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Angiokeratoma scrotum
I have angiokeratoma on my scrotum. Is there a homeopathic cure which can be taken
Dipstick 2018-07-05
7   sakp last week

Transgender feeling
My name irfan age 24 please help me two weeks before i use ferrum phos 1m for anemic
irfan8 2021-07-21
1   drjitesh last week

Antidote all remedy
Please help me i using to much homeo remedy how antidote of all remedy in my body hel me
irfan8 2021-07-21
1   drjitesh last week

Medicine for complex tear in knee posterior horn of medial meniscus
My left knee has developed pain and swelling since one year while playing. Now, the
Arun12 2021-07-21
1   Kaps last week

Diarrhoea and long periods
Hello, I am 43, mother of 3. Recently had bloods taken to show low platelets, low calcium
Wuffainkoo 2021-07-20
6   Wuffainkoo last week

Tumor above the left eye
Hi, My male cat named "Doodi" is 12 yrs old. For the last 01 year he is having
noshiahmad 2021-07-21
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PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Infection with severe pain after tooth extraction
1. Age: 49 2. Sex: female 3. Built up:obese/moderate/slim: moderate 4. Complexion:
Saya 2021-07-19
13   Saya last week

Stuttering, intense shaking, muscle spams
What appears to be the aftermath of the Johnson and Johnson immunization. My
Embrace.Wisdom 2021-07-16
3   maheeru last week

Mikesh Khatri 2021-07-20
2   drjitesh last week

high bp 165/97
Hi, During other ailment of Teeth Extraction, Doctor checked my BP which was 165/120.
Avanish 2021-07-20
1   anuj srivastava last week

Mother suffering Varicose Veins leg pain will homeo work or need surgery
Problem: Elderly Mother suffering with varicose veins. Tried hammamillis 30, pulsatilla

ariesboy 2021-02-18
48   anuj srivastava last week

Erectile dysfunction due to weak penis nerves
Sir, I am 26 years old . Suffering from ed from 7-8 years . I used to masturbate 4-5
Mohit5 2021-07-20
4   Mohit5 last week

Please Dr. Deoshlok, Dr. Nawaz, Dr Mohla,i am thinking to suicide. Sufferring from nightfall from 12 years.
I have huge indigestion and stomach problem due to nightfall. 1 good doctor have
admin1 2015-12-22
3   drjitesh last week

Which is the antidote of sulphur 200?
Hello,i had taken sulphur 200 one month was a wrong medicine for a result,my
tusar66 2021-07-07
5   anuj srivastava last week

Mental problem (Schizophrenia)
Hello sir, i m a 22 years old i am suffering from lots of mental problems... I

Maria Khan 2018-08-25
161   Kaps last week

Calcarea Carbonica causing pains to move from lower lumbar region to upper right leg
Female, mid-70s, diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis causing much pain when walking,
Machinima 2021-07-17
6   Machinima last week

IBS and anxiety
From the very begining stage of my life my self confidence was so low and have issues
akshatj777 2021-07-15
2   Saya 2 weeks ago

Cervicogenic Dizziness
I am a 62 years old male. My cervical spine shows minor to moderate stenosis with disc
Nice_Guy 2021-07-18
2   Nice_Guy 2 weeks ago

Neurological problems
Greetings, We would greatly appreciate your help, please. My husband's (68 year
Embrace.Wisdom 2021-07-18
1   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Left Shoulder Pain
Hi Dr. Anuj This time I am writing for myself… since covid 19 was announced I
Skhosla1 2021-07-18
1   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Hello, I was wondering if someone can guide regarding use of nosodes. Like what dose,
afridig 2021-07-18
4   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Hairloss and gas formation ..
I amDipak age 30 years gender- male.. Addicted to masturbation ..after 3 years facing
dipak4 2021-07-17
2   dipak4 2 weeks ago

Hairloss and gas formation ..
I am Dipak age 30 years...gender -male...I am addicted to masturbation ..I usually do 2
dipak4 2021-07-16
2   dipak4 2 weeks ago

Attn: Anuj
Sir, I am having urgent motions ( typically lose after 1 st or 2nd motion) for upto 3-5
srinupeddiraju 2021-04-28
24   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Dr.Thoufeeque - High sexual desire
Dear Sir I am 21 yrs old male, i started masturbation since 15 yrs age for which i
aboy 2021-04-30
5   drthoufeequebhms 2 weeks ago