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So the quality of the exhaustion is that it is sudden.

But describe more on that experience of an important work matter coming up. Try to describe that more vividly to me. What happens, what is it about, what are you feeling?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
well, my energy levels are lower than normal most of the time, mainly when I am sitting in a classroom or in front of my desk, when I am not exercising physically, but I can push myself and keep going. But there are moments when this tiredness suddenly becomes extreme in a matter of seconds, and there is nothing I can do to push myself. It feels there is not tension connecting different parts of my body, no strings of marionette to pull, strings cut off. I would like not only to avoid this moment, but to increase my general level of energy so that could feel more alive. I never have the sensation of having any vitality, I continually feel as dragging myself along all day long.

the work matter issue is like this:
I may need to organize something unsusual, like a meeting, or work some strategy out with someone. For instance if I have been ill for a while I need to talk to director of studies to see what I need to do next, some strategy to recover the time lost. This conversation even if it is only in the phone will leave me exhausted, and shaky, and probably need to have a bite to eat and lie down. This can also be a supervision session with my PhD supervisor. It is more intense if I am dealing with someone who I am not used to dealing with and there is some degree of unfamiliarity or feeling of insecurity. But it also happens by myself when I am writing. For instance if I discover something important for the research and I write it down, this excitement and achievement of having written it down in a couple of paragraphs, will leave me exhausted suddenly. Someimes with this endometriosis, the feeling my left ovary, even if it is not painful, but I can feel some sensation in there, seems to suck all the energy as well, as if a very small inflamation was going on and all energy taken away by it. As I explain before the feeling of exhaustion is like if I was a marionette doll and strings where cut, not tension to articulate my body, or like disintegrating in space, as if my body had no substance or integrity, as if there was no skin or outline to contain energy with in it, vitality and energy slips/spreads away every where outside in space but inside my body. Hope this helps but happy to answer more question and give as much detail as necessary
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merce last decade
wondering if you may need any more details on my case and keeping myself visible
many thanks!
merce last decade
hello David,
I would like to know if my case is not resolvable in homeopathy, and whether you would advice to look for help elsewhere. It would be helpful to know in order to move on and achieve some kind of improvement as soon as possible.
Please let me know also if you decide you cannot help and wish to close my case. It would help me to know what I can count with and what not. If this is the case I would totally understand and would still be very grateful for you having spent your time on my case, as well as the forum conversations and so on
merce last decade
Keep bumping the case up. I can lose track very easily if I am away for a day or two from the forum.

Even if I were unable to help you, that would only be a limitation on my skill and this forum, not a limitation of homoeopathy. There will always be a cure somewhere in our medicine for you.

There is a very odd state here, it has certainly puzzled me.

Disintegrating in space
Body has no substance
No skin to contain
Energy spreads everywhere

However, if I look at the basic problem which is a powerful need to perform or express which leaves you exhausted and sick, this suggests that one of the remedies on Row 5 of the periodic table might be useful for you.

The two choices I would make would be either Argentum metallicum, or Stannum metallicum. The level of exhaustion is very typical for Stannum so I think that would be my first choice. Get hold of 200c.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you very much for your advice. I understand, and sorry for not pumping up my post recently
I will get the Stannum 200c.
Perhaps the paragraph you copied about 'desintegrating in space' and so on, may be the way in which I experience the general feeling of being exhaustedwithout necessarily meaning that is different to other people's tiredness, but for sure it is rather extreeme.
Could you please explain how often to take it in my case? and is it something I would take continually, or for a limited period of time, like a few weeks....????
many thanks again
merce last decade
You will take one dose, and we will see what happens in that first few days.

Those expressions are strange, peculiar, and so they are definitely related to your remedy (as the rules of homoeopathy teach us). I listen to patients talking about their problems everyday, for many years now, about fatigue, and these words are unusual. You develop an ear for the peculiar aspects of a case with experience.

I will continue to ponder them however.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
That sounds great David,
I will definitely try and let you know how it goes. And thank you very much for staying on this case and listening so carefully to my descriptions. I have had a look in the web to the description of Stannum and I did find connections, such as tiredness on speaking, on sitting down (this is very prominent), tendency to cry nervously like a child when cannot cope with small things because I don't have enough energy and feel overwhelmed, the fact that talking to other about personal problems only makes me feel worse, or even going up stairs, I love climbing up, also in rocks and rocky hills. I am happy to know that homeopathy has remedies for all of this!!. Will try to stay in touch regarding the remedy you suggest
merce last decade
I took one pill of stannum 200 on Sunday and have not experienced any changes.
the homeopath who sold me the remedy was in a rush out of her house and knows nothing about my case. But she said very fast that I should keep it in my mouth as long as possible and take 3 the first day and 2 the next day. Again she just prepared the stannum metallicum and does not know me at all. Would you say I should augment the dose?
merce last decade
in case this serves as one more clue, as it find it is rather particular in me that i never sweat through the palm of my hands as most people do. The palms of my hands are ALWAYS super-dry
merce last decade
very exhausted. I think that my exhaustion may have to do with body rythms in relation to my condition of endometriosis. i tend to think that the causes behind the appearance of endometriosis symptoms may be the same as the causes behind the tiredness. I haven't had period for a couple of months because i take the pill continuously for 3 months, and i feel a s if my body wanted to release period. My whole body and face eyes brain feels as no blood circulating, feels dumb, sleepy, unable to wake up. Coffee and gingsein do not help. fall asleep upon digesting anything. It is desperating, I have a lot of work to do. time slips away while I am feeling dumb, slowed down to an extreme, it is difficult to move. I get exhausted as write this. What would be your next advice as to what to do?, do I increase dose of stannum? will try to run in the park in an hour or so.
merce last decade
A pillule is the wrong way to take a remedy. It will cause a much stronger and longer aggravation than I prefer. You should never take pillules directly, they must always be dissolved into water, and even then only a single drop used of that, preferably into more water.

This aggravtion may last up to a week. It is best to try and sit tight until it finishes.

After this, all doses must be done properly to avoid this kind of trouble. The homoeopath was irresponsible to cause this kind of harm to you.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
i am not sleeping. it is 3 am. I can only try to work through the night in my exhaustion
In UK i have always heared that you put the homepathic pill under your tonge. This is from friends who use homeopathy as from homeopath I used. Even years ago I used homeopathic for malaria when traveling to china, it was always a pill under tongue. Is it this particular remedy, stannum that needs to be taken dissolved in water, or all of the homeopathic remedies need to be taken in water? May be it is not the pillule. I am confused and tired. I will follow your instructions and let you lead the case. i know that you are very experienced. It is sunday already so it is already a week less half a day since I took it....
merce last decade
No the instructions in the Organon of Medicine, are clear - never use pillules as they are very strong. They must always be dissolved in water or the aggravations can be too strong.

You can read about the correct way to dose here.

brisbanehomoeopath last decade
ok, this is very clear. thank you very much for the link. I asked this woman if it could have side effects and here in UK they seem to beleive that homeopathic remedies are free of side or negative effects, either they work or do nothing,
but according to this link you sent this is also wrong...

now the question is, it is already sunday and i took it last sunday. How should we proceed?

also if stannum has caused agravation does it mean that it is actually the right remedy because my body is reacting to it? or not not al all?

many thanks
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merce last decade
There is a good chance that the Stannum is the correct remedy - a remedy must be close to create aggravation. New symptoms, on the other hand, can come from any remedy, right or wrong.

There are a lot of charlatans in homoeopathy. Those people who are genuine practitioners know the truth about how homoeopathy works, and how powerful it is, and respect it accordingly.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
David, thank you very much for your very clarifying comments and responding to all my questions. I feel very much that I can trust your experince and precision, as well as your dedication. I guess I will wait until my body finds stability again, (athough it may get complicated with my PhD upgrade round the corner. Plenty of uncertainties and logistics to keep me awake at night). But for what you say the best thing is to wait for stability beyond even the one week you mentioned before, and then figure out the next step. I will get in touch as soon as I feel a little more normal.
merce last decade
Report each day. If the aggravation does not begin to improve after the 7th day I will look at taking action of some kind.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I had just missed you last post while writing mine. I will follow your advice and report every day.
merce last decade
day 7: writing on sunday night

(yesterday saturday noticed less energy than usual when yoging/running in park)

could not fall asleep night from saturday to sunday. slept 3 hours with help of drowsing tablets prescribed for allergy.

during day: unusual rain today. Raining all day. Hence, could not run. Humid / dark / cold. Does this influence my energy?

Body tends to drop, all of it. Sleepy all day. Drinking coffee, pure korean ginseng, green powder japanese tea (macha). Does not help at all, no effect, less effect than usual. Can just about read and write on my thesis, no creative energy today. Apathy.

Need to work at desk. PhD deadline coming up. Very important. Even deadline coming up, I feel quite ready and not too stressed or worried. However chance things get comolicated from tomorrow meeting with supervisor, logistics, may be complicated, may be not.

Only endure one hour at desk, every hour have to lie down. Spaced out, dumb everywhere. It is very easy to cry for very little. Voice lower than normal, voice goes down while speaking, and writing at desk tires me very much very much, even this. Eating makes me tired while eating, may be more than preparing food, as well as digesting. Fall asleep for a few minutes after eating, can't help.

not entirely sure if this is related to possible homeopathy aggravation: may be yes, may be not. My body does have up and downs. It had been stable lately though.

will report again tomorrow night, tomorrow no rain, worm.
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merce last decade
Are these all your normal symptoms, but worse? No new ones amongst them?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
moday morning 6:50 am
I have slept very well
symptoms described yesterday, mostly same as before. Perhaps what is different is the feeling of dumness, and sleepiness. Normally when I feel tired I dont necessarly feel dumbness or sleepines in the same way as having taking some drug. this felt a bit different. Normaally my body is tired and weightless like desintegrating in space. this time it feels dum, it has wight, it feel more full inside.
I stopped taking the pill last night as i finished on packet, and i will stop it for a week to have period. The last few days i felt I had liquid retention in my body, today I feel lighter. So it could also be my body wanting to have period after 2 months of taking the pill without break. There is different things coming together, it is difficult always to identify causes and find solutions. this is the problem I always face. will report tonight, see how the day goes.
merce last decade
It could also be that your aggravation is coming to an end too. If so, you may begin to notice the improvements starting now. These should become more numerous and obvious as the next week progresses.

As another issue, suppression of menses creates serious problems for women's bodies, and can create chaos when trying to treat with homoeopathy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
yes, I was starting to suspect that. I had very hard time 2 months ago. I have been thinking to continue the pill to avoid endometriosis regrowth and attacks but have the period every 2 month or even 1 month. (Doctor had suggested very three months).
If you reccommend so I will try to have it every month. Will it be ok with homeopathy to still take the pill but let period come every month?
merce last decade
Yes that is fine, the pill, while an insult to your body, can be worked around, as long as you allow yourself to have a period.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok, I will do have all my periods then and continue the pill for now to be on safe side

May be, if we managed that my body feels more capable/stable with homeopathy, I may even try to leave the pill at least for some periods of time.

(As I said tend to believe that some how endometriosis may be just one more symptom of what ever causes my fatigue)
merce last decade

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