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Ok! happy to keep trying till we approximate the right remedy. I really need some energy. I know which projects I want to do. I know exactly what are the next moves, but I also know the level of energy will let me down, and will waste opportunities that only come along once. For example, I have a meeting to discuss my work with a very intelligent and influential person to discuss my work, who I know has the wish to support me in my career, and I am scared to waste this.
what do I need to do in order to move to 1M?
do I need to get a different kind of pillule
or is is a matter of taking the 200c in a different way?

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merce last decade
Ah no, you will have to order the 1M in, the process of changing 200c to 1M involves 800 steps and would be very laborious.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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merce last decade
I see : )

I will order it

Thank you very much for looking further into this.

Now, do I use it in same way?
after hiting bottle twice in palm of hand, a drop in (half) a cup of water (125 or 250)?

It being the same element (Hydrogen) can I reuse the previous container without sterilizing?
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merce last decade
You can take it the same way, but you will need to boil the bottle again. 200c and 1M are in effect different remedies.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
And lastly, do I dissolve the drop into half a glass o water or a full glass (250)?
merce last decade
I got a couple of Hydrogen 1M and also and a couple of 10M. I am moving to Spain in 10 days (for 2 or 3 months) and I do not know as yet where to get remedies over there. But Im sure I can find a supplier.

I'll take the dose tomorrow Tuesday. This is 6 days form the previous 200, and I will use half a glass of water (125ml) to dissolve the drop, unless you advice differently
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merce last decade
What form did you get the 1M in?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
pillule, as always. I dont know of other forms, same for 10M
merce last decade
You can get it in pill form or liquid form as well.

Ok just make sure you dissolve 2 pillules into a small bottle filled with water and alcohol (5 parts to 1 part), preferably with a dropper.

Hit the bottle twice firmly before placing the drop into the 125ml of water.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I see do you prefer liquid form?
OK!, will do that tomorrow and see. I guess then we wait for one week to go to 10M?
merce last decade
It doesn't matter what form you get it in. I get pillules because they will last for a century or more.

If 1M doesn't work, 10M will not work. Unfortunately, should that be the case, we will have to look for a better remedy.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I see,
thank you
merce last decade
wednesday 23:28
i have taken 1m just now.
merce last decade
ok good. Let me know how it goes
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes, will let your know
hope. need some strength so much at this moment to face the situations that are coming up
Thank you!
merce last decade
have felt powerless and defeated during these important meetings. Luckly I found support by 3 key people and that gave me some hope. It told me that I will need proper nergy to deal with and benefit from what is coming up. I have taken 1M just now back home.

FRIDAY 21:24
Lots of issues at the moment. Unusual time and conjunctures. Lots of changes and key events in different areas including PhD upgrade. Unexpected things happening, some are very good, some are very bad. Lots of uncertainty. Lots of disparity. Unusual level of. Lots depends on my performance. Other people depend on my performance too. Today discovered that my two supervisors do not like each other and expect confrontation at upgrade meeting over direction of thesis with some personal investment. Extremely challenging to make ends meet. All needs extreme care and attention. All is urgent. Even moving country of residence (this is only one issue among many) However I feel capable. I feel level of strength can reach. Mind is fast and clear.
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merce last decade
It has been more stable, I felt I have more optimism and power in the last days, but not quite enough.
Shall we try M10?
merce last decade
Not until 1M has been exhausted. While there are postive changes we need to keep you on the same potency. If you go up to quick you can dismantle everything the remedy has done so far.

It has only been one week. Remember that taking a dose too soon will aggravate you, and can make it very difficult to see what is happening (natural worsening or remedy reaction). So you must be sure that you need it. I cannot be there to listen to the words, intensity, pace of your descriptions to know for sure myself. I am relying on you - has the improvement come to a standstill?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

[message deleted by merce on Tue, 12 Jul 2011 19:58:28 BST]
merce last decade
I took 1M 6 days ago.
I think the improvement has not come to a stand still. Rather that everyday since I took 1M there are situations that I cannot quite overcome.
It has been an intense week. Every day received some news that would destablilize the state of things or whatever I have achieved with my efforts. There are 3 problematic fronts. The upgrade PhD (conversations with supervisors going well, I am enjoying it, but still a lot of work for Wednesday when the exam meeting with 3 examiners takes place), Second is economic problems that I am trying to overcome patching up bits and pieces. Thirds is I am moving to Spain on 16th and received news about what I confnfront when I arrive (I stay for about 3 months). These news made me very sad, I hate what heared. I was crying the whole night from saturday to Sunday. This family situation in Spain is the only reliable ground I had been counting with and is being dismantled and eroded progressively. It is pretty irreversible. Too long to explain, I am scared and very sad. In spite of al these external factors, I have been stronger than ususal. After the crying I recovered emazingly well the next day. I could refocus on my work and other things. I saw a friend and I could see a new ground forming between 3 new people: this good friend who I also collaborate with work-wise and my two PhD supervisors who are extremely supportive and inspired b my work). Another good news is that university supported economically my art residency in Munich. So, if unexpected situation in Spain allows me to, I will be able to not turn down this opportunity.
In spite all these up and downs I have felt more powerful and capable that usual but there were still some low points, dropping and breakdowns that could not completelly overcome (yet less in frequency and easier to overcome than in before 1M). Hence I thought the higher potency may help me to overcome these as well.
So I think your qualification is correct. Benefits of 1M not exhausted, just 1M does not completely change me to completely overturn the symptoms. Do I wait even longer than one week till my symptoms worsen? what if they never do? do I stay permanently in a middle ground? In in any case I am very happy that there is some kind of, some degree of strength and positivity, feeling of being able to cope, inside me. I can also explain the improvement like this: I feel I have recovered some of the strength lost when I had endometriosis intense problem in hospital in MAy 2010. That time my condition worsen quite dramatically and irreversibly. But I have not overcome my inherent weakness and fragility which i have always had at least since puberty. Not sure how precise this interpretation is, but it seems a bit like that

EVENING: energy has completelly run out, but as an external factor I only slept 4 hours. Sometimes 4 hours sleep did not have this effect.
I have cried a couple of times but overwhelmed by family situation in Spain. I am scared. Sometimes i feel strong enough, but not right now. I tried to read about my mother illnes and could not stand the text, it was too painful to read. I really tried but had to give up.

Funny enought my main supervisor, he is old, called me this morning to confirm he will attend my upgrade session tomorrow but he is not feeling very well. What he described sounds very similar to what my mother has. Where do this coincidences come from. I am trying to imagine to build a ground with his support and second supervisor and the only close friend I still see. (I met 2 years ago only). but everything is put to test by some transcendental force. Every ground that I try to imaging building for myself is shaking right now. It is all beyond me. I feel like existing in a derive with no direction

Will try keep reporting regularly next few days: exam + move to Spain.

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merce last decade
I just want to be cautious with you. I can see what you are saying, it is a feeling of almost enought but not quite.

Ok, lets repeat the dose for you. However I want you to put that single drop in a full cup (250ml) of water instead.

I also think that you should get hold of Psorinum 1M as well.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you David,
Just today I feel like the amount of power I had gained inside is erasing quite fast from the morning to the night, but it is mainly today and there are plenty of external factors.
I appreciate very much that you are cautious, and happy to follow your instructions exactly. I am sure you are guiding the process in the safest and fastest way possible.
I will take the drop 250ml now. and get hold of Psorinum 1M.
merce last decade
The Psorinum is only to be used as an antimiasmatic remedy if we get stuck.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I see

one question.
When you hit the bottle against palm twice, do you need to see the liquid moving inside as a result?
what if it hardly moves, do I hit again harder?
merce last decade
No that doesn't matter. The vibration travels through the bottom of the glass into the water. It must be firm hitting - sometimes smacking it on a book can be easier.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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