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11 yr old son having study problem.
My 11 yr old son having learning difficulty in school as he doesn't remember or take
skumar5 2020-01-04
8   freehomeoforall last week

Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) 59 shown
Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) 59 shown help me to
elururajesh 2020-01-13
2   elururajesh last week

Morton Neuroma, muscle pain
I am taking Bryonia 30 and Lycopodium 30 for last 3 weeks. They are working but not gone
Satperfume 2019-12-29
4   simone717 last week

Psyorasis and dandruff
My grand son 24 yrs has psoriasis on one arm since 2 years and dandruff. He has taken
Ashapruthi 2020-01-12
2   Tui last week

Fever / Pains
Hi, I am need some help on Fever please. We recently moved from Americas to SE Asia.
Banjara 2020-01-12
2   Banjara last week

Shoulder and upper arm pain
I am having pain in shoulder and upper arm. I took Lycopodium 30 and Bryonia 30 for 6
Ashapruthi 2020-01-12
1   simone717 last week

Hi My father is 76 years old. He developed hernia for which he got operated around

RashidMunzur 2017-11-13
20   simone717 last week

Remedies for Addiction
Hello All, I am trying to overcome an alcohol and drug addiction. I am mostly a binge
thekind78 2019-12-31
5   thekind78 last week

I am 36 year old Male ,I have hypothyroidism from last 3 current TSH is 14, T3

Yiew 2019-12-09
13   Yiew last week

I have recently been diagnosed with hyperparathyriodism. Apparently I have no known
mariposa2 2019-12-30
11   mariposa2 last week

My Daughter Height
Sir, my daughter is 10 yrs old, her height is 123 cms. I gave her Baryta carb30 for 6 or

punitmittal777 2018-01-01
192   punitmittal777 last week

High BP as per Borieck mm
Advice sought from any helping guy. If allium sativum 40 drops dose controls high BP.
mazharmhm 2020-01-06
8   mazharmhm last week

Dr kadwa help cold cough headache
Suffering from cold, headache, feeling pukish, and dry cough. Nose has yello discharge on
netwiz87 2020-01-07
10   anuj srivastava last week

Tinnitus in both ears and head
I had tinnitus for 6 years I learned to ignore it but a year ago my right start to ring
Amelirom 2020-01-10
2   Amelirom last week

Bacterial vaginosis - only smell
Hello. I am 35 years old. I thought I'd ask help from this forum. I have bacterial
JL85 2020-01-10
2   freehomeoforall last week

Feet Soles with heels cracked
Can you suggest any remedy for Feet Soles with heels
4   SUBODH ROBINSON last week

Fail to enter, erection loss, Premature Ejaculation, Precum on Talking
I tried to enter her, but penis lost erection on touching her vagina. Easily discharged
boy26 2019-12-31
6   boy26 last week

Why does every remedy prove?
Hi.... I'm wondering if someone can discuss with me the reasons why every remedy I
rom109 2019-12-17
3   John Stanton last week

Cut penis forground skin
I am 42 problum is forground skin cut penis during sex there for pain happend. I

bps_07k 2019-10-28
61   bps_07k last week

alik 2019-10-24
48   freehomeoforall last week

Melasma / Hyperpigmentation during pregnancy
I started having dark spots around my cheekbones during pregnancy. They look like
Serendipity1 2018-01-13
4   hawking639 last week

Cure for Melasma
I'm beginning to think that there is NO cure for Melasma. Maybe I should just learn

Faithfully10 2003-04-29
289   hawking639 last week

Penile pain
Hi Sir/madam, My name is Utkarsh Shinde I am 35 years married, weight aprrox 70kg. I feel
utkarsh07 2020-01-09
2   utkarsh07 2 weeks ago

The mental symptoms of conventional medicine
It's a long read, but this article is both fascinating and
moderator 2020-01-09
1   simone717 2 weeks ago

Kidney Edema
I'm a 61 year old obese female in U.S. - history of kidney infections, pain and
Pickleplan6 2020-01-08
2   Pickleplan6 2 weeks ago