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Anal Fistula remedy required
Hello all, I was diagnosed with an anal fistula around 1 year back. Since then Ive been

magicali 2020-06-07
54   magicali 2 weeks ago

Cough - please help
Hello, I am 37 year old and suffering from cough from past 2 months. This pattern is
deeps84 2021-03-29
4   deeps84 2 weeks ago

My mothers age is 80. She has been sneezing a lot since yesterday and she has a runny
Sanam16261 2021-04-01
3   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Severe Constipation
Hello, Male age:29 Since last one month I am suffering from constipation issue. I am
ansarishoaib 2021-04-02
2   ansarishoaib 2 weeks ago

Procrastination - Perfecionism - Depression - Insomnia
Hi everybody, I have just read a post about some of the symptoms I have listed above, but

Sugaron1 2017-11-18
28   MadelineChapman 2 weeks ago

Where to order/buy in South Carolina
Hi All, I need to order Lyc 200 (pills).-Anyone can suggest where to order/buy
Albert 2021-04-02
1   simone717 2 weeks ago

Feline Chronic Kidney Disease
15 year old Cat with Feline CKD, recently diagnosed. We’ve been giving
claudini 2021-04-01
3   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

vaccininum to mitigate COVID vaccine?
Unorthodox but getting vaccinated tomorrow. Old friend homeopath, since passed on,
jsaLEEMVA 2021-04-01
6   jsaLEEMVA 2 weeks ago

Rearv 2021-03-31
no replies yet

Kanika123 2021-03-14
11   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Eating disorder
If someone could so kindly look at my case and advise, it is very long standing and very

angelicam 2020-09-20
103   angelicam 3 weeks ago

I have recently been diagnosed with hyperparathyriodism. Apparently I have no known
mariposa2 2019-12-30
12   tearose 3 weeks ago

Weird smell up nose
For about 10 days had a weird smell up nose. Only describe it as a chemical kind of
Ideal56 2021-03-25
1   Ideal56 3 weeks ago

8month old- Excessive burping and Eczema(severe) started around 4th month
Hi, Seeking expert advise as am not able to see my baby suffering. My baby is 8months old

Rbanoor0616 2021-03-15
36   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

End stage Liver cirrhosis and Kidney failure
My Brother 38 year old with 2 kids (5 year and 1 month old) has alcoholic liver cirrhosis
calijatt 2021-03-24
7   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

Urticaria (pressure induced)
Hello Doctors, I am suffering from pressure induced physical urticaria since one year.
imtiyaz.ansari 2021-03-25
1   freehomeoforall 3 weeks ago

Thyroid/Miasmic illness
Hello, I believe a Tuberculin and perhaps Syphilitic? Miasm causing illness in form
Sarahndipity723 2021-03-22
2   Sarahndipity723 3 weeks ago

follicle size small
respected drs , try to conceive,through ivf follicle size is 14 this month last month
mahsan 2021-03-13
1   drjitesh 3 weeks ago

Chronic anxiety case
Need suggestions and help. I am suffering from few issues from close to a decade. I am
Holl 2021-01-26
17   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

deQuervain's Tendonitis - Wrist Tendonitis
deQuervain's Tendonitis - Wrist Tendonitis Very painful tendonitis on the right

Esimova 2020-07-12
32   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Can i take Heper sulp 200,Apic 200,& Thuja 200 same days 3 times 2-2 drops each with
Yiew 2021-03-22
1   Yiew 4 weeks ago

Drainage remedies
What are good remedies to detox or do a liver drainage and how does it work Someone
kohler 2021-03-21
no replies yet

Need experienced person PLS I need HELP
I need an Experienced homeopath I need help its about feeling of small like i have not

aamir2312 2020-12-19
39   freehomeoforall 4 weeks ago

Homeopathic materia
hiii I'm new on this forum and I'm a student of 2 year bhms What is the science
Tajfatema 2021-03-01
3   telescope 4 weeks ago

Premature Ejaculation
I have a premature ejaculation problem. I release in few seconds, in just 1-3 strokes.
Zouh 2021-03-16
1   Zouh last month