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So, it seems Shivan may suit Lycopodium in 6c or 6x ; It's a stand by till any of these potencies are acquired ;

Daughter is closing on Aethusa Cyn ; Give her another dose of Lycopodium 30c ;
sorahamsha last decade
Ok we will wait for Shivan till we get Lyco. I am giving him Silicea 6x 3 x a day 2 pills.

My little one is passing mucusy dark stool. do you think it was due to millk and cereal she had yesterday? she is also teething. her first tooth is out and second one is cutting thru her gum.

Having said that should I continue with Lyco for her?

Let me know.

thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Just a single Lyco 30 dose only for the daughter ; Dark stool could be due to cereal ; We'll see the teething aspect after seeing how she responds to this Lyco dose ;
sorahamsha last decade
ok will do.... thx doc... good night.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Just to get clear about the stool, was it brown dark / black /green dark ?
sorahamsha last decade
it was brown dark... and it may be die to cereal... since she did have dark brown cereal but what concerned me was that she genereally goes once a day but since eating milk and cereal she went 4 times. and her last stool was mucusy....
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
2 hours after the single dose of Lyco 30,

give her a single dose of Nux Vom 30 , this should make the symptoms clear for teething trouble features ;

Lyco 30 --->2 hours---> Nux Vom 30
sorahamsha last decade
All right doc. I haven't had a chance to give her one dose of Lyco today. she was eating on and off and since Lyco requires no eating 40 mins before and 40 min after the dose I could not do it today. yeah she has diarrhea for sure. She is already gone 8 times of so. it's not watery.

So I will try to give her Lyco tomorrow and Nux 2 hours after Lyco. Does 40 min rule apply to Nux? If yes, let me know.

Thanks doc.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
all potency medicines need the 40 min rule ; So Lyco,Nux to follow the 40 min rule ;

Her current temporary symptoms suggest the medicine Rheum ; See if the following are available if Nux doesn't stop the stool symptoms :--> Rheum , China --both in 6c or 30c
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
Yeah diarrhea is still on. Don't know what caused it. I don't have Rheum or China at home. Should I ask to get it from India? if yes, what potency? 6c or 30c?

Let's hope Nux takes care of this problem today.

Thanks doc....
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Rheum and China in 6c ;

I hope Nux does the work for now, but if it not,
you should get them from the stores nearest ;

Teething and unattended aethusa symptoms could be the problem ;

I think , you should get Aethusa Cyn 30 or 6 also from the stores nearest ;

It's always hard to tell which way the symptoms exactly direct into (which medicine from the current one) in children and during teething ;
sorahamsha last decade
I mean try for Rheum , China , Aethusa in 6c or 30 c from the stores nearest ;
sorahamsha last decade
ok will try to get it today if i can... thx
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Give her those Lactic Acid Bacillus also ;
sorahamsha last decade
Is Lactic Acid Bacillus available in powder or drops there?
sorahamsha last decade
I am not sure what you are referring to? You mean probiotics? If yes, for baby I have powder and for Shivan I have tablets to chew.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Sorry Doc I have to get off the computer but will be back in 2 hours or so... Leave me a post here and i will see if I can all the things you list on post today....

Take care..
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Yeah those probiotics ;;
sorahamsha last decade
Dr. Sharma,
I have given dose of Lyco and dose of Nux to the baby. She also had probiotics as well. She did not have bowl movements in past few hours so let's hope that her condition is improved. I will keep you posted.

I did not find Rheum and China and Aethusa in pharmacy. Pharmacy has very little choices. They only carry about 20-30 different generic homeopathic medicine and that's about it. If you like me to get this from India or online please let me know.

Thanks a lot doc...She is for sure teething... can't keep her hand out of her mouth. Her appetie has been reduced but let's hope that Lyco does it's work on her.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Good Morning Mrs Wghtgain

We do need Rheum and China , you can order them from India or from online, which ever earlier ; we have Aethusa already on the list from India ; Lyco may not help much when it comes to teething ;

Good Day/Night

Dr Sharma
sorahamsha last decade
ok i will get it from india. at least i know i will get it by next weekend..... thx doc... good day to you too....
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
good morning Dr. Sharma,
I had appointment with pediatrician for my daughter today. Basically she grew in a height this time but not in weight. weight is still the same as it was 2 months ago. So doctor ordered blood test. We did the blood test and results will be in on either Friday or monday. Blood test will check to see if she is anemic or not and also it will check for any food allergy.

I will let u know about the results when I get them but wanted to give you heads up just incase if you think we need any more med from India for Anemia or for any kind of allergy.

Doc is checking for Milk protein, eggs, nuts etc for allergy. If you think of any more med to get from India let me know. You know how hard it is to get this medicines here for me. I would rather stock it up now incase we may need it. I know we are getting Aethusa. If it turns out that she has milk protein allergy, do you think Aethusa will cure it?

thanks a lot doc... take care and have a good day!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
also one more question: she had chicken pox shot today and may develop fever... is it ok to give tylenol? i don't want tylenol getting in a way with your treatment....

let me know.

thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Good Morning Mrs Wghtgain,

Yes, it's ok to give her a fever medicine ; it could come in the way by nullifying the homeo medicine sometimes but there won't be any side effects . We can use another homeo medicine dose if we notice no change of the previous dose (which is prone to be cancelled by the Alopath Medicne);

Dr Sarma
sorahamsha last decade
Oh , the medicines
sorahamsha last decade
Here are the medicine lists for allergies:

Acid Sulph 6 c

Ailanthus G. 6 c

Allium Cepa 6 c

sabadilla 6 c

China Ars 6 c
Natrum Mur 6 c
Natrum Mur 200 c

Lac Vaccinum Def. 30 c
Sepia 30 c
Magnesium Carb 6 c
Natrum Carb 6 c

Psorinum 1 M

The above medicines cover the 3 types of allergies pollen,eggs ,milk and wheat
; But it sometimes depends upon the constitution indirectly responsible for an allergy ;

About anemia, it'd be better once you know what type of anemia it is and medicate for that ;
sorahamsha last decade

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