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Here are the medicine lists for allergies:

Acid Sulph 6 c

Ailanthus G. 6 c

Allium Cepa 6 c

sabadilla 6 c

China Ars 6 c
Natrum Mur 6 c
Natrum Mur 200 c

Lac Vaccinum Def. 30 c
Sepia 30 c
Magnesium Carb 6 c
Natrum Carb 6 c

Psorinum 1 M

The above medicines cover the 3 types of allergies pollen,eggs ,milk and wheat
; But it sometimes depends upon the constitution indirectly responsible for an allergy ;

About anemia, it'd be better once you know what type of anemia it is and medicate for that ;
sorahamsha last decade
Dear Doctor Sharma, I'm watching curiously your answers, I like your way of thinking, and not at least appreciate so much your humorous style! :) , sorry for I'm speaking again in this conversation!
May I ask you that in the list of egg allergy remedies you mentioned: 'Cina Ars 6 c', you meant 'China' OR Arsenicum album? Or this is an another remedium: China Ars?
Thanks for answering!! :)
(My daoughter has also egg allergy, that's why it caught my attention. Now we try Nat mur after Pulsatilla, and I'm thinking strongly abaut Arsenicum next step.)
Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!! :)

Dear Mrs. Wghtgain! Sorry for using your thread for asking, but it was so near by my question your actual problem.
Thanks for you too! :)
Julibella last decade
MRs Julie,
The egg ellergy medicines are ChinaArs , Natrum Mur, Carbo Veg and Colchicum ; There are other ones too ;

It's Chinium Arsenicum (China Ars) ;

But the correct medicine should be determined by matching the other symptoms of each of those individual medicines ;

Dr Sharma
sorahamsha last decade
Cina is different from China ;
sorahamsha last decade
Thank you Doctor!!

Now it's clear.
Julibella last decade
Ok Thanks doc. I will see if I can still get this medicines from India. I will let u know about the results once I get them.

Good night!

Any next steps for baby for Shivan?
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Next Step? Oh, What can I say ?

The commander orders the soldier to fire the canons and the soldier doesn't have them (they are on the way) ; Then the soldier asks ' what do we do now Sire? ' ;; Then the commander tells ' Stand By Soldier , look for smoke (report the situation from time to time) till Canons arrive'

Over and Out

Dr Sharma
sorahamsha last decade
That was just to lighten up my feeling of helplessness ; I feel really tied up ;


Please update on baby :

Stool color/type/shape etc, time of stool, after eating/drinking etc,,

Sleep time/waking up?/

Appetite/Digestion/Burping Symptom ? Bite to finish symptom?

Mind irritated at what? consoled by what?

etc etc
sorahamsha last decade
yep i know. Sorry but getting this meds are not as easy as getting them in India. Even you order it online, it takes time.

So now we wait commander....

waiting soldier....
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
dr. Sharma,


Stool color/type/shape etc, time of stool, after eating/drinking etc,,
She still goes for 2-3 times a day. specially after eating. it's not watery and it is dark dark brown. Almost reddish. (No blood).

Sleep time/waking up?/
Lately she is not sleeping much during day time. wakes up in about less than 10 min... Night time crying is on....

Appetite/Digestion/Burping Symptom ? Bite to finish symptom?
Appetie is ok... she tries to eat everything but in a very small amount. Burping has for sure improved... it's not like it used to before Lyco. Now she does get burp (though not right away) and that full feeling is almost gone...

Mind irritated at what? consoled by what?
She is very irritated these days. Everything irritates her. She gets consoled by me and only me. She wants me to carry her around whole day. (Which I do) I thought this was symptoms of Lyco. I hope we don't have to do too many Lyco doses... this is really hard on me and her... :) but if it is required I will go along with you.

Thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
how is her thirst?

does she enjoy her bathing or not?

any reddishness on the skin over any part?
sorahamsha last decade
Her thirst is good. She drinks good amount of water...

She loves taking bath. She doesn't want to come out of shower at all.

She does have dipaer rash since she had diarrhea. But it's getting better. No other reddishness on skin...
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
she still averse to milk?
sorahamsha last decade
yes.. she is still averse to all dairy products... And she does get gassy after having cow's milk.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
I should mentioned that she loves having tea (with milk in it). But no milk at all plain or flavored...
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Ok, since we don't have the meds required, we try the ones we have , you still have 'DENTONIC' right? Use it according to the label info;;

Additionally, Ferrum Phos 6x , thrice daily (don't eat or drink anything 15 minutes before and after the dose)

and decrease the Alfalfa Tincture to - Only one drop in a spoonfull of water - per dose ; Three doses daily ;
sorahamsha last decade
yes I have dentonic.. which is teething pills. contains cammomilla 30c and calc carb 30c. I do have ferrum phos 6x as well... I am not giving her alfalfa becasue she doesn't like the smell. first few days she took the drops in water but after that she stopped drinking water altogehter so I am not giving her at all. However I will try just one drop and see....

Thanks doc... it's not much of a wait... just less than a week before we get our meds...
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Good Morning Dr. Sharma,
I have gotten my meds now. Let me know next steps.

Here is update on Shivan in last week:
His appetite was completly gone for about 4-5 days before he got low grade fever. I had given him tylenol. He doesn't have fever but he is also not eating anything. Only homeomed he was on was silicea 6x.

Update on my little one:

I was giving her Dentonic... is sure improved her appetite and gave her relief from her diarrhea. Her blood test came back normal. She doesn't have thyroids or annemia. We have to go again to draw a blood for a food allergy since they didn't draw enough blood last time.

Let me know next steps for both kids....

Thanks a lot doc...

Take care!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Hello Mrs WghtGain

Please list all the medicines you have in the kit , along with their potencies ;

Dr Sarma
sorahamsha last decade
it's going to be long list. and it will take a long time for me to write. I am sure it's pretty much the same list you had given me with potency... if you have perticular med in mind... let me know so i can check the potency.

if you still want list, give me about a day or so to type that up....

Needhelpinwghtgain last decade

We stop Silicea 6x for Shivan ; and wait for a day ;

I need overall update for the daughter , stool color, appetite, cranky , dairy food/milk aversion, types of food she likes to eat ,sleep,stool habits etc. etc. How many times she eating, Her interest while taking food etc

Take care,
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
Will wait for Shivan. He has become very thin and not eating much. For nwo we will stop Silicea. Do you think that his loss of appetite and low grade fever was due to Silicea?

Here is answers to the questions for my daughter:

stool color: Medium - brown to yellow.

appetite: is ok. eats pretty much everything in small amount. still not taking enough to eat.

cranky: Cranky at night. Cries in her sleep. But otherwise it's normal.

dairy food/milk aversion: major aversion to dairy.

types of food she likes to eat: She eats anything crunchy. doesn't like soft things like rice.

sleep: is ok. not too good not too bad during daytime. at night time sleep is really really bad.

How many times she eating, Her interest while taking food etc : she eats basically 2-3 times a day + plus snack and breastmilk. but everything is in very small amount. She wants to eat everything when she sees food and she eats but after few bites she refuses to eat anything further until I give her diffrent food and she attempt to eat that a little but again in a small amount. Overall, her intake in food is really poor.

Hope this helps. let me know if there is any more questions.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Hello Mrs Wghtgain

Silicea 6x wont be the reason ; Lycopdoium has given an aggravation into the constitution ; I suspect Lyco was used before for Shivan ; And then again, some medicines which are not suited to Shiva's constitution were given before, Lyco may have opened up some blocks for any suppressed symptoms (which are suppressed by non-matching medicines) ;It happens many chronic cases like this ; So , think you have Nux Vom 200 with you now , may be needed after a day or two ;

Coming to the daughter, observe if she smells sour or not , her sweat , mouth odor ,etc . for any mild sour smell; Her eating got into a mind symptom , I'll suggest after I get the info about sore smelling ;

Take Care,

Dr Sharma
sorahamsha last decade
Oh forgot to ask , please write down all your (Mrs wghtgain's) eating/drinking habits ,(like to eat, like to drink , hot, cold etc., weather likings, food averse to , drink averse to, averse to hot/cold , averse to people/music , etc., any supplements you are taking now ,any other medicines , etc. May be helpful to study the kid, since she is on breast milk, the constitution may coincide ;

Dr Sharma
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
No she doesn't smell sour at all.

Here is my info:

eating/drinking habits ,(like to eat, like to drink , hot, cold etc.,-
- I always prefer warm drinks. Never cold. I even warm up my water before I drink. I am vegetarian so eat basically vegetarian food. (it does include dairy). Although I have little tolerance of dairy.

= weather likings, food averse to , drink averse to, averse to hot/cold ,
I like warm weather as I feel cold most of the time even though I live in pleasant climate area. As I mentioned before I prefer warm drinks and warm foods.

averse to people/music , etc., : No aversion to people or music

any supplements you are taking now ,any other medicines , etc.:
I am taking prenatal vitamins. No other medicine at all.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Dr. Sharma,
Can we do Nux for Shivan today or tomorrow? he is really down and not eating anything and also very very cranky and crying about basically nothing.

He did not have silicea today and yesterday.

Let me know thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade

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