. I wonder whether the urge to squat is from the clot (or whatever sort of tissue it is made of) pressing and not being passed properly, and the urge is diminished after the clotlike thing is passed.

She has seemed a little lost, she seems to know where she is and what she wants to do, but she just stands there when spoken to, as if she is unsure what she was about to do or just can't be bothered. I'll report back in the morning.
bunbun last decade

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