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At last got the medicine today. Will start the first dose tonight and will update u after 3 days
dis43686 last decade
Joe, checked with u after I put the 3 drops of remedy in 400ml water how many time should I shake the bottle, as for the first dose I shake 10 times. Is it everytime had to shake 10 times.
For the emergency taking Ars alb can I give the wet does instead of dry pellets
dis43686 last decade
Started the first dose yesterday and monitor my daughter can see there is totally no cough at all throghout the night and the breathing seems better. Will continue 3 days and report back.
dis43686 last decade
Glad to note that you have observed an improvement in your daughter's condition after the first dose. Let us hope that this improvement will continue and you can report daily on her condition for the next few days till we are certain that she has stabilized.

You may like to know that many parents have confirmed this fact that their child who was suffering from chronic Asthma showed immediate improvement after the first dose of BO.

I cannot help mentioning that it is this form of overnight cure that seems to bother the classical homeopaths who are taught in their Colleges never to use the 'this for that' method I use in my therapy which they derided as 'Joepathy' and which invariably gives immediate results as you have experienced. A classical homeopath would normally have given your daughter various other remedies to 'treat the totality of the symptoms' she presented instead of getting to the point and prescribing the obvious remedy which is known and accepted to alleviate Asthma. The idea is to milk the poor patient by prolonging the agony which will result in regular consultations which do not exactly come free.

Answering your queries:

It is essential that the bottle is shaken at least 6 times every time before you give her a capful.

It is unlikely that she will get an attack of Asthma after the second dose but you can use the Ars Alb 200 (4 pellets in one dose sublingually), if she does.
Joe De Livera last decade
2nd Day is not so good. Due to yesterday having heavy rain and the weather turn to cold. We gave her the medicine around 7.30pm and around 10pm she is going to sleep she is having cough around 10 times but luckily no attack.
Today morning the also raining and we gave him the dose around 7am and she also having around 2 deep cough hopefully won't have any attack. Will monitor. It seems the medicine will work when there is no raining as the first day.
dis43686 last decade
I believe that she will need the Ars Alb 30c pellets you already have with you. Give her 3 pellets sublingually (under the tongue) whenever you feel that she may get an attack.

This is for use only during the first few days when she is off her other drugs and inhalers.
Joe De Livera last decade
Can I used Ars Alb 30c dilution instead of pellets. This is because I thought I can get the pellets today but when I called up the local homeopath who supplied the pellets which suddenly changed his mind and not selling to me and said only sell to his patient. Why Malaysia local homeopath so selfish. But I do bought the dilution 30C
dis43686 last decade
I am amazed that your supplier of Homeopathic remedies has refused to supply you with the Lactose pellets.

Since you already have the liquid Ars Alb 30 you can make an equivalent of the pellets by inserting 1 drop into a tablespoonful of water which you can give her. If you find it difficult to get one drop from your bottle, you can use a larger quantity of water and estimate the equivalent of 1 drop in a tablespoonful.

Please note however that you cannot use Ars Alb like you use the Arnica and other remedies on a regular daily basis. This remedy is only to be used on a SOS basis when you suspect that she is about to get an attack and I believe that it will be required only during the first few days into this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Today is the 3rd day, Morning 3 am got cough 2 times, and morning 7am got cough 3 times and afternoon got cough around 4 to 5 times. But the cough does not cause wheezing so I just ignore and monitor.
dis43686 last decade
4th day, Today morning 5am my daughter is coughing very bad and breathing is very hard, so I gave her the wet dose earlier at 5am and after 20 minutes luckily the attack when down as yesterday night I gave him around 9pm.This few days the weather in my site is bad is raining heavily and the weather is cold. It seems the cough is getting worst this few days. Afternoon also cough a few times.
dis43686 last decade
5th day, also a raining day but only cough in the morning when wake up at 6am. And cough a few times when around 7am and after that till tonight still okay no cough
dis43686 last decade
6th Day, taken the medicine at 9pm and have a very bad cough and asthma attack at 1am, so given her the Ars Alb 30c one drop to one tablespoon and waited for an hour, although the cough does get lesser but at 2am the attack came back again so no choice had to give him singulair and after giving singulair the cough had subsided and everything back to normal.
So I wanted to know whether this medicine is suitable for him or had to change to nat sulph as my place is mountainous and toward damp
dis43686 last decade
I have been following your daughter's progress and am glad that you continued to give us a daily report.

She seems to respond to the Blatta O and I would like her to continue taking it twice daily for the next week when we can decide to change the remedy if necessary. You have indicated that she is affected by the damp weather and for this patient Blatta is the correct remedy.

I would like her to use steam twice daily for about 5 minutes each time. Steam generators are available and you can look for them in Beauty palours where they are used to steam the face. The steam output is controlled and is very safe to be used for a child and she can use it in the morning and sometime before bed.

The Ars Alb 30 can be given when necessary.
Joe De Livera last decade
Okay will tried to continue the medicine for another 1 week meanwhile will look for steam generator
dis43686 last decade
Day 7, whole night never cough just wake up in the morning at 9am cough 3 times and afternoon cough 2 times.
dis43686 last decade
Day 8, today is bright sunny and very hot day. Night till morning never cough. But afternoon around 11pm cough 2 times and afternoon around 3 pm cough 2 times.
Just wonder is his cough asthma cough or normal cough since hot day also cough.
dis43686 last decade
Day 9, bright and sunny days almost same like Day 8 morning and afternoon cough few times
dis43686 last decade
Day 10 , today the weather is very hot and suprisingly today whole day she never cough.
There is something I need your advise as today my wife is having a bad flu so I'm afraid she will pass to my daughter so if she really passed the flu to my daughter how should it go about taking gelsemium 200c
dis43686 last decade
Day 11, hot day and whole day never cough
dis43686 last decade
Day 12, hot day as well morning found out her nose look like very itchy and sneeze 2 times and having some minor flu and cough 3 times
dis43686 last decade
Day 13, Hot sunny day cough few times in morning and afternoon as well as night
dis43686 last decade
I am glad to note that she did not catch her mother's cold.

If you have not given her the Bacillinum 200 so far you can giver her just 4 pellets under the tongue in one dose which is not to be repeated till further instructions

You will continue with her therapy as usual.
Joe De Livera last decade
Day 14, Hot sunny day cought in morning 3 times, cough in afternoon 2 times
dis43686 last decade
I had problem getting bacillinum 200, as whole Malaysia don't have stock for it. The local homeopath also dun have but she said her brother is coming back from India so ask her brother to buy for me, only will know tuesday onwards, if really dun have will make a trip to singapore this saturday to buy from singapore.
Just wanted to check with you my daughter blatta that we mix in mineral water seems to be finishing soon. If finish how to I go about making a new bottle.
dis43686 last decade
Did you get Bacillinum 30 in the stock you ordered recently ? If you have it you can give it in the same manner 1 drop in a tablespoon full of water from which she will sip about a teaspoonful.

This must however be only given with at least 2 weeks interval after the first dose.

You will make the remedy in the same manner you made the first bottle. 3 drops of the remedy in Ethanol into a 500ml bottle of spring water.

If as you state the first bottle is finished, it is possible that you are giving her too much of the dose. A 500ml bottle of water should last you over 2 months at 1 capful taken twice daily.

Make sure that no one else is drinking the water from the BO bottle in the mistaken belief that it is drinking water.

We will have to reduce the dosage to just one capful in 2 weeks after you started her on BO. This dose will be given at night before bed.
Joe De Livera last decade
I did not get the bacilinum30 in the stock because also no stock.... Will tried to get the 200 dose if possible.
I did not give her overdose but the 500ml I take out 100 ml so left 400 ml and sometimes my wife give to her in one teaspoon there is sometimes drop out some due to the teaspoon to small.
Should we reduce the dosage as last 2 days was okay but today morning suddenly she had an attack again and cough very badly at 5am. So should I reduce the dosage Now
dis43686 last decade

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