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Thank you, I read your message and gave her the dose at about 7:30pm (my time).

I don't know whether it was coincidental, but she passed a small clot within half an hour of taking it. She has continued to have blood stained urine and an urge to squat albeit a diminishing urge as she has only done it a couple of times on carpet whereas earlier she was squatting repeatedly all over the place. I wonder whether the urge to squat is from the clot (or whatever sort of tissue it is made of) pressing and not being passed properly, and the urge is diminished after the clotlike thing is passed.

She has seemed a little lost, she seems to know where she is and what she wants to do, but she just stands there when spoken to, as if she is unsure what she was about to do or just can't be bothered. I'll report back in the morning.
bunbun last decade
what have you noticed concerning thirst?
John Stanton last decade
She has passed some more blood stained urine today, but significant quantities in the litter box instead of little amounts. This evening she passed another lump of 'tissue-like stuff' or clot or whatever it is. Seems more like organ tissue than jelly/clot.

As to thirst, she has been drinking milk in the afternoon and this morning she sat for a while to drink water. I don't often see her drink water, I know she does drink it but I don't often see her drink it. She seemed quite thirsty actually. She's been quite twitchy too, but is happy/purring when stroked.
bunbun last decade
how often observe urinating/urging in litter box?

how consistant is bleeding? observed any dripping at all?
John Stanton last decade
Yesterday she urinated in the litter box about three times, a normal quantity, slightly blood stained. She went a fourth time on the floor when the 'tissue/clot' was passed. I do not know whether she urinated outside the house, but I am sure she must have at some point in the day or night. I still haven't been able to observe her faeces, she is probably doing that in another garden or in a nearby field.
No dripping EVER as she walks around.

(When she is frequently urging/urinating and producing small amounts (a teaspoonful or whatever) she does this countless times - like she did on the 11th. really frequently.)

This morning she seems happy, we believe she caught a rat last night. She didn't attempt to eat it, she had eaten very little of last night's dinner, but when I awoke to find the rat (which had been dead so long it was by then stiff) I offered her last night's dinner which she ate with great fervour. I was surprised as lately when she eats not much food is taken, until later when again not much is taken. Little and often. This morning she ate a large quantity, much better appetite than usual.
bunbun last decade
You asked 'how consistant is bleeding' - well since the 200c on the 11th I believe the urine has had blood in each time. I will watch today to see if there is a change.
bunbun last decade
Up until this evening there has been a slight amount of blood in urine, from what I could tell the 'dark urine' was simply blood tinged but had soaked in to the pine litter and made it simply look darker brown (not very dark). Since about 6pm the urine seems to be clear.
bunbun last decade
John Stanton last decade
what is current symptom status?
John Stanton last decade
On the 14th she had a pretty good appetite but eating little and often up until lunchtime, when I had to go out. I didn't see her much in the evening, she had gone out at about 8pm and didn't return. She missed dinner.

When I awoke this morning (15th) she didn't want her food. She sought water and started to urinate little and often, clear at times but slightly blood stained at other times. I think she has been squatting in places other than litter box.
She seems a little lethargic, not social and is sleeping lots now.

Should I give more phos 200c or is another remedy indicated?
bunbun last decade
no more phos 200c..

how extreme is/was thirst?

please explain "not social" ..how does this compare?
John Stanton last decade
thirst is not extreme, I'd say normal.
Not being so social as she was the other day - she had been spending lots of time on the desk or in the same room as us during evenings, but today she is slinking under furniture, keeping herself quiet and away from us - she slept on the bed a while but then disappeared only to be seen sneaking out from under furniture, possibly urinating a little - she is squatting frequently, slight blood stained not bright red. She seems sort of unwell, a bit grumpy and quiet.
bunbun last decade
I don't mean she is urinating as she walks, I meant she could be going under beds and things to urinate.
bunbun last decade
will she allow you to hold her? how she react or respond to this?
John Stanton last decade
She has been carried to her litter tray a few times today when 'caught' squatting. She has been quite docile and 'rag doll-like' hanging in my hands as I take her to her tray. I felt she was a little 'floppier' than normal.
This afternoon I sat down to spend some time with her and she sat on my lap for a few minutes, then got back on the table to sleep. She seems to be quite 'lazy' and her appetite is poor.
bunbun last decade
2 pellets nux-vomica 200c in 4-5 oz water--stir heavy and give 1 teaspoon dose only--
John Stanton last decade
Will do that now - just after 8pm.
bunbun last decade
11:00pm est what is current status?
John Stanton last decade
10am BST
She has a good appetite this morning, eating little and often. She was outside somewhere when I went to bed last night so I didn't see her till morning. She is more sociable, urinating smallish quantities which may be slightly blood tinged (it is hard to tell as it is quite pale and looks quite clear). NOT urging/squatting frequently.
bunbun last decade
23:50 BST on 16th.
She has continued to be quite social, good appetite. Urine has small amount of blood in as suspected.
bunbun last decade
how often urging/urinating ?

any clots at all? how dark is blood?
John Stanton last decade
She is urinating infrequently at the moment, no blood or clots. Urine is clear but on examination Numnum doesn't seem to be emptying her bladder completely.

Yesterday the blood stained urine was very slight (very watered down bright red blood - difficult to notice at first sight).
bunbun last decade
PS it is now 09:16 BST on 17th Sept.
Her appetite and thirst are good/normal.
I wanted to add that she has a vet appointment today at 14:00 BST
bunbun last decade
The vet was very pleased with Numnum's current condition and doesn't need to give her any more checkups unless she has any symptoms I am worried about.

She fully agreed I should continue with the homeopathic treatments and even remarked that she is looking better 'in herself'.

As to Numnum, she still has clear urine and a good appetite (still eating little and often).
bunbun last decade
has vet confirmed any change in cyst/tumour (mentioned )size of quail's egg))? at all?
John Stanton last decade
She told me that the tumour is about the same size as it was two weeks ago, so no bigger and she described it as "size of a walnut" this time. The previous time she only indicated with her fingers how big it was and I described it that way myself.
bunbun last decade

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