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Pill Calculator
Hidden in the recesses of the site we have a pill calculator that hardly anybody uses, bec
moderator 2019-02-28
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Blood pressure variation - Severe Headaches and vision issues
Hi, 2 issues. Sudden Chest pains and Headaches/Weakness/Stomach issues (Gastric i suppose)
warrior047 2019-02-27
3   simone717 last month

Sleep apnea
I have given Ars alb 200c to my daughter aged 44years suffering with sleep apnea 5 pellets

Kotalnarayana 2019-01-08
29   Kotalnarayana last month

Headache from cold
Hello Sir, Please help me out for headache, left nose blocked and little watery also. Rig

Great1 2019-02-12
15   Great1 last month

low sound hearing
dear sir i am male 32 years old, yesterday I had gone to Barat(Shadi), Band Noise is loud
Nitesh Kamal 2019-02-26
1   Ibrahim3 last month

Gum problem
Dear Experts, For the last one fortnight I have gum problem/ tooth pain, due to which I ha
acs 2019-02-13
12   acs last month

Bleeding piles
Doctor I am 20 year old female from uttar pradesh India I am suffering from bleeding pile
Anjali4 2019-02-26
1   homeo_helper last month

Dry mouth
My age is 50+ and i am having dry mouth all the day and night. This is a very difficult si
Sanam16261 2019-02-26
1   homeo_helper last month

Burning of stool fissure
Hi m 28 yrs old suffering frim fissure last 2 years.currently burning of stool during stoo

Priya1991 2019-02-01
18   Ibrahim3 last month

Body heated as and when urine pressure comes. Incontinence urine
Dear Doctors, i am suffering from extreme urine problem as and when there is
atharkhan185 2019-02-26
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Oedema Legs
Age 45 - excessive water retention and swelling in arms and legs. Legs are hard and sore
Jingle Bells 2019-02-10
4   anuj srivastava last month

Dear Doctor I have tingling in the right side hand and leg. Please suggest the remedy. Th
Fauso 2019-02-26
1   Fauso last month

Symptoms but negative for all STDs
Hello sir, I am male, 31, India. On 2015 I had a protected sexual exposure and unprotect
unknown123 2019-02-26
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Chronic anemia
For years my husband has had anemia. Doctors can't find a reason why he's .losin
barb.chadha 2019-02-18
4   Soul_Spirit last month

where can i find pituitary 3x medicine plzz help
please can anyone tell me from where to buy this medicine pitutary 3x there is nothing com
leena1993 2012-01-14
5   simone717 last month

remedies worked , fade away after a few days
The only problem is remedies that are given by homeopaths in my town or by homeopaths her

Oujejoo 2019-02-16
14   Kapsdquack last month

Last month, I felt palpation/ Arrhythmia as doctors told me, i went under ECG.Dr reads EC
meharban Ahmad 2019-02-25
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Heart arrythmia when asleep
When I fall asleep my heart feels like it is electrically charged and I have the feeling o
conniep 2008-06-18
4   meharban Ahmad last month

Mind problem
Hi... I have been suffering from severe social anxiety, depression, personality change, co
Friack 2019-02-24
6   Friack last month

Head ach at night.
Iam diabetic 62 presntly on insulin long acting,suffring from headach every night when I a
drmohib 2019-02-24
1   Ibrahim3 last month

Unwanted hair in females
As per advise of following forum member Doctors Dr Mohsin Rizvi & Dr. Anwer.Regarding to t

mark000 2003-10-30
13   bkumar09 last month

Hi everyone No use of the post now. But thanks.
sunshine15 2019-02-22
7   sunshine15 last month

Papillary conjunctivitis
Hello. I am thirty years old female suffering from papillary inside my eye lid. The eye an

Umang 2018-12-15
13   Kapsdquack last month

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Hi.. My mom is 70+ she is having no other problems like BP sugar etc other than carpel tun
Sanam16261 2019-02-22
1   anuj srivastava last month

Knee osteoarthritis... Please help me all Senior doctor...
My mother is suffering from osteoarthritis on knee from 7years..HIs pain increase when She

sergel20 2018-11-04
84   anuj srivastava last month

7 year old wetting himself
Hello my son is 7.5 years old fully potty trained for more then 3 years. For the last week
Am123 2019-02-04
9   Am123 last month

Undescended right testicle
Hello deal all , pls be so kind to give me suggestions about the undescended right testicl
christintheo 2019-02-08
7   maheeru last month

Need Help with Issues
Hi, I am 30 years old man. 78 kg weight, 5'7 Height. I am facing dandruff on my fac
needremedy 2019-02-18
9   needremedy last month

Dry gangene
My Husband has had a poor circulation for years. Diabetes and smoking. Now 4 of his toes
barb.chadha 2019-01-16
9   anuj srivastava last month

penis pr dane
mere penis pr dane ho gaye h lal colour ke or pure body me jln hoti h mene allopathy ilaz

Farhan3 2018-04-06
29   Farhan3 last month

dirt eating cat
Hello, I am very grateful with anyone who can give me advise on my cat. He is a large fra
penny3 2019-02-20
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Urine passes frequency is too fast
Sir, I am suffering with too much urine. Due to that it has become very difficult to g
yogesh baijal 2019-02-01
5   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Need urgent help for ED and PE
Hi Doctor, I have been suffering from Erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation for

sss07 2018-05-01
28   georgewhittington 2 months ago

Colic/Suspected Infant reflux
My child is 10 weeks old, 11 lbs 13 oz and so far is gaining weight but we continue to hav
sbparker 2019-02-06
4   Kapsdquack 2 months ago

Cervical Dystonia/Spondylosis
My wife aged 36, suffering from Cervical Dystonia/ spondylosis since 2014. The problem agg
smoha456 2019-02-18
5   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

pilonidal sinus and hidradenitis suppurativa
Hello, My Name is Akshay. I am from india. I am suffering from Pilonidal sinus and Hidrad
akshaykhanduri 2019-02-17
8   homeo_helper 2 months ago

Allergic rhinitis
Hi I think I'm allergic to tree pollen. Around this time of year i start getting itch

Soirk 2019-02-16
19   moderator 2 months ago

Can’t sleep, no erection no libido have to sleep better
cannot sleep Hi am so worried from the whole day of work and have negative thoughts I am
Inhuman2493 2019-01-22
3   Ihu 2 months ago

Masturbation Affected Penis
I am 26 years old man and height is 5.6 inch and my weight is 100kg. My father is a homeop
ahsanraza 2018-04-26
3   Ihu 2 months ago

blepharitis sufferers...
An online forum/support group for blepharitis has been created for you here: blepharitisfo

blepharitis 2006-06-02
21   lillyri 2 months ago

Acute Blepharitis, seeking advice.
I have had Blepharitis for a month, was treated by 4 medical doctors, one after the other,
lillyri 2019-02-17
1   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

elbow- compression in the ulnar canal
Dear doctors, I have a compression in the ulnar canal of my right elbow. It all started d
julia2 2019-02-01
2   maheeru 2 months ago

Loose vagina issue
I've been raped at 11. The relationship lasted for few months and have also seen leu
Meera1 2019-02-05
5   Meera1 2 months ago

thyroid and delayed periods
My wife is having thyroid problem for last 4 years, her latest tsh is 9.4 She is having e

fizspace 2018-09-11
20   fizspace 2 months ago

itch around the groin
i have itch around groin and testicals looks like heat rash or like pimples small i might
imran655 2019-02-15
3   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

My age is 24 and facing disadvantages of maaturbation I leave it conpletly but facing prob
Rizwan4 2018-09-28
3   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

Need suggestion for curing my condition by taking Staphysagria
Hello Doctors, I am a 25 year old individual currently suffering from a problem where in

Ourji 2018-06-29
32   Kapsdquack 2 months ago

Help me to narrow down my remedy
I have psychosomatic disorder with the right side of my body for almost 10 years . i have
Doomure 2018-07-09
8   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Premature ejaculation
I need help with pe . Age 36 . PE ( within 1,2 seconds ) I had it from the beginning
speed123 2019-02-03
4   georgewhittington 2 months ago

Unable to urinate
Badder neak does not opening. Bladder neak is narrow Unable to urinate. Difficult to st
rajanvikash 2019-02-14
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Erectile Dysfunction - Can Cydonia Vulgaris help?
Age-33 | Height-5'9" | Weight-65 KG | Unmarried I have heard a lot about Cydoni
HonestPatient 2019-02-14
1   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Seborrheic dermatitis ?
Hello, Not sure if this is the condition I am dealing with but here are the symptoms: 1)
becured 2019-02-02
6   becured 2 months ago

Dr kadwa please help
Bladder neak does not opening. Bladder neak is narrow Unable to urinate. Difficult to star
rajanvikash 2019-02-14
1   rajanvikash 2 months ago

Att Dr Kadwa 14 Treatment Over - Please advise
Dr Kadwa, I completed the 14th treatment as advised by you and it has been a few weeks
john doe1 2019-02-14
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Doctor please help with Cough
Hello- I was under the care of a homeopath for hair fall. He prescribed Phos 30c to be t
magicandmiracles1 2019-01-29
5   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Happy one year old suddenly turned fussy and irritable
Hello My 15 month old baby boy was a happy toddler, running around and says a few words to
Eecki 2019-02-12
5   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Suffering from alopecia areata long time.
I am suffering from alopecia areata form more then 3 years. My age 26.Male.I have hair los
adittaya 2019-02-09
7   adittaya 2 months ago

Graphites ointment vs. Graphites Pills
Hi all, I am hoping someone will be able to guide me on my ongoing problem of 40 years. I
msrilu 2019-02-11
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Weight loss
Hi I am 49 years old. In last 4 months I have gained 30lb. Pl help me.
Jivan_gillyahoo.com 2019-02-10
1   georgewhittington 2 months ago

Dr Reva Eczema problem
1. Eczema in neck from last 2yrs 3inches in size.Dry with itching 2. Eczema in Scrotum wit
evergreen1 2019-02-12
1   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Severe heartburn after consuming Beef
Hi, I am 40 years old male and always get severe heartburns after consuming Beef. It sta

Hussainsyed.ca 2014-04-21
18   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Hypotyhroidism medicene for my wife
1.45 yr old woman,average appearance. 2.tiredness feeling,weight gain around stomach 3.pro
andy_65_in 2019-02-11
5   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Internal bleeding piles since 4 years.
I have internal bleeding piles since 4 years , this was initiated by going to motions regu

rameshm 2018-08-20
119   surendrakr 2 months ago

9 year old with autism
hi I am new to all of this and recently began to see a homeopathic doctor for my 9 year o

jbh8182 2018-07-11
176   jbh8182 2 months ago

Putting Remedy In Water
I would like to put my remedy in water, but I am not too sure how many pellets to put in o
Veggielover1 2019-02-09
2   Veggielover1 2 months ago

How to put remedy in water
i would like to put my remedy in watet, but i'm not too sure how to do this.
Veggielover1 2019-02-09
1   simone717 2 months ago

Dr. kadwa ,,,,Plz Advise(Pain in right Arm)
Sir plz suggest medicine for my mother's Right ARM pain problem. AGE:50 years Sex:F

provision 2012-07-28
43   provision 2 months ago

Retinal haemorrhage cured by Homoeopathy Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Retinal haemorrhage is a disorder of the eye in which bleeding occurs into the retina. The

deoshlok 2009-02-01
54   Breveerj 2 months ago

Suspected infant reflux
My daughter is 1 month old and gets very fussy after feedings. She spits up a couple of ti
Sdhermes 2019-02-08
2   surendrakr 2 months ago

Chicken Pox
Good morning. Please could I ask your advice on treating chicken pox. Chicken pox are cur
AlisonA88 2019-02-08
1   Ibrahim3 2 months ago

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