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I just wanted you to know that store did not have lycopodium 6 c so they have shipped me 30c. is it ok to give that dose? please let me know how many doses of 30c.. how many times.. i just want to make sure that there is no side effect with 30c. right?

I should get it by tmorrow.

also should i continue with calc phos along with lycopodium? let me know.

yes.. teething might be going on. she does not have any tooth yet even she is close to 14 months but her gums are swollen. so they are coming soon.

thx for your help. let me know about lycopodium 30c.

is it ok to give
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
It's ok with Lycopodium 30 c ;

But one dose only (2 pills dissolved in 2 spoons of water);

got to wait for 2 days to watch for any aggravations;

there are no side effects but there is a mild possibility of some aggravation in extreme rare cases;

Normally children don't show such aggravations because their reactive power hasn't yet developed;

I'll suggest the next dose after analyzing the response to the first dose ,if any;
sorahamsha last decade
I just wanted to let you know that I have given her Lycopodium 30C dose today. Now we wait for couple of days right? let's hope that this does the trick.

One quick question: Should I continue with calc Phos with her? I had given her Calc Phos this morning and Lyco in evening. But I will not give her Calc phos until you confirm. Also let me know for how long should I continue with Calc phos and how many doses?

Thanks again for all your help. I don't even know your name and you are helping me so much. Please let me know your name so I can thank you by your name.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Good Morning,
You can continue with calcarea phos 6x after a day after the lycopodium 30 c dose;
Yes, wait for a couple of days to decide the second dose;

I am Dr.Soham Ram Sharma, DHMS and no need to thank me; Thank God if the kid gets to eat well soon;

Good Day,
sorahamsha last decade
hello Dr Sharma,
thanks for introducing your self. As I mentioned yesterday that I have given my daughter one dose. No aggravation. And Also no change in her food intake. She is not taking anything at all today but I know that is due to her teething. Hope she can make good progress soon.

Will keep you updated.

Also one quick question about Magnasium Carb. IS that sister remedy for Lyco? and is it necessary to give it to my baby? let me know.

Thanks again for all your help.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Magnesium Carb :-->
child smells sour ;
disposed to boils ;
sensitive to least noise, touch;
craving for meat;
sour eructations;
vomting bitter water;


Aethusa Cyn :----->

child anguish,crying, expression of uneasiness and discontent;

during dentition;

inability to digest milk;



facial expression is anxious ,puffed face;

dry mouth;

intolerance of milk;

regurgation of food;

abdomen cold;

easy perspiration;

dozing after vomting or stool;

on exhaustion , child falls asleep at once;
sorahamsha last decade
observe the kid's tongue, see for white coating or light yellow;

examine the abdomen, look for bloating;

how is the child's thirst?

how is her urination?frequent/less?which color ?

about the mind,


also mild/calm/gentle/sluggish?

child wants many things but refuses when given ?

child can be quieted when carried about and petted constantly?

impatient/intolerant of spoken to or interrupted?

extremely sensitive to every pain?

any night sweats?

sweating on forehead and scalp?
sorahamsha last decade
you said she is not eating anything;;;

is she turning her face away at the sight of food?

is she wanting to eat initially but denying after the first sip/gulp , after tasting?

what is she eating / drinking currently?
sorahamsha last decade
Hello Dr. Sharma,
When I say she is not eating anything means she is not eating much. She takes few bites as usual and than she turns her head and seems really full. Before she eats she seems really excited about eating but just after 2-3 bites she is full. Same thing with Milk. She takes 2-3 sips. Not even 1 oz and she gets full. She even burps after half and hour of her milk. She is currently on breatmilk and cow's milk. She eats everything that we eat. But not much. I give her oatmeal as well.

She goes about 2 hours or so btwn meals. sometimes longer.

It seems like her symptoms matches more of Aethusa not Mag Carb. When she was about 6 months old, I had given her one dose of Aethusa 200C dose. (Per advise of one of the homeopathic doctor we met at the party).

Her urine color is normal. She drinks water ok.
She has very calm personality in general but lately she seems very irritated but may be that is due to the teeting?

She always want me to carry her around. I can not put her down. When I put her down she cries a lot and she shows syptoms of like she can not burp. When I carry her she gets few burps.

Today we finished 2 days of Lyco. No changes in her. No difference in her food intake. No aggravation either.

Please advise me further.

thank you for all your help. I sincerely do hope that she gets well and eats well and grows well. I am bit worried even though I am not the worried kind.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Please give her another dose of Lycopodium 30 c , the same way as the first one;;

I'm in a medical camp in a remote area right now, posting from a co-volunteer's satellite blue tooth ;; I'll be suggesting the next medicine (hope Lyco does the work , as it suits more but may need some other response activator medicine ;;;I'll write in detail later;;)

i'll be back on wednesday, most probably;

Normally, we have to stick to a medicine for 2 weeks atleast;
sorahamsha last decade
Oh I do appriciate you writing me via satelite blue tooth. Thanks so much.

Ok I will give her Lyco but if you think we should wait for 2 weeks before we give her another dose. Just let me know when ever you can. I will not give her another dose will you confirm.

Mean while I am giving her teehing pill called 'dentonic' (Contains camomilla 30c and calc carb 30c) Is that ok? I waited about 2 days to give her dentonic after I gave her first dose of Lyco.

Hope this will not interfere with Lyco. Please let me know.

Thank you very much for all your help Dr. Sharma.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
ok I read your post again. So now I gave her one dose of Lyco today morning. NO aggravation yet... will report more. But just FYI no changes in her appetite after her first dose... she still seems full after couple of bites of food or drink. Burps a lot. Will let you know how things go after today's dose.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Good Morning,

It's 4 AM in India and I just got home;

Both Chamomilla and Calcarea Carb are antidotes of Lycopodium;

So, it's obvious that lyco is off the duty;;;
sorahamsha last decade
I'll have some tea and get back to the kid in a moment ;
sorahamsha last decade
Got back;;

stop that tonic , dentonic ;;;

Now, please give the kid, 2 doses of lycopodium 30 c with a gap of 4 hours in between ;

Don't give calcarea phos 6x for a couple of days;

get the below medicines in the suggested potencies/powers only;

vanadium 6 c

opium 30 c

Aethusa Cyn 30 c

Nux Vom 200 c

get the above in the mentioned potenices only;; If you don't find them in your usual site, then please try another site;

I am not sure I'll be using all of them but it's better to have in the home kit ;;; May be very much handy ;;;

opium is a response activator;;;;

vanadium 6 c has many actions : calcium metabolism, nutrition, digestion , weight gain etc. ;;;;

Nux 200 : may be required if the current symptom is a result of Zenitac side effect ;;;
sorahamsha last decade
Hello good morning Dr Sharma,
i did give her one dose of lyco today. no dentonic or calc phos. do you want me to start again wuth 2 doses with 4 hour gaps in btwn dose? please advise.

i do have aethusa handy. let me know when to use it. i will order other 3 as you have mentioned.

let me know what to do with lyco tomorrow.

thank you and welcome back.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
give that 2 dose group after 6 hours of your latest lyco dose ;

you have with you aethusa in what power/potency ? 30 c or 200 c ?
sorahamsha last decade
give the 2 dose couple after 6 hours of the latest dose you have given the kido;;;

you have aethusa in which potency? 30 c or 200 c?
sorahamsha last decade
which potency of aethusa do you have with you? 30 c or 200 c ?

you can give the 2 dose couple after 6 hours of the latest lyco dose you have given
sorahamsha last decade
I have Aethusa 200c. So you want me to give her first 2 doses of Lyco 4 hours a part and Aethusa 6 hours later from last dose of Lyco? Did I understand that right? Let me know. I have Lyco 200c as well.

thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
Dr. Sharma,
I will wait for you to clarify in dosage. What potency and how many dose of lyco and what potency and how many doses of Aethusa.

I have Lyco in 30C and 200C. So far I have given her 2 doses of Lyco in past few days. Haven't given anything today. I am waiting until you clarify the dose and potency.

I have Aethusa 200c with me. Let me know the dosage of that please.

Thank you!
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
good morning ist 2 am
sorahamsha last decade
give lyco

2 doses with a gap of 4 hours in between;

I won't prefer aethusa in 200 ;

also won't lyco in 200 ;

I'm thinking about raising the response with opium 30 c ;;

200 would be my later(probably last ) choice ;;

so 2 doses of lyco 30 c with a gap of 4 hours in between;
sorahamsha last decade
Good morning Dr Sharma,
Thanks so much for helping me. I wonder if you ever sleep :) I do appriciate you helping me this late in your part of the world.

Ok will give 2 doses of Lyco 30c today with 4 hours gap. I haven't given it yet since I was waiting for you to respond.

Will order opium 30c and 200c? No Aethusa right? I don't have Opium right now is that ok? It will take about a week for it to come. Will Lyco it self will do for a week?

Also I should report to you that after giving Lyco my daughter's bowel momements have become more yellowish instead of greenish. It much more than before and also very awful smelling. seems like something is working with Lyco.
Needhelpinwghtgain last decade
i see
sorahamsha last decade
order like this :

Nux Vom 200 c

Aethusa 30 c

opium 30 c

Vanadium 6 c

I want exactly in the same potencies/powers mentioned above; no alterations ; confirm the site again and again that they are sending the right potency ;;if they are not, then please try another website ;;

no problem how long it takes ; I hope lyco does the work in the meanwhile ;

it's a go for the 2 dose couple of Lyco 30 c ;;

Hmmm the sleep , you've just reminded me that I have to take some medicine for that;;;
sorahamsha last decade

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