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help!! nat mur aggravation!
hello everyone i started taking nat mur 6x '5' days ago since i noticed that my h
juliuscaesar 2010-05-14
6   juliuscaesar 8 years ago

I m feeling very much difficulty due to congestion in back,chest and head with band after
wazihahmad 2010-05-14
1   Dr.Sabadra 8 years ago

Pregnancy 5 Month. Pain in whole body , chill , thirst increased
Female: Age: 24Height: 5 Body: Not too slim not too fat bones: small. Pregnant: 19 weak
libra981 2010-05-12
2   Dr.Sabadra 8 years ago

lump in the thigh
Hi , My dad is aged 57, and has sugar, He is feeling heavy pain in the thigh area from th
saigeeta 2010-05-13
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Hi- I think I really need a remedy... I feel physically fine, but mentally and emotionally
COMom 2010-05-13
3   COMom 8 years ago

Ear Popping Problem
Hi Ive been having a consistent popping in my left ear. My hearing has not been affected
elstrom73 2010-05-04
7   kadwa 8 years ago

dear pankaj varma jee
Please read the following from start to end carefully and suggest the remedy. http://abch
ridha89 2010-05-12
10   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Nasal Polyps - Polyp nose
Hello, first of all wanted to disulparan my level of English, but speak only a little. I a
sergioemm 2010-01-31
5   abhishekgoel007 8 years ago

Dear All: I am shedding hair like crazy. I have dandruff and itchy skin. I lost the hair o
isolence 2010-05-12
3   Dr Abhishek 8 years ago

my wife is suffering from toothache for last three days,she suffered acidity problem 4 day
bapu4 2010-05-13
4   bapu4 8 years ago

sperm motility
Dear Doctors My case history is as Initially motilty was around 10 % with sperm count 16
alok1975 2010-05-13
3   alok1975 8 years ago

Suffering from sore throat, sneezing, blockage of nostril, weakness of muscles
I am suffering from sore throat, sneezing, blockage of nostril for the last five years. Th
usmanz15 2010-05-13
3   kadwa 8 years ago

appeal to moderator
i read cases they are stopped after some feed backs and later on there is o trace what ha
bapu4 2010-05-13
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Dr kadwa a question
What if somebody is taking Calc carb 200c & it is helping also but at a slower pace then i
alice2010 2010-05-12
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Advice please
Brief back story.... Got diagnosed with NSU (Non specific Urethritis) and the clinic gave

soulman 2010-05-10
19   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

girl2010 2010-05-08
1   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

Hamster's allergy
I use cell salts at home for my sinus condition. Kali mur has worked great for me. I was
disneyfan10 2010-05-13
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in the absence of reva v patient need help.
ridha89 2010-05-11
4   ridha89 8 years ago

Hi pls provide details how to prevent the psoraisis
jointheforum 2010-05-12
1   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

fatty liver problem
age=25,gender=MALE, height=5'6', weight=71 kgs, I have the problem of fatty liver
sunil58 2010-05-12
6   kadwa 8 years ago

weight loss
I am suffering from actue acidity. I don't like feeling to eat. Even If I forcibly ea
chotishree 2010-05-12
2   Dr Abhishek 8 years ago

Hepatitis C
Dear Sir, My mother is suffering from Hepatitis C for the last 5 years. She completed the
asimumer 2010-05-10
5   asimumer 8 years ago

jointheforum 2010-05-12
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Asthmatic, joint and skin problems
Please recommend me some medicines, specially with skin conditions. Desires: 1. Salty fo

dhundhun 2010-05-09
15   dhundhun 8 years ago

rashes and itces at bottom of feet fingers
My daughter, aged 14 year, has developed for last 4-5 days skin disorder at her feet. She
arshadrb 2010-05-11
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

does homeopathic medicines contains steroids???
what ?? answer to this question is an obvious NO ,still somehow patients have a misconcept
Dr Abhishek 2010-05-12
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poison ivy season
have posted b4 but no response to the question....can anyone help with this? poison ivy s
lanainlouisville 2009-04-08
2   SelenaW 8 years ago

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 2011 22:30:04 BST]
girl2010 2010-05-12
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spring allergies w/ ears/ throat itch
I am suffering w/ 1) Blocked/running rose early morning. Starts usually 4-5 AM get worse a
Hot tea 2010-05-09
4   Hot tea 8 years ago

Urethral Abscess - Homeopathic Remedy(s) Suggestion Please!
Hi, 44 years old, female: In June of 2009 I started having symptoms of urinary frequency
SamuraiPrincess 2010-03-26
12   SamuraiPrincess 8 years ago

Psoriasis Eczema (pictures attached)
Dear respected doctors, I have problem of psoriasis Eczema (as told by my homeopathic doc
ahmedali25 2010-05-09
3   ahmedali25 8 years ago

my mother need help...
ridha89 2010-05-11
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Erectile Dysfunction Problem
A.A Dr sahab meri umar 24 years hai, main married hon, mera problem erection ka hai jis
ahmad101 2010-05-06
2   ahmad101 8 years ago

Urgent Opinion Needed
I am 32 years old and have following conditions 1) Overweight (Weight: 105 Kilograms, He
bonjovi 2010-05-10
2   bonjovi 8 years ago

erectile disfunction problem
Hello, About myself. I am 32 years male. i got married before 7 years. previously when i w
Hemant5 2010-05-11
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Hair problem
Hi, I am a 22 year old girl. I have had the 'hair pulling disease' or trichotillom
solveproblems 2010-05-10
4   kadwa 8 years ago

habit of masturbation
i am a 35 year old male. i have habit of masturbation from the age of 20. i do it everyda
shilalove 2010-05-10
4   mashood 8 years ago

Constant Dribbling Sensation
I'm new to the forum. For the past several months i've been suffering from what
rameses 2010-05-09
3   Dr Kireet 8 years ago

My sister in law was just hospitalized with toxemia. Is there anything homeopathically tha
COMom 2010-05-11
2   Dr Kireet 8 years ago

attention Dr. Deoshlok Shrama
Full Name: Sudip1967 (You can use your alias if you want to be anonymous) Sex: M Age: 4
sudip1967 2010-05-11
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Dog is afraid-same time every year
Gelsinium, Ignatia, aconite? I can't decide? - afraid to go outside alone - afraid
wendypape 2010-05-11
2   bapu4 8 years ago

Dropsy with Difficulty in Breathing.
Dear sir, I am seeking experts help for my Mother after 6 years. my earlier post http://a

vinaya20 2010-03-23
22   kadwa 8 years ago

Please reply..Dr. Joe De Livera
I am a 43 y old male. Periodically I suffer from indigestion problem. It normally starts w
sudip1967 2010-05-10
2   sudip1967 8 years ago

my son 21 years age,studying engg. he gets occassional probleb of difficult bbreathing,pho
bapu4 2010-05-11
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Father's cyst problem.
My father is 62 yrs old. Had an operation of hernia (right sided) groin region 5 yrs. back
ajitk 2010-05-10
2   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

severe back pain
Hi, I am suffering from severe back pain since a monthstarting from the back of the neck e
bharati_srini 2010-05-09
5   wendypape 8 years ago

Sameer - remedy for gastric/acidity
Hi Sameer, I have been suffering for severe acidity and other related for the last 10 yea
mkharpuri 2010-05-08
3   mkharpuri 8 years ago

i have been suffering from pilessince 1099 but for the past 5 months now i am having the p
indian_d 2010-05-10
1   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Several Warts on Face
I have several warts (about 15-20) on my face (1-2 on feet). Usually I consult dermatologi
vinayr9 2009-12-25
10   vinayr9 8 years ago

Getting pregnant
I read a long time ago that there is an homeopathic remedy to take before being pregnant s
Framboise 2010-05-05
8   Framboise 8 years ago

I want to become mom
Hi, Thanks in advance to every one that tries to help me out.. I am 27yrs old and marrie

iwannabmom 2009-11-24
27   iwannabmom 8 years ago

Dr Kadwa A case of infertility, High bp
ioPatient ID: Sex: Male Age: 32 Married since 3 years no children Please answer the follo
alice2010 2010-05-10
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Dr kadwa a case of infertility, polycystic ovaries
Patient ID: Sex: female Age: 27 Married since 3 years no children Please answer the follo
alice2010 2010-05-10
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Kitten with Upper Eyelid Entropian
Hello, My friend (cat breeder) has a one month old kitten with slight upper eyelid entrop
cariansky 2010-05-10
1   cariansky 8 years ago

Sepia & Pulsatilla Female - Difference confusion
I want to know about the personaliy of SEPIA AND PULSATILA. How to know wheather is she S
libra981 2010-05-09
2   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

PCOS sufferer with no periods for 2 years.
PCOS sufferer , no periods for the last 2 years , age=26 yrs.height= 5'3', abunda
angel_2006 2010-04-19
4   angel_2006 8 years ago

Thickness of Penis
I am 30 years old male. from past 2 years I was facing difficulty in erection and hardness

monuforlove 2010-03-25
21   drahmedaslam 8 years ago

chronic Health Problem
I am 41 Yrs of age and having chronic indigestion problems as follows: 1. I am intolerant
nahmed69 2010-05-03
4   nahmed69 8 years ago

white discharge
i am 20 yrs girl,i have a severe problem of white discharge from past 3 yrs.
ria99 2010-05-09
5   ria99 8 years ago

help - getting pregnant
Hi, i am 32 years old and for 2 years i'am trying to have a baby. According with my
crisbv 2010-05-09
no replies yet

Sepia and childbirth
Hi I've been taking Sepia 30D for a week since my expected date of giving birth was
mouminah 2010-05-09
2   kadwa 8 years ago

dr.kadwa plz help
i am 20 yrs girl suffering from white discharge from past 3 yrs..plz help
ria99 2010-05-09
1   kadwa 8 years ago

please want advice to HCG hormone for weight lose for man&woman
hi all homeopath i have seen HCG homeopathy drug for weight lose i am 79kg so ican i take
nurnabi 2009-09-17
1   nurnabi 8 years ago

liver crrhosis with malignant liver tumour and rt portal vein thrombosis
1) diagnosed with liver cancer 2) running high fever since 15 march 2010. taking 4-5 croci
rafiahmad 2010-05-08
7   rafiahmad 8 years ago

Base remedies for starting treatment
Could you let know which are the three base remedies required before starting any treatmen
Ozzieboi 2010-05-09
no replies yet

Hair loss, etc.
Oh my,, Where can I start this? OK, I have several health issues such as high blood press
inositol 2010-05-09
no replies yet

b12 recovery
Hello dr.'s i am 19 years of age and averge built male. I recently discovered taht i
kayos 2009-06-01
5   Dr Abhishek 8 years ago

mucus probem since two years
Hi i have this problem since 2 years .after i go to sleep about 1 hours later this wake me
nasira655 2010-04-29
5   kadwa 8 years ago

Kidney Problem
Hello Doctor, My father has Kidney problem. He is under dialysis. But we want to reduce th
priyanka.mohanty 2010-05-08
2   Dr Abhishek 8 years ago

height problem
i am 22 old my higt is 160cm but i want grow up to the height of 170-175 what necessary me
ganesh19 2010-05-08
2   Dr Abhishek 8 years ago

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