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Nasal septum perforation
Recently came to know from allopathy doctor that my nasal septum have got small
ramesh_krs 2006-05-05
6   panju last week

For the last few years I seem to be getting Prostatitis. It burns when I urinate and the

Merisel81 2018-05-19
76   Tui last week

Inflamed prostrate problem - 41 male from USA - need help
Hello all. I am on 41year old male who is suffering from inflamed prostate for couple

Eredurerdue 2018-08-27
39   Tui last week

Need help for a 10 yr old boy with Apraxia of speech
Hi, my son is 10 yr old. He had a normal birth. My pregnancy was very stressful, by the

naz84 2019-12-03
25   freehomeoforall last week

Itching dog and a growth on eye
My older dog has a growth on his left eye that is getting bigger and he itches a lot and
Raven3 2019-12-03
no replies yet

Enlarged adenoid and nose block, sinus in 4 year old
Hello drs.. My son has breathing issues from past 2 months..along with recurrent cough

RJ121 2019-11-27
13   RJ121 last week

Severe sensoneural hearing loss
Is there any homeopathic treatment for severe sensoneural hearing loss. It may be
Nishat Parveen 2019-11-28
2   maheeru last week

Scanty periods
Hi I am 28 year old girl. I started getting periods at the age of 13. It was always

ketneer 2011-10-11
13   maheeru last week

Drs, Kidneys pain after lachesis
My doctor gave me 4 different homeopathic medicines to take and I think I need some
julia2 2019-11-30
11   maheeru last week

Painful underarm lumps
Hi I am 33 male. I have fungal infection under my arms from the last 6 years and i
Ratulsingh 2019-12-01
1   homeo_helper last week

total nose blocked like dry nose, day n night cant sleep
zaheeruddin 2019-12-01
1   freehomeoforall last week

Lipoma treatment
Any suggestion for the Lipoma treatment by
Chinmoy2 2019-11-29
1   homeo_helper last week

Stuttering problem in 4 years and 8 months boy
Hi, I want an advice about my son, he is now 4 years and 8 months and he is stuttering

Lona 2019-11-07
26   Lona last week

Nonverbal Regressive Autism
Hi all My son is almost 6 yrs old and is nonverbal. He regressed around 15 to 18months
Riya101 2019-11-30
9   freehomeoforall last week

I am 64 years female, I leave in South Africa, in Mpumalanga province, tends to be quiet
dlozi 2019-11-24
4   dlozi last week

Great debility both mental physical after ejeculation, impotency
Hi, For the last 7-8 years, I am suffering from great debility in both form of mental and
Mausamnath 2019-11-19
4   freehomeoforall last week

High blood pressure
Im 44plus indian male. I weigh 98..height is 5.10 ft. Im experiencing high blood pressure
skumar5 2019-11-29
9   skumar5 last week

ACL mucoid degeneration causing knee pain and limited motion
Hi, My wife is suffering from ACL mucoid degeneration, done the surgery to remove the
Chinmoy2 2019-11-29
no replies yet

ACL mucoid degeneration pain for about 3 years
Hi! 27 year old male. For the past 2.5 years I've been suffering on and off. I
Jmm07h 2017-05-17
7   Chinmoy2 last week

Summer heat causing body heat and reduced sleep
Hi, since the start of summer, my sleep has reduced to around 4-4.5 hrs per day. My
ramaswamy01 2019-06-16
5   maheeru 2 weeks ago

Eye pain and irritation
Hello Drs, Plz suggest homeopathy medicine for my husband who is having itching, with
RJ121 2019-11-24
11   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

Dark circles under eyes/lack of confidence
Hello! I have had dark circles under my eyes for a really long time, from age 16 (now
Aurarose 2019-11-27
4   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

Attn: Freehomeoforall..Itch and stomach uneasiness
I am 56 years old female having 4 kids..i am fair and lean..I am having following
Qmm 2019-10-26
8   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

hair loss androgenic female please me merciful
Hello I lost most of my hair past years. I probably have androgenic alopecia becaus I had
niki123 2019-11-27
3   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

Hypothyroid homeopathic remedies do they create
Do the homeo remedies such as Thyroidinum actually stimulate the thyroid to make more
gupta6 2019-10-23
1   gavinimurthy 2 weeks ago