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No Height or Weight gain in 13 month baby

I have 13 month old baby who did not gain any height or weight in past 6 months. She was born 7.5 lbs and currently she weight 17 lbs. She had Acid Reflux when she was 1 month old. Doctor had prescribed Zantac for her acid reflux. We gave her Zantac for about 2 weeks or so but weaned her off since she stopped vomiting.

Currently she can not eat more than 2-3 bites of food or less than 1 oz milk at a time. If she tries to take more.. she can't. She feels like she needs a burp but can't get one. After that she stops and doesn't eat anything even she wants to for next few hours.

Please help. It is impacting her growth.

Thank you in advance for all your help!
  Needhelpinwghtgain on 2009-02-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
cal phos 6x 2 tabs dissolved in one table spoon of water thrice daily for one month
akshaymohl last decade
thx for the reply. quick question:

cal phos 3 times daily will help with her weight/height or will it help her with fullness feeling she gets after couple of bites?

thx again
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
You can use Calcarea Phos 6x for symptoms like indigestion,bone development and many other;(a dose = 2 tab dissolved in a table spoon full water); don't let her eat or drink anything 15 minutes before and after the dose;

But for the child's particular symptom you've mentioned,

please use

Lycopodium Clavatum 6 c

(a dose = 2 pills dissolved in 2 tea spoons full of water)

the pills would dissolve slowly so you have to keep them in the water for 30 minutes(or less if possible) and then stir them.

give her 2 doses with a gap of 8 hours in between each dose;

don't let her eat or drink anything 40 minutes before and after the dose;

completely avoid chocolates and junk food;

Then report after a night from the second dose; I'll suggest if and when, the 3 rd dose should be taken;
sorahamsha last decade
There must be a gap of at least 60 minutes between any two medicines;
sorahamsha last decade
ok we will give a try to Lycopodium. once i get it and use it, will let u know. there is no side effect of this medicine on a baby right?

thx for your reply.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Lycopodium is much suited for her symptoms;;

at the potency of 6c, the possibility of a side effect is null;;
sorahamsha last decade
Mention the country you live in and the climate also;;

Parent's health conditions too;;
sorahamsha last decade
We are in USA. climate is overall nice or rainy this time of the year.

thank you for all your help. i will surely report back to you after i start her dosage.

my husband and I.. we both are healthy overall. is there specific health condition you are looking for?

one thing i should mention that for past couple days her condition has gotten worst. she is not able to drink or eat more than couple of bites... and she burpes after 10-15 minutes like she is really full. and after that she doesn't want to eat anything for few hours.

let me know your thoughts...
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Just reminding you that the total number of doses should not exceed 2 ; I'll tell if/whether to continue it or not;

What kind of food you feed her?
sorahamsha last decade
ok will not give her more than 2 dose. That means 2 pills of Lycopodium 2 times. (total 4 times) .

she basically takes indian food. Chapati, daal, vegetables etc.. she doesn't like soft mushy stuff. She likes hard chewable food.

She does not like dairy product much. (Milk, cheese, yogurt etc...).

Let me know if you have any more questions.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
what type of food makes her symptoms worse?

have you given her any vitamin supplements/ iron tonics before ?

for how many days zentac was used?
sorahamsha last decade
acidic stuff makes it worst. like orange juice, tomatoes yogurt etc...

zantac was used for 3 weeks before we decided to put stop.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
How was the breast feed intake before?
sorahamsha last decade
You prepare yogurt at home ?

You feed yogurt as it is or you feed a kind of water solution of it ?(like Indian 'lassy' without sugar )

What blood group is the girl? 'O' positive ?
sorahamsha last decade
we have tried both ways with yougurt. Lassi and solid yogurt. No, yogurt is not home made. We bring it from Indian store.

My daughter is most likely O positive since I am O - positive. But we haven't done any blood work on her to be sure.

Is there any relation to her blood type?

thank you so much for your inquiries.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
wha skin ills she have isnce birth and how treated? even smallest of issues?

looking away from main complaint---what other characteristics /complaints etc etc observed?

check mouth--gume teethand relate what is observed..touch note child response to this alos---check neck/ear/jaw gland areas feel around---

fingernail characeristics?white spots?

what peculiar things chld do ?as habit?

basically talk about other aspects in detaill as long as 100% VALID

things chilkd HATES?LOVES? fears?,,etc etc
John Stanton last decade
There isn't much to say about blood group factor from my side;;

When the child intakes extra milk , do you find any change in the stool ? Previously, when she was vomting , did you observe that milk was being vomted out as a kind of yogurt substance?

what is the normal color of the stool now a days?
sorahamsha last decade
She does not take extra milk at all since she refuse to drink cow/soy milk. currently I am breastfeeding her but again she is not able to take more than couple of sips. And that's why she is not able to put on weight or gain in height. She has trouble sleeping because even I would give her burp, she wakes up from her sleep needing to burp and not being able to fall sleep again.

She stool color depends on what she eats thru out the day. It's hard to tell.

When she used to vomit... it wasn't curd like vomit. it was milk as she had taken.

Before her reflux, (First couple of months after her birth) she was able to drink milk and her intake was good. Her growth chart was growing fine.

Please help! she is loosing more weight day by day. And I don't feel like giving her zantac or prilosec.

thanks again for your inquiries and willingness to help.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
good morning , it's 3:30 am indian standard time
sorahamsha last decade
child restless?


what about violence?

anguish?crying over what?

facial expression of uneasiness/discontent?

any inability to sneeze (wants to sneeze but not being able to do so )?

sweat during vomting?

are the Lycopodium 6c doses taken?
sorahamsha last decade
Don't worry Lycopodium would stop the ill effects of malnutrition from worsening
sorahamsha last decade
wow 3 in morning and you are up answering my queries.

I have ordered lycopodium but has not arrived yet. will let you know once I get it.

Here is answer to your questions:

She is not restless.
She is very irritable. She doesn't want me to put her down at all. When I put her down, she cries a lot.

she does get upset and tries to scratch or scream on top of her lung in very small matter.

no irritation when she sneezes. matter of fact she smiles a lot when she sneezes.

She does not vomit now so don't know if she sweats or not. She used to vomit when she was exclusively on breastmilk.

Thanks for all your help.

When you say lycopodim will stop ill effects of malnutrition from worsening... does that also mean that she will be able to put on weight and able to eat/drink ok?

Thanks again!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
She should be ;;

the teething period mind is also a factor;

lycopodium is the first preference for the known symptoms ; 'Aethusa Cyn' is the second one;

Were the 2 doses of Lycopodium 6 c given?
sorahamsha last decade
Ok Ok I read it; Lyco hasn't arrived at; Then you an give calcarea phos as usual;
sorahamsha last decade
I just wanted you to know that store did not have lycopodium 6 c so they have shipped me 30c. is it ok to give that dose? please let me know how many doses of 30c.. how many times.. i just want to make sure that there is no side effect with 30c. right?

I should get it by tmorrow.

also should i continue with calc phos along with lycopodium? let me know.

yes.. teething might be going on. she does not have any tooth yet even she is close to 14 months but her gums are swollen. so they are coming soon.

thx for your help. let me know about lycopodium 30c.

is it ok to give
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade

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