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single dose pulsatilla 30c

no more milk
John Stanton last decade
bunbun last decade
This morning she has blood stained urine. She is off her food (didn't eat what I gave last thing at night).

Still small quantities.
I imagine the loss of control/constant urge is due to the tumour being sited at the neck of the bladder.

Will keep a check, if she goes further downhill I'm going to get a vet to see her.
bunbun last decade
when have you given pulsatilla?
John Stanton last decade
I gave the pulsatilla directly before posting my previous comment, it wasn't as a result of the pulsatilla for sure.

She has been in the litter tray a lot, just sitting and waiting for the wave of an urge to come, she then curled up in the tray to rest for over an hour. I moved her to a blanket and she is continuing to lie on the blanket and allow drops of blood stained urine to come each time she gets a 'spasm' or whatever bearing down urge comes from, in the lying down position. SHe doesn't favour one side of her body to lie, she lays on each side or on her front with feet under, but mostly on a side.

I think she may be constipated a little, she passed a stool in the night, it was extremely small and harder.
bunbun last decade
Just wanted to add:
within 4 hours of taking the pulsatilla she vomited up some foamy liquid (this usually only happens with the cats if they are unfed or off their food) She still hasn't eaten anything, despite fresh food being put down. I am going to buy some human baby food - if she doesn't take it I will spoon some into her mouth a little at a time so she gets a little nourishment.
bunbun last decade
Darnit, forgot to say the time i gave puls: approx 7:30am BST (it is now 16:30 BST)
bunbun last decade
Nope, 22:00 BST and she still hasn't eaten. I managed to get about a teaspoonful of baby food into her, but she wasn't keen. Will see if she wants more in the morning. I've also given her an array of different types of meat. Doesn't want anything.

She is just laying on her blanket, leaking in spasms. Then sleeping. We feel she may give it all up soon, and might keep vigil at her side in the night in case she needs us.
bunbun last decade
single dose phosphorous 30c
John Stanton last decade
if breathe smells -peculiar odor --with the vomiting mentioned--possible indicates kidney toxicity--toxins being relieved by way of saliva nad vomitting----
John Stanton last decade
what is current status?
John Stanton last decade
Sorry only just got here. 14:00 BST.

Her breath isn't noticeably smelly. She made it through the night but is still having problems, still not defaecated, still urinating really small quantities, and leaking while laying down. She has got up though, walked to her water bowl, and eaten a little meat. Also has been to the litter tray of a ten minute session. She is quite weak.
bunbun last decade
when has phos 30c been given?
John Stanton last decade
gave 30c phos at 15:00 bst.
bunbun last decade
She seems brighter in herself. She is unsteady on her feet but has eaten some cooked fresh beef with great relish, turns her nose up at everything else (various brands of canned or pouched meat, cheese, milk, and human baby food - we tried to offer milk anyway just to try to get nourishment into her, but she was off everything) thirst has been good not excessive but she has been drinking some water. Still having problems with urine and no faeces. Looks more healthy.
bunbun last decade
no milk products--cheese and such at all--no human baby food either---

what are the urinary characteristics? frequency?blood?quanity ....etc?
John Stanton last decade
the baby food was dairy free lamb and veg puree.

Urine - small quantities (teaspoonful at a time approx), clear and pale (no blood) very frequent. We found her asleep in the litter tray again. Since waking she has been squatting in it, or sitting in it to rest for past hour, now 08:15 BST.
bunbun last decade
She is very weak on her feet, stumbling.
We are going to take her to the vet later for a checkup.

If we decide euthanasia is for the best (ie if they say she is in pain and will die in pain and soon, we shall most likely decide to help her) we would want that done in our own home so not immediately.

Don't get me wrong though, I don't want to give up on her, and I don't mind the urine. Her wellbeing is my only concern.
bunbun last decade
She has eaten a little home cooked chicken.

Not 100% whether to take her for a checkup or not. I guess I want to know if they can tell whether she is experiencing tremendous pain and also whether she is constipated and they can give relief. It's so hard to know what to do for the best, but she seems to still be with us in wanting to live.
bunbun last decade
as for tremendous pain--by what you describe --maybe more like steady dull pain exist--

if constipation exist and she is still eating--then dont make a concern of that yet---single dose of 2 pellets nux-vomica 200c....
John Stanton last decade
Sorry only just got here 1am BST, night of the 11th.

She had some egg yolk (raw) with a little rapeseed oil added, ate with gusto. Hours later observed she had vomited liquid.

Been off food since, even some more fresh warm cooked chicken. Will leave her with food for the night.

Will give the nux vom 200c x2 pills now.

Still no stool, still the same in every other way - unstable on feet, when she falls asleep sometimes in the litter tray, she feels cold when I pick her up. There is a heater on in the kitchen for her.
bunbun last decade
PS her liquid vomit was milky looking. Most likely semi digested left over yolk from her stomach.
bunbun last decade
just fresh meat mix is fine ---use cod liver oil mixed in ...no concern for other foods...such as eggs;milk;
John Stanton last decade
OK - for two days prior to onset of this bad phase she had one capsule of cod liver oil eaten whole with food (thurs and friday).

Today I attempted to give her CLO capsule but she left it, so I pierced it and offered her some with chicken but she seemed to find the overpowering smell offputting. I attempted to put it in her mouth but it seemed too distressing as the capsules are a litter larger than she is used to being force-fed, so I gave in as I don't want her under undue stress.
I'll try again tomorrow with the whole pill in food.

nux vom has been administered just after 1am.
bunbun last decade
yes--proper not to stess her..

what interest (if at all) shown to be outside?
John Stanton last decade
She wasn't interested in going outside at all.

I am sorry to have to report that Numnum slipped peacefully away this afternoon. We had taken her to the Vet as she was showing signs of great discomfort. The vet said her tumour had grown to the size of a plum and that the vet's fingers "couldn't get around it". She was very dehydrated despite drinking water, and had become weak in part due to anaemia. Basically the tumour was destroying her red blood cells.
It was a difficult decision but one that we have had to come to terms with over the past week or two.
Thank you so much for the care and attention you have given her John, and to anyone else who has followed her progress thanks for your interest.
I'll pop in from time to time.
Rest in Peace sweet Queen.
bunbun last decade

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