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Attracted to young boys
I am 30 years male,i am attracted to young boys of age 16-20 years.I like to suck their
deeri 2006-01-25
6   last decade

Desperately Need Help for My Husband!! Please Help!
Hope it's okay if I post. Usually, my husband does, but there is a pressing health
blessme44 2006-01-29
2   last decade

Anemic, Joint pain, Hair Loss, Breast feeding Female
Dear Doc, I am severely anemic with 7g% but cant tolerate allopathic iron. breast feeding
sumbul76 2006-01-28
1   last decade

Docs... please help depression
sometime back i had depresion for that i was given Remeron(Mirtazapine,) antidepressants.
hisam 2006-01-29
3   last decade

throat pain
I was having pink eye and throat pain(sore throat)the doctor gave me an antibiotic eye
bharati_srini 2006-01-29
2   last decade

Hello,I am 40 i have some brown spots (patches) on my chin bellow the right eye. and on
yoga2000 2006-01-18
7   last decade

one time bloody discharge from nipple
Any suggestions for remedy for breast that manifests itself with a one time bloody
jennswfl 2006-01-29
1   last decade

Ringworm in animals
I have multiple pets and 6 of them have been diagnosed through cultures for ringworm.
maggiemae 2005-11-11
6   last decade

dermoid ovarian cyst
i have searched the forum for dermoid ovarian cyst, all i can find is poly cystic ovarian
muhammad qaiser 2006-01-25
2   last decade

How can I fined the reson to my
Lora316K 2006-01-07
6   last decade

Insomnia and tingling in arms and legs ......
I wake up after about 6 hours of solid sleep...however I can't get back to sleep
jtlaharder 2006-01-27
2   last decade

which is highest potency
Which is the highest potency? 1M, 30C or 6XThanks for any
tweetystone 2006-01-26
4   last decade

itching in legs and arms
i have been feeling itching in arms and legs almost in whole body i feel just in winter
javaaid81 2006-01-27
2   last decade

Leg ulcer - please help
Hello, I am a beginner homeopath and i really need some help with a case. I (and my

Bambi 2005-12-12
21   last decade

quit smoking
I have been smoking for 10 years+ i have recently been told by my 6 year old she wants me
madvanbutterfli 2006-01-26
5   last decade

Severe Throat Pain
Hello,I had just visited a very hot city a few days back and came out with -1. Severe
pimathew 2006-01-23
8   last decade

Urgent Dosage question--abcess
1/26/05 3:10 p.m. Abcess under cuticle of fingernail. This area is red and swelling. I
breathead 2006-01-26
3   last decade

Dog with Staph infection
Our retriever mix was diagnosed with a staff infection by our local vet. Her symptoms
SusanNC 2006-01-28
2   last decade

Skin tags
My husband has a lot of skin tags especially under his arm pit. He did have couple on his
tweetystone 2006-01-26
4   last decade

tinted teeth
Tinted teethI have gotten great acne advice and I have started to get my hair under
haana 2006-01-27
1   last decade

For Dr. Sajid
Dr. Sajid,I started Mux Moschata 30 (liquid) as suggested by you. Today is third day. I
himabindu 2006-01-27
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Try the remedy shop! Massive range of remedies, formats and potencies! Homeopathics
jasmer 2006-01-27
1   last decade

i am really tired nervous burp alot --one of my toncils is slightly swollen and white pus
geist 2006-01-26
1   last decade

doctors- can you look at my case history- many thanks
1. nicholas smith2. 193. male4. Uk5. cold6. small testicles, due to bad blood flow.
masterp 2006-01-26
2   last decade

Help please,heartburn and breathing!
This started about 2yrs. ago first just notice bloating did blood test a false postive

ajmart 2006-01-19
16   last decade

1. Age 38 Years2. Sex Female3. country India4. climate5. current complain-from how many
jasmer 2006-01-27
2   last decade

Anti Toxicant
Is there any medicine to reduce or quite smoking? Is there any medicine which is used as
akshay.chandra 2006-01-27
no replies yet

Pusatilla - deep acting remedy for cats? (Namaste or anyone else))
Greetings,I am hoping you all can help me w/ a question re: Pusatilla...I have an alsmost
Ann05 2006-01-26
3   last decade

kali bichromicum, fever
Please refer to my posthttp://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/49363/Today morning my
Deven 2006-01-26
7   last decade

Gestational Diabetes
I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Currently I am pregnant(28weeks) and
kevmin 2006-01-27
1   last decade

Worrying about throat - Please help!!!!!!
Ok well I am due to go travelling for eight months in three days.In November 2004 I
burnisgood 2006-01-26
5   last decade

Kitty Cat with severely growing breast tumors -- but lots of spirit
Is there any homepathic medicine which can help a very sweet docile cat with severe

Buchworm 2005-12-21
22   last decade

Gong Xi Fa Chai to all forum members celebrating the Chinese New Year 2006
Greetings I wish all forum members celebrating The Chinese New Year 2006 " A happy
homeopathy 2006-01-27
no replies yet

Is consumin cannibus unhealthy?(not smoke)
Is consuming cannibus (via, tea, brownies, pizza or whatever else tastes good) negative
deadmanwalking 2006-01-27
1   last decade

to joe' s asthma remedy
I am taking the asthma remedies you recommeded.Can the Nat Sulpuricum and the Aresenicum
Lisalj 2006-01-06
5   last decade

7 year old son bites nails and wets bed.
I am needing some advice. My youngest son 7 years old, I nursed until he was 3yo., then I
barlowlf 2006-01-09
5   last decade

nasty taste in mouth
im a 16 year old sophmore and i just had my wisdom teeth cut out. a couple days later i
mylonelypost 2006-01-25
1   last decade

Internal itching of soles of feet
I have intense, sometimes insatiable itching coming from within my foot bottom, mainly on
lydiamary 2006-01-25
3   last decade

birth control and Nat.Phos.
Hi there, i'm a recent discoverer of nat.phos. and so far i've been doing lots
brooke 2005-07-01
3   last decade

side effects of birth control
Hello! I would appreciate it greatly if you could help me with this question: Recently I
moonshadow 2006-01-21
1   last decade

No appetite due to anxiety......Ars Album??
I am 30 yrs old female having anxiety problems due to worry about health issues. I have

phil4:13 2006-01-20
13   last decade

I think I have HYPOCHONDRIASIS ~ Need advice on what to take
I am a married and 29 yrs with 3 little children. I think I might have
jtlaharder 2006-01-16
7   last decade

internal knot just below right ear lobe/knot on gums
1 dose of THUJA 1M, every week. only 3 doses total,then wait for the
edaja 2006-01-26
no replies yet

baby asthma
Hi i was here before asking for help with my 23 mth boy who has allergies and allergy
elainesmyth68 2005-12-01
3   last decade

muscular dystrophy
my daughter is 5years and four months old. diagnosed as muscular dystrophy. if there are
bakhtiar 2006-01-24
2   last decade

I am 26 but I had never had sexual intercourse yet and I am very shy to approach to
segen 2006-01-26
1   last decade

Every once and a while I smell fart coming from me without me farting. And I know that I
gs430l 2006-01-21
2   last decade

White Puss bumps in Back of Throat
I have developed white puss bumps with no odor at the back of my throat. I have already
mroth 2006-01-26
1   last decade

permenant pimple nose tip
Hey, im just an ordinary 16 year old. I had an pimple on the tip of my nose and i
dirtjumper 2006-01-24
2   last decade

Uterine Fibroids
Does anyone have any information on what I can take for this. I know that I have read
kbrown85283 2005-10-05
9   last decade

Berberis and exercise produce strong kidneys pain
Berberis and exercise produce strong kidneys painI am a man of 46 years old and I have
Manuel Lee 2006-01-22
4   last decade

Treating Injuries with Nutrients
Hello folks,Could someone please tell me what kind of vitamins and supplements could
sporty 2006-01-25
no replies yet

Dr Kumar, Sabra, Pankaj Varma
This is in continuation of a long ago post - child Eye issues.My 6 year old son has had a
new2town 2006-01-25
no replies yet

tesitlces, anxiety, muscles loss and varicocele
gey guys. im a 19 year old male in london.for the last 5 years i have been very
masterp 2006-01-24
3   last decade

question for walkin or anyone else who knows
7/18/05 you replied to someone and asked if the baby had bluey whites of the eye-what
khansdaughter 2006-01-25
no replies yet

white bumps in the throat
this is for tonsils gone from 1-23-06. I am considering having my tonsils removed due to
senorita 2006-01-25
1   last decade

Need help!
I m a 31 year old married man. I have a question. When ever i make love with my wife a
mos14 2006-01-24
3   last decade

Afraid of Animals
My son is 8y.o. & is scared of most animals, I was attacked by a large dog 1.5yrs ago
Davren 2006-01-25
1   last decade

Sauna aggravates!
Hiwould appreciated any advice on what would be a good remedy for someone who seems to
saltOftheEarth 2006-01-23
2   last decade

Breast augmentation
Are there homeopathic remedies that would have an effect on breast tissue
Cecilia 2005-07-10
10   last decade

Doctor pls help me - depression
To,Any experienced doctor. Pls help me.Dear doctor, I am a case of depression or sadness/
rayofhope 2006-01-14
7   last decade

Swollen upper lids
Dear reader of this post!I apologize for mistakes (I m not good in writing english), I
asterixis 2006-01-24
2   last decade

Cough & Cold again
My daughter and son, 3yrs 7mths both, are running with cough and cold again. Both having
Deven 2006-01-22
4   last decade

Urinary Tract Infection
Developed Uti last Wednesday after sexual intercourse. It has been coming and going and
maltesemd 2005-04-07
8   last decade

brown skin to white skin
my father's skin is white and my mother's brown.thats why i have brown
avinav 2006-01-25
no replies yet

rajboms 2006-01-25
no replies yet

erction problem
I am 34yrs.old married maleupto age of 26 i had masturbate lot, at age of 27 i got

xiang 2005-11-25
27   last decade

Black Eye Discharge in Cat
I have a 8 year old neutered male persian cat. Six months ago, he had a sinus infection
Len Wenzel 2006-01-25
no replies yet

How I feel. Don't see light.
There are certain things in this world that we need to survive. Some of those things can
Scott79 2006-01-24
2   last decade

WG Mom insomnia
I am a Texas Wegener's Mother of 3 long battle with WG diagnosed Feb 2002, Dr's
texaswgmom 2006-01-24
1   last decade

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