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This should be Day 38, she had a cough at night so I follow your therapy and tap her lung where her lung is higher than her neck, after tapping can see a lot of phelgm being expelled out from her nose. After that the whole night till morning she never cough. But in the afternoon around 2 pm she had a bad cough. So I used the same method and she also expelled some phelgm not as much as the first time and after that till night she never had a cough.
dis43686 last decade
Glad to note that the physiotherapy I advised has worked with your daughter. I am concerned however to note that 'after tapping can see a lot of phelgm being expelled out from her nose.'

There is some danger that she may choke on her phlegm and you will have to watch her closely to avoid any accident. You can ask her to keep her mouth open during the tapping process to ensure that the phlegm flows out without causing any choking. Coughing will also help.

I believe that this therapy coupled to the BO dose will eventually help her towards a cure soon.
Joe De Livera last decade
Don't worry normally the phelgm won't flow down and came out automatically she need to expelled quite hard from her nose only will come out and sometimes I ask her to cough it up, both method works.. but can see second or third time the phelgm getting lesser and lesser.
dis43686 last decade
Day 39, at night use steam and tapping but no phelgm come out. Morning around 8am got 2 time bad cough and 9am did the steam and tapping and come out a lot of phelgm. Seems it phelgm only come out in the morning so should I continue tapping with steam at the night.
dis43686 last decade
You have now mastered the technique to help your daughter and you can continue the physiotherapy as long as she does not object to it. It is obvious that the mucous was the cause of her Asthma and I feel confident that in the next few days the BO will slowly restrict the production of the mucous and thereby help her towards a cure.

If you feel that the phlegm is best treated by tapping in the morning you can avoid the night session. You can however give her the steam inhalation at night and do both the inhalation and the physiotherapy in the morning from now on.

You will of course continue to give her one dose of BO nightly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Day 40, follow the steam at night and morning give her the physiothrapy and inhaling, at around 2 to 7 pm cough 4 to 5 times. Will monitor again tommorow.
dis43686 last decade
Day 44, this few days the cough had subside, but when I do the tapping therapy it seems the phelgm does not become lesser and most of the morning there is a lot of whitish thick phelgm and the phelgm got a lot of blood red colour small lines on it. Why her phelgm got blood lines.
dis43686 last decade
I am concerned at your report 'there is a lot of whitish thick phelgm and the phelgm got a lot of blood red colour small lines on it. Why her phelgm got blood lines.'

Please consult your pediatrician immediately and request a diagnosis. You must inform him/her exactly what you are doing for the physiotherapy and give the full history of her case and report the diagnosis on this thread.
Joe De Livera last decade
Got check with the doctor he said mostly is due to allergic to dust and those blood line is normal, so will monitor I also found out my daughter keep on sneezing even doing the tapping theraphy. I suspect her nose is highly allergic to dust that caused sneezing and white phelgm.
dis43686 last decade
I am relieved to learn that your doctor has reassured you that there is no problem with your daughter.

If, as you state, she sneezes during the physiotherapy, it is very likely that it was a tiny nose bleed which was triggered by her sneezing.

I believe that she is responding better to the combination of the BO, the steam and the Physiotherapy than previously with the BO alone and hopefully she will get over her Asthma soon.
Joe De Livera last decade
Day 45, her phelgm seems not so much and today her phelgm no blood line anymore.. hmmm.. it seems sometimes her phelgm is a lot and sometimes is not, not sure whether is the food she take.
dis43686 last decade
It would be interesting to check if the food she eats causes the phlegm.

Milk products are reputed to do so but one cannot deprive a growing child of this essential nutrient.

You can use Soya milk to verify her response.

You can give her another dose of Bacillinum 200 if the last dose was given about a month ago. This will help with her sneezing.

I was very concerned when you reported the trace of blood in her phlegm and was certain that it could not be attributed to the physiotherapy which is obviously helping her to evacuate the excess phlegm. This is the reason why I advised you to have her checked out by your pediatrician and we now know that all is well.
Joe De Livera last decade
Day 46 so far so good no cough, but today morning doing tapping therapy the phelgm got a little bit yellowish.
Will tried soya milk tommorow and monitor her phelgm.
Just wanted to check with you taking Bacillinum 200 will it cause flu, just like last time when I give hear a dose after few days she got a flu and admitted to hospital.
Malaysia Pedatrician is always not very good, they don't check thoroughly for the cause just give u antibiotics when u had any problem.
dis43686 last decade
Yellow phlegm usually denotes a bacterial infection. If it is accompanied by a cold or cough you will have to consult your pediatrician and get his clearance for the physiotherapy.

You must not give the child Bacillinum 200 when she is showing signs of some ailment as it can make it worse.

Antibiotics may only be given on a SOS basis and if she has a fever for a couple of days, you do not have any alternative.
Joe De Livera last decade
The problem is that the phelgm is not constant yellow today is back to white again. It seems like one day white and the other day yellow.
Day 48 so far his cough is under control but not her pheglm will monitor a few days again.
Will not give antibiotics unless it is necessary like high fever or cough badly.
dis43686 last decade
Joe De Livera last decade
It seems that we had stopped the cow milk and replaced with soya milk, I can see my daughter sneezing had stop. Seems he is allergic to cow milk.
Another problem here today her school had given her 2 jabs of vaccine. I think she having mild fever after the vaccine.
Should I continue the BO therapies as the school had ask all the student to stop all medications while on this vaccine, so should I stop or not
dis43686 last decade
You can safely continue with the therapy you are using today as they will not interfere with the vaccine that was used.

Please report any aggravation of her Asthma which can occur after the vaccination.
Joe De Livera last decade
Day 51, so far before vacinnation even I do the tapping therapy there is still some persistent cough. Her cough seems to be very persistent no matter what I do it cannot completely cured.
So far after vacinnation she just have some mild fever and other than that nothing much on her asthma. Still monitoring.
Yup I forget to tell u that normally after taking the BO she will sneeze a few times is it normal
dis43686 last decade
Suddenly now in the morning at 9am she wake up and cough very badly and non stop. So I give her the tapping therapy and come out a lot of white phelgm. After doing the therapy for 10 minutes, the cough still does not stop. Please help what should I do next, I don't want her to end up in the hospital again.
dis43686 last decade
Luckily after an hour the cough had stop... will need to monitor.. her condition seems does not stable down.
dis43686 last decade
I had anticipated the reaction that you report from your daughter after her vaccination which should never have been given to her. I am thankful that it has remained at this level as it could have been much worse.

Do you know what the vaccine used was ? Please ask the principle of her school why she was given this vaccination without your permission. You must also inform this principle of the reaction caused by this vaccination which can affect the health of the children in their future life. This vaccination can affect the Asthma of your daughter and make it even worse in spite of my efforts to keep her awar from the Steroids and other drugs that she was using which are dangerous in the long term when used on a daily basis.

There is little that I can do to help her cough which is her body's way of clearing the pus blocking her lungs. I would not however recommend that you do her physiotherapy for 10 minutes as this seems to be far too long. 5 minutes of gentle tapping of her back is OK. You may however repeat the process every 2-3 hours if you find that it is giving her some relief.

As long as she can breathe freely there is no reason for you to rush her to hospital.

You can increase the dosage of BO for the next few days to twice daily.

Please report her response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please also add:

Steam inhalation will also help as it will liquify the mucous or phlegm and help her to cough it out.
Joe De Livera last decade
As in Malaysia, the government compulsory all the children to inject vacinnation. We can't prohibit the government for doing so. The vacination is done by the government hospital nurse who travel to the school. I also not sure what is the vacinnation they had put in as I need to check with the school.
Yup everyday I;m giving him steam inhalation at the morning with tapping therapy and at night just steam theraphy.
Just today her condition get worst.
dis43686 last decade
I just called up the school and they said the vaccine they all give are Double Antigen + Oral Polio + BCG
dis43686 last decade
I hope you gave them a report of the damage that the vaccine has caused to your daughter.
Joe De Livera last decade

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