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I hope you gave them a report of the damage that the vaccine has caused to your daughter.
Joe De Livera last decade
Talking to our Government hospital is useless.. they won't do anything, like last time I got an emergency attack of my daughter where she had a very bad attack until she can't walk and keep on vomitting and I wanted to admit her and the doctor said since she still can stand and talk is not serious so ask me to go back and take medicine and after 2 hours I had no choice to admitt her to private hospital and the paedactrian said her condition is very bad.
dis43686 last decade
It seems to me that your government hospitals and those in Sri Lanka are very similar.

Here in SL each doctor in the government hospital OPD sees about 500 patients daily. This seems to me to be similar to a production line when each patient is given hardly a minute to diagnose and prescribe the medicine which is all given free.

There have been many exposures of outdated drugs being used and Saline bottles full of Fungus and there were even 2 cases of girls in 2 parts of SL dying after being given the Rubella vaccine last year.

One would have expected to have a greater regard for human life in your part of the world and it is possible that your government in common with ours feels that since medicine is free, the quality does not matter. A few deaths due to misdiagnosis is just taken as normal !!!

There was an instance reported by a mother in Pakistan on this Forum of her 2 month old baby who had an Inguinal Hernia on one side being operated on the side that was OK.

This is how medicine is dispensed in other parts of the world and this is where Homeopathy can help patients NOT to depend on the tender mercies of their doctors, government or otherwise to whom a patient is only a number.

Not the LIFE of a fellow Human Being who in your case is your precious 6 year old daughter.
Joe De Livera last decade
Wow ur situation is almost same like mine, but mine is had to pay a very very cheap fees which is about USD 0.30 for the medicine and treatment.
Same to the kind of misdiagnosis do happen here as well. Some even inject overdose of vaccine and caused the arm of a baby need to be cut off.
That's the reason I don't go to government hospital and don't trust at all rather pay some money to go to see private hospital.
dis43686 last decade
Day 52, today whole day never cough still giving her one dose of BO at night time only, and steam therapy night and morning with tapping.
dis43686 last decade
I wanted to know while on BO therapy can I give him probiotics since the paedatrician actually advised him to take probiotics due to the last attack she tooks a lot of antibiotics. So should I give to her or not
dis43686 last decade
There is no objection to your giving her anything that is not a DRUG as every drug will only serve to make her present sensitivity to Asthma worse.

I too would recommend any good Probiotic which you can give her as instructed by her pediatrician.
Joe De Livera last decade
Day 54, it seems this 2 days her condition had much stabilized so far no cough and the phelgm today morning was totally none. Will monitor a few days again.
dis43686 last decade
Day55, It had been 3 days when we doing steam therapy with tapping there is no phelgm come out at all, look like her condition had much stabilized after we stop the cow milk and using soya milk for her. Do I need to continue the steam therapy ?
Can I give her worm medicine as normally we give her half yearly using allopathic medicine.
dis43686 last decade
I am delighted with the progress of your daughter's Asthma which I believe was due to a combination of allergies chief of them being Cow's Milk. Please remember that Soya Milk cannot be considered as a total equivalent to Cow milk as it does not have the same calcium content. You may have to give her Calcium and I would prefer that you consult her pediatrician who may prescribe Rejucalcium which has the following added to the calcium to make it better absorbed by the body:

Rejucalcium Copper Sulphate/ Calcium Carbonate/ Magnesium Hydroxide/ Manganese Sulphate/ Folic Acid/ Vit D3/ Vit B6/ Vit B12/ Zinc Sulphate

You do not need to continue with the Steam Therapy and also the Physiotherapy but you have now mastered both therapies and can use them if and when necessary.

I also feel that it is now time to change her over to the Split Dose of Blatta Orientalis 6c and this is made as follows:

Take a capful of the remedy from the bottle and insert it into half a cup of boiled water. Let her take a gulp of the water from the cup and discard the balance.

Use this Split Dose therapy in the future and keep me advised of her progress under the new dosage.

I would not recommend that you give her a vermicide as it can trigger another reaction which may antidote the BO with a return of her Asthma.
Joe De Livera last decade
Normally I give those Soy bean with calcium added like those cow milk. Never heard before Rejucalcium, will tried to ask around the local pharmacy.
Okay will start the split those tonight.
I would not give her vermicide then, because I always see her like to put things to her mouth although she is 6 years old.
dis43686 last decade
Joe, wanted to check with u, next 2 weeks is my daughter school holiday and I wish to bring her to an island trip for 3 days is it okay, since will bring her to swimming most of the time. So when I outstation how should I go and feed her homeopathy, should I bring the tinture and mix with 500ml each time or what.
dis43686 last decade
Suggest you go back to the standard Wet dose instead of the Split dose when you are on holiday. I would also suggest that you take the Steam generator with you to be used in case of need.
Joe De Livera last decade
Day 58, last 2 days given her split dose, no cough at all, but today at between 8.30pm to 9.30pm she had some minor cough few times so I give her the split dose at around 9.40pm and will monitor.
dis43686 last decade
Day 60, hmm.. using the split dose it seems can't really control as her cough does come back but not serious. Today afternoon around 12pm she cough several time. Tonight I will do the tapping theraphy and with steam too see is there are still phelgm in her lung.
dis43686 last decade
I note that you are still on the Split dose although I instructed you to go back to the Wet dose when you left on vacation.

However as long as she does not wheeze there is no harm in using the Split dose as the idea is to wean her off all medication in the near future.

The steam therapy with the physiotherapy should help her.
Joe De Livera last decade
Okay, I think I better cancel the island trip until she is fully recovered. Okay did a tapping therapy and steam yesterday night no phelgm as well.
dis43686 last decade
Day 62, her condition had been stable now no cough. Still monitoring it.
dis43686 last decade
Why don's you go ahead with your island trip now? She seems to be OK and it will be nice to give her some fresh air away from the city.
Joe De Livera last decade
Scared if she had an attack an there is no doctor in the island. Will see how
dis43686 last decade
dear dis43686,
just a piece of information that i chanced upon. thought of sharing it with you.

In 1972, in continuation of its tradition of introducing safe, natural remedies, Himalaya launched Bonnisan, a natural pediatric digestive tonic. A formulation based on years of research and clinical testing, the product found wide acceptance among doctors and mothers alike. The sweet tasting tonic became a trusted part of a baby's growing up.

BonnisanIn the tradition of other innovations at Himalaya, Bonnisan soon became the leading brand in its category and today is India's number one pediatric digestive product. Well researched and safe, Bonnisan is now exported to several countries and is traditionally effective for digestive problems. A new use for Bonnisan was discovered in Malaysia recently. When used for digestive problems, it cured long-standing asthma in several preteens.

sriram last decade
Thanks Siram for the info but I would like to tried using joe BO method if it doesn't really work only I would tried others.
dis43686 last decade
Hi Joe, Yeterday my daughter had some minor flu and cough, so I give her the BO without mixing to half a cup of water and give her gelsemium. Then it the morning I gave her the steam theraphy and tapping there is some phelgm, she was okay so we planned to bring her to seaside to swimming. It seems when she contracts salt water from the sea she cough very badly. So after a while we decided to bring her back in the afternoon around 4pm.
At around 4 pm I perform the tapping theraphy and steam again this time there was a lot of phelgm, and after the theraphy I ask her to goggle the byronia 200 and she also cough up a lot of phelm, and I after that give her gelsemium 200 and she feels better. So what should I do she seems like going to have an attack.
dis43686 last decade
Now 6pm thinks getting worst, she vomitted and cough non stop. So I think most probably had to bring her to paedatrician again. As I tried to give her Ars Alb it seems can't stop the cough and vomit.
dis43686 last decade
It is not advised to expose her to swimming when you know already that she has started a flu with a cough. You had already given her BO in the full dose and also given her Gelsemium and I hope that in her interest you will not take her swimming as it could lead to unnecessary complications which will then have to be treated with antibiotics and other drugs.

If she gets an attack of Asthma you can give her Ars Alb 200. Dose 4 pellets sublingually.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, just came back from paedatrician, as just now her condition was bad vomitting and cough non stop, so the paedatrician gave her 2 puff of ventolin and everything went down immediately, cough totally stop as well as the vomit even the flu also stop immediately. It seems the flu is allergic rhinitis rather than a flu. Now she is back to normal again.
dis43686 last decade

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