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4 year old - Autism
Hello everyone! I need help with identifying the right remedy for my 4 year old autistic
kalegaur 2020-01-26
6   vishnu4 last month

High Eosinophils Count
Hello Dr, I am Ahsan. I have tested (CBC) approximately 6 months ago as i was suffering
ahsan851 2018-05-07
2   venkat5238 last month

Premature Ejaculation
I am 27 male. Problem of premature ejaculation + excessive sexual desire + prostatic
ZAHID2 2020-02-12
5   Tui last month

Ear Plugged
I am a 52 year old male.I had a sore throat in November 2019 for almost 10 days with no

naushadakhtar 2020-01-31
15   freehomeoforall last month

Stomach pain
I am sixty five years old woman suffering from stomach cramp for last five days. Pain
Sadhana Singh 2020-01-18
9   vishnu4 last month

Bilateral Varicocele with azuspermia nill sperm age 36-37 years
Dear all My age is 36 .I am a male patient. I had been diagnosed varicocele in both of
sallahibhai 2019-12-17
10   Altafinkarachi last month

Menorhaggia with uterine fibroid
I am hoping someone can help me! Thank you for reading. I have a uterine fibroid,
MorningSong 2018-04-16
7   Altafinkarachi last month

PCOD - Irregular Periods and Facial hair
My humble and sincere request to a Healer to help me out!! Female - 30 years old Married
Abhi2020 2020-02-09
4   Tui last month

Are these genuine homeopathy medicines?
Hi I have attached a photo. Can you please tell me whether they are genuine medicines or
agriz 2020-02-09
6   maheeru last month

Koro syndrome due to panic disorder and palpitations
treatment of koro syndrome / retraction of genital male organ due to anxiety attack and

K.k 2020-01-16
30   K.k last month

Gelsemium 0/1 aggravation
Hello Sir, A local homeo doctor prescribed me Gelsemium 0/1 potency for anticipatory
mausam 2020-02-10
7   simone717 last month

Nasal Parasites
Does anyone have info or experience with nasal parasites? I am concerned because I

janet57 2006-11-06
39   anuj srivastava last month

finding old posts
Is there a way to find old
helpmeplease 2020-02-09
1   simone717 last month

Premature ejaculation
Hi doctor , I am 28 years old doing mastributation since 12 , now I am facing premature
Sahin91 2020-02-02
7   Sahin91 last month

hello is there are remedy for helping with muscle stiffness in my lower back and between
pollen 2020-02-08
1   Tui last month

uterine fibroid
Hi doctors! I have a uterine fibroid and after years treating with homeopathy nothing

julia2 2018-10-05
14   Altafinkarachi last month

Uterine Fibroid Subserosal
Hi Team, I have 9cm subserosal fibroid from 2014, initially it was 3 cm . Now it
Naazneen2 2020-01-14
2   Altafinkarachi last month

Lycopodium 200
3days ago I took a dose of Lycopodium 200 for digestive problems. I saw an improvement
J Finn 2020-02-07
2   J Finn 2 months ago

Dryness in nose and pain above eyebrows
Hello, I am male 27 years old and brown complexion. I am feeling dryness in nose and
as7276 2020-02-07
1   Tui 2 months ago

Is there a homeopathic constitution questionnaire that I can
J Finn 2020-02-07
2   J Finn 2 months ago

Thyroidinum (Halal)
Hello, I would like to take Thyroidinum for my throid issue. Since this medicines are
farooque 2020-02-05
10   freehomeoforall 2 months ago

I am 36 year old Male ,I have hypothyroidism from last 3 current TSH is 14, T3

Yiew 2019-12-09
18   homeo_helper 2 months ago

How to administer Homoeopathic remedies. Your views.
There are some cases when the patient is adamant that he will not take any remedies. And

Aristides 2019-10-04
15   Aristides 2 months ago

Nat Phos side effects in infant.
My babys pediatrician who is holistic suggested Nat Phos x6 for his reflux. He's 16

Cmitche77 2019-08-10
24   simone717 2 months ago

Question to Dr Freehomeopathyfor all
I am male age 45. Weight 96 KG. Height 5.10 I have to frequently travel on bike. I am
Baji 2020-02-05
2   freehomeoforall 2 months ago