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Ingluvinum, Ing.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ingluvin in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Made from gizzard of a fowl. Vomiting of pregnancy; gastric neurasthenia. Infantile vomiting and diarrhoea. 3x trit.

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Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; about self; body; thought herself pregnant

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Stomach; nausea; after smoking

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Extremities, limbs

Pain; lower leg; after physical exertion

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Sleep and dreams

Position; on back; with hand flat under back of head (occiput)

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Ingluvin

Ail > skin
"Irregular, patchy, livid eruption, disappearing on pressure and return ing very slowly; interspersed with small vesicles, worse on forehead, head, neck and chest. Eruption appeared scantily for two days with sore throat and mild fever" .

All-c > general
Tearing in the larynx with every cough. Sneezing, rawness of all the mucous membranes and that tearing cough, all symptoms worse in a warm room and in the even ing; it is astonishing how quickly the onion will break up that "cold"

Arg-n > general
Haemorrhage of short duration; shoot ing pains through abdomen and stomach. Metrorrhagia. Complaints of nervous women and at the menstrual period. Menses suppressed or scanty. Complaints during pregnancy.

Berb > general
The head comes in for its share of these wander ing, pains. Stitching, tearing, twinging in the scalp; in the skull; in the eyes, ears, back of the head. Burning pains.

Berb > general
The bladder becomes very irritable. Catarrhal conditions of the bladder. Smarting, burning, stitch ing pains. Many troubles, pains and aches in the spermatic cord and testes in gouty constitutions. Burning pains along these regions.

Bry > general
every motion or keep ing upon the feet increases the urging to stool.

Calc > general
Milk sours. Milk disagrees; the digestion is also slow, feeble. He has a feeling of tumefaction and fullness; enlargement after eat ing; and everything sours in the stomach; everything disorders the stomach.

Caust > general
Bladder This remedy has two kinds of paralysis of the bladder, one affecting the muscles of expulsion and the urine is retained, and the other center ing upon the sphincter vesicae, and then the urine is passed involuntarily.

Crot-t > general
but in Croton tig., the stools are copious and while there is nausea the vomit ing is seldom and scanty.

Cupr > general
If the mother can get there quickly enough with a little cold water she will stop the cough. Cold water especially will relieve the spasm, and so the mother soon gets into the habit of hurry ing for a glass of cold water, and the child also knows, if it has tried once that glass of cold water will relieve it.

Cupr > general
cramp ing all over. Suppressed eruptions. Discharges that have been in existence quite a long time. The individual has become debilitated and worn out with excitement, but this discharge barely kept him alive. He has gradually grown weaker, but he has kept about because he had a discharge.

Cycl > general
Suppressed menses from over-exertion, or being overheated. Faint, ing at the menstrual period. After menses, milk in mammae. Complaints after weaning (China).

Ferr > general
The blood-vessels are distended, the veins varicose, and their coatings relaxed. On this account bleed ing takes place easily; capillary oozing; hemorrhage from all pass of the body, haemorrhage from the nose, the lungs, the uterus.

Kali-p > general
colliquative. from fright or excitement, during menses, painless, with vomit ing and cramps, with great exhaustion, in typhoid Dysentery. Offensive flatus which ameliorates the symptoms. Formication of the anus. Haemorrhage from intestines in typhoid.

Mang > general
Useful in women who have been anaemic for some time from loss of blood, but it is not so great a remedy for anaemia following haemorrhage as for that condition result ing from destruction of the blood corpuscles.

Kali-m > general
Formication. Itching in evening in bed ; night ; burning ; crawling ; better by scratching ; stinging. Ulcersburning ; suppurating, warts.

Cer-o > relationships
Compare: Ingluvin - (made from gizzard of a fowl). Vomiting of pregnancy; gastric neurasthenia. Infantile vomiting and diarrhoea. 3x trit. Amygdale.; Lactic-ac.; Ipecac.

ADE > mind
Much trilling and tra-la-ing, which formerly she never did,

Gels > mind
Dull, listless and languid. Misty. Incapacity to think or fix the attention. Stupid, intoxicated feeling. Impatient and irritable (Ing.) Feeling as if in danger of stumbling or falling. Feels as if someone else were sick. Dread of liquids. Inclination to throw herself from a height. Feels as if the world lose her senses. Dread of being alone.

Caust > cough
relieved by a swallow of cold water. Cough worse by bending forward. Continual, annoy ing cough; with each cough escape of urine."

Rad-b > generalities
Sudden, lightning-like "shock"-ing pains (C).

Gels > mind
Impatient and irritable (Ing.) Feeling as if in danger of stumbling or falling.

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