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Help me to select correct medicine
I've attached report. Please help
rawi 2022-09-02
2   mrmhm 2 months ago

I had itching problem for years but something new has happened now I have itching episode
salnas 2022-08-28
6   mrmhm 2 months ago

81 year , my dad has Chronic constipation and stomach pains/ possible IBS
Hello, I want to tell you how it started. My mom expired in 2007 and my dad who is very
venus0743 2022-08-20
5   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

what is the best medicine for ED?
what is the best medicine for
jackmiller3332 2022-09-02
no replies yet

Chronic Polyps
Dear Respected Doctors My symptom history is as: 1. Today my age is 59 year. I was

sherdil 2021-08-14
68   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Proving many homeopathic remedies easily
Hello What should I do if I am proving many homeopathic remedies easily ( sometimes
NiniM 2018-06-08
15   atari2008 2 months ago

Dioscorea villosa
Is Dioscorea villosa a superficial remedy or
aarcs 2022-08-28
2   aarcs 2 months ago

Swollen and painful TENDO ACHILLES, right foot
60 Yr. Female. Swollen and painful TENDO ACHILLES, right foot only. It is Insertional

dhundhun 2022-07-24
35   dhundhun 2 months ago

6 yr old boy sick
started with loud wet sounding cough, expectoration difficult, felt warm but not hot.
WHIPAT 2022-08-30
12   mrmhm 2 months ago

Morning Debility
Male:30 years, Unmarried. I have been suffering from rush of uncontrolled disturbing
FOXTROT1 2022-08-19
3   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Itchy Skin - cant figure out the issue.
Hi Everyone, I have been dealing with itchy skin for the past few months. It happens
Chipaloshus 2021-06-21
18   mrmhm 2 months ago

Yellow spot in left eye vision?
Hi, I am seeing a big yellow spot in the vision of my left eye. Its located a bit in the
atari2008 2022-08-29
1   Kaps 2 months ago

just out of curiosity if you take too much of right remedy and you got the proving thing,
Sputnik 2022-08-25
3   simone717 2 months ago

Hypothyroidism, Fatigue, Hairloss and Brainfog
23 F, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 months back. TSH 8.543 and T3 1.12 T4 6.7. I
Palak Sahu1 2022-08-29
3   mrmhm 2 months ago

Temper tantrums in 5 year old
Hello Greetings from India. Writing for my 5 year old, 103 cm tall and 17 kg in weight.
Eecki 2022-08-26
13   mrmhm 2 months ago

cough remedy
Please suggest! Can we take Ipeca 30 with Belladona 30, to get relieve from cold, cough
Dsahu 2022-08-19
13   mrmhm 2 months ago

Can constitutional medicine cure proving symptoms created by wrong remedy
Plz help can constitutional medicine cure proving symptoms created by wrong remedy.
Wiezoox 2022-08-11
1   dhundhun 2 months ago

Spermatorrhea, Prostate fluid discharge
age: 29 plus facing prostate fluid discharge since 2 yrs after talking sensually or
Shaksham 2022-08-26
7   mrmhm 2 months ago

persistence cough plegm of white yellow grey since 3 year
i have 3 year back past bronchitis show on xray since then plegm of white yellow grey
Veetuphere 2022-08-28
1   Sugan veera 2 months ago

Dear Sir Pl clarify the difference between Proteus Vulgaris and Proteus
gopal18 2022-08-27
2   gopal18 2 months ago

lycopodium reaction
Sir, I am 27 yrs old unmarried male. Recently I consulted a homeopathic doctor on

FOXTROT1 2020-08-25
50   FOXTROT1 2 months ago

itching , irritation in soft palate of throat at night
Please suggest male 43, on and off symptoms speicaly with change of wather, mostly at
Geeb 2022-08-27
1   mrmhm 2 months ago

I’ve been using homeopathy for a few years now with a lot of symptoms resolving but
Bonbear 2022-07-11
6   Wiezoox 3 months ago

Platinum reaction
A friend had some trouble with vaginal prolapse/scarring about two years after giving
Purple3214 2022-06-15
17   mrmhm 3 months ago

Dear Doctors 1. My Daughter is 21 years old 2. She is epileptic since 2000. 3. She was

Sher Afzal 2021-11-04
35   mrmhm 3 months ago