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Homeopathy medicine suggestions for suppressed gonorrhoea
Hi.. I am experiencing suppressed gonorrhoea may be since 15 years , which aftecting my
934etc 2020-12-05
1   freehomeoforall 2 months ago

dear dr jitesh sharma only...
I beg to draw your kind attention regarding following issues of my wife age 30 having 2
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-16
25   Wuerzowsh 3 months ago

Staphysagria Mother tincture dosage
I'm a 22 year old male. I wanted to known what dose of staphysagria to be used to
sdhs 2020-11-30
3   deoshlok 3 months ago

Erectile Dysfunction
I am 65, male for last 4 months ED problem. Although having full erection in early
ratnaakasturi 2020-12-03
1   deoshlok 3 months ago

Emphysema I was a smoker for 40 years Been taking a pill called "clear lungs"
barb.chadha 2020-12-04
2   deoshlok 3 months ago

Cannabis indica
Can I take cannabis Indica mother tincture as it toxic substance.So, can I take mother

loko 2020-11-28
35   loko 3 months ago

Simplified Remedy Finder
Hello all. I've (just now) added a new feature to the Remedy Finder. You can now run it
moderator 2020-12-03
2   moderator 3 months ago

Potencies for skin ailments
I am trying to get ride of some moles warts and a very ugly age spot (also known as liver
WTrotter 2020-12-03
2   simone717 3 months ago

Tom3 2020-10-09
23   simone717 3 months ago

Entral and obstructive sleep
Can somebody help with mixed sleep
iulia2005 2020-12-03
2   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Execesive hair loss, gray hairs and constipation
Hello all, I am 35 year old male, 90kg and height 5.7 inches. I had diagnosed with
aly.irshad 2020-12-02
6   aly.irshad 3 months ago

Good night, I am 39 years old and for two weeks I have had a rash on my arms and hands
NOEMITA 2020-12-02
2   freehomeoforall 3 months ago

Peridontal Abscess on Roof of Mouth
Hello there - I have had a small abscess on the roof of my mouth, straddled between my
k_lake28 2020-11-11
5   k_lake28 3 months ago

In a loop while sleeping
Dear doctor, My father (52 years old) has a recurrent problem while sleeping (3 years
ppalma00 2020-12-02
2   ppalma00 3 months ago

Covid and pulse oximeter
Articles in USA state that they have found Covid cuts off oxygen to Organs-by clots or
simone717 2020-12-02
2   Priscilla 3 months ago

Anacardium Oriental
30c of Anacardium for mixed depression with mania stays the effect only for 3hours. The
loko 2020-12-01
5   loko 3 months ago

Grandma delusions
Hey guys, my grandma (82) was hospitalized into psychatric clinic. She was confused on
Casino94 2020-11-30
3   simone717 3 months ago

Refuse to eat and drink
Hello, my grandma refuses to eat and drink. Only very little. Any hints where to look at
Casino94 2020-11-22
6   simone717 3 months ago

Erectile Dysfunction Due to performance anxiety
Can I use Argentum Nitricum and Lycopodium for Erectile Dysfunction due to performance
Link 2020-11-28
5   Link 3 months ago

Sensory processing disorder
Hi. My 8 year old son has suffered from Sensory processing disorder his whole life. When
Sunlover9 2020-12-01
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Having GERD specially at night waking up with sour taste in mouth and throat pain.
Eleisue 2020-11-30
4   Eleisue 3 months ago

Nose Block
Sir my age 36, before 2 days left side headache due to caught cold. From last noon both
Wuerzowsh 2020-12-01
2   Urepierk 3 months ago

Hi I am male 46 years. I have been recently diagnosed with Prediabetes. Morning sugars
johnyjohny 2020-07-24
3   thakurhimanshi 3 months ago

Need expert opinion on medicine coca
Hello there, after struggling with insomnia for some time, I finally found a medicine
athav90001 2020-11-30
2   athav90001 3 months ago

47 years old grief, guilt, and anger.
Hello I'm writing about my mom who is in her eighties. To this day, she is still
CB88 2020-10-16
11   CB88 3 months ago