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Tight Scrotum Problem
Hello, 31 year old male with 200 Low T level. My Scrotum keeps wanting to get super
kevin25 2021-06-13
8   Kaps last month

For Dr. Maheeru .. Kindly Advise
Hope u r fine. I have read your posts here, so i request you to kindly advise me for my

faizan81 2019-05-24
59   maheeru last month

Bulky Uterus with posterior myometrial fibroid. Mild Fatty Liver
1.Liver:Normal in size 14.8cm.Increased parenchymal echotexture.No focal lesion or
Sas007 2021-06-13
1   mrmhm last month

Toddler 3.5 yrs suffering gastritis for 2.5 months now
Hello, Hope you are all doing good! This is for my kid who is 3.5 years old and
Aize 2021-06-13
3   anuj srivastava last month

Struvite Kidney Stones
Hi, my 6 year old daughter had hydronephrosis at 5 months old. Had no issues over the
Urca 2021-06-11
4   Urca last month

Multiple Mental Disorders (Interconnected disorders)
Multiple Mental Disorders (Interconnected) I am 35years old(male), Software Engineer
Suraj9 2021-05-08
8   Suraj9 last month

adhd 6 year old
6 year-old-boy is always getting yelled at because of his behavior. He cannot sit still
sandybeach 2021-05-28
6   sandybeach last month

Anxiety GAD. Panic. Depression
I am taking a benzodiazapine (clonazapem) .50 mg in AM .50 in Afternoon and 1 mg at night
THISISIT 2021-06-11
6   THISISIT last month

Dear Moderator, Can you please email me Dr. Shawrav's contact info? Thank
snc5595 2012-08-23
4   Kaps last month

taking remedy in food
Hi, I'm aware that remedies are to be given away from food or liquid, but for
robertarl 2021-06-10
2   robertarl last month

Delayed Periods/PCOS
Hi, This is Laxmi, 31 years old, married (since 2017). I’ve been suffering from
Miezo 2021-05-15
5   Kaps last month

Body feels as if swollen
I am an 81 year old male in an otherwise healthy state of health. 2. Since about a month
hpadda 2021-06-10
1   Kaps last month

Dear sir, What is the best topical remedy(s)for ingrown toenail and toenail fungus? Drops
pravric 2021-06-10
3   Kaps last month

Dark Ankles Knot on Right Side of Right Feet
I have a Big dark rough spot on the right leg only. It's totally rough and less
forfeit 2021-05-26
6   Kaps last month

Toddler 3,5 years old has very hard time sleeping
Hello, I am looking to get help for my grandson 3.5 years old, who has a very hard time
Magenta123 2021-06-09
13   Magenta123 last month

is serum globulin 3.7 is leukemia ?
I have abnormal LFT some below values are not in normal range. I do not drink. I suffered
sashikanta2 2021-06-09
1   Kaps last month

diabetes help
My husband has diabetes type II since 10+ years. He is 69. since a few month, the
sangrita 2021-06-09
1   anuj srivastava last month

offensive flatulence and bloating
since few weeks, I am having a very foul smelling flatulence mostly in the evening only,
sangrita 2021-05-12
11   anuj srivastava last month

Nausea after taking Gelsemium 3x for long
I took Gelsemium 3x fifteen drops in some water thrice a day for trembling and muscle
Murli Manohar1 2021-06-09
4   Murli Manohar1 last month

tiny lumps under skin
Hello, Ive noticed tiny lump ( size of a mustard seed) on under the skin on hands and
reenadass 2021-06-04
12   reenadass last month

Pleomorphic adenoma need help
Hello , I am suffering from pleomorphic adenoma Of left perotid gland under ear approx
Ibad 2021-06-07
3   anuj srivastava last month

Irregular periods
I have a history of irregular periods from starting. I want a permanent cure for this.
Nalinishree1 2021-06-06
11   Kaps last month

Leg swelling no other health issues
My Mother's Leg swelling she is 60, she did knee operation 3 years back. She is
forfeit 2021-06-07
1   Kaps last month

Sir Namskar , mai 27 sal ka ladka hu, Nalanda Bihar se hu(abhi mumbai me rahta
Kumarbrajesh 2021-06-07
2   Kaps last month

How to Stop Masturbating
Hi My aunty have masturbating daily day and night age is 68 any medicine please help my
vijaya2 2021-06-07
1   Kaps last month