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Alnus glutinosa

Alder, Common Alder, Black Alder, Alnus-g.
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We have no Materia Medica information for Alnus glutinosa

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Alnus glutinosa

Rham-f > general
Common names, Black alder, Buckthorn alder; (G), Brech-wegdorn; (F), Nerprun-bourgène, Aulne noir, Bourdaine.

PRI > general
Common name, Black Alder.

Rham-f > general
Rhamnus frangula. Alder Buckthorn. N. O. Rhamnaceae. Tincture and trituration of the bark gathered in spring from the younger branches. Tincture of bark of root. Tincture of ripe berries.

Alnus > general
Alnus rubra, Tag Alder; and Alnus glutinosa, Common Alder of Europe. N. O. Cupuliferae. (Not to be confounded with certain of the Rhamnaceae, which are also popularly called "Alders.") Tinctures of the bark, and of the young shoots.