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Maraki1 2020-05-21
9   simone717 2 months ago

Sallem hameed PLEASE
Είναι άντρας. Δεν
Maraki1 2020-05-23
1   Maraki1 2 months ago

Fall during play
Dear sir My 7 years son fall during play. Bruise over left eyebrow and blood clotted
Nitesh Kamal 2020-05-23
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Anxiety with restless leg syndrome
Hello i have a problem of anxiety Depression Neuropathy Restless leg syndrome Anemia Lack
ajinkya1989 2020-05-22
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Disturbed sleep
I am male 50 years, with no Sugar, BP, Heart problem etc. My sleep is very short and a
ro990singh 2020-05-23
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Diabetic retinapothy
Husband who is 48 has diabetes. Has hemorrhaging in both eyes. Has high
jmbolhuis 2020-05-21
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Lycopodium for chronic anxiety
Hi I am 33 years old and suffering from anxiety from past 6 years.As a child, college
ddesai1 2020-05-20
18   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Saw this doctor advising covid-19 medicines(influenzinum and Aconite) on you tube, any thoughts.
Hi, Happened to see this you tube video where this doctor advices use of influenzinum 30
gudiyachettu 2020-05-22
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Simon please
Είναι άντρας. Δεν
Maraki1 2020-05-22
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Pre diabetes
Im 45 weight 100 kg, height 5.8, sedentary life, not so stressful whitecolor job, Im
skumar5 2020-05-22
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Ringing ears
Any remedy for constant ringing
Am123 2020-05-22
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Enlarge adenoids and tonsils
Hi My 4.3yr old son diagnosed enlarged adenoids and tonsils few days back.. dr suggested
Richa s 2020-05-22
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

High blood pressure
I am a 49 female, with high blood pressure usually runs 140/80 range. I have been on
jmbolhuis 2020-05-20
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Can we eat chocolate when we are on homeopathyr remedy,I use Ignatia many many times,but
Maraki1 2020-05-20
2   Maraki1 2 months ago

Dosage of camphor liquid 1M
What is the dosage of Camphor liquid 1M for
Irshad1 2020-05-20
2   maheeru 2 months ago

nervous ,panic,afraid for his health
Boy 27 years old afraid for his health,nervous ,dizzy,headache front at the sun
Maraki1 2020-05-20
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Maraki1 2020-05-20
1   simone717 2 months ago

Stretcing neck
Please help.My son 21 years old ,has a neck tic.4 years now it stopped last year a d
Maraki1 2020-05-20
4   simone717 2 months ago

On line theraphy
Can I have on line theraphy at this site? By
Maraki1 2020-05-20
1   simone717 2 months ago

On line theraphy
Is possible on line
Maraki1 2020-05-20
1   simone717 2 months ago

Premature ejaculation and hyper sensitivity
Is there any proper medicine for hypersensitivity of penis glans which cause premature
K.k 2020-05-19
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Hair White
Hello my age is aprox 28 and i had few white hair on head then i got colored and now
zenevatech 2020-05-18
1   homeo_helper 2 months ago

Dry ticklish cough
I m having dry ticklish forceful cough from the last three weeks.. No specific times.. I
mominisb 2020-05-10
5   homeo_helper 2 months ago

Lung congestion will yellow/white mucus
l.Hello , I have taken 5 tabs of azithromycin,5 tabs of levofloaxcin. Still i am coughing
amitsh 2020-05-19
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

antidote for sulphur 200
whats the antidote for sulphur
sid123 2020-05-19
6   freehomeoforall 2 months ago