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Sore throat, white Cough, vomit, pain in middle of chest
Dear sir My sister is 32 years old . Having a problem from a week 1.Sore Throat 2. White
Nitesh Kamal 2019-08-27
8   Tui last month

Hi, My daughter, 22 years old, gets eczema, dryness, redness and swelling around her eyes
pollen 2019-08-24
6   mahadev1 last month

I have had acid reflux for many years now. It flares up and goes away over time. I have
Little Arrow 2019-08-29
4   mahadev1 last month

anal fissure due to rectoscopy examination
Dear Docs, I need your help! I have been suffering from an internal anal fissure for 3
Salina 2019-08-26
9   freehomeoforall last month

Antidote for hyoscyamus
What is the antidote for hyoscyamus and other homeopathy
loko 2019-08-22
3   AnanthKumar09 last month

Mucus in stools and loss of appetite
It all started after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism just after a month I was
Rohit45 2019-08-27
3   Tui last month

Irregular periods
I am 42 year old women. 52 kg weight. Since last 6 months my periods are irregular. I
123456ro 2019-08-24
3   homeo_helper last month

deep pocket cleaning
Hello, I am going to go in for deep pocket cleaning or scaling. I have seven teeth that

penny3 2019-08-15
30   simone717 last month

Potency comparison
I'm pretty new to homeopathy and would like to know: if 6C is somewhat equivalent in
Wickedfoot 2019-08-26
6   Wickedfoot last month

Toddler tantrums
Hello all Writing for my 18 month old son, who is active, likes to be outside. He weighs
Eecki 2019-07-15
4   HealthyWorld last month

Constipation...from last 6-7 days
I am here on this forum to get some help. I am not able to "satisfactorily"

Zoimp 2019-08-17
13   freehomeoforall last month

Difficulty swallowing
Hi I am 18yr old and I am from India . I am having swallowing problems for a month now .
parnexdev 2019-08-26
2   Reva V last month

H pylori
Greetings! I have been suffering from h pylori and have taken Antibiotics more thank 4
Mac.brow73 2019-08-26
1   freehomeoforall last month

Can anyone suggest best Homeopath Doctors in mumbai .
Hi, I would like to know the best homeopath Doctors in mumbai who are experienced and
handsomeheart2000 2019-08-20
1   homeo_helper last month

Skin depigmentation
My grand son 14, Indian origin residing in the USA, in last one and half years, has
Mohan1 2019-08-25
1   freehomeoforall last month

heavy left ear feeling
Hi, I feel left ear is kind of heavy , sometime itchy and blocked feeling (very mild

rks0202 2019-08-25
16   freehomeoforall last month

Need help for hyperpigmentation around mouth and on forehead
Hello, I have Hyperpigmentation around mouth and on forehead and I wan to get rid of
justanhuman 2019-08-25
1   freehomeoforall last month

Sebaceous Cyst - For more than 10 years on Cheek
Hello, I have Sebaceous Cyst (as per allopathy doc ), for long long time . I dont want
rks0202 2019-05-26
4   rks0202 last month

since couple of days I am having some symptoms of bronchitis having phlegm and heavy
waqaspuri 2019-08-24
1   homeo_helper last month

puls 6 or 30c
Took 7 doses of water dilution puls for anxiety depression but told to stop as brought
Ideal56 2019-08-24
4   kohler last month

Stomach Weak, Poor Digestion Gas Bloating
*Stomach weak ... poor digestion. . *Sometimes constipation, which auto correct after
hazel092 2019-08-24
1   freehomeoforall last month

Faceing this skin problm penises
Sir i faced some problm in my penise just check my some attachments photos and suggests
jkumarsuni 2019-08-15
2   simone717 last month

Premature Ejaculation & Penis Enlargement
Hi, I am 29 year old married guy. My problem is that I ejaculate less then a minute after
Mikael_Khan 2015-05-28
2   simone717 last month

Last month, I felt palpation/ Arrhythmia as doctors told me, i went under ECG.Dr reads
meharban Ahmad 2019-02-25
5   maheeru last month

Need help
Im 26years old male. My height is 5ft. Is there any way i can increase my
Ozu 2019-07-29
1   drthoufeequebhms last month