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Chrysarobinum, Chrysa.
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HPUS indication of Chrysarobin: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Chrysarobin in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Locally in ringworm of the scale 5-10 per cent. In glycerine and alcohol. Equal parts.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Chrysarobin

CHRY > general
it may be so short as fifteen minutes, but is seldom shorter than thirty. I conclude that Chrysarobin is, in a dose of twenty-five grains for adults or of six or more grains for children, an emetic purge, of which the action is unattended by any inconvenient symptoms.

CHRY > general
Observations of Chrysophanic acid upon 116 persons, of all ages, and both sexes The action of Chrysophanic acid is similar to the action of Chrysarobin, with this difference, that while in a suitable dose each will cause vomiting and purging, if the dose be too small Chrysarobin is most likely to purge alone, while Chrysophanic acid is most likely to cause vomiting only. A larger full dose, that is to say, from fifteen to twenty grains, will always both vomit and purge the patient very freely, at the same time that it causes an inconvenient amount of either of those effects very rarely indeed. Farther, there is but little danger of inconvenience from too large a dose.

CHRY > general
The dose of Chrysophanic acid. In this case, as in that of Chrysarobin, I observe first of all, with a quantity which acts well upon a child of five or six years of age, no increase in effect is observed with the same dose upon the very youngest children.

CHRY > general
yet farther, of Chrysophanic acid I am obliged to say what does not hold good of Chrysarobin, that on children of less than four or five years its action is uncertain, in that it sometimes fails to act entirely, or acts very feebly, or most often of all causes vomiting only.

CHRY > general
Fourth series of observations I made ten observations on adults with the resin of Chrysarobin, made into pills with Tragacanth and Glycerin. One grain had no effect upon two individuals.

CHRY > general
the sickness, except in the last case, was not said to be attended with much depression. It will thus be seen that the resin of Chrysarobin is identical with that of the crude powder and of Chrysophanic acid, but very much more powerful.

Carb-ac > relationships
Compare: Chrysarobin (locally in ringworm of the scale 5-10 Per cent. in Glycerine and Alcohol. Equal parts). Ars.; Kreosote.; Carbo; Guano ( Violent headache as from a band around head. Itching of nostrils, back, thighs, genitals. Symptoms like hay-fever.)