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Asthma in 6 years old daughter

My daughter had been suffering from asthma attack since 2 years old till now. The problem she had is when weather turn cold or raining it will cough badly and she also having a lot of thick phelgm and the worst part is that she can't eat or drink due to the phelgm and need to use nebulizer 3 to 4 times a day for her phelgm to dissolve.
I have been bringing him to see a chinesse physician for almost a year it does control the attack but it does not cured.After seeing the attack is like 2 times a year and before seeing him the attack is like one month twice.
Last month I had tried to bring her to see a homeopath and it is given a lot of medicine to test. 1st is using natrium sulph 30x take one dose will make her cough for 2 days very bad and after that went back to the homeopath and he changed a few type of medicine such as spongia also does not had a good effect. Only recently he changed a combination of Drosera 30C, Belladona 30C, Kali Carb 30C , Pulsatilla 30C and Thuja 30c all combine. Once taken the cough subside so he ask me to continue twice a day. But after a week it just control and last 2 days she suddenly had a bad attack and used the 5 medicine can't control. Anybody willing to help me.
  dis43686 on 2009-12-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The Remedy that will help your daughter is Blatta Orientalis 6c (BO) in the Wet dose taken twice daily for a week and thereafter just nightly before bed. You will get the Liquid pack of this remedy in Ethanol as it is far better than the dry pellets that are usually available.
You will also have to get Ars Alb 200c and 30c in the dry pellets which you will keep handy for use in the unlikely event that she has an attack when 4 pellets of the 200c are given to her to dissolve under the tongue. You will observe that her attack will cease in under 20 minutes.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
If this is not available the Dry dose in pellets may be use but this is not as effective as the remedy in the original Ethanol pack.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops or 5 pellets of the remedy into the bottle and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle, which is the dose, is taken as directed.

It is understood that you will stop all other medication you are now giving your daughter immediately and it is best to leave about 24 hours before the BO therapy which must be followed by you precisely.

Please report her progress on Day 3 into this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for your fast reply. But currently I'm having troubles getting the remedy as my local homeopath doctor don't want to sell me the medicine that is not prescribed by him. So I approach another homeopath and they're currently no stock for Ars Alb 200c and Nat Sulph 6c.
Anyway there is something I need to check with u. So if I do get the remedy which one should I start first, the Blatta Orientalis 6c or the Nat Sulph 6c. According to your instruction when should I stop the blatta orientalis.
As on your replies you also said that Ars Alb 200c and 30c, but you never tell me when to use the Ars Alb 30c.
dis43686 last decade
Another thing I just have Nat Sulph 30C can I used it instead of Nat Sulph 6c which I need to order
dis43686 last decade
It is very important in Homeopathy that the patient reads and follows the prescription given by the Homeopath precisely.

I shall copy the first sentence of my post below:

The Remedy that will help your daughter is Blatta Orientalis 6c (BO) in the Wet dose taken twice daily for a week and thereafter just nightly before bed.

You now refer to Nat Sulph 30c and 6c.

Nat Sulph is not the remedy and cannot help your daughter and you MUST get the Blatta Orientails 6c which is her remedy and use it in the Wet dose as per my instructions.

It is not a surprise to me that your homeopath is not aware of Blatta O for Asthma. This was another of my discoveries to treat Asthma and can be classified under 'Joepathy'.

Ars Alb in the 2 potencies may be required to treat any emergency when you will normally nebulize her but they must not be used otherwise.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks joe. I understand now for my daughter treatment I do not need to use Nat Sulph instead I will use Blatta Orientalis 6c and dilute it with 400ml and follow the instructions.
As for the Ars Alb I still not very clear as you told me in emergency use ARs alb 200c so do I need to use Ars alb 30c or I can used either one during emergency
dis43686 last decade
Copied from my first post above:

'You will also have to get Ars Alb 200c and 30c in the dry pellets which you will keep handy for use in the unlikely event that she has an attack when 4 pellets of the 200c are given to her to dissolve under the tongue. You will observe that her attack will cease in under 20 minutes.'
Joe De Livera last decade
Blatta Orientalis has been in use as a remedy for asthma since quite long. It is not a new discovery. I am pasting below, the description of this remedy from Boericke's Materia Medica. Boericke passed away way back in 1929.

Joe, to quote the patient's words: 'having troubles getting the remedy as my local homeopath doctor don't want to sell me the medicine that is not prescribed by him'. Nowhere has the patient mentioned that local homeopaths are unaware of this remedy. The attitude of the homeopaths sounds more like, 'I didn't prescribe you this remedy; So there is no way I am going to sell it to you.'

Blatta O is a commonly used remedy for asthma. Many homeopaths prescribe it as the first line of treatment to overcome an acute attack of asthma. This is nothing new.


Indian Cockroach

A remedy for asthma. Especially when associated with bronchitis. Indicated after arsenic when this is insufficient.

Cough with dyspn┬ťa in bronchitis and phthisis. Acts best in stout and corpulent patients. Much pus-like mucus.

Dose.--Lowest potencies during an attack. After the spasm, for the remaining cough, use the higher. Stop with improvement to prevent return of aggravation.
sriram last decade
I may also add that Blatta O will do whatever good it can for the patient.

The method of water doses suggested by Joe (which he has learnt from Dr Luc) is very safe.

sriram last decade
To Sriram

I am aware that Blatta Orientalis is commonly used by other Homeopaths but the difference in my therapy is that I prescribe it in the Wet Dose which is perhaps the reason why it is more effective than the Dry pellets.

The reason why I referred to it as 'Joepathy' was because this method was a term that certain classical homeopaths used some years back to deride my therapy which I started using in 2005 when they discovered that patients reported that it was more effective than the standard Dry pellets they used.

I use this Wet dose method exclusively today with excellent results. I would recommend that you too experiment with using it and observe the quicker response of the patient to the Wet dose in comparison to the Dry pellets used worldwide as the standard therapy for almost all remedies.

This term Joepathy was picked up by Google and other Search Engines and defines my therapy in contrast to the standard classical homeopathic therapy.

It is unfortunate that the patient has encountered some difficulty in getting the Blatta O but he will have to do so perhaps from the ABC store as Nat Sulph cannot address the patient's Asthma.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Sriram

Good to know that you remembered how I was converted to the Wet dose which incidentally is a term that I coined myself in 2005 after I was converted to it by Dr Luc de Schepper when he was here in Sri Lanka to treat the survivors of our Tsunami which devastated Sri Lanka on December 26 2004 when we lost over 30000 lives.

You may like to know that this term 'Wet Dose' is also now listed on Google and I discovered to my surprise, a short while ago that it lists:

Results 1 - 10 of about 4,080,000 for wet dose.

Joepathy only lists: Results 1 - 10 of about 739 for joepathy

I believe that I have made some small contribution to the advancement of the Science of Homeopathy by promoting the Wet dose and those who have used my Joepathy for various ailments will testify to its better ability to help and cure the patient.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
It is true that many homeopaths still administer the dry doses to their patients inspite of Hahnemann's teachings about the superiority of water doses.

Your methods are quite safe and will do no harm to the patient! (i have been following your posts since some years and vividly remember your narrations of your experiences with Dr Luc, for the post-tsunami medical camps etc)

Regarding the patient not able to procure Blatta O from local homeopaths, it sounds like a case of PURE EGO - nothing else. They are unwilling to sell the remedy because it was prescribed by someone else.

Wish you good luck for curing many more patients,
sriram last decade
May I know other than Blatta Orientalis 6c(Wet dose) and Ars alb 30c and Ars Alb 200c pellets. Is there anymore medicine I need to order just in case the above remedy does not work on my daughter. As I might need to travel to Singapore to buy the remedy since I can't get it locally. So want to get a few other remedy for standby just in case it does not work.
dis43686 last decade
It will be far cheaper for you to mail order the remedies from the ABC or any other vendor instead of going to Singapore as there is no guarantee that you can buy it there.

Another source is Washington Homeopathic Products:

Joe De Livera last decade
I checked the website given there is no Blatta Orientalis on their website. Is okay from my site going to Singapore is only 1 and half hour journey and if go by bus it is cheaper than buying through US as the courier is much expensive. Will tried to call whether they got sell before going there. Will update you the effects once I got the remedy
dis43686 last decade
Yes do go to Singapore if you are only a few hours away and get the Blatta Orientalis 6c in the Liquid pack in Ethanol.

The liquid remedy is by far more effective than the dry pellets which you can purchase if you cannot get the liquid pack. All you will need is the smallest pack about 5ml as you will only use 3 drops in the bottle of water.

You can also get Arsenicum Album 30c and the 200c in the Dry Pellets which you will only use on a SOS basis in the event of an attack of Asthma which normally will not arise if the patient is already on BO.

Another remedy I would like you to get is Bacillinum 200 in the Dry pellets. This remedy will help to prevent your daughter from catching colds which often lead to an Asthmatic attack.

Please let me have the name and address of the vendor of Homeopathic remedies in Singapore as I can give this contact to my patients who cannot get Homeopathic remedies in their own country.
Joe De Livera last decade
For the bacilinum 200 how much each time my daughter should take, is it also 4 pellets and how many times per day need to take.
As for the singapore vendor I also found from the internet and not sure whether they still sell homeopathy medicine as I called at 6pm just now nobody pickup will tried again tommorow, anyway the shop is :

P&L Pharmacy Pte Ltd
19, Tanglin Road,
#01-40 Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore
Phone : 6235 0915
dis43686 last decade
Bacillinum 200 is a Nosode and cannot be taken like other remedies. It may only be taken in ONE dose of 4 pellets and a repeat dose may be taken in a month.

I have prescribed it for many patients including children and it has proved to be excellent to prevent colds and coughs.

You must report the response of your daughter to her first dose as this will give me a clue on how her body accepts this remedy. Please contact me before you give it to her. It is because you inquired about other remedies that I identified this remedy but it must not be used like other remedies as the consequences that can result can be dangerous.

I would also like you to also get the following remedies in the Liquid pack in Ethanol from Singapore:

Bryonia 200c
Gelsemium 200c.

Bryonia 200c is the remedy I use to abort an oncoming throat infection.

Gelsemium 200c is the remedy that I use to abort an oncoming cold.

Both remedies are used only in the Wet dose. The dry dose pellets do not have the same curative effect.

Please ask for the smallest pack around 5ml preferably in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.

If you wish to get another very useful remedy you can add Arnica 30c also in Ethanol but this is not for her right now. It is more for you and any other members of your household who may like to use it as a general tonic as I have used it for the last 13 years.

If you wish to have further information on this remedy please type Arnica into the Search box at the top of this page and read my article entitled:

'Arnica the Miracle Remedy'
Joe De Livera last decade
For the Bacilinum 200c can I get a wet dose instead of the pellets. This is due to it is very difficult to get pellets on my site.
dis43686 last decade
I have observed that Bacillinum 200 can only be used in the DRY pellets.

This is one of the rare remedies which cannot be taken in the Wet dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
Actually I called up another distributor for homeopathic medicine in malaysia. But there is a minimum purchase of 10 bottle of dilution only they courier to me.
I asked about dry pellets but the problem is that he never sell dry pellets in potencies form, he only sell globules that is not medicated. So if I buy those globules how to I medicated it to be Bacillinum 200C do I need to buy the wet dose to mix.
dis43686 last decade
You state: 'But there is a minimum purchase of 10 bottle of dilution only they courier to me.'

This seems to me to be an expensive way of ordering a remedy of which you will only need just 3 drops in a half liter of water to make the Wet dose which should last your daughter about 3 months per bottle.

You can activate the lactose pellets and you will use just 6 drops to activate 200 pellets.
Joe De Livera last decade
That's the reason I'm asking any other remedy that I can order to make it up to 10 remedies. But their pricing is very cheap about USD 2.50 per dilution.
How to I drop 6 drops to 200 pellets, coz the pellet are very small and the 6 drop will be uneven do I need a machine to do it or what.. That's means let's say I want to activate basiilunum 200C, I need to buy the water dilution and drop 6 drop to the empty pellets is it.
dis43686 last decade
Here is a list of remedies to make up the 10 which you state you have to order :

Blatta Orientalis 6c
Bacillinum 200c
Ars Alb 200c
Ars Alb 30c
Arnica 30c
Arnica 6c
Bryonia 200c
Gelsemium 200c
Nux Vomica 30c
Rhus Tox 30c

250g Lactose Pellets 2mm Ø

You will need bottles to store the remedy after you make it. I use the little glass vials with a soft plastic cap in which Contact Lenses are sold by Optometrists. These little bottles are discarded after the contact lens is sold.

These bottles must be boiled with the caps off for about 20 minutes and carefully dried upside down to drain out the moisture. This boiling process must be repeated again to ensure that there is no trace of the Saline solution that is present in the bottles.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks already placed order today but I think the fastest is next week arrived because tommorow is public holiday and Saturday is not working. Everything got except for Bacillinum no stock.
I called up my local homeopath they said will tried to source Bacillinum for me will let me know.
Called up Singapore got stock but selling very expensive at 240 pellets for USD 18.
Let's see whether can get it from local if really cannot only make a trip to singapore.
dis43686 last decade
At last got the medicine today. Will start the first dose tonight and will update u after 3 days
dis43686 last decade

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