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I am suffering from lipoma
Dear Sir/Madam, My name is vikash Kumar. I am 35 years old, Suffering from lipoma from las

Vikash_83 2018-08-31
59   anuj srivastava last month

Poor mental generals
Hello sir, i m a 22 years old girl..an i am suffering from lots of mental problems... I wa

Maria Khan 2018-08-25
43   Maria Khan last month

Re: help with nux reaction so good and bad
sorry typos. I take small dose of klonopin at night which when matched with levoquin damag
ffooter 2019-01-13
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help with nux reaction so good and bad
hi I need help about 9 months ago I was poisened by the antibiotic Levoquin. It attacked a
ffooter 2019-01-13
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spotting during early pregnancy
Hi i need help of experienced homeopath. My wife is six week pregnant but she is observin
kali 2018-12-21
5   kali last month

Daughter sensory disorder
Hi, I have tried to heal my daughter on my own with successes that end in regression. Rec

Amber.delano 2018-12-02
22   drjitesh last month

please help me with racing thoughts asap :(
Hello, I can't stop thinking about things that have happened in the past. I am 53 ye
Lari 2019-01-11
2   anuj srivastava last month

Please somebody help me its urgent
dear doctor, i am male, 22yr.unmarried,student.some Feel weakness in nerve system, mucus i
fujayel 2016-07-01
7   mani_jee last month

spinal cord injury
So I am looking for some homeopathy for nerve damage in hopes of getting some back. My inj
Raven3 2019-01-10
1   HealthyWorld last month

Enlarge prostate size 28g
I have enlarge prostrate of size currently 28 g.previous it was 20 g.I have urination prob
ocd_ahmad 2018-10-26
6   ocd_ahmad last month

Reflux in kids
reflux has been diagnoised in my 7 yrs daughter, she has infection in her throat all the t
azade 2019-01-09
2   anuj srivastava last month

Nikkie (Need help for psoriasis)
Dear Nikkie I am a patient of psoriasis for about 25-27 years and I have been using homeo
rmasood 2019-01-09
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allergies and its homeopathic treatment
Homeopathic Remedies for Common Allergies :- Allergic to dust, smoke,strong perfumes His

Mahfoozurrehman 2009-03-19
13   IUM last month

Dear anuj look at this case
Nitesh Kamal 2019-01-08
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Firefighter exposed to toxic chemicals. Help me detox please!
Hi, I am a career firefighter and have been having many health problems including headac
Tgaruccio321 2019-01-08
1   homeo_helper last month

Retained deciduous teeth 5lb puppy
This tiny rescue... 7mos.5lbs. Is not shedding her baby teeth. Completely healthy in all o
professor_marie 2019-01-07
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Vitamin D low 12% and pain in lumbar region and sacrum region, right leg right side effected
Please help some one https://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/568101/
Nitesh Kamal 2019-01-05
1   Nitesh Kamal last month

Father Health Detoriating
Hi, I was wondering if homeopathy can help my father. He is 68 years old. He suffered a b

fjklasjfeopw 2018-11-15
13   fjklasjfeopw last month

I have very little spleen pulse (chinese med), very loose stools, low platelet count tend
ellie2 2019-01-06
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Bacterial infection in one eye of my 9 year old daughter
Hello, My daughter developed an infection when she was 5 years and poor girl still needs
Pawan.d 2019-01-02
7   anuj srivastava last month

Errors of Personal Identity
Hi there, My wife has been suffering from some issues that I feel could be benefited from

pseast 2018-12-08
20   anuj srivastava last month

Nitesh Kamal 2019-01-05
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Baby reflux - silent reflux
Hello, I have read some posts from Dr. Joe De Livera on this forum about baby reflux. I s

sineadegan 2018-12-22
68   sineadegan last month

Penis Problum
I am 44 years Men from last 3 to 4 years I am facing problum in my penis that is penis alw
PRAKASH4 2019-01-04
3   HealthyWorld last month

Please Read this!! I need help
Hey!! I am nikhil, Computer student but college drop out. 23 age, 5.4 hight, 60kg around

nikhilsharma0588 2018-10-25
39   nikhilsharma0588 last month

I cannot sleep
Hi am so worried from the whole day of work and have negative thoughts I am taking nix vom
Inhuman2493 2019-01-04
1   anuj srivastava last month

Dr R Basu, could you help please?
Hi, I’m a 41 year old female. I have had sagging breasts for a number of years now

Homeohealth1 2018-09-23
31   Homeohealth1 last month

New site feature - remedy notes & favourites
Happy New Year everybody. You can now comment on remedies throughout the site - either pu
moderator 2019-01-04
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please suggest me medicines
Dear sir I am 43 male from India. I have undergone CABG (Heart bypass surgery) at the age
vivek.igc 2019-01-03
3   vivek.igc last month

Demylination of spinal cord
I am suffering from demylinating desease hence I am not able to walk properly,rt.leg is af
manamohit 2017-02-23
6   drjitesh last month

Dear Dr. Tui
Hello Dr. Tui Had my dog tumor surgically removed and the results came in, it is a mast c

cathy3 2018-10-27
39   cathy3 last month

Weak bladder muscles
I have had issues with stress incontinence since I gave birth to my first child 29 years a

dshahen 2018-11-05
20   surendrakr last month

Good morning, INITIAL QUESTION from November 2018 I have been suffering from gout for a
nicoleteix 2018-12-28
3   anuj srivastava last month

Bleeding ulcer
Sir I am 19 year old girl Age 19 Gender-female Weight-39kg Height-5'4feet From uttar
Anjali4 2019-01-02
3   anuj srivastava last month

Puffy eyes
I have puffy eyes (under the lids), it's hereditary. I have tried several things but
chocopie 2018-12-06
6   chocopie last month

Homeopathic Petroleum Ointment & Healing Crisis
Hi: I am considering buying the homeopathic Petroleum Ointment for my 80+ year father. He
Mango357 2018-12-31
2   Mango357 last month

High fever in regular interval and UTI
My mother-in-law is suffering from high fever and UTI since last three-four days. She is 6
anindya384 2018-12-27
2   anuj srivastava last month

Papillary conjunctivitis
Hello. I am thirty years old female suffering from papillary inside my eye lid. The eye an
Umang 2018-12-15
9   anuj srivastava last month

Aurum Metallicum & heat
I have taken a total of two doses of Aurum Metallicum 30 (spaced several days apart). It h
vatagirl 2018-12-03
12   simone717 last month

irresistible desire for masturbation
SUBHAJIT 2018-12-24
9   mani_jee last month

Hi, My name is TP, Age 43, weight: 97 KG, Height: 5.4. 1. I like to eat sweets a lot.
pstejinder1 2018-11-29
8   pstejinder1 last month

Silicea,Syphilinum dosage and potency.
Respected Dr.Kadwa, I am a patient of progressive vitiligo since 1998,tried allopathy and

N.P.Mishra 2017-09-30
34   N.P.Mishra last month

Burning sensation and blood in urine
I have pain and burning sentation in urine from last 3 years.there used to be more pus 6_7
souravi 2018-12-30
5   surendrakr last month

Attention: Dr Reva V, Dr Tui, Dr drjitesh -Please Help - ED & PE
I have taken 2 doses of Acid Phos 200 with gap of 12 hours. 2nd dose taken

Seck 2018-10-07
36   Seck last month

Nit Acidum after Nux
Can Nit. Ac. be taken after Nux? I see in the remedy relationships source I refer to that
Joyner 2018-12-24
3   Joyner last month

Not producing enough milk for 4 month old baby. What remedies to help?
Home 2018-12-27
3   surendrakr last month

Meniscus tear
I have a horizontal meniscus tear in my left knee that wakes me up at night. Don't w
paulabaron 2018-12-26
1   anuj srivastava last month

Upset Stomach
It seems around most holidays and when I have upsetting news I get a bloated and upset sto
Merisel81 2018-12-25
2   mani_jee last month

Good afternoon, I have been suffering from gout for a few years. It started in my right f
nicoleteix 2018-11-20
9   nicoleteix last month

Don't worry about PE and ED
PE & ED is a common issue for men. Between 40%-50% have it at some time in their life.

alliswell1 2018-11-30
13   alliswell1 last month

Advice for persistent cold
I have had a long running cold that I would like some advice on. The cold started about a
mmene 2018-12-23
5   mani_jee last month

Homeodr or Maheeru plz- postpartum depression
Hey I need some help I'm about 10 months postpartum and Im struggling with very low
rom109 2018-12-20
2   rom109 last month

Cfs and calc carb
Hello I was prescribed a homeopathic remedy by a friend online based on my symptoms of chr
Jb5555 2018-12-21
1   anuj srivastava last month

Squint, eye squeezing and strain
My 4 year boy occasionally squints his right eye outward specially when he gets tired. Whi
Garima1 2018-12-22
1   anuj srivastava last month

Retained placenta that has calcified
I had my baby 19 months ago. I had a retained placenta following the delivery and also hem

KBerry 2018-11-05
23   surendrakr last month

Attn: Dr jitesh -- Itching on skin
Age:32 Sex:Male Skin type: Very Fair Weight:95kg Height:178 cm BP: 140/95 Pulse:95-100 I

unar89 2018-10-29
15   unar89 last month

Fulminant Hepatitis A
Hello, Start of May, I had fulminant Hepatitis A (ALT was at 5000) . Took 2 months of Ca

syria 2017-07-12
340   syria last month

Severe Stammering! Please Help!
I have a list of diseases that i have been struggling with for a very long time. The most

lover.boy 2018-04-03
61   Dr.Ak1 last month

9years old son with learning and attention issues
Hello, My 9 year old son has the following issues: born 2 weeks before term by scheduled c
JCL 2017-09-23
7   0antivirus0 last month

Hello, I am interested in knowing if there is something I can use for the sleepiness I oft
Lg2008 2018-07-01
11   Dr R Basu last month

Dog hurt leg
Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me I have a one year old dog that has a knee pr
Brittany 2018-12-18
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Psoriatic Arthritis
Hi, I am 37 years old Indian Male. I am having Psoriatic Arthrtis from last 3 years now. T
Quackruni 2018-12-17
3   HealthyWorld 2 months ago

Psuedo gout
Suggestions for psuedo gout(calcium deposits) in wrists?
professor_marie 2018-12-18
3   professor_marie 2 months ago

Bad knees
My knees are worn out I guess too much exercise I'm 66 years old. Looking at stem cel
professor_marie 2018-12-12
2   professor_marie 2 months ago

Teething or cold??
I am not sure of my 9 months has these symptoms: Congestion in nose that switches between
bluesky77 2018-12-17
3   bluesky77 2 months ago

Dr Kadwa Please Help with Viral Fever
Dear Sir, My 68 years old father has caught viral fever from me. He has fever over 100 de
mayankgates 2018-12-17
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Dr. Kadwa pl help Excessive Precum and softness in erection
I am 37 male suffering from excessive precum issue since I was 18. I am married male. My e
vps512 2018-12-12
2   kadwa 2 months ago

Management of high systole in elderly
Would like anyone who has had success with Baryta Mur for management of high systole to sh
Mr. Vinay Kumar 2018-12-11
1   kadwa 2 months ago

Liquid Dilution of Cell Salt
Hello :) I am creating a blend of cell salts in a liquid solution stored in a 1 oz dropper
AhwazG 2018-12-05
3   kadwa 2 months ago

Efects of Prone Masturbation, prostatorrhea, weak body, ED, PE
Sir, I am 25 years old male. For the last 6 months, I have witnessed that whenever I talk
Shaksham 2018-12-16
2   Shaksham 2 months ago

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