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No news, she is fine, but sleeping a lot. Appetite and everything still fine, has taken to sleeping in a box we have left on the table which is ok.
bunbun last decade
'a lot' compared to before calc-p?
John Stanton last decade
Hmm not sure, possibly. I think most days this week she has been sleeping a lot on the table - still favours box.
I'd say no marked change from before calc. phos.
bunbun last decade
ok--keep me updated
John Stanton last decade
OK - I have been quite concerned about her but had no internet access for a day or two. Yesterday I felt she was 'dying' - just lying there, sleeping, and I mentioned this to my husband who agreed and said he had been concerned that was the case.
However at home, she began to deliberately wake up and come to greet me whenever I entered the room. She has eaten little and often as always, and I have taken to letting her eat when the others are shut out. She takes about 15 minutes to eat about a tablespoonful of food but she does 'chew' really thoroughly it seems.
She seems like a human who has 'alzheimers' disease, she walks out of a room then stops, as it to say "why am I here, what am I supposed to be doing". She stands paused still for a while then either returns to the room she came from or goes off to do something else (litter tray, whatever).

She seems almost kitten-like not in play but in attitude. She walks up to the edge of the table if she has been asleep, then looks into my face, swaying slightly. Then she either jumps down and waits (not for food) or sits and just stares. Of course I fuss her and talk to her constantly that I am in the room if she is awake.

Her left eye cyst is quite pronounced at the moment, looking like a small pea under the skin in the inner corner of the eye (bridge of nose)

She has become quite skinny across the shoulders and hips despite eating reasonably well. I am trying to up her intake of food. I've switched her over to 'Whiskas Senior pouches'.

Blood in urine is scanty but definitely present, but no clots. Urine quantity is normal and not frequently urging. Using tray properly when needed.
bunbun last decade
have you ever observed her as such before ever?when?
John Stanton last decade
If you are referring to the 'alzheimers-like' state then all I can think of is that prior to her illness she came across like a little old lady, with the twitch of the head she sometimes involuntarily gives and slight sway when sitting. As far as I can recall that she hasn't been 'forgetful' or 'confused' before.
bunbun last decade
her looking skinny despite eating well---what changes if any have been observed as compared before and throughout treatment---also fur quality/characteristics...
John Stanton last decade
When her illness was first diagnosed I felt she had become quite skinny, however by the last checkup of the 17th September I observed that her hips and shoulders were quite well covered with flesh again. I've only really noticed the change in her build again over the past few days, this was why I made sure the other cats were not around when she was eating, in case they were getting at her food or putting her off eating.

Her fur quality is normal, good/healthy, no change. I've not really noticed any other changes other than the ones I've already described.

TODAY for the past three hours she has been frequently urging/squatting, wherever she can. I have had to shut her in the kitchen with a litter tray as she is going every half a minute and attempting to squat on things she shouldn't. It started off clear but is beginning to contain a little blood.
Small urine quantities - about a teaspoonful, the most recent is just slightly tinged with blood, probably just a tiny speck, enough to colour it thats all.

IS another remedy indicated? She doesn't appear to be stressed or in pain, but she looks at me with doleful eyes then comes over to me for reassurance.
bunbun last decade
single dose calcarea carbonica 200c

start using small quantities of cod liver oil--if havent already --with each feeding---fresh meat still important even if must mix with usual to get to eat without vomiting..
John Stanton last decade
bunbun last decade
By evening on the 5th she had stopped urinating so frequently, however today she has been squatting often and producing very little urine (sometimes none). What tiny drops she manages are clear.
bunbun last decade
I'm very worried about her, as she keeps urging frequently, currently producing more urine (maybe a tablespoonful?) but then squats again to no avail. She doesn't seem to be in pain but it isn't very nice for her to be kept in like she is. She is still very loving and tries to be sociable, however the urges are strong and she keeps returning to the litter tray. I took her into the living room with her litter tray this evening where we were sitting quietly after the kids were in bed - but she tried to leave the room and ended up squatting and almost disgraced herself on the carpet, so we had to banish her to the kitchen once again but we spent time with her and she ate well.
I'm hoping she will be a bit better come morning...

Stool is fine, normal. Coat still good, appetite still good, thirst questionable (not sure).
bunbun last decade
ok keep me posted....
John Stanton last decade
what is weather (past 2 days ) there? please describe
John Stanton last decade
It has been sunny but with drizzly spells (light rain).
Cool but sunny mornings (autumnal/coat weather).

I've looked up today's forecast and I quote:
sunny, Temperatures max 15°C daytime/min 9°C night.
4mph Westerly winds,
Visibility very good, pressure 1019, relative humidity 53, sun index 2.

She is looking a little down in the dumps this morning when I enter the room and she looks up at me.
Urine still clear, overnight she did a couple of spots of urine on the floor.
SHe still purrs when fussed, spent some time on my lap first thing before breakfast. Appetite still good, still not observed her drinking, will see if she takes some milk when the others aren't around, perhaps I should measure how much water is out too to see if she takes any when I am not in the room.
bunbun last decade
Still urging/squatting frequently. Has been walking along then half-crouching as if feeling the urge to squat.

Just now I was feeling her abdomen to see whether it felt distended, it didn't, however she rolled onto her side, kitten-like so I gave her a gentle belly massage but she 'bore down' with her muscles as she lay there on her side and leaked urine.
This is how she has seemed when she gets the urge to urinate, she sits in the tray for a few minutes and appears to 'bear down'.

I'm really worried about her, considering a trip to the vet but I know the only option they will offer is antibiotics 'in case of infection' of which I am sure there is none or euthanasia if it is all getting too much. I don't think she is ready to give up just yet, she still has such a good appetite and tries to be as sociable as she is able.
bunbun last decade
Since my last post, over 3 hours ago, she has continued to have the same.

I have measured her water and she didn't have any in those three hours, still monitoring it. She managed about 10ml of milk from the 100ml I gave her.

She's eating well but it gives her the urge to go to the litter tray right after.
bunbun last decade
Is a remedy indicated?
I'm only around for another 2 hours or so (it is now 20:45 BST)
bunbun last decade
not yet--post in morning and we'll access at that point
John Stanton last decade
OK, I woke up to find she had been much the same in the night.

Only now she is crouching wherever she walks to, and if I pick her up carefully (not squeezing) she seems to leak in my hands. If she washes her nether regions she is leaking a little as she does so and is licking it up to clean her fur.

Since 9am (it is now just after 10am) she has been resting (thank goodness).

On the plus side she drank about 25ml water and 25ml milk during the night. She has defaecated about once each day over the past three days that she has been confined to the kitchen, appearance of stool normal (not too hard or too soft I don't think) but they are rather small and dark.
Appetite still normal.
bunbun last decade
just to add - she doesn;t leak as she walks, but only when she crouches and when I am holding her it is usually to stop her from urinating in her bed or on the table and put her in the tray.
bunbun last decade
Still urging, urinating, producing little. (clear urine still - no sign of blood)

I knelt down to talk to her and she climbed onto my lap, curled around as if to sleep there, but leaked urine again (muscles in abdomen twitching/pulsing as if controlling the flow).

My main worry is whether I would realise if she was in a great deal of pain, could I miss the signs? The only time she has 'spoken' is to ask to leave the room and visit where we used to keep her litter tray in the hallway.
bunbun last decade
I'm not sure whether her bladder is emptying enough.
bunbun last decade
Is this to be expected?? what should I give her?
bunbun last decade
single dose pulsatilla 30c

no more milk
John Stanton last decade

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