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so aggravation was/is a good sign? did you expect that? means lyco working?
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
I was expecting for the first dose ; Not for the last one ;
She is responding well now , to the drug ;

Yeah lyco is working ;
sorahamsha last decade
Just need some information ,

what was her response to Aethusa 200 , given once upon a time to her , as you've mentioned ?
sorahamsha last decade
i think someone on this board suspected that she was lactose intolerance or she was not able to digest my milk and that's why she was gassy or had acid reflux. so someone we met at the party (homeopath doctor)told us to use Aethusa.
so i gave her one dose of aethusa. i am not sure if that helped or not. hard to tell since i did not know what i was trying to look for after that dose. does this help?
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Just to have an idea about the response at that time ;;;

Aethusa was the right choice ;
sorahamsha last decade
report now ;

all the symptoms ;

shall tell when the next dose ;
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
she was very emotional for couple of days after lyco was given. i did not give her pulsatilla as you had suggested becasuse i did not have 30c potency.

but she is back to normal now. not emotional at all. stool is very normal. she is able to eat few bites of food now. not 100% there but she is much much better than she was before your advise. thank you from bottom of my heart.

i was not able to get any of the medication you had mentioned in right potecy. i have to ask some one to get it from india. which will be in first week of april.

let me know next steps.

thx again for all your help.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
as far as i know, my other subjects Mrs.Bhowmick and Mrs.Kumar were able to get through online in US itself ;
Have you tried any?

Of course, as things have started to settle down , I'm not in a hurry ;

Are you giving Calcarea Phos 6x ?

I update , no other medicine (not even Pulsatilla) for 3 days; After 3 days, you can start Calcarea Phos 6x;

Thank God ;

Dr.Soham Ram Sharma
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
I tried 2 pharmacies. Both of them were about 30 miles from where I live. I have asked one of the Pharmacy to see if they can get me all the things you have listed in correct potency. They said they will give me a call in couple of days to see if they can do it. I will try online stores as well.

I am bit confused in terms of Calc Phos 6x. I thought you said to give it to her. Which I did after 24 hours from last dose of Lyco. I have been giving that to her for past 3 days now. You want me to stop? And wait for another days before I start?

I did not give her pulsatilla at all. She is once again down with her appetite. but not like as it was before. Please advise on what to do.

I also would like to consult you for my son who is 6 years old. Let me know when you have more time. He has been treated with homeopathic medicine in a past but not results at all. May be we haven't found the right one for him. I have full faith in you and hope that you can treat him with homeopathic medicine without any side effects.

thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
god idea relist exact current state of childs health at this point in total--inside out-head to toe--mental/emotional/physical--clarifying points as exact locations of regions--sensations-conditions adfecting (better for --worse for)-- personal observations (noted as such)---so as assessment and furtehr detailing in areas needd can be looked into..
John Stanton last decade
you are talking about my daughter right? One that you have been treating already?
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
To Hyphen Johny,

Let the Lyco action settle Johny ; Then got to follow ; No hurry to change the constitution ;

Pal Bamboo
sorahamsha last decade
To Mrs WghtGain

It's ok, you can post the 6 year old child ; But mention the name so that I don't get confused with the baby;

you can give calcarea phos 6x to the baby thrice daily; We'll wait for some time to assess the current symptoms ;

I was suggesting medicines in potencies 6c only to totally avoid any aggravations ; Actually they are easily available in my region; So, my whole treatment has been always with 6c (except nosode adminstration where 200c or 1000c should be used); I'm not used to treat children with 30 c ; I've to watch out and be more careful from now onwards ; you too, please don't give the kidos in 30c ,without my permission;
sorahamsha last decade
bamboo-- aint changing a thing--i dont recommend changing remedy or anything --or even redosing---current stae isnt clearly defined--that is my intention--bring to light current state in exactness--points will be of use--for certain---monitor lyc response---etc etc tec

mum--i was refering to case at hand not 6 year old son...
John Stanton last decade
To JOhn,
Got it Johny ,but that's what I'm gonna do ;
Hmmm, it's always a mess to decypher the Hyphen Davincy Code;

Pal Bamboo
sorahamsha last decade
Ok I will write about my daughter in this thread.
she seemed happy and eating more than few bites after 2 doses of Lyco as i menioned in my previous threads.

Today she is back being emotional and cranky not that much but still more than usual. She is not eating much and back to where it's hard to get a burp and being full feeling. Her stomach does not look bloated. Her stool seemed normal. She is generally very happy and quiet baby.

Currently she does not want me to put her down and just carry her around. She feels fine once I carry her around.

What other kind of symotomps are you looking for? Let me know.

I understand your worry about potency. I am ok with lower potency anyway. I am not sure why online pharmacy sent 30c instead of 6c. I have to make sure that they send correct one when I order.

I will write about my son... later this afternoon.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade

I'll not ask anything more about the daughter now ; monitor for 2 more days ;you can continue with calcarea phos 6x as usual ;

post the son's symptoms ; I'll surely go through them after a nap (12:30 AM IST) ;

good night/morning/God know what it is for me
sorahamsha last decade
Thanks Dr. Sharma.
Have a good nap. Good night. What ever few hours you sleep :-)

I will write my son in couple of hours. I got to run.. drop him to school. it's Icky weather today.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Dr. Sharma.
Ok we will wait for few days for my daughter. Seems like you do have experience with treating Children. I like your conservative view on medicine potency.

so now I am writing about my son Niki.
he is going to be 6 years old next week. He was born 5.5 lbs. He was low in weight. And he has been whole his life... despite all our efforst with doctors and homeopaths. He never did manage to put on weight or eating much. He has always been poor eater. he only weight about 32 - 33 lbs... which is very low for his age. but his height is about average so doctor did not think he had growth hormone issues.

He craves lot of Sugar all the time. Specially chocolates, cookies and chocolate cakes. He was constipated before but now we give him pro-biotics... (Good bacteria found in yogurt). and that seem to regulate his digestive system. Overall he is healthy child. Lately he got sick couple of times with stomach viral but other wise healthy child. He loves Milk and cheese but not a yogurt. He does not like to eat daal or chapati... just plain rice.

Let me know what other information you need to get his treatment started. I am going to be on computer today to help you answer your questions.

Thank you for taking my son's case in your had. Hopefully you will get him on right path to weight gain and eating right things.

p.s. in past, he is been treated with many homeopathic medicine like pulstilla, calc phos, phosphourous, Tuberculinum and some constitutional remedies. But no difference.
He was advised to take alfalfa tonic but haven't given him since it's not easily available here...
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Good Morning Mrs>wghtgain

Please change your son's name since I'am treating one Mrs.Niki Kumar ; Don't even put Neelesh or Neel ; I'm a south Indian so I may get confused with these in the file ;

I've started reading ;

My father was a member of North India's Gayatri Samsthan so I have a North Indian name ;

with regards,
sorahamsha last decade
What are the health problems you have suffered just before and during pregnancy ? any gestation diabetes / hypothyroidism ?

Were you under tension/stress of any kind (physical/emotional) during pregnancy ? were you doing any yoga during pregnancy ? Any depression during or just before becoming a pregnant ?
Any hepatitis or viral infection got your liver/intestines/uterus during or before pregnancy?

I hope you would've had blood tests done for the son before ; Found any B 12 , Folic Acid defeciency ?

what kind of food gets his body irritated ?

Is he a vegetarian / eats fish/sea food / pork / beef /chicken /meat/ eggs ?

Please list all the homeo medicines tried with him;

They won't give Alfalfa mother tincture without a doctor's prescription in USA
right ? stupid FDA rules ;

what other health problems your son has ?

how is his stool?

color of stool ?

shape of stool?long narrow/short lumpy/long medium/chopped spinach/any other varieties?

how is he at academics?

tell everything about his

is his hunger normal/excessive/very low/hungry at night?

Does he have this syndrom of his sister? take a bite to finish?

find any abdominal bloating before or after eating?

any craving for salt/salt food?

how is his sleep? wakes after short naps?

What about the physical strenght/stamina ;


Please list as past symptoms and current symptoms
sorahamsha last decade
also mention if there is any part of his body which is more thin than the rest ;

which half is more thin?upper half/lower half ?

which part looks like developed well according to age, if any?
sorahamsha last decade
also mention the kid's fears ;
sorahamsha last decade
also mention the kid's fears;
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
I will answer your questions in couple of hours. You have lot of things nailed right on in your questions which applies to my son.

I will answer everything if I can since I want him to get treated.

Why don't you suggest some name for my son which is easy for you? I can't think of anything right now. I have 2 kids worry at my hand.... :)

Take care,
Good night. You can answer at your own timezone. no problem. I am just putting his case forward to you so that if any homeo med we need to get, I can get in from India along with my daughters homeo med.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Good Morning Mrs.Wghtgain
sorahamsha last decade

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