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Sir i had dysentry from many years sometimes Guardia lambaia some time amebiosis and some
suresh5 2018-03-17
2   suresh5 last year

Severe acne 29 years old-acne scars pitting-please assist me
I have suffered from acne almost my entire adult life. It began when I was about 14 and
Ashena 2009-04-01
3   garekar last year

please help aggravation anal sphincters contracted
hello i'm 26 male. 8years ago after one injury to my anal muscles,my anus got
rez12 2018-03-16
9   rez12 last year

Dr. Kadwa - Please Help - Abdominal Pain
My father aged 73 is suffering from abdominal pain since one month. Details as
sajidnazir 2018-03-18
2   sajidnazir last year

Dr.Kadwa Hats Off, BP Stabilized
Dear Sir Thanks a lot as you helped my BP to be lowered.145/90 in average. Not so bad I
sandy3 2018-03-18
1   kadwa last year

I am a male aged 26 yrs suffering from dorsal mylities since last 3 yes causing I can
Sahil kumar 2018-02-10
8   kadwa last year

mercurius dulcis 25% alc.
Hi, just bought mercurius dulcis 25% alc. concentrate. i have plugged ears and pressure
zuzi 2018-03-06
5   kadwa last year

Help needed with body pains ( bones and joints )
Hello all, I am seeking help with my issue with body pains. since couple of years I am
demonoid 2018-03-12
11   Tui last year

eye sight problem
dear sir, my right side eye is in disturbance to see text, it turns the lines in like
amirhaider 2018-03-12
3   healer21 last year

Vitiligo for my 4 year old kid
Dear Dr, My kid is suffering from Vitiligo since two and half years, mostly white
srinivasest 2018-03-12
10   healer21 last year

Wet dose versus dry dose
Which is the best way to take a 6c remedy - one pillule in a bottle of water which you
kohler 2018-03-17
4   maheeru last year

petit mal epilepsy case, age 7 years child
my son is suffering from petit mal epilepsy for the last 2 years. no improvement till
curative 2012-11-20
4   maheeru last year

Semen coming out at stooling time.
I am 22 years old from bangladesh.have a great problem of semen ejaculation at the time
Rudeboyoo55 2018-03-18
3   drjitesh last year

Solitary Kidney
Hello sir, I am having a single kidney by birth.My creatinine level is 4.8 and high Blood
Ashish4 2018-03-18
1   drjitesh last year

1.5yrs baby flu and cough
My son who is 1.5 yrs old had watery eyes and runny nose.. Allergy like symptoms

mominisb 2018-03-12
26   healer21 last year

Brain Hemorrhage 5 years back leading to Paralysis. Now it si over 5 years , Can i still take Arnica for healing?
1)Brain Hemorrhage 7 years back leading to Paralysis 5 years back. Now it is over 5 years
khurana76 2018-03-18
4   drjitesh last year

help with aggravation! carcinosin aggravation?
hello, please I am hoping someone can help me?? I think that I am going through an
tod86 2018-03-15
8   Tui last year

Suicidal Thoughts, Feeling worthless, Sad, Feels like crying inside all the time
Age: 34 Weight: 73 Height: 5.75 ft Gender: Male I need help, I just need to shut my
Wours 2018-03-17
5   Wours last year

Chronic Orchitis - Epidydimitis / Atrophy Of Testicles
Need help as years of complex and potent antibiotic treatments and vigorous prostate
shino 2018-03-16
3   homeo_helper last year

Need help with Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Need urgent help. I am 53 year old female. I have been diagnosed with Sebaceous
suna711 2018-02-06
4   suna711 last year

akhilsharma1 2018-02-27
31   simone717 last year

Need input Re: Pellets to wet dosing for my patients
Hello All, I've looked around on this site and tried to find the appropriate way to

emerson24 2018-02-08
19   simone717 last year

Staphy 200 & Causticum 200
My Friend has recently started to study and practice Homeopathy , he is student yet;; 4
khurana76 2018-03-11
10   maheeru last year

Urgently Reply for My Hair Problem
Doctor, I am 27 years old girl. My problem is hair fall. After

Tuilip 2015-08-07
15   drsnehanshusaha last year

Homeopath doesn't tell the name of remedies!
My homeopath labels my remedies as 'loose cough' 'dry cough',
namn 2017-11-07
5   jawahar last year