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ok , give shivan a dose of Tuberculinum Bovinum 200 ;

no other medicine for Shivan a day before and 2 days after the dose ;

then, give Shivan lycopodium 6X , 3 doses per day for 5 days;

for the little one , give her lycopodium 6c ,2 doses per day for 3 days;
sorahamsha last decade
I do not have Lyco 6x only 6c so should I give shivan 6c?
and is Tuberculinum Bovinum is same as Tuberculinum? Because on bottle it just says Tuberculinum. Please clarify and let me know.

Thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
yes , Lyco 6c is ok ;

Tuberculinum Bovinum is what i meant - its made from bull or cow;

where as Tuberculinum is made from human ;

where did you get that bottle from?

sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
I had gotten Tuberculinum from the homeopath that was treating Shivan. She is no longer here so I don't know which Tuberculinum she had given it to him.

Also is there anything we can do about Lyco? I gave my little one 2 doses of Lyco and it's too much. She is in real aggravation. she is screaming and really miserable. Can we do something?

Please let me know as soon as you can.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
kids require repeated doses of Tuberculinum Bovinum ;

we cant use Tuberculinum (made from human) repeatedly for kids;

only Tub Bovinum has to be used for kids;

aggravation is what shows that dose is acting , i need Tuberculinum Bovinum ;

No other medicine is suiting both at the moment , apart from Lyco , to the best of my knowledge;
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
I checked on Tuberculinum Bovinum here. It seems like you can't get this without prescription. I can't get this thru website either. I have to see where else I can get this from. is there any other med we can do with mean while? Please let me know.

For my little one: Lyco did make diffrence. She is back to eating ok now.

Thank you doc.... Please help me wiht Shivan.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
please get lycopodium 6x ; i gave that in list that one earlier ;

shivan still in lyco range ; no other medicine suiting for moment ; give him a dose of lycopodium 6c per day for 4 days;

get the lycopodium 6x from website any ;

Tuberculinum Bovinum 200c has been bought from from websites by people , without prescription too ; search other websites;
sorahamsha last decade
Ok Doc will search on website to see if i can get it. Even though few website I checked didn't have avail. but will give it a try.

Will work with Lyco 6c for now and order Lyco 6x.

thanks doc
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
One quick question:
is Lycopodium is same as
Lycopodium Clavatum? Please let me know. Thx...
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade

Lycopodium is Lycopodium Clavatum ;
sorahamsha last decade
Hi Doc,
I realized that I do have Tuberculinum Bovinum 200c from the list you had given me to get medicine from india. So I have given Shivan one dose of Tuberculinum Bovinum yesterday. will wait 2 days before giving him lyco. I have one question: yesterday I ordered Lyco 6x. Can I wait more than 2 days to give him Lyco 6x? Or should I do 6c for him and not wait for 6x to arrive? I want to avoid aggravation with him since he will be starting summer camps from tomorrow and don't want to get him aggraveted. Please let me know.

For my little one, I have given her 2 doses of Lyco for 3 days. She seems to eat ok again. I think it;s her teething that is making her eat less. She wants to drink more liquid. Please let me know next step for her.

Thank you! Sorry about the confusion for Tuberculinum Bovinum .
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
2 days after the dose of Tub Bov 200 c , give shivan a lycopodium 6c one dose daily for 3 days and stop ; wait until lyco 6x arrives;

give the daugher lyco 6c one dose daily for 3 days more ;
sorahamsha last decade
dr. Sharma,
For my little one: I have given her one dose of Lyco 6c for 3 days. She is doing well in term of eating after Lyco. Lot of aggravation is still there.

Shivan: I had give him Tub Bov 200c and while I was waiting for 2 days to pass, I got Lyco 6x. So I have given him Lyco 6x one dose for 3 days. He is also very aggravated as well. His fears are little better but not 100% gone.

My observation is that every time we give kids Lyco it works very well but effect fades of in about 1-2 weeks. Is there anything we can do to keep this doing without giving Lyco everytime? When ever I give Lyco it takes heavy toll on me as mother since both of them get very aggravated. :)

Please advise on next steps.

Thanks a lot!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
thats why we are using Tub BOv 200 , as miasmic medcines which make the suited medicnes effective ;

I have another miasmic medicine in mind but i got to see the dynamics (which we are watching right now) before i go for that ;

Its often observed that well suited medicines needed to be used for 3 monts or so in terms to cure in full ; sometimes it takes 6 months ;

and it also depends upon which power/potecy ( 6, 6x, 200 , 30 , 1M etc)is suitable - varies vastly from person to person
sorahamsha last decade
so we are in waiting mode right now correct?

thanks doc
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Dr. Sharma,
are we still in waiting mode? please let me know. Shivan is really aggravted, crying all the time and really miserable. Nothing seems to make him happy. Please advise.

thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
ok ,

have u got lycopodium 6x?
sorahamsha last decade
yes I did get it and as I mentioned in my last post, he already had 3 doses of Lyco 6x.

he is still afraid of things and crying, aggravted and not eating much. Please advise.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
keep giving lyco 6x ; we have to see how it works ; give him for 7 days ;
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
Must have missed your last post. Just confirming give Shivan 1 dose = 2 pallets of Lyco 6x for 7 days?

What about my little one? She had terrible cold and cough and had developed an ear infection so she is on antibiotic right now. We had doctor's check up for her. She has gained about 1 pound in 3.5 months. (Very slow) and gained very little in height. Please advise.

Thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
the form of lyco 6 x in bottle is same as the 6c bottle ?

mean is each pillet of 6x is same as 6c ?

is there any quantity of each pillet of 6x mentioned on the bottle ?


we have been concentrating upon daughter's food intake ;w e havent yet administered her with growth medicines ;
sorahamsha last decade
Dr Sharma,
6x pallets are much bigger than 6c. on bottle it says
'Adults or Children over 2 years: take 3 tablets 4-6 times a day (Max 18 tablets per day) Allow to disolve under tounge. Stop when symptoms are relieved.

Please advise. and also please advise about my little one as well. She is teething right now so she is into biting everything. Very aggravated and attached.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
yes , please follow those indications on the bottle label;

the daughter , i dont want to get in way of antibiotics ; we will wait till anti biotic course is over ;

i may just reply in breif about the daughter tomorrow ; meanwhile i can look for safe homeo meds that wont be effected by anti biotic ;
sorahamsha last decade
ok thanks doc... Just want to confirm that I should give shivan 3 tablets of Lyco 6x 4-6 times a day? for 7 days? Wouldn't it be too much? Please advise.

I will wait for you to let me know about my little one.

Thanks so much doc....
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
For shivan ,
that was lyco 6x 3 tablets for 4 times ; generally , one wont be able to spend time more than 4 times ; it ends up at 3rd time for a day mostly ;


just one more day , for the daughter ; i am concerned more about anitbiotic usage ; she is little child , so i have to be more cautious here ;
sorahamsha last decade
Hi Doc,
thx for your response. I appriciate you being cautious with my little one. For shivan Lyco 6x 3-4 times a day for how many days? As you mentioned originally for 7 days?

Please confirm? thanks you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade

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